Massimo CellinoThe fall-out from a chaotic day at Elland Road continues this morning as Andrew Flowers launches a legal challenge against Massimo Cellino’s takeover of the club.

Flowers, head of Enterprise Insurance, the club’s main sponsor was part of the Sports Capital group which failed to complete a takeover attempt themselves earlier this week.

The news comes via Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post who posted on his Twitter feed “Andrew Flowers tells me he’s instructed Timothy Dutton QC to begin preparing a legal challenge against Cellino takeover”

Last night Flowers revealed his company would be pulling their sponsorship from the club and seeking compensation for money already paid. Enterprise Insurance were followed by the club’s Academy sponsor Flamingoland who ended their support for the club in protest of the day’s events.

Amidst all the drama, it seems Leeds United completed the loan signing of Andrea Tabanelli last night. Whether he’s eligible to play today is unknown as there’s still been no comment from the club on any of the events which took place yesterday, but Gianluca Festa is expected to take charge of the team today assisted by Academy head Neil Redfearn who appears to have avoided the cull thus far.

Elsewhere, it seems the club has set up barricades in the East Stand following surreal scenes last night when a group of 30+ Leeds United fans blocked the exits to Elland Road to prevent Cellino from leaving.

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  1. tim campbell

    An incredible series of events which by the sounds of it appear far from over. The new Leeds model under Cellino appears as if it is going to follow the Watford blueprint, italian owners, italian manager and an influx of italian players

  2. Wombat

    Time for a new song boys. Let’s try get this going today. You know the tune. MOT

  3. Ron

    How are the players supposed to perform when a very popular boss has taken it in the neck after preparing them all week? I’m so embarrassed by what has happened to BMac. I really can’t see why a new owner wouldn’t stick with him until at least the summer. Massive apology and thank you to Brian for uprooting your family to manage Leeds and for always being thankful of being given the honour. Well it was a honour……

  4. normanstan

    Micheal Caine speech in Italian job alps scene needed. Every chipper,ice cream parlour agri equipment shop etc. Bates lingering smell&legacy still attracting these types.
    Clearly virgin island connection unearthed in DD process causing reduced offer.

  5. Helen LUFC

    McDermott was a poor manager, team are mid-way down the table and sinking. Is that GFH’s fault or McDermott’s. He didn’t take responsibility for the teams decline over the past three months and has paid for it. He deserved the boot.

    • TSS

      Seriously? He took responsibility constantly. I’m sure some people are watching a different team. He also had a very average team in the play-offs despite getting fucked around with transfers in the summer (which WAS GFH’s fault) before the owners brought chaos to the club and paralyzed us with another takeover drama (which the owners handled with a degree of incompetence even Leeds United can’t usually manage).

      Some people seem to have memories of about two weeks long.

      McDermott and the squad were told and expected this takeover to be completed early January, they were all expecting new arrivals to help them with the final push after a pretty solid pre-Christmas campaign. When that failed to materialise the mood around the club changed and the slump began. It was almost entirely the owners fault.

      But, let’s blame and sack another manager then repeat the process every 4 months never creating the stability a club needs to succeed. Part of me thinks Cellino will be perfect for the knee-jerk attitude a lot of our supporters possess, it was the same when Bates was here, so many people wanted to sack managers every time we lost, failing to recognise how destructive he was to the club. It’s like Groundhog Day.

  6. Tare

    Fact is that ownership has changed so get on with it. My worry here is that CD and co will be lost in the mean time. But for the light in the end of tunnel mates….


    • TSS

      Get on with what? The club is falling apart. Sponsors are walking, our MD has resigned, our manager and CO have been fired, we have an inexperienced nobody managing the squad, mounting debts, pending legal challenges… And that was just day one.

      • Tare

        Yep it is a nice time to be wise ass and so but club will be her after light dirt is upon us. Owners come and go but fact is that LEEDS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB stays so get on with it mate.


      • Big Jack

        Are you on something mate because your comments ….. well, there’s no accounting for some!
        I wish you well Tare, keep on rockin in the free world!

      • Tare

        What comes to sponsors well they are here to stay ’cause of business “laws” one man band won’t do it. So sponsors do not walk or even run but maybe they are sweating in the mean time. I have no slighest idea who will be next Manager but there will be players coming in and out for sure.


