Brian McDermottMcDermott expressed his frustration at today’s press conference telling the assembled media that he’s attempted to sign six players during the international break but has missed out on them all for different reasons.

For once, money doesn’t seem to be the issue for the Leeds United manager, at least, that’s not the way I interpreted his comments.

Instead, the problems McDermott is having may be a reluctance on the part of other clubs to let quality players leave. With Premier League clubs operating with a limit on the number of players they can have on their books, the depth of these squads isn’t what it used to be, making the players they do have all the more important. Particularly the better ones, who’ll be on the fringes of first team selection and required in the event of injuries or squad rotation.

While none of the players McDermott has missed out on were named, he did confirm earlier reports that 29 year old former Hearts captain Marius Žaliūkas is on trial with the club. The Leeds United manager admitted his defence lack experience following basic errors (mostly stemming from bad positioning and no organisation) made in recent games and will be hoping that the experienced centre-back can resolve the club’s defensive woes.

In other news, the international break came at a good time for Sam Byram who is now fully fit and available to start this Sunday’s game against Birmingham City.

Elsewhere, want-away midfielder David Norris has picked up a slight injury and won’t be available for selection while El Hadji-Diouf is on compassionate leave following the death of Bruno Metsu, a former manager of Diouf’s who he described as a “father figure” to Phil Hay. 

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  1. DavidMcNiven

    Funny how other clubs are experiencing no problems getting high-profile loans – of course it’s money. Leeds don’t want to pick up any more than a token portion of the wages. What a tinpot club we have become.

    • TSS

      Maybe so, but if that;s the case, everyone at the club – including McD – is lying to us. Are you sure we’re not just being a little paranoid following all the years of Bates?

      Furthermore, there are a lot of clubs bidding for only a handful of players. There hasn’t been that many loan signings made at all, and I’ll bet 70% turn out to be squad filler or nowhere near as good as the hype – as s always the case with loan signings. If we’re only looking for quality, it’s much tougher than our usual approach of adding numbers. Any clown can do that.

      I still think the 25 man squad rule is the issue. The biggest clubs got used to having twice that number available for selection so they’ll be very reluctant to let anyone leave on loan when competing on four different fronts, playing 60-70+ games this season.

      • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

        Andros Townsend and Ross Berkley came to us on loan and look how average they looked when they played for us. Both players look awesome this season, so even if we do get a quality loan signing im not sure they will play their best football at Leeds. I’ve just heard we have the trialist defender zaliukas, who used to captain hearts and i’m just wondering what you think of this signing and is Brian still missing the trick by not getting the winger we so desperately need? Maybe hes waiting till jan to get the quality we need?

      • TSS

        Hard for anyone to look good when the only tactic we had was to hoof it from back to front, bypassing the midfield entirely.

      • Matthew

        Barkley has done well at Everton too, he’s also bulked up a bit as well, he’l be playing in the Champions league at some point in his career and will be a regular first teamer in the England squad in time. I’m calling it now.

        And to think, Colin didn’t think he was good enough to start much lol. Michael Brown or Ross Barkley? Tough choice for Warnock..

    • john charles

      Who has signed any decent loan players ….. I haven’t heard of any !!!!!!!

  2. LUFC-Srbski

    One thing that does concern me – why aren’t we contacting Premier League clubs about their younger talent. There must be SOME players better than the midfield dross of Green, Norris etc. Premier league clubs must want their young talent to get vital 1st team experience. Not good enough for premier league 1st team but easily championship level. Heck we got Wooten from nowhere. Where’s the next ones?

    • TSS

      See, I’d be more concerned if we did sign inexperienced youngsters on loan because we have plenty of our own for whom the experience would be more valuable to us as a club.

      The only justification for a loan singing at Elland Road is serious quality or experience. If it’s neither of those two, we shouldn’t be bothering and I suspect that’s the basis McDermott is working on, making it much more difficult.

      • Jezaldinho

        I totally agree, but i keep thinking back to Federico Macheda at Doncaster! Do they have more money than us for wages, even though Brian’s said there’s money there?
        Surely there aren’t any Leeds fans (or Mcdermott himself) that thinks he’s not up to playing for Leeds?!

        Then there’s John Guidetti. He scores goals for fun but will never get in City’s side.

        Just doesn’t stack up.

