5. Mervyn Day

AVWK/MERVYN DAY (KICKING)A solid and reliable goalkeeper, Eddie Gray brought Mervyn Day to the club in 1985. Remaining first choice goalkeeper as Billy Bremner took over the managers reigns and led Leeds United to the FA Cup semi-finals and Division 2 play-offs in 1987, Mervyn was still United’s number one three years later when Howard Wilkinson took The Whites back into the English top flight.

Since retiring from football, Day has continued to work in the game as both a coach and a scout. He was appointed Chief Scout for Leeds United in 2010, working alongside Gwyn Williams. Having left the position in 2012, Day now works in a similar role for Brighton & Hove Albion.

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    • Dean Walls

      I would definitely keep Day in there and possibly higher up. Always thought he was a great keeper and probably saw about 80% of his games for Leeds. Merv the swerve should of and would have played for England had he been in a better team and in first div IMO. I would also put Robbo in there in place of Sprake, I always felt that with a better option at the time, Leeds would have won even more than they did as he could be great but cost us in some very big games and when it really counted.

  1. Scott Brook

    Big Prediction:- If you update this article in 20 years, Nigel Martyn will still be #1. I seem to remember him being a little crappy on crosses but he was definitely “England’s number 1″

  2. Steve Strong

    A very good and fair top 5. I would like also to give a special mention to Neil Sullivan…… an excellent goalkeeper who shares the same birthday (coming up) as mine! Feb, 24th! I mentioned this to him a few years ago at ER when I took a picture of him with my son and he gave me a look back like I was a stalker! :-) But what a luvly bloke. M.O.T!

  3. Irving08

    Gary Sprake was a better ‘goalie than David Harvey (I saw them both many, many times) and is second only to Nigel Martin among Leeds keepers. He was a goalie from ‘God (who also is not perfect).

  4. PAUL W

    Nigel Martyn was definitely the best ever Leeds keeper, followed by Harvey, Lukic and Day, but Sprake was prone to making terrible mistakes.
    Even Martyn was not 100% perfect and all of the Leeds keepers have had individual weaknesses over the years, such as being weak on crosses, but Lukic also had a habit of letting shots go through his legs.

    • Dr Zen

      It’s truer to say Sprake just happened to make a few mistakes that were televised. Rating him below guys like Lukic and Day is just wrong imo. Every goalkeeper makes the odd howler.

  5. craig

    Nigel Martin end of. Seaman should of retired long before he did.Nigel would never of been beaten from that distance by that weird looking Brazilian. Just think if we had won that game…………Mot

  6. Ronald Osborne

    I myself would put Gary Sprake at number one even if he did make some alarming mistakes, but even the best are prone to mistakes. Sprake did make some unbelievable saves over the years and definately contributed to Leeds success in those sublime days, I remember one while playing against Man City, Alan Oakes, was a thunderbolt of a shot, and looked home and hosed but sprake made a wonder save, flying through the air, amazing, especially as it was chucking it down at the time.

    • Irving08

      If account is taken of the quantity of top class sides – both British and European -Sprake played against, when keeping goal for Leeds, in comparison with any oif the other four listed ‘goalies, then a very good case could be made for putting him above Martin. And he made his debut at 17 too.

  7. spellz

    I have to agree with mosts comments on here and say Martyn definitely was our best keeper, certainly in the era I have grown up in he was phenomenal just an ox an absolute one man wall between the posts, just takes me to the good old days where a win over one of our real rivals was more inevitable than impossible.

  8. spellz

    p.s – I was going to mention Robinson but I see you already have done at the end of Martyns profile, outstanding keeper also a genuine scorer too :)

  9. normanstan

    Spot on 1-5 TSS. Giles reckoned sprake cost Leeds 4 trophy’s including leagues and was not liked/team player in tightly knit family unit fostered by Revie&cocker.
    More to point,Venables row with NM and bringing in Robbo to early contributed to slide /relegation.

  10. old Leeds

    Any one remember David Stewart playing in the 1975 European cup final, I always thought he was a top keeper


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