  7. Whiteblob

    If this man is a fit and proper person to own a football club jimmy savillie was fit to run a girls school. The FA are such fucking hipercrites they make a big deal out anelka making some daft gesture that no one gives a toss about because he is an easy target. When some tycoon with a history of financial wrong doing and a big bank balance comes along they just turn the other cheek and say nothing.

    Blame the FA, they are meant to be running this fucking charade

  8. spellz

    The collapse of Leeds United, I really was not expecting this at the start of this season I had faith in the new board being the optimist but really… the last weeks events, big middle finger up to gfh and their outrageous audacity to just fuck us over half way through their first full season cunts, I know we are used to this as fans it just doesn’t make it any more acceptable,
    Also I can understand fans frustration but those that want to boycott supporting Leeds altogether can sit on a fucking sahara size cactus sick of reading posts from want away fans.

    M.O.T AA

    • craig

      Sorry but 30 years home and away good times shit times. Most recent greatness we beat the scum 1-0. I’m not prepared too anymore I can’t, Sad,frustrated is an understatement. Fuck the Italians……..just when you think it can’t get any worse when’s enough enough I used to say on my last breath……no more my world has stopped turning round and my flags upside down.

      • spellz

        I think the latest events are a disgrace and once again bring shame to the clubs name, the media vultures are already circling waiting for the smell of death from us just to fill the tabloids with utter shit and negative coverage but this is why we need to stay strong through hard times, hope that the spaghetti stuffing convict’s deal does not get clearance from the powers that be,
        Even if he does takeover I could never stop believing in Leeds as I always hope one day we will emulate the success of our premier league campaign under O’Leary we are Leeds UNITED not Leeds part time or Leeds want away when shit hits the fan Leeds UNITED and that is the way we should stay regardless of off the field matters.

        FLAGS UP LADS.

        M.O.T AA

  9. Big Jack Charlton

    Can’t believe some comments, ‘ownership has changed so get on with’, ‘McDermott was a poor manager’. I appreciate we all have different views and are entitled to our opinions, I can’t get around some views, when you have followed a club for for almost 50 yrs you very much aware of the history, what is important, you feel a connection, eat, sleep, breathe LUFC.
    You don’t just accept any change, especially how we, the club, the manager were ‘fed’ the farce called change yesterday.

    McDermott is not a bad manager in my opinion, the poor run and those embarrassing results in the cup and against the Wendies, hardly surprising in light of what we are now aware is going on behind the scenes at the club. BMcD deserves a medal trying to keep the players focused when working with uncertainty and harmful interference at Thorpe Arch, in the dressing room, in the board room. We were going in the right direction leading up to christmas and reached a playoff spot but obviously off field issues were impacting upon the players and confidence. BMcD brought stability and now it’s total chaos.

    Money and big bucks owners, if this is all that matters and I was so shallow wondering if we would sign Loinel Messi, or Ronaldo and the likes, well I would support Chelski or Manc Shitty. But I’m not a glory hunter or plastic fan, personally I want Leeds united to win and be successful on merit and not to buy trophies because we have the largest cheque book.

    Yes I am aware it’s driven by money money money, but there is a right way to do this, look at Swansea et al.

    I hope BMcD goes for unfair dismissal because the reason Cornetto gives for Brian’s sacking is ridiculous, I would have been incensed and started a bloody revolt never mind an argument.

    Cellino cornetto OUT and take GFH and the rest of your rabble with you, I want good, honest, owners with integrity who care about the club and understand the history and passion of the fan base.

    There is a lost generation of fans and those too young to fully appreciate the history, memories of greats like John Charles, Don Revie, Bobby Collins, King Billy Bremner.
    I wonder what the likes of past heroes make of current situation, Eddie Gray, sniffer Clark, Big Jack Charlton.

    God help Leeds United

    • Lowfields

      If we want stability and ethical owners the only way forward is a fans buy out or partial buy out Swansea fans tonight 20% … Bayern München eV has 80% … if Uli Hoeness does not deliver at Bayern Munich or the recent tax fraud allegations stick … he will be voted out by the fans.
      What are we waiting for?

      • Matthew

        In fairness, we just need someone who is actually a fan of the club and has the clubs best interest at heart buying us. This is why consortiums exist, get enough fans with money together and see what happens.

    • PMH

      Just want to suggest that not all contributors to online forums are legitimate fans. There is a cottage industry, and one or two of the hired hands may be showing up here.

