Connor WickhamConnor Wickham has today joined Leeds United on loan until the end of the season, adding some much needed firepower to a Whites attack that hasn’t scored in the last two outings.

Leeds have relied heavily on Ross McCormack this season whose 23 goals puts him just two behind the total amount of goals contributed by the rest of the team combined.

McCormack’s closest competition is Matt Smith with 8 goals, followed by a relatively new arrival in Cameron Stewart who has already netted three.

20-year-old Wickham joined Sunderland in 2011 for a fee believed to be in the region of £8m. Despite some early promise, the youngster quickly fell out of favour following a management change at The Stadium of Light meaning his 4 goals in 40 appearances for the club have come mostly from the bench.

Struggling for first team appearances at The Stadium of Light, Wickham has had two separate spells on loan to Sheffield Wednesday, the most recent of which saw him net 8 goals in 10 appearances.

It’s that kind of goalscoring form which Brian McDermott will hope the youngster can continue at Elland Road, relieving some pressure from Ross McCormack and helping to propel Leeds United into late play-off contenders.

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  1. Wayne Wellwood

    Great news, A quality at this level forward to help McCormack… This Italian revolutions ok without approval cant wait until the FL pull their fingers out their arses and approve the deal.

    • Mick444

      Cellino has only had a “presence ” for one week and in that time we have signed two players of real quality. The last time we signed any good players goes back to Snoddy and Gradel. Now if only they were available to supply Rosco and Connor! For all the anti BMD fans it simply shows that if the financial support is there then the manager really does knows the quality required! I hope BMD is given time and financial backing because no manager could have possibly succeeded in the environment he has had to put up with. MOT

  2. henrymouni

    If we could just get a midfield general, and a top quality centrehalf, we could be well on our way!

  3. Brett Jensen

    It’s actually worse than your analysis suggests. Ross has scored the same as the rest of the team put together. The BBC site is citing Stewart as scoring 3 goals, where he hasn’t scored any, and it is missing Blackstocks one goal.
    Personally, I think that Wickham is quality, and am utterly surprised we have signed 2 pieces of quality in the last week – not given up yet!! MOT

    • TSS

      Misses Varney too because it only counts players currently in the side (irrespective of who they scored the goals for).

      Still, it highlights perfectly why we needed Wickham.

  4. Lufc79

    Sweet a starker and a keeper in a week…..shame the pair are only on loan…..let’s hope for a good run starting with rangers Saturday…..

  5. gistheman

    Ok I’m pleased that we have signed quality in the last week, but why is poleon not been given a chance to prove he can do it before going out and bring other teams kids why not try our own 1st

    • NottsWhite

      Poleon or Wickham ? …..mmmmm…. I admit that Poleon has had limited opportunities but he is not the same quality as Wickham

      • gistheman

        Don’t disagree, but poleon has never been given the opportunity to show and may be if he did then he may well be as good or may be not.
        Should be given the chance though.
        I just think it’s crap when we don’t give our kids a chance 1st if they aren’t good enough then fine at least we know then

      • spellz

        Personally I think Poleon if playing week in week out, could well be as good but he is not given the chance to prove it.

  6. Lee Stephenson

    We have a ray of hope for the last leg of the season now. The lad is decent quality, despite stunted footballing growth considering the hype that surrounded him at 17. His goals for Wednesday will give him confidence at this level and I can see him gelling with Ross well.

    If we can sign either Wickham or Butland in the summer I’d be surprised though. These are very short term solutions (Kebe included) to the greater issue of overhauling the squad and bringing in (permanently) decent quality players.

    I would love to know how many players Brian thinks he needs in the summer.

    • spellz

      I agree with the temporary solutions we have now, I am sure his list will be as big as a childs christmas one.

  7. Albert

    Excellent move, let’s hope we can keep these young lads. A defender Dario Del Fabro about to come in also, so let’s hope there is life left in the season.

  8. Ev

    The loan signings are only worth it if we got promoted. If they all play well their respective clubs will say thank you very much to leeds for getting their fitness and form peaked and keep them. It would take an insane amount of money to buy both of these, especially if they both play well and Butland goes to the WC. I cant see Cellino spending like Sheihk Mansiour….. and that’s what it would take. Probably 15 mill ++ for the pair depending on form. Wickham is the most likely one we could buy.

  9. Matthew

    At least the final 1/3 of the season won’t be boring. While we probably won’t hit the playoffs, we need to break the 17 wins, 10 draws, 19 losses curse that has afflicted us for 2 seasons straight now. Yep this was our final result for 2 seasons. It’d be kinda weird if we get this for a third straight season.

    • Ev

      yes but I know im going to love watching Butland in goal for us and then ill be gutted when he leaves a empty hole in the squad with only polished turds to fill it in the summer

      • Matthew

        I agree, I’ll be gutted when he leaves. He was immense on his debut, a proper keeper and only 20 too. I guess we can only hope Cellino is a fan.

      • Ev

        I think Cellino will spend money but not at the level it will require to buy Butland….. im guessing between 8 and 10 million ??? going to WC will inflate it even more ?
        Personally I think Cellino prefers to buy young and cheap which is understandable as those players will develop and grow in value.
        But I very much hope im wrong and he buys Butland because a strong goal keeper is the first name on the sheet for any side.
        Im actually surprised that the likes of Man U arnt after him to be honest

      • Matthew

        Reports say that Stoke bought him for 3.5 million, I think they would want to make money on him if they sell him. But if Cellino is serious he could easily match that and offer Stoke add ons that increase the value. so say 4 million which rises to 5-6 if certain conditions are met. But when have we been lucky enough to land such a player?

      • Ev

        Mate we are missing one point in our fantasy. Would Butland actually want or need to drop down a division. For me hes already better than half the goalies in the top flight. That said that’s the sort of signing you need to make a statement, just as we did under Lesley Silver.

      • Matthew

        If money was no object, it would be up to McDermott and Cellino to sell the idea to him. If he invested enough to get us promoted next season and promised him the number 1 shirt I don’t see why not.

  10. spellz

    There was a time when I hoped we would get Connor Wickham mainly before the big move to Sunderland not much has changed since then in age as he is still incredibly young, I hope we can make his deal permanent as this kid has genuine quality and will terrorise defences at this level guaranteed, what an addition this is well done McD.

    M.O.T AA.

  11. spellz

    God damn I had to post twice, just went to the official site and became Victor Meldrew with his catchphrase, what a great signing even for the short term we have enough fire power in the team now for a late push. M.O.T AA

  12. Mike Dublin

    Thrilled with this acquisition. From my armchair I would pick Butland, Byrom, Pearce, Lees, Warnock, Mowatt, Murphy, Stewart, McCormack, Wickham, Smith – average age 23 – brilliant (you could reduce that to 22 by replacing Warnock with White). I know we wont play three strikers but Smith’s strike rate is 1.8 goals per 90 minutes on the pitch – not that much more than McCormack’s rate of 1.4 and deserves a good run.

  13. PMH

    Let’s not get too excited. I can borrow my friend’s Bentley but it doesn’t make me rich. Leeds certainly should grab these high calibre loanees, but without playoffs & promotion they are going to be just a fleeting memory. So, this is good for morale but unless the miracle happens it won’t make much long term difference.

    • henrymouni

      This is all Mr Cellino can do, just now, as all the ‘windows’ have gone.
      We should have the final loanee in the next 2 weeks.
      It is worth a gamble and keeps the season alive.
      At the end of the season we can rebuild, depending on which League we are in.
      You can borrow my car!


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