Earlier today, we came across an infographic from motors.co.uk which compares Premier League teams to sports cars.

Since Leeds United have taken a short, decade-long break from the “greatest show on earth” (TM), we’re obviously not included. But it did present a question which resulted in plenty of amusing answers from the people following our Twitter (@TSSLUFC) and Facebook accounts.

If Leeds United was a sports car, which one would it be and why? 

Before we get to the responses (and an alternative for Manchester United’s vomit-inducing comparison), here’s what motors.co.uk came up with.

Infographic from motors.co.uk

Leeds United

Jaguar E-Type

A common suggestion which @DoctorLeeds describes as “awaiting restoration. A thing of great beauty and power in the 60s and 70s that with a little love and a good deal of investment will once again be the best in the world.”

For Jaguar more generally, @BetsofMates and @Weatherman1965 says “formerly the premium brand in the UK, brought to its knees by bad management now getting back on even keel”/”class in the past, but run into the ground by last few careless owners.”

Alfa Romeo

Perhaps the most common suggestion of all, and one I know from personal experience to be perfectly appropriate, was Alfa Romeo. @Zomoniac makes a good argument “classy badge, you expect quality, but once you look past the glamour it all falls down and nothing works,” while @WebdevCol adds “all the money was spent on the outside, and as afterthought a tiny amount of cash went into the engine.”

A Formula One car

Perhaps more accurate last season under Neil Warnock’s management, @factendo believes a Formula One car makes the perfect comparison; “expensive to watch, noisy, but most of the time will bore the hell out of you when you [do]”

Dodge RAM 1500 (pick up truck) 

Sam Frain suggested this one on Facebook – “The pick up truck doesn’t really have much special about it. It’s bigger than most of the rest, but that doesn’t really matter. When it gets going, it’s hard to stop, but it’s also hard to get going.

“It can also carry a lot of deadwood around, more than is required, if necessary. Be careful though. If you load the pick up truck with too much deadwood, it can be hard to shift, meaning valuable space is taken up by sh*t you can’t shift, and you end up not being able to load better quality things.”

ford GTOthers

Ford GT (suggested by many people) – Well, it does look exactly like our current home kit…

Robin Reliant (@JackLongstaff31) – “Laughed at by others, unstable and easy to roll over”

Lancia Stratos (@CraigT4nner) – “…were good once and due a comeback”

Noble (@BigDLUFC) – “Savage beast and a looker but so temperamental. Slight budget feel too”

Triumph TR6 (@NickSwatton) – “Class personified, nearing the end of a total restoration”

Mini Cooper (@adswebbo) – “…the older I get, the worse they get!”

Man Utd Alternative

The Manchester United comparison which motors.co.uk offer didn’t sit well with me, so I thought I’d offer up an alternative provided by Andrew Nattan (@Mr603).

“A monster truck. No regard for the rules of the road, but beloved of idiots. Owned by brash Americans looking for advertising space, covered in corporate sponsors, ludicrously expensive to run, and you’d hate for your kid to get on board.”

Feel free to add your own comparisons for Leeds United (or any other team for that matter) in the comments section below and thanks to all our social media followers for providing the above.