      • Lowfields

        Correct… Cellino`s PR people have been invading our fans forums for a while … this is only the start…

  10. Helen LUFC

    GFH were/are poor,and I was disappointed when Bates handed over to them, if indeed he did, as it was clear they weren’t interested in the club. I was at the first game of the season in the west stand and they stood facing the west stand with some kid off coronation street drawing the raffle. It’s constantly bizarre at the club. Something has had to change at the club, and I’m glad it has. New ownership may bring new hope, unlike the stagnation of GFH. I can’t agree with McDermott supporters. He’s produced poor football, naiive defending and has appeared tactically inept, particularly with some of the defending. He has to take SOME responsibility, to absolve him and say he wasn’t given time, or didn’t have the financial backing, well tough – times are had at the club financially,he knew this when he took over from Warnock, so he should, one would hope, have had some sort of plan to bring in cheaper players and certainly diabetes with the players we’ve got. They’re not that bad! He wasn’t a manager long at Reading, and I’m afraid he was well out of his depth at a club like Leeds. Could anyone tell me what was the difference between the vitriol that Warnock suffered compared to the red carpet McDermott has received? They have both produced poor football, and both been released. Why is one the messiah and the other a parriah?! My guess is that Warnock was experienced enough to laugh aloud via the press back at Bates and the fans expectations on what he had to work with, the other a meek and mild mouse who’s time finally caught up with him.

    • PMH

      Dear Helen, in case you hadn’t noticed the managers don’t actually play football, Neither Warnock nor McD had the financial support to buy top players and make a promotion run. And why you think a lunatic new owner will make things better is a complete mystery to me. Who is paying you to write this nonsense?.

  11. Lee Stephenson

    McDermott might be reinstated as he was technically sacked before the takeover was completed.

    This is making the Venky operation look subtle….what is happening to my beloved Leeds.

  12. Big Jack Charlton

    Helen, BMcD wasn’t given time, financial backing when he took the manager job at Leeds in “good faith” on the understanding he would be backed in the transfer market. He was brought in to provide stability which he did and he conducted himself with great integrity and demonstrated he truly cared for the club and it’s fans. These are the facts, he also got us into a playoff spot and then suddenly, the results went wrong so abruptly it indicated that the stability was being compromised by behind the scenes undermining of what Brian was trying to work towards.

  13. Lee Stephenson

    The irony of sacking our Uncle Fester and ‘replacing’ him with Festa (I always remember the Nick Hancock Football Nightmare bit – “it’s Festa the clown”) is too much.

    We’re looking over our shoulder yet again after a bit of promise….

  14. White honk

    For the first time O’Leary we had a boss bringing on youth and buying youth. He was less than a season into a 2 season project. This is a joke. We are a joke

  15. PMH

    You’d think a businessman would not be so intent on reducing the value of his newly acquired organization. It’s another sign that Cellino is not just shady, he is a very foolish man. I’m expecting new kit colors: purple.

  16. Lowfields

    After the events of the last week surely it`s time … now more than ever to stop complaining and take back control … I and many others support a fans buy out or partial buy out. Barcelona and Bayern Munich … owned by the fans… Swansea City Supporters Trust owns 20% … We keep talking about big our club is and the amazing support … why not use that to our advantage? Leeds utd has a bigger fan base than Swansea.
    It does not matter if you have 10 pounds or 10,000 pounds we have a huge fan base home and abroad…. there was a bloke on a website the other day pledging 10,000 Aus $ from a small group in West Australia … Western Australia is one of the remotest places on the planet… come on…I think most people are scared that they might be dragged into the day to day running of the club… but that is not the case. Bayern Munich has a supervisory board of nine… consisting of businessmen, a journalist and a politician. The club President is Uli Hoeneß(x-player…played against Leeds utd in the 1975 European cup final).Karl- Heinz Rummenigge(x-player) is the chairman of the executive board. Everyone involved in the running of the club has the best interests of Bayern Munich at heart… and they answer to 180,000 members who pay around 15 euros a month membership.
    Why are we so fixated on having owners like Chelsea or Man city? In 2011–12, Bayern Munich reported revenues of €373.4 million… ask any Barcelona or Bayern Munich fan if they would swap with Man City and they would say NO.
    It might take time but it would be worth it… Leeds Utd would belong to us and future generations.
    WHY are we waiting to be taken over by another set of gangsters who want to rip us of ???

    I think the already established supporters clubs and trusts should take a lead on this …try get some feedback from Leeds fans home and abroad…. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ???


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