Ghost of Christmas past

Like the jilted-ex who just won’t go away, Ken Bates was in Leeds yesterday attempting to win back favour at Elland Road and worm his way back into the club’s ownership structure.

The news was revealed by Paul Hunt at a regional member’s club meeting at Elland Road who assured those present the largely despised ex-Chairman was quickly shown the door;

“Take mine and David [Haigh’s] word for it” Hunt is quoted as saying “he’ll never be back involved at Leeds United Football Club.”

During his 8 years at Elland Road, Ken Bates was a controversial figure whose regime saw The Whites relegated to League One before leaving the club back where he started, never delivering on the Premier League promise he made on his arrival.

Claiming to have “saved” the club twice (the first time from an administration he later put us in, and the second time from himself presumably), the outspoken ex-Chairman, a master of manipulation and divide and conquer rule, polarised the Leeds United fanbase, sparked many a heated protest and created an atmosphere of division at Elland Road seldom conducive to success. All this while selling our best players to fund pointless vanity projects, like cream-cladding the side of Elland Road’s East Stand and adding loads of executive boxes no one used.

Ousted by GFH Capital following their successful takeover just over a year ago today, Ken Bates was expecting to retain a role at the club as a self-appointed, life-long President – an honorary position which had previously been filled by Lord Harewood, angering fans who felt the role should be filled by someone the fans respect and admire.

But Ken Bates’ time as President of the club was short-lived after GFH fired Bates for lavish private jet expenses charged to the club, a luxury he enjoyed throughout his time at Elland Road while selling our best players to balance the books.

Elsewhere, Gwyn Williams ‘gardening leave’ has now come to an end, meaning Leeds United have officially parted ways with another stalwart of the Ken Bates regime. Also at the RMC meeting, Brian McDermott confirmed Luciano Becchio wanted to return to Elland Road earlier this year, but was prevented from doing so by Chris Hughton.

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  1. John Drake

    If Luciano was so keen, he should never have left in the first place. Stand your ground, be a man!

      • John

        Some of which were penalties. And I don’t believe Colin wanted him out. Becchio wanted to go and that annoyed Colin, not the other way around.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather he’d stayed, But now he’s gone I don’t want him back. He’s a 29 year old striker, he’d want at least a 2 year contract on the same money he’s on now. Buy backs can work – Lukic for instance – but I think this one would be too expensive.

        Of course if he wants to come back on the old contract and we could sign him that would be different. But things like that don’t happen very often.

      • Matthew

        Goals are goals as far as I’m concerned. Goals win games, goals rescue games, he did his bit. Look at Rickie Lambert in this division, he scored a few via penalties and they were pretty much top and never looked back and went up that same season.

      • john

        So let’s grab some bloke who’s nearly 30 and pay him £25,000 a week for 2 years? Seriously? Because that’s who he is. If you compare him with Ross you’ll see Ross is better. In fact I think Smith is shaping up to be better. I like Becchio when he was here but how anyone can possibly think it’s worth getting him back….

    • Viv

      When the club and Manager want you gone I wouldn’t have thought you would have much choice.

  2. Shaun Hornet Clifford

    I’d have Bechio back i a flash. Stand your ground against his then manager, Warnock and the then Club chairman, Bates. Like being fed to the Lions..

  3. spellz

    The guy has no shame he is categorically despised by the fans and also the board after trying to make some kind of court action against the club, over his jet expenses and the dracula resembling (blood sucking) cnut, has the nerve to turn back up looking for some kind of solice, he has a big set of nuts Ill give him that but do your self a favour and get the fuck away from Leeds.

  4. Ron

    Obviously we don’t want this senile fool back, however, we should be seeing the positive in this news. If that crafty bastard wants back now, something has changed or is about to happen at Leeds. There is money to be made if Bates has returned, so he must know something is coming.

  5. pattayarag

    Maybe Hunt’s words are just a smokescreen to hide the fact Bates is still involved.

    • Matthew

      Why would you think that? That would be like digging your own grave and lying in it. Could you imagine the backlash and hatred that would be thrown GFHs way? That would destroy the image they’re trying to create here.

  6. John

    Please don’t stick a giant-sized photo of Bates ugly mug on the front page of your site again, it gave me the fright of my life!


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