billy bremner  statue at Elland Road (Large)The new season kicks off on Saturday and spirits seem high amongst Leeds United fans, despite a relatively quiet transfer window.

Three new arrivals is all Brian McDermott has managed to secure so far with the new owners demanding he clear some players out before adding further, but the positive changes GFH Capital have made this summer have been a big hit with fans.

Among those changes, the sacking of Ken Bates, the closure of loss-making ventures like Yorkshire Radio and reduced ticket prices stand-out as the most important steps forward. The summer at Leeds United has been something of a call to arms, with players, management and owners all signalling a new direction, one which Whites fans seem happy to pursue if the opening day attendance of over 30,000 – our highest in ten years – is anything to go by.

But amongst all this positivity, there’s the inescapable feeling that Leeds United are still short in key areas. While the feel-good factor around the club is bound to have an effect, the Championship is a tough league that’ll require much more than good vibes to escape from.

Has Brian McDermott’s Leeds United got what it takes to escape the Championship this season? Vote for where you think The Whites will finish in the following poll, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Where do you think Leeds United will finish 2013/14?

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  1. Weatherman

    Get in a couple of players & my upper mid-table becomes at least play offs

  2. gistheman

    I feel that we really do have a chance this season as when warnock were here with his shit hoofball we still managed to stay in and around the playoffs.
    We still have the same players with some young ones plus the 3 new additions so wit bm playing football on the pitch and the feel good factory plus not to mention a rocking er why not!!!
    We also have a month left of this window plus jan one and l think gfh and bm will sort something. Stay with the positives, as there seems to be more of them at the minute

  3. fraquar

    Season is already a success now that the cancer that is Bates has been cut out – now the rebuilding can actually start. Promotion this season is out of the cards though without brining in some more quality players. Will be interesting to see though what ownership does at the January window should Leeds be seriously in the hunt.

  4. markman

    If we get in a commanding centre back and stop leaking goals in the last 5 minutes or in extra time. 4th

  5. LUFC-Srbski

    I feel we’ll be 9th or 10th depending on performances currently. I could be wrong. If you watched us against Nuremberg it’s obvious their is a distinct lack of quality in key areas of the side. I am hoping for more but I’m a realistic and this league is stronger than last year with the likes of Wigan, QPR & Reading dropping down.

    BMac knows what he’s doing. And the board are doing all the right things. You can’t help but smile with Bates out the door now. The new dawn begins…

  6. henrymouni

    4th place.
    Bates sold our best players and let us drift.
    Me thinks no players will leave, unless BM wants them to.
    The new board will not want us to drift, but know we need a solid foundation.
    Team First!!!!!

    • spellz

      Question is are the set we have now as good as those that have gone previously?
      I am not convinced but we did have NW at the helm with those negative tactics with McD they might just play well and actually be great, even know pre-season did not prove this either way I have a optimistic feeling this could be our year.

  7. Cheesewire

    I’m going for an optimistic 11th. Mark my words, I was absolutely spot on last time. Better manager/tactics plus better atmosphere less similar squad less slightly stronger division less potentially fewer goals = 2 places higher (optimistically).

    No more Bates is more than good enough for me this season. Really looking forward to the opener.

  8. djedjedje

    6-10th; that last playoff place will give us something to shout about.

    I notice five of our last six games are at Elland Road. So if we are there or thereabouts that’ll be at least a cash boost on attendance!

    My worry is our opening half dozen or so games. Tough fixtures. If we lose too many then the crowd and optimism will wash away. McDermott is still getting the love-in so any anger will be directed at GFH and a supposed lack of investment/ambition. True or not, if it forces their hand to gamble with a new player or three just before the transfer deadline then no harm done.

    Regardless, with an improvement in the football style this season, and a belief that the squad will ‘figure out’ how to get the best out of their ability with time (plus the return of Austin, Diouf and Byram), there’s something worth watching, cheering on, and talking about this season. MOT.

    • TSS

      “My worry is our opening half dozen or so games. Tough fixtures.”

      On the flip side, the feel-good factor may carry us through those. You’re right though, it’s an incredibly tough start, the worst we’ve had for some years.

      • spellz

        I always feel every game is tough in the championship, last season I would have thought at the start Wolves were gonna be a “tough fixture” look how that turned out,
        We just need to believe we can win those opening games and with the enhanced support and new head of the squad we can do it not with ease but every game will be tough until someone actually strings a few wins together hopefully it will be us.

        M.O.T AA

      • TSS

        I thought the Championship was the most average it has ever been last year. There are some much better sides in it this time round.

      • spellz

        I just feel it is the hardest division to predict anything sometimes some of the fancied teams that have a competitive team on paper sometimes do not perform to the best of their ability last season there was some very strong teams I thought would do much better on paper Bolton, Birmingham, Wolves, Leicester they just didnt cut it really.

      • Bash

        i feel we’ll probably get better as the season goes on as the players gel better and McDermott has more chance to impart his philisophy and style. So its a shame that on paper we have a difficult start, a breaking in period against the likes of yeovil and charlton wouldnt have gone amiss….

      • djedjedje

        Reading from what McDermott said today in the YEP, I think he is worried that if we wobble in those early games then the fans will be too knee-jerk in their reaction – we are a very knee-jerk club! – and we could tail off into a death-spin if the squad’s confidence takes a tumble from this.

        Patience is crucial this season, and it’s key that we stick by McDermott regardless of our league position come, say, January. If we do that then next season, at least, we’ll be proper contenders on our own terms.

  9. butterworths tap in

    got to be more optimistic this season, no clown warnock, no papa smurf, first full season for Brian and the new owners, bigger home crowds, if we get behind the team we can give them a goal start, let’s just see where all these plus points take us

  10. spellz

    We will nick a play off place, I hope we gain automatic what else would you expect a die hard fan to say before the season starts, I certainly would not be claiming lower than 6th even if I have to be realistic the huge changes at the club signal a huge step in the right direction which should mean a huge jump in places further more mid-way through I have changed my mind 1st, yeah definitely 1st.


    M.O.T AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Bash

    not going up, not going down. 7-12th is about right and over 50% agree. had a browse of the club by club on bbc website today and its sad to say but there’s easily 6 teams better than us. we wont make the play offs with this squad.

  12. magoo.

    lets hope the new owners stand by there convictions for the club to go forward and do everything they can to bring success to leeds united. the fans at leeds have watched this club go in decline for ten years, top player after top player been sold ,prices at the turnstiles continuously rise even after relegation ,poor players brought in on the cheap and a chairman who lied and only showed any interest in how he could make money at the clubs and fans expense. lets hope that is the past and now all stand united together for the future of this great club.

  13. craig

    Come on lads i thought the percentage would of been higher for a playoff spot.,Ye have little faith. Mot

  14. Matthew

    If we improve the away record from last season and do roughly the same at home as last season, I would say playoffs. Even with our fucking pathetic away record of 4 wins, we weren’t that far off the playoffs lol

  15. White Honk

    2 years back to the promised land is the aim (ambitious). Immediate end to hoofball is a start. Poleon, White and McMac to impress. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

  16. Leedsfan8

    How do we get promoted without a 20 goal a season striker, no leader at the back and no pacey wingers??
    We d do very well to get top 10,

    • Matthew

      That’s easy, you grind out the win. The football won’t be pretty, it won’t win awards but as long as the team finishes a goal ahead of the other team when the final whistle goes, that’s all that matters.

  17. Dr Zen

    Anywhere from fourth to 16th seems possible, so I’m going to say fuck it, fourth, come on the whites!


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