        All that said, we have enough to win matches in this league. Worst case is we’ll finish somewhere between 10th and 16th. If Brian and the team get their act together then we can still achieve something.

      • LUFC-Srbski

        I disagree TSS, whilst I support the promotion of our own kids as much as you do. Clearly Mowatt, Poleon & Byram are all first team players in my opinion. But you’re telling me that we can’t get a few younger players in their early 20 playing for Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal reserves who are wingers and better than what we’ve currently got. I’m only thinking this as we seem to get rejected for actual fringe players who can’t leave their premier league squads.

        It should always be about adding quality and not quantity.

  3. Matthew

    This has to come down to money, usually the parent club wants a certain amount of the weekly wage paid by the club taking the player on loan. Chances are we are offering too little to land the player.

    • mrbigwheels

      There is nothing going to happen here Matthew until Hall, Norris and one or two of the young ones are ‘up the road’ on a season basis. Meanwhile GFHC paddle on trying to bring in investment while the wage budget is the millstone it is, set in triple layers of concrete, possibly encased beneath ER turf.

      • Matthew

        Speaking of Hall, he, along with Habbibou were 2 of Warnocks most pointless signings. He’l be loving the wage he’s on with us but when his contract expires, he’l be back down to League 1 level wages lol

      • John

        Wasn’t Habbibou Patel’s signing, dumped on Colin’s doorstep with a silk bow tied round him?

        Hall has excellent statistics. Just goes to show how useless they can be…

  4. mrbigwheels

    This is so simple…… We as a Club should not be in this position, scrabbling around looking for loans!. The owners have gambled too close to the line in the summer with lack of a plan, lack of even meagre funding and quite frankly, lack of judgement.

    It is plainly obvious to me that GFHC have to take massive responsibility here…

    Brian isn’t entirely blameless… I can question his narrow judgement here. He may have been led into a corner here by the owners from the viewpoint he was given by them when he took the job…. but as Reading contacts keep telling me… he has a tendency to be far too cautious…. Even when he’s got the budget. This was his undoing at Reading.

    My whole point here is…..the silk purse from a sows ear approach/gamble from these banker/chancer owners has not paid off, leaving a potentially great manager for this Club…. with a slight but undeserved case of jitteritus which he doesn’t deserve, now with the entire weight of this business on his shoulders if we stutter on, rather than the owners who will be sure everyone knows…”we gave Brian the money and support”…

  5. Pez

    Do we not have a winger in the under-21s at all? Surely there must be one that can be given a chance like Mowatt

  6. Irving08

    Brian is starting to worry me. What’s he doing wasting his time looking for more old bangers when he’s got some talented kids (one of whom has inexplicably been sent out on loan) twitching to get out of the starting blocks ? I don’t buy the line about inexperience at the back; and I don’t think our problems start there anyway. A team that can’t score goals is sooner or later going to start conceding them: few defences at the this can keep defending 0-0’s or 1-0’s (if we’re lucky). The question I ask myself: does Brian somewhere lack confidence ? Or is he just too cautious ? Does he have the necessary oomph ? (What has Brian got against Norris, by the way; he may be limited, but he does
    get up and down the pitch and can score goals.)

    • Mike

      As you just said “he may be limited.” he’s also apparently injured. I’d rather Brian give a guy like Dawson a crack at it, i bet he could be a really positive playmaker for us.

      • Irving08

        I too would give preference to Dawson. All the same, why freeze out a player, who when he played last season seemed to add a bit of fizz to the proceedings. It does sometimes seem that players, like Norris, with a mind of their own, don’t go down too well here. But that is only an impression.

      • John

        29 isn’t old, and Brian has done the job we want him to do before. I’m withholding judgement, so far.

        Dawson has been injured, and has been put down a level to the under 18s. He has been on the bench already this year so no doubt he’s in line for games when fit.

      • Irving08

        Oh I know it isn’t, but all the same, I think we have enough experience and competition at the back. I am sure you are right about the impat of the injury on Dawson. Re Brian – so am I, I was just asking myself questions.

  7. PMH

    Young players are the future, but they need to learn their craft from somewhere. A mature and experienced player with some leadership experience can help immensely. This could be a nice pick-up.

  8. mrbigwheels

    Well done all…. Can’t wait for the next installments. On here and on the pitch!.


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