Elland RoadLeeds United look to be on the brink of new ownership following a chaotic day in which Massimo Cellino attempted to finalise his takeover of the club while the current owners sacked Brian McDermott and replaced him with the inexperienced Gianluca Festa.

What follows is a breakdown of the days events.

McDermott sacked

While you could argue recent league form justifies the sacking of Brian McDermott, it’s worth taking into consideration the conditions he’s been working under. The events of the last week have been a total disgrace with GFH showing the potential new owners and their replacement manager around the training grounds and stadium, all in a sickening attempt to undermine McDermott’s authority after he refused to allow Festa a spot on the bench for the Whites’ last league game against Ipswich Town.

But going even further back than that, McDermott has spent eight months carrying himself with the utmost dignity while GFH constantly broke promises of funding to build a team capable of challenging for promotion.

Despite a summer in which he made very little progress signing the players he wanted, desperately lacking personnel to strengthen key positions all over the pitch, McDermott had Leeds United on the brink of the play-offs when the January transfer window opened, only to find himself once again restricted by takeover chaos, despite assurances that Sports Capital’s bid to takeover the club would go through swiftly and have no impact on his ability to spend.

The recent slump may well justify a change of manager, but the chaos GFH’s attempt to sell this club has created played a big part in all that. The feel-good factor McDermott had created was sapped from players and fans alike. Phil Hay described the effect of the takeover drama as “paralyzing” to the club and I don’t think there’s a better word for it.

But even more unjustifiable than McDermott’s sacking is the manner in which the club acted, first allowing him to go out and greet a pressroom that the chairman and GFH have avoided like the plague (which he did in a calm and dignified manner without criticising the owners at all), before later sacking him via a lawyer. No one at club even had the decency to sit down and speak with the man face-to-face.

Whatever you may think of Brian McDermott as a football manager – and, for what it’s worth, I think he’s the best we’ve had in years – no one deserves the kind of treatment he’s been subjected to by the current and soon-to-be new owners.

Farewell Brian, you deserved much better.

“I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart each and every Leeds United fan for their support. You’ve been amazing” Brian McDermott

McCormack on Sky Sports News

The announcement of McDermott’s sacking was sandwiched between a statement and a live phone call from Ross McCormack on Sky Sports News.

The brief statement he made before McDermott’s sacking has been announced aimed to dismiss speculation that he may be leaving Elland Road, insisting that he wanted to stay at Leeds and play for Brian McDermott.

A couple of hours later and almost immediately after the news of McDermott’s sacking, an understandably frustrated McCormack spoke live on air with the Sky Sports’ presenter in what can only be described as a “come and get me” plea to other clubs.

McCormack described himself as “lost for words” by the news and suggested in a non-too-subtle way that had he known McDermott would be sacked earlier in the day, he’d have seriously considered offers to move elsewhere.

At any other club, I’m sure it seems unusual for your captain to go live on air with three hours of the transfer window remaining to issue a come and get me plea, but amidst today’s chaos, it wasn’t all that surprising. Whether he remains at Elland Road beyond the 11pm deadline remains to be seen.

Update Friday 31st, 22:37: Ross McCormack tweets what appears to be confirmation he’s staying at Elland Road.

“Lets all be united tomorrow. An unreal atmosphere and 3 points and move this great club forward. See yous tomorrow!”

Update Friday 31st, 23:45: Leeds turned down a second offer from Cardiff City for Ross McCormack. According to Owen Coyle on the BBC, the proposed fee was £6m.

Sponsors clamber to terminate contracts

The fallout from McDermott’s sacking and the collapse of Sports Capital’s bid to takeover the club continued as Enterprise Insurance announced they’d be terminating their sponsorship after the actions of those in charge “brought the club into disrepute.”

Enterprise, whose owner Andrew Flowers was part of the Sports Capital group planning to takeover Leeds United say they’ll be taking legal advice to recoup money they’ve spent to fund the club.

The announcement from Enterprise was quickly followed up by a Sky Sports News report which said Flamingoland – who pay a six-figure annual sum to the club – will also be terminating their sponsorship deal.

Cellino era begins

All of the above is basically a chain-reaction to Massimo Cellino’s takeover of the club.

While the deal hasn’t been confirmed yet and is subject to a Football League Fit & Proper person test that has so many loopholes, it’s nothing but a waste of time, the convicted fraudster is believed to have finalised a £25m deal to buy 75% of Leeds United from GFH Capital.

