Brian McDermottThe Football Association of Ireland’s Chief Executive, John Delaney, said he considers Brian McDermott to be a potential candidate to replace Trapattoni, following the Italian’s departure as Republic of Ireland manager last night.

McDermott, who only joined Leeds United five months ago, has stated previously that becoming manager of the Republic of Ireland is a lifetime ambition.

While McDermott was born in England, both of his parents are Irish and the Leeds United manager has spoken of the mistake he made when choosing to represent England instead of Ireland as a football player.

Speaking in 2012, McDermott said;

“Kenny Sansom, who was a senior player with Arsenal at the time, said that I would go on to play U-21 and then become a full England international. Of course, things are different today, as players can switch allegiance.

“A couple of years later I realised it was a big mistake. I live in England, and I’m not ashamed of that, but being Irish is in my blood. Ever since then it has been a goal of mine to manage Ireland,

“It was an error on my part to line-out for England, and I have told my friends that. You have career paths in life – and I’m determined to realise my long-hold ambition.”

Alongside McDermott, the FAI’s Chief Executive listed Roy Keane, Mick McCarthy and Chris Hughton as other names they’ll be considering.

But the bookmakers have a different candidate in mind with Martin O’Neill listed as the early odds-on favourite. Mick McCarthy follows O’Neill with odds around 8/1 while Brian McDermott, Roy Keane and Chris Hughton all have significantly lengthier odds (at the time of writing).

While it seems unlikely that McDermott would jump ship so early in his Leeds United career, the Republic of Ireland job could be an offer that tempts the Whites manager. Whether the Irish FA can afford the compensation Leeds United would undoubtedly seek is another matter entirely.

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  1. Ron

    B-Mac has time for the Irish job after taking us back to the promised land. Trappatoni is a thousand years old, so it couldn’t be an overly demanding role.

  2. Coley

    McDermott was in Ireland for the game last week …something brewing me thinks particularly if the Leeds Job is not as he first thought!

  3. gistheman

    This hopefully will not come off fingerscrossed that is.
    I wouldn’t slate bm if he gets offered the job and decides to take it as stated himself its something he would love. From a Leeds point of view and a fans then it would be a nightmare, but we would live to fight another day mot

  4. grenvillehair

    With the kind of money on offer he’s bound to take it, and with no meaningful backing in the transfer market from GFH i wouldn’t blame him. Trappatoni took a pay cut to £1m; McDermott is probably on £350-£400,000 at Leeds

    • Matthew

      He had a fair bit of backing, he’s in a situation that he has a fair few players that need to be shifted before more people come in on perm moves. Watch next Summer when a half dozen contracts expire, he’ll have a few more players that he wants.

  5. Tyler75

    Plenty of time for him to manage Ireland after he’s finished with club management – hopefully after re-establishing us back in the Prem.
    I don’t get the arguments about GFH not backing him – we agreed £1m fees for Luke Murphy and Wooton and even by Bmac’s account were ready to commit £600k plus wages for Burke, only for Bmac hinself to decide against it – how is that not backing him ?

    • henrymouni

      GFH did commit a small amount of money to transfers, but did not back Brian with the six signings he wanted.

      We ended with two first division players, who have yet to show they are good enough.

      Noel Hunt is yet to show anything, and even when playing well, he does not score many goals.

      Wooton could be the diamond.

      We need a 20+ goalscorer, to go along with Ross’ 15 (I hope).
      We need a dominant midfield leader, to push the team forward.
      We need at least one proper winger.

      GFH are happy to invest in London property however:-

      “Without revealing how many properties have been bought, Haigh told the WSJ that GFH-C has been buying properties in London valued between $15 million and $50 million, and is considering a pair of properties worth £20 million.”

      • TSS

        I’d say Murphy has proven himself very capable, but jury is still out on Smith.

        Properties are a different investment, easier to raise funding for than a football club because the asset won’t lose value – it’ll only increase – in most cases.

      • henrymouni

        I have high hopes for Murphy but games have been passing him by for the most part.
        He needs to dominate and drive, but lets hope he grows into the position.
        The only way GFH will profit from Leeds, if they cannot offload us, is promotion.
        The only way we will get promoted is by improving an very average squad.
        If we lose at Bolton we will already be adrift.
        We do not seem capable of scoring more than 1 goal a game.
        I am still enjoying the season, and BM is getting 100% from the boys.

  6. Lufc79

    Gus poyet is without a job and would love the chance to manage leeds given the chance……if worst came to worst…..?….he would be free and we would get compo for BM…..

    • Tyler75

      Poyet threw his toys out of the pram at Brighton because they wouldn’t commit to spending millions on the players that Poyet said that he wanted to get promotion this season.

      • Lufc79

        Just an option….not a bad one at all if the worst came to worst….I don’t want BM to leave at all but if he does……..

  7. Paul Mcknockiter

    NO truth in these ”rumours” yet agin from this dross site of intruths which is as bad as the now disbanded id radebe leeds

      • TSS

        He was on TSB doing the same the other day. Look at his previous comments (click his name), he works his way around all the Leeds United sites, not bothering to read the actual article (there’s no rumour at all in what I wrote above, it’s merely a quote from FAI Chief) then posts comments such as that above.

        I’m told he writes his own site that no one gives a shit about, so he spends all his life slagging others’ off. He’s clearly a sad little man.

      • Matthew

        He sounds bitter more than anything, like the admin, or the commenters of that website smacked him down a few times too many for posting shit.

  8. Matthew

    Non story considering he’s happy here. Not to mention while he’s loved by the fans he wouldn’t want to go anyway. I see him being here for the full 3 years.


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