Sam ByramWith the new football season well and truly in full swing, most managers will have a clear picture of their system of choice and players who will feature for the rest of the season.

Leeds may be 25/1 with Paddy Power to finish top of the Championship, but under Brian McDermott they look organised and hard to break down with the midfield diamond working tirelessly to protect the back four when Leeds don’t have the ball.

The current crop of new signings have done well to adapt; Luke Murphy is finding his feet, Scott Wootton looks the part but Noel Hunt needs to find his shooting boots. With the focus firmly on those on the field of play, it’s quite easy to overlook where Sam Byram could fit in. The youngster was a revelation last season and with him on his way back from a hip injury it’s hard not to get excited.

But the question is where will he fit in. The obvious answer would be at right-back, with Lee Peltier either moving to centre-back or dropping to the bench. McDermott seems to like Peltier but with Byram coming back into the fold it’s hard to see him being favoured. However, there are rumours among Leeds betting fans suggesting he could feature on the wing, but that would surely see United change their system. Could he play in the role Varney’s playing or will United have to drop their diamond style in order to slot him in?

There’s no doubt Leeds are a stronger side with him on the pitch, and it can give fans hope that a decent start can only be boosted with the addition of Byram. The international break gives McDermott time to think but it is hard to see a total overhaul of the formation. Peltier hasn’t played poorly but it’s hard to see him staying at right-back.

Where should Byram be played?

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  1. Tare

    SB is a new signing what comes to McD. “he can play anywhere (except goalie?) across the pitch”. That means basically if and when LP has stabilised his position as RB well door is open for RW position. But this is dependent on the field formation and to be seen.

    I do not expect Sam to be in Bolton game but surely after that one. What comes to loanie players well our Academy is strong and why there is a need for market? Blood in the prospects and they will never let you down.


    • henrymouni

      The problem is our best academy players are not wingers or 20+ goalscorers.
      I think Sam will play right midfield.
      He can double back and cover for Lee P, and will be an asset in defence for defending corners.
      He will score goals.
      It will be great to have him back.

      • Matthew

        I have a good feelings about Poleon. I think if he stays with us long term he’ll get over 10 goals a season.

  2. chris

    he can play at right back but also run up the wing as Garry Kelly did only Better than I would say keep in there since he is a very important defender but can give that extra Midfielder when on the Attack..but the wing Position is tempting though..

  3. Paul

    I think that our personnel dictates that we need to move him forward. Personally I think we are lacking pace and width – Byram & White would supply this, but with White overlapping Poleon on the left with Poleon free to cut inside on his right foot too.
    Kenny – Peltier, Lees, Wootton, White – Byram, Austin, Murphy, Poleon – Macca, Smith
    Subs; Ashdown, Warnock, Mowatt, Dawson, Diouf, Varney, Hunt

  4. Myke

    If we keep playing 4-1-2-1-2 it will be RB instead of Pelts or RM instead of Green. Since Pelts plays his offensive fullback much better than Warnock, and Green comes off most of the time, i’d say RM it will be.

  5. Oliver

    RB in our narrow 4-1-2-1-2 is the perfect position for Byram. He is exactly the sort of player we have been missing, as our fullbacks need to be able to beat players in this formation because they don’t have wingers in front of them. Peltier and Warnock are pretty solid defensively, but attacking-wise they don’t provide much, which is one of the main reasons why we’ve struggled to create chances this season – it’s like playing 4-4-2 with crap wingers (see last season).

    Byram can give the team exactly what it’s been lacking – a threatening wide player – but he can slot nicely in at RB in the system we’re playing, and he won’t be restricted at all.

  6. Chareose

    Keep him at RB, In the UK we like to move talented defenders up the pitch if they are comfortable on the ball but its also why none of our defenders can pass to save there lives……..we need to fight this negative culture. SAM is a great RB

  7. JDC

    I think that everyone agrees that he must be accommodated somewhere in a team lacking in pace in wide areas, and every one of us has our own opinion where that should be … I would like the system change to a 3-4-1-2 using Sam Byram and Aidy White as the two wing backs negating the urgent need to sign out and out wingers with Austin + 1 (perhaps Alex Mowatt) inside. A back three of Peltier or Lees / Wootton / Pearce with McCormack in the hole behind two strikers.

  8. Tyler75

    Definitely rm/wing in front of Peltier – we have lacked pace down the wings and crosses into the box have been a premium. Sam can play there no problem. Alternatively if we’re going to stick with the diamond we need more creativity added to Sam’s pace at rb. In this instance I’d move Murphy to rm and bring in Mowatt alongside Rudi – the boy’s ready.Poleon should start up top, he’s raw and makes errors but he’ll only learn by playing and his pace and power frightens the life out of opposition defenders and creates space for Ross. So
    Kenny- Sam Wooton Pearce Warnock – Murphy Mowatt Rudi Varney – Ross – Poleon

  9. NottsWhite

    Sam should go back in at right back. Peltier has not played poorly (in a defensive sense) however with the current formation we have lacked pace from our backs to support Green and Murphy. The current formation has made us solid however we just lack that creative influence in midfield and any bite up front. Changing to a 4-4-2 could accomodate Byram on the right side of midfield (similar to a role that Milner plays for England) however we would still need to find one to two wingers to cover the other wing and provide back up in case of injuries, loss of form, suspensions. In a nut shell, leave the formation as it is as the players are looking comfortable with it but aim to change some of the personnel

  10. Joedqf

    My formation would be a 3-4-3 ala wigan:

    Wootton Austin Lees
    Byram Murphy Mowatt White/Green
    Mccormack Hunt/Smith Poleon

    • NottsWhite

      I struggle with this belief that White could be effective on the left hand side of midfield. It has been tried and failed. Left back is the only role he can challenge for however I don’t think he has the desire (some may also say he does not have the ability)

      • Matthew

        I would go with Green instead of White personally. Green has put in a shift and is decent enough, better than White at the moment.

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