As an indication of how much of a foregone conclusion this deal seems to be, it’ll be Cellino’s man Gianluca Festa leading the Whites out tomorrow as The Whites try to return to on-field matters following one of the darkest days for Leeds United in recent memory.

Paul Hunt sacked, David Haigh resigns

Update Friday 31st, 22:06: The fallout continues as the club’s Chief Executive Paul Hunt is relieved of his duties.  

Update Friday 31st, 23:32: There’s been conflicting reports regarding David Haigh’s future at the club. Earlier speculation said he would take over from Paul Hunt as the club’s Chief Executive, but the BBC’s Adam Pope is now claiming David Haigh has resigned in protest of Brian McDermott’s sacking.

Fans gather in protest at Elland Road

Update Friday 31st, 23:00: A group of 30+ Leeds fans have gathered at Elland Road and are currently blocking Massimo Cellino from exiting the premises (picture here). The West Yorkshire Police are now in attendance after the fans chased away a taxi which had arrived to pick Cellino up.

The West Yorkshire Police’s LUFC Twitter account (@LUFC_WYP) have tweeted that “colleagues [are] at Elland Road to make sure no one does anything silly. Enough of that has gone on already tonight!”

Post will be updated as further news breaks. Follow TSS on Twitter for more @TSSLUFC

Last update: Friday 31st, 21:49 

  • Lufcpaul1

    McDermott, was nice, but his results were poor at best. While I hate the way LUFC always handle business, we need a change. Cellini is a billionaire and wants an english club, why can’t we hope he brings success. F**k Flamingo Land, who cares.

    • Jb

      Honestly what do we want safe and let’s be honest dull or a little fire at the helm I for one am all for this and I have a sneaky feeling it might be the start of something exciting – MOT

  • Djlavoom

    Appalled at the treatment of BM. Why do GFH think we will put up with this and how is this strategy aligned to a feel good factor within the club. He was our best manager in years and a gentleman. I hope they protest tomorrow and let GFH know what we think. Here’s the problem…how do u do that without destroying the players even more?

  • Alberto

    There’s no surprise that new owners want their own man, it happens all the time.

    McDermott was a nice guy but he was never going to be kept on.

    “Convicted fraudster”, how about “succesful businessman”. Someone with enough money to aim higher than the bargain bin.

    • John Drake

      So we get Uncle Fester from the Italian 3rd in charge? Yeah, that’ll work

  • Matthew

    Fuck you GFH, seriously, fuck you.

  • unhappypaul

    Am a little pee’d off , wasn’t a fan of Manager but to sack now and almost definitely lose a very good player is just bloody stupid. Also to bring a third division Italian coach as Manager is unbelievable

  • mrbigwheels

    Well put TSS. I’m sorry for Brian but as he put it earlier today
    ”this is not about what happens to me, this is about what happens to the Club, that’s the only thing that matters”.

    Can’t believe this is happening personally.

    • Irving08

      Brian has too much integrity for this game. I only hope the Italian now knifes Haigh, who has none. We will never know if Brian would have kept his job if he’d let Cellini’s man sit with Nigel and co. But once he said ‘no’, that was probably always going to be it. Rich and powerful men don’t like to be defied. Brian sounded chastened on Radio Leeds this evening, resisting the persistent probing of the resident ‘agony aunt’ (really it was nauseating). Great, I thought, he’s remembered Reading, he might even let go of Nigel and work with this Italian coach. How naïve of me !. And having listened, also on RL to the rather unimpressive front man of the consortium in waiting – admittedly I have mixed
      memories of working in consortia – it does not surprise me that Haigh’s bosses have gone with the Italian. If GFH want to redeem themselves in our eye they can begin by recalling Haigh.

      • mrbigwheels

        Spot on Irving. We’ll see what happens. The youth of this Club need to be, as Brian would put it…. ‘in a good place’….. and well thought of.

  • Colin

    As a kid in the 80’s, in the playground, my mates were wearing Everton & Liverpool shirts. They were were the sexy teams. I intimated to my Dad that i wanted an Everton kit. We had no money. Kits were expensive, but either way, my Dad said “as long as you live in this house, you support the local team, we’re Leeds United in this house”. I checked Ceefax, we at the bottom end of the Second Division. While my friends played in full Everton & Liverpool kits, I played against them (badly) in a plain white t-shirt.

