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  1. Chareose

    Does anyone know why the club is losing 650k a month ?!
    How can a club with the 7nth highest merchandise sales in the UK and one of the best attendances and highest ticket prices in the football league be struggling financially ??? Can anyone explain in detail ?

      • Chareose

        that doesnt equate to 650k a month……………………………………………..

      • Evin

        Of course that’s not all of it, but it’s a large chunk of it. They’ll also surely have repayments from years ago when the club went downhill…

    • Mark Richardson

      redundancy pay outs for all the Yorkshire Radio staff, Howard’s Restaurant, all the other things that have been shut down. The rent on the stadium. The loan repayments. Still paying off the east stand… all the price slashing to get fans involved… it all adds up.

  2. Dan-Wah

    Here’s a Q? Where is the Football League in all of this?. Surely they have a duty to protect a member club…..

  3. Strange days

    Interesting and amusing reports from Italy for “la casa delle duri”… House of the hard… That’s you Elland Rd & meant as a compliment for the glorious Leeds (as Gazzetta refers to Leeds).

    Control of Cagliari is to be relinquished and Cellino and his investment partner Nasser Al Khelaifi are ready to tip massive funds into rebuilding Leeds. 2 massive transfers were ready as the transfer deadline fell.

    Nasser Al Khelaifi is of course in control of Paris St Germain. Reports in France confirm the arrangement.

  4. bd

    What good is the cash if you have no stability. Cellino 36 managers in 20 years, and before he has started he tries to sack BM. No thanks. Even if the other consortium arent as rich they arent as volatile as Cellino, and we need stability .


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