David HaighStatement from David Haigh on collapse of Sports Capital takeover, as published by the BBC’s Adam Pope

I have spent more than a year working for what I passionately believe are the best interests of Leeds United. I have also been grateful for the full and continuing support of GFH Capital and my fellow board members at Leeds.

My primary aim has always been to source the additional strategic investment necessary to take the club forward.
Last year what I believed was the right opportunity presented itself in the shape of a chance for me to lead a consortium of investors under the name of Sport Capital, to acquire a major stakeholding in the club.

As fans know, we signed a share acquisition agreement with GFH Capital at the end of last year. This meant, I believed, that we were in a position to move things forward and complete the transaction in time for the January window.

Throughout every stage of the process we sought to keep fans as fully updated as possible on the progress of the negotiations. I personally assure every supporter that every public statement made regarding the acquisition was made in the utmost good faith. Unfortunately, however, some of the consortium’s backers ultimately didn’t feel able to deliver the financial backing we had hoped was agreed to take the club forward.

Despite this, the future of this club remains the most important thing to me personally and I remain totally committed to putting the right team and backing in place to ensure that Leeds United can move forward.

It is an indication of that commitment that in recent months the Sports Capital consortium and I personally .
have injected substantial sums into the club to ensure its viability.

At the same time neither my life nor my job has been made easier by the personal intrusions and abuse directed towards me on social media or by some of the smear campaigns against me personally.

Equally, some of the speculation & stories published in the media have made things difficult for everyone including the staff, players and supporters.

I have met many, many potential investors over the past year and, sadly, while many are keen to talk the talk they have been unable or unwilling to deliver in financial terms. Nevertheless these talks continue with a number of parties to seek the best possible outcome for Leeds United.