    My Dad was right and I am a Leeds United fan. BUT I never ever signed up for this. We might be bad, we might struggle, but we’re always decent. What our club have done to Brian McDermott tonight is disgraceful.


    It doesn’t matter which league we’re in, or how we’re doing. It might be frustrating, but we’re Leeds. We Keep Fighting. That is Leeds United. We are (were?) a decent club. I do not want my club to be branded as a joke. Right now, that’s where I think we are.

    • atombowl

      Everton, Sexy. Two words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence. Quality post btw agree 100%

    • Stephen

      none of us signed up for this shit. our folly is that its in our blood to love leeds. we’ve been through thick and thin and its gonna get thick again. but we are proud leeds fans and nobody can take that from us. a joke we might be. but every dog has its day. unfortunatly…it could be later rather than sooner with this gangster in charge

  • Andy

    Does anyone really know the true or at least, approximate wealth of Cellini? Has this guy got sufficient funds to give us a chance in the transfer market come the summer?

  • Sprake

    The great Club Leeds Utd. is dead.
    The worst day since I begin supporting the Club in 1964.
    There will be revoult on Elland Road to morrow.
    Shala/Haigh/Patel what have you done to OUR Club?

  • Deano

    I’m appalled at the shambolic and embarrassing events that have happened this week at our club. They could almost be described as criminal which is apt considering the history of our alleged new owner. If Bmac had been given the support GFH had promised him he would have brought us success. Now, I’m afraid I fear turmoil and disappointment. A sorry day in the history of Leeds United.

  • Shaun Hornet Clifford

    Past caring anymore im afraid. Fuck the LUFC circus. It sucks big time.

  • Fed up fan

    Cellini billionaire or no billionaire look at what he traded at calgiari sold a player for 9mil to roma and then brought in freebies and loan players he’s ken bates all over again gfh have no working capital and were touted as one of the next banks to go bust when buying leeds . . . .they still have 25 per cent stake and a nice income to help keep there business interests a float elsewhere

    iff cellini was serious the deal would have been done earlier to push for golden prize of premier league football $$$$$ it is all about the money afterall unless u plan to strip its assets

    RiP leeds :(

    • TSS

      Deal couldn’t be done earlier, Sports Capital held an exclusivity agreement so Cellino has only been able to make his move over the last couple of days.

      Agree with the rest though. MOT

      • Stephen

        but when gfh were taking over they put money up for players before the takeover went through. surely cellino could have done that if he was serious. actually, if he was serious about taking us back where we belong he would have FOUND A WAY to buy players. im sure im not the only one wishing farnan and pearson had taken over

  • Chareose

    To those who are talking of walking way, all your doing is giving into the Leeds haters, Sky Tv (whos sub I have just cancelled), the likes of Gary Liniker and ofcourse the wonderful Gary Neville who i never had an issue with until his patronizing and insulting message of sympathy……. im sure TSS can diagnose better why Leeds are hated so much, to me there isnt much sense to it but I must thank Gary Neville and the Sky Team for reminding me why exactly Leeds fans are SOOO motivated !! Because its so so important that leeds United rises again and again from the ashes just to stick a big finger up at all the anti leeds toss pots………. the (if it wasnt leeds it wouldbe someone else brigade) Thats why we should carry on…….. If Cellino doesnt do it then we will push him out through force of will but perhaps in time he will understand us…. what exactly makes a leeds supporter….. where does the fortress complex come from. it took a little self rightious prick like Gary Neville to remind me of this !

    • JD606

      Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Chareose

        yes fuck off and support another club then, bye then

        • JD606

          What a fucking numpty you are. Stop listening to those paranoid voices in your head and try address the situation in hand. Dick.

    • atombowl

      Not thinking about walking away but not sure I can love a club that has a twice convicted fraudster pulling the strings, particularly when I’ve spent the last decade pointing the finger at the likes of Chelsea for selling their collective souls for silverware. I’d take GnEVILe before a sock-puppet like Festa any day of the week

      • Chareose

        Mate I understand but we are just giving in……. one of the things that makes Leeds special is that (screw you attitude), we are the rebels that everyone loves to hate. Why give them what they want ??? Will you feel better when you watch MOTD and a beaming Gary Linekar announces the liquidation of leeds united ??? Then the poor mites will have to look for someone else to hate….. fuck em all. Cmon Cellino this is how its going to be, hand over your cash, sit in your wheel chair and we will tell you how its going to be, welcome to leeds. Italian Mafia ?? meet the kop and goodbye….. Cant change whats happened to BMC, cant change any of it………my old man texted me earlier to say hes quit leeds after 50 years……… no ! All we can do is embrace it and try to mould it to how we want and then stuff Gary Linikers beloved Leicester City and Gary Nevilles beloved red Devils 15 – nill a hundreds times over and then maybe then my lust for revenge will be sated….then atombowl you can rest in your coffin. When im good and ready

        • AndrewJohnson

          haha !! brilliant! How manybeers you had ?

        • atombowl

          Quality. Bit insane, but genuine quality, and why regardless of the laughing stock we’re about to become I’ll always love Leeds United

        • Irving08

          Just noticed this Chareose, brilliant ! .

  • Sprake

    Leeds United was buryed with Bobby Collins. No way to support the Club if under the leadership of the mafia in Italy.

  • Jason W

    Utter chaos as Danny Mills said himself. You have to feel sad and angry about the whole debacle wherever you sit on the fence. It’s about time this great city and footballing team had owners that put the money and investment not to mention a believable and credible plan to take this team back into the premiership, not unknown groups of investors from Middle East consortiums or European fraudsters but an ethical blue chip investment company. Sadly it appears it will be a long time in never coming.

    • Irving08

      Schroeders, who would probably consider themselves an ethical Investment company, were one of our biggest shareholders, when we were a PLC. They must therefore take some responsibility for the fiasco that nearly led to our demise. But I partially agree with you – we need more than just money. But we do need money just to get a big project started. (GFH unfortunately were just too poor.) …

  • mrbigwheels

    Any confirmation on the position of Haigh and Chairman Salah?, please.

    • TSS

      There was some speculation earlier suggesting Haigh had resigned, but it’s all gone quiet now and he hasn’t been mentioned for a while. Nothing confirmed so far.

      • mrbigwheels

        Thank you. No, Haigh will be going back to sunshine having set this Club back and certainly creating a position of ‘standstill’ for the past two months with his pot less takeover shenanergins.

        • TSS

          There’s now speculation Haigh will replaced Paul Hunt as CEO. So he’s basically managed to come out of all this chaos with a promotion if true. Unbelievable.

          • mrbigwheels

            Thanks…. ”Unbelievable”. Paul Hunt has/had valuable experience, I understand. What the f”k?.

        • TSS

          Seems the first bit of speculation was accurate. Haigh has resigned. https://twitter.com/APOPEY/status/429396084482662400

  • atombowl

    This is fucking horrible. 43 years supporting Leeds and this is as bad as I can remember. Always thought that however crap it’s been in recent years at least we’re not as classless as Chelsea, but now it looks as though we soon will be, only without the silverware. Shit treatment of BM by GFH on behalf of a convicted (twice) fraudster who makes Ken Bates look like Kermit. If you want to get rid of a manager for poor results fair enough but don’t rub his nose in it, particularly when you serially failed to provide him with the resources he was assured would be available to him. Brilliant fans, half a dozen decent players and a vile club at the moment.

  • steve

    Why all the amateur theatrics? Can we stop making the situation worse by exaggerating. To get back to the top we needed a big shake up. We weren’t going anywhere sponsored by Enterprise Insurance (an offshore insurance company?!) and Flamingo Land. What will you do when Cellino buys Elland Road and Thorpe Arch back within the first few weeks? And we might actually buy some decent players rather than cast offs and freebies. We have been treading water for years. We needed something different and maybe this is it. Give him a chance

    • Chareose

      erm at the moment we are signing Cagliari reserves….. Aka Watford. That doesnt particularly excite me sorry. Nice sound bite though

      • Alberto

        Cagliari reserves are probably better than our recent signings

        • Hitler

          Does Cellino paying you for talking nonsense?

    • John Drake

      Who do you think YOU are, Peter Lorimer?

  • djedjedje

    Based on the last dozen years of how our club has been run, Leeds United is no longer ‘Fit & Proper'; I’m sure Cellino will add another half dozen years to it too. We are a f****** joke.

  • JD606

    Right, the time has surely come for action. We did it last time through Lust an managed to get the ball rolling in getting rid if Ken Bates, now it’s time to do it again.

    Fuck these bunch of clowns – no point saying “support your club” THIS IS NO LONGER OUR CLUB!! THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO THINGS.

    Lust – this is your most important hour, we need direction, call a meeting, get are heads together and get a plan together. United we stand!!

    RIP Leeds United – let do something about this.

  • atombowl

    I don’t see most of what’s been said so far as “amateur theatrics” at all Steve. If getting back to the top regardless of conduct is all that matters to you there’s always Chelsea. People are just reacting to broken assurances, appalling treatment of a decent manager and a two times convicted fraudster about to buy the husk of a once great club. He can buy Elland Road and Thorpe Arch back and gold plate them for all I care, he still sounds like a cunt. I’d love to see Leeds back in the Prem but not like this.

    • Jack Charlton

      Could not agree more, well said, and you also JD606. C’mon LUST what now because this is our club not some fucking rich ice cream selling roman.

  • Jack Charlton

    If Chelino got his 75% for 25 million, does anyone have any info about other consortium offers, or have GFH gone with the richest dweeb?

    Looking forward to giving the Italians an angry vocal initiation tomorrow, but words fail me at the moment, upset by what’s happened today.

    It’s been a shitty week at work and all I was wishing for was the weekend, huh some start to the weekend this is.

    Sick as a chip, how can we change this situation which I just know is very very bad for our club in the short and long-term.?

    • Chareose

      Jack I was gutted when I read about bmc, I felt like it was the end then I realised self destruction of leeds united is exactly what the rest of the UK wants……now I have accepted that gfh and david (im your best friend Haigh) has sold us down the river………… but im not prepared to give up on leeds yet…… all we can do is try somehow to make Cellino fit in with us…………Cagliari ??? Massimo you haven’t seen anything yet and neither has uncle festa. You better play our game or walk….. and HE will if we speak loud enough

    • Alberto

      Give the Italians an angry reception tomorrow, why? Are you upset an Englishman didn’t buy the club?

      The club was for sale, Cellino made the best offer. Simple.

      I can’t see what people are upset over.

      The guy has run a small provincial club for over 20 years & kept them in the top division. Given better resources maybe he’ll get us out of the gutter?

      Where have Leeds been for 12 years, nearly a generation where the game has gone global & the likes of Chelsea, Man City,etc whom we were bigger than, now regard us as irrelevant.

      • Jack Charlton

        Listen Alberto, sorry your upset at the use of the ‘Italian’ term but I think Celino is Italian, GFH are Arabic, sky sports are a bunch of Leeds hating shit stirring bastards, and Simon Jordan is a posh twat who talks out his arse.

        From my post you will gather I do not favour any of the above mentioned as I believe their intentions toward the football club I love dearly are not in the best interests of the club, or wonderful fans like me. Just my opinion!

        Jack Charlton is great!

  • John Brown

    Well, I’m happy, because I am finally convinced Elland Road has been purged of Bates.
    This looks to me like a genuine new beginning. Rid of Haigh, Patel, GFH, and Bates.
    If it takes one crook to remove another, I’ll take it. I’ll give Cellini a chance to show his intentions and prove his worth.

    McDermot got a raw deal, and I have every sympathy for him. But, he has only one draw to show for his last 7 or so matches in charge, and huge humiliating defeats.

  • mrbigwheels

    Absolutely struggling to get my head round how a man who hasn’t bought the club yet can get the manager dismissed, the acting CEO is given notice and a non descript ITI can be taking the game at ER against Udders tomorrow…. and Phil Hay is still saying the Farnam Group are having negotiations/talks with owners GFH?…..

  • sambilly

    Reeling from this awful turn of events. How can this guy dictate things when FL has not given the all clear ? If we are the believe all the stories he will fail hands down but then again our current owners passed the FL test. Makes one wonder how rigourous these tests are. The danger now is we could slip down the table rapidly and have a relegation battle on our hands. Feels like the ghost of Mr Bates is lurking in the shadows all the while.

  • JD606

    NB – LUST need to apply pressure on the FL with regards to the fit and proper persons test. Seems this is the only way out if this mess. Let them know any decision will be fully scrutinised – see M Farnam for legal support.

    • Alberto

      Fit & proper… The guy has owned a Serie A club for over 20 years…

      The so called “fraud” was because the arena Cagliari played in & owned by the Council was unsafe so he built his own stadium & when the same Council refused to issue building permits he invited fans to attend the game for free, after being forced to play home Games in a stadium 1000 miles away for a year. So the authorities arrested him, charged him with “fraud” & demolished his stadium. Meanwhile the Council owned stadium is reduced to a capacity of 5,000 people even though Cellino contributed 9 million euros to its upgrade.

      He is regarded as a great character of the Italian game & loved by Cagliari fans.

      • JD606

        Well I hope he was as quick to sack his legal team as he was our manager. Maybe we should start a campaign to clear his name?

        Something stinks to high heaven with this deal – why didn’t GFH even listen to Farnans counter offer?

  • Tare

    Well boys are getting restless here but one thing for sure slipping down the table?

    • stu

      Will only slip down the table if the players behave very unprofessionally by not playing well. Last eight games have been a disgrace, can’t get any worse surely.

      • Tare

        Hell is there for sure but if and when you have watched this club going on well hell is a modest place to be….


      • Tare

        UN pro well who has done it? Lately? Maybe we are are in the midst of some fog but still…

  • stu

    Now Brian did seem a nice guy but I questioned his tactical knowledge time and time again, nil nil against Leicester and he only brings on subs in last few mins. He never had any idea what to do to change a game or make things happen. Last eight games have been dreadful, yes blame the players but where were the tactics. If we weren’t in the thick of a takeover by this feller who seems to have some strange ideas, I think it’d be fair to say that it was time to sack the manager. I’m not sure about this fiesta guy but things certainly needed a change at Leeds. I say, give it s chance and see what happens, yes Brians been treated very badly but this is a results game. I’d rather be climbing the league than continue to slip further ad we were doing. Lets make a statement tomorrow and win big. Mot.

    • Mofo


    • OMFG_No

      You’re going to be sorry if it is Gianluca Festa that replaces McDermott.

  • Shabaz

    Sad day for the whites, we are a laughing stock, to treat the manager like that was totally disgraceful, the club is in meltdown, my worst nightmares have come true, when gfh bought the club I said to a friend of mine that they would make a quick profit, but I am shocked that it has been done with no dignity and shows a lack of respect for the players and more importantly fans of this giant of a club…shabaz

  • TSS

    Seems we signed someone (on loan) before window closed, but no one is entirely sure who it is… https://twitter.com/PhilHayYEP/status/429397838758309888

    We also turned down a second offer of £6m for Ross McCormack (announced by Owen Coyle on BBC).

    • mrbigwheels

      £6m….. Think I’d have taken it but there again I’m not in charge and ‘they’ possibly dare not!…

      • Chareose

        yes good call, what good would 6 mill have doe us with 30 minutes to go before transfer deadline and with goal scorers. Relegated but atleast wed have 6 mill so happy days………….not

        • mrbigwheels

          £6m this morning would have been good but there again spending it may have grabbed a few new faces that have gone to Crystal Palace. Trouble is the Bankers would no doubt keep the money seeing they don’t seem to have any honesty and hold the welfare of the Club in their hearts…

    • Tare

      TSS we are facing times which are not accustomed for any of us. But somehow I still look forward for the positive outcome of it;


  • CellinoOut

    GFH have misunderstood the transfer window. You’re meant to transfer maverick foreigners in, not transfer the club to one.

  • bd

    What a disgrace and be sure of it all Leeds fans this is no coincidence that this has all been done on transfer dead line.

    I am truly shocked

  • Stephen

    im open to correction on this. but i dont blame David Haigh. I think he had our best interests at heart and ultimatly got undone by his bosses at gfh. flowers had the balls to say what was what. i blame the dickheads at gfh…and nooruddin. he surely knew the craic. im not angry about cellinni buying us. i dont like the way he did it but that cant be changed. im angry about Bmac. he actually cared for the club like we do. he got shafted and said he wouldnt leave – and that to me, is a decent bloke. he cared about leeds. tried to make a difference even when he was shafted. he EARNED our respect. he did his best for us right until the bitter end. he deserves (dare i say it) a chairman and board like those at crystal palace. willing to back their manager. March on Brian. you did yourself proud

  • Wombat

    Still time to get a new song going tomorrow – let them know where we stand #lufc #singyrheartsout pic.twitter.com/xrD79x7hIL

  • spellz

    Just read this now, fucking shocking I am too frustrated to even utter out a sentence.

  • Welcome Cellino.. Fix our club

    Rochdale 2 Leeds 0
    Wednesday 6 Leeds 0

    Disgrace …. Never again!

    • John Drake

      Same Bates, different day.

    • PMH

      Grow up! These people are not fit to run a football club.

  • Barney white

    Bad day for Brian and club but let’s get this into perspective
    1 Brian will get a pay most of us would retire on
    2 we were going nowhere with VHF and the football was shit
    3 this new guy is loaded. He now has a big club to play with. I would assume he wants the Pl ASAP which was not gonna happen with GFH

  • Helen LUFC

    McDermott was sacked because he was incompetent, end of. He has had the team playing school boy football, we are mid-way down the table and sinking towards relegation area and we ha ve been beaten out of site by Wednesday and Rochdale recently.mipswich was dreadful. Defending not out of place on a school playing field – primary school level, and his transfer dealings a joke, even he doesn’t pick his own players he’s brought in. He has been sacked, thank The Lord, because he wasn’t as good as people thought he was. One good season at Reading, with a team built by previous managers, didn’t make him a good manager. Why would Leeds fans want anything but at least a team that looks motivated?! Does no one remember the abuse he took from away fans at Rochdale?! It was a terrible performance! At Elland Road the players have been appalling. They all need either a kick up the backside or told to leave. McDermott is obviously someone who needs to be liked by people, think back to the fifty quid to try and buy fans affections last august, and is incapable of even brining in new players, without much money, even though he used to be a scout. If Leeds fans are mourning the passing of mediocrity it is they who should take a long hard look at their own level of expectation. Good luck to the new manager.

    • TSS

      What worries me most is fans like yourself will probably support Cellino’s firing of managers every 4 months, because that’s what modern football has become, a series of knee-jerk reactions strung together by the dodgiest megalomaniacs on earth.

      It’s how short people’s memories are that really irks. Before GFH paralyzed the club with this takeover chaos, we were in the play-offs with a very average team Brian McDermott hadn’t been able to properly strengthen during the summer because of another paralyzing takeover saga.

      McDermott deserves a medal, not abuse from ungrateful fans who always blame the manager and never stop to question the actions ot those above. The Cellino era will be Bates all over again. It’s like we’ve learnt nothing.

    • PMH

      This is a silly comment. You can get a very temporary boost but it takes time to get a manager and team working well together. BMcD hasn’t had the time. If you fire kyou have to have someone you know is better in the pipeline. Quite obviously that is not the case here.

      And are there any other paid hacks for the new ownership going to step forward and argue that black is white? This IS a disaster.

  • Irving08

    Brian is a reasonable man. Had he been given some kind of reassurance regarding his future role, would he have refused to have Cellino;s man in the dugout on Tuesday ? It may have been an unorthodox request, but surely not out of the question if Cellino wanted his man to have a director of football-type role in a new set-up with Brian as coach. So did something go wrong in the process, or was Brian really being asked effectively to sack himself ? I am tempted to go for the first explanation. After all Haigh and co are not football people and could easily have cocked things up, not clarifying things. Cellino cannot be a fool and it is hard to see why he would want to create the turmoil Brian’s sacking was bound to produce. Why bring dishonour on himself by dismissing a good man with a decent cv without giving him a chance (especially when he must be aware of the rumours and stories about him already) ? Wouldn’t it be more rational to see if a new managerial model could work with Brian ? But as I wrote last night, once Brian had defied him AND gone public too, that was probably it. (I don’t think the Varney business helped Brian, by the way; it may have made him look weak. He should have made him play. Varney is going to regret his stance.) It all seems so unnecessary. I will not be sorry to see the back of GFH, but I am saddened by both the fact and the manner of Brian’s departure. I respected him; he respected us, our club and our history. Men of his personal calibre are not thick on the ground in football.

    • TSS

      Festa is barely qualified to be a coach, never mind Director of Football. Would you want to take orders from someone less qualified than yourself to do the job?

      Cellino sacks managers every 4-5 months on average, McDermott was always expected to be be fired following his arrival.

      • Irving08

        It would depend on the exact remit of the putative Director or the lesser role he may have been given. I don’t see the situation as necessarily impossible. It appears to be the way football clubs are increasingly run. Do we know that Brian expected to be fired ? His frame of mind had become a bit defensive of late due to the run of bad results, indifferent form of acquisitions and unfulfilled promise of funds. And he must have felt Haigh had let him down too. Added to this there was Radio Leeds’ persistent questioning about new signings and latterly his frame of mind – populist surface therapy culture he did not need. In short, he was not in a good place when some unorthodox stuff this week came his way. So he probably did expect the worst. And, yes, Cellino’s does have form when it comes to sacking managers, but he has been operating at a lower level for most of his career, and he may have wanted to give Brian a decent shot at things. We don’t know and probably never will. Nevertheless I am still left with the feeling that Brian’s departure was not inevitable. Or am I just thinking wishfully ?

        • TSS

          The trouble with this Director of Football (which I fear is the role Cellino plans to take on, rather than an actual football guy) business is that it very rarely works in England. In fact, the only example of it being anywhere near successful I can think of Citeh, but they’re funded by so many trillion pounds how could they possibly fail?

          • Irving08

            As I suggested, it may have been a lesser role, which does seem to be operating successfully at a number of clubs. And I could see a man like Brian – who has less ego than most – functioning even in a more ambitious such a set-up. Money may not be a necessary condition of its working. It would certainly would have shielded him from our populist local media
            Damn it – I feel worse even than when Eddie Gray was unceremoniously booted out by Mr Silver. Shame on you GFH for your pretensions, deceptions and incompetence. And to Mr Cellino, – we will be watching your every step. As a Russian would put it, “‘my ne likhom shit’ ” (roughly, “we know a thing or two as well’).

      • Alberto

        Cellino sacking managers is another exaggeration TSS has chosen to adopt. Many managers left for bigger clubs; Allegri to AC Milan, Zola to Chelsea, Eddie Reja to Lazio, Trapatoni to Bayern Munich, Bisoli to Bologna.

        The last 2 managers, Ivo Pulga & Diego Lopez, swapped jobs between head coach & assistant & are both still at Cagliari.

        In between Davide Bellardi has been manager 3 times & Ficcadenti the same.

        Sure some got fired, especially a couple of years where relegation threatened, but the record is sensationalized.

        • TSS

          36 managers in 20 years is by no means sensationalism. It’s a fact. Even the guy who got Calgiari promoted didn’t see a second year, not did the guy who took them to UEFA Cup Semis.

          Yesterday’s events just go to prove how much chaos this guy brings with him.

          Leeds need stability, not another dodgy megalomaniac.

          • Alberto

            Ginafranco Zola got Cagliari promoted and managed them in Serie A the following year… Carlo Mazzone managed them to Europe and left for a bigger club Roma, came back & then went to Napolii… Neither was fired.

            Cellino is the third longest serving owner in Serie A beaten by AC Milan and Udinese by a mere few months.

          • PMH

            Alberto, get lost!

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  • Dave Lower Saxony

    Leeds grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons! No new players and to sack the Manager before a Derby is barmy!

    • PMH

      The understatement of the year!

  • PMH

    That will teach us not to complain, won’t it? Well, it’s goodbye from me. I don’t mind supporting a weak team but I’m not supporting a team owned by fools and criminals.

  • mystaaRS
  • Lowfields

    After the events of the last week surely it`s time … now more than ever to stop complaining and take back control … I and many others support a fans buy out or partial buy out. Barcelona and Bayern Munich … owned by the fans… Swansea City Supporters Trust owns 20% … We keep talking about big our club is and the amazing support … why not use that to our advantage? Leeds utd has a bigger fan base than Swansea.
    It does not matter if you have 10 pounds or 10,000 pounds we have a huge fan base home and abroad…. there was a bloke on a website the other day pledging 10,000 Aus $ from a small group in West Australia … West Australia is one of the remotest places on the planet… come on…I think most people are scared that they might be dragged into the day to day running of the club… but that is not the case. Bayern Munich has a supervisory board of nine… consisting of businessmen, a journalist and a politician. The club President is Uli Hoeneß(x-player…played against Leeds utd in the 1975 European cup final).Karl- Heinz Rummenigge(x-player) is the chairman of the executive board. Everyone involved in the running of the club has the best interests of Bayern Munich at heart… and they answer to 180,000 members who pay around 15 euros a month membership.
    Why are we so fixated on having owners like Chelsea or Man city? In 2011–12, Bayern Munich reported revenues of €373.4 million… ask any Barcelona or Bayern Munich fan if they would swap with Man City and they would say NO.
    It might take time but it would be worth it… Leeds Utd would belong to us and future generations.
    WHY are we waiting to be taken over by another set of gangsters who want to rip us of ???

    I think the already established supporters clubs and trusts should take a lead on this …try get some feedback from Leeds fans home and abroad…. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ???