Chris KirklandFrom the ‘vile animals’ to the Luke Varney braces, this Yorkshire derby has the potential to thrill and shock. Last time these two Yorkshire giants met Brian McDermott was beginning his tenure as Leeds United boss. Both teams approached the fixture looking over their shoulders at the drop zone – although they weren’t tipped for relegation – they were anxious for victory. To add more tension, the earlier meeting between the two teams saw Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland felled by a Leeds fan who ran on to the pitch and attacked him. After the match an emotional Dave Jones inflated the situation by branding the Leeds united fans ‘vile animals’ after the 1-1 draw and in turn created frenzy amongst the media. The corresponding fixture had less drama involved but saw Leeds come from a goal down with a Varney brace to snatch victory at Elland Road.

This time round however, Leeds united are brimming with confidence and will go into lunch time’s game against Sheffield Wednesday hoping to increase their unbeaten league run to three matches. Brian McDermott’s men have had a strong start to the campaign, winning two and drawing one – including the progression into the second round of the Capital One Cup.

Wednesday’s start has been far less prosperous than United’s, having lost their opening three games of the season 2-1. This included the opening game against QPR where Dave Jones’ side started positively, however, last season’s Premiership bottom side prevailed in the second half.

Team news

Leeds United could welcome back the experience of El-Hadji Diouf for his first appearance of the season. Diouf has been out nursing an infected shin and missed the first three games, but boss Brian McDermott implied he could be involved in the squad.

Elsewhere there are no new injury or suspension problems, but right-back Sam Byram remains sidelined due to a hip problem that may yet require surgery.

However, after a goal-less draw on Saturday McDerrmott must decide whether or not to stick with the front pairing of Noel Hunt and Luke Varney or opt for the other strike duo Matt Smith and Dom Poleon who both impressed when they came on against Leicester City.

Sheffield Wednesday defenders Reda Johnson and Lewis Buxton are hoping to make their first appearances of the season.
Johnson and Buxton both returned to full training this week and are expected to be involved as the Owls chase their first league points of the season.

Midfielder Giles Coke could also return to contention after missing last week’s home defeat to Burnley through illness, but defender Joe Mattock (knee) is not expected back in action for another three weeks.

The Owls will also be without winger Jermaine Johnson, who must sit out the second game of his three-match ban following his dismissal in the recent Capital One Cup defeat to Rotherham.

Key Player

Sheffield Wednesday will look to winger Michail Antonio to help inspire them to their first win of the season. The 23-year old former Reading man possesses bags of pace and trickery and had an impressing campaign for the Owls last season, racking up nine goals and nine assists to keep Dave Jone’s side up. He would have no doubt added more goals to his tally if it wasn’t for an injury he suffered in the 2–0 defeat to Cardiff City on 16 March 2013, which unfortunately ruled him out for the rest of the season.

– Nathan Brien (@nath_brien)

Who do you think will win the Yorkshire derby?

  • Leeds United (82%, 365 Votes)
  • Draw (7%, 31 Votes)
  • Sheffield Wednesday (11%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 446

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42 Responses

    • chareose

      and if you chant that at elland road then you are a living cliche of everything that is currently wrong with our country

      • disqusjocky

        you went way above their head using the word cliche

    • Exiled White

      Don’t forget the ‘there’s only David Jones, with his packet of sweets and his cheesy smile, Jonesy is a fucking paedophile’. Swansea City fans favourite, was that.

  1. Stuart

    Why are so many LUFC fans revelling in the “vile animals” tag? It’s embarrassing. There wasn’t much mitigation to be had in respect of the yob who felled Kirkland and I imagine Jones’ comments were coloured by the abuse he gets in relation to his past court case. There’s a line to be drawn with some chants and unfortunately it’s often crossed by lots idiots who regularly follow LUFC. And I am a Leeds fan before anyone asks.

      • Chareose

        TSS your often the lone voice in the wilderness but be careful you don’t follow the same route to internet popularity as Phill (I need more site hits so ill post inflamatory articles about players leaving ) Hay or the Hammersfan that deserves no comment. Stay true to who you are …..

      • TSS

        I make no apologies for the title of the article, it was meant to get a reaction – first comment (thirks) was all too predictable, but look what it was followed by.

        The vast majority of our fans don’t think what Cawley did was funny, but it rarely appears that way, so it’s easy to understand why Dave Jones and most of the football world thinks we’re “vile animals”.

        But here we are, almost a year on and our fans are making clear in these comments how acceptable they think the actions of Cawley and his kind are. That’s the other side of Leeds we rarely show the rest of football, because the second anyone attacks us (justifiably or not) we switch to tribal mode and the rights and wrongs become trivial.

      • Matthew

        If anything what Aaron Cawley was fucking disgusting. If anything I was like (…….) dot dot dot. Lost for words at the time.

        He wasn’t funny, he could of injured their keeper and got the club in more shit.

      • Matthew

        *what Aaron Cawley did

        Apologies, my internet seems to be shitty tonight.

  2. wyla

    gotta admit I agree with chareose, however much Dave Jones invites abuse with his comments it’s not his fault he looks like the childcatcher

  3. Lee Stephenson

    False accusations against David Jones are vile. We should be careful not to follow the media stereotype of Leeds fans.
    Looking forward to the game – a win means we’ve started strongly and may speed the further investment that BMcD needs. 2-0 Leeds. MOT

  4. lee

    The Hillsborough debacle brought shame on both clubs and dragging it up unnecessarily in headlines to just to attract attention and hits to the website does nothing to help the club

    • TSS

      I can see your point. But ignoring it and pretending it never happened is equally damaging, because we do that all too often – pretend that everything’s OK, that we don’t have a problem and that it’s only a “minority” so it doesn’t matter.

      Personally, I don’t care how small the number of fans responsible for the mindless thuggery which occurs numerous times every season is, there’s no place for it in modern football. Ignoring or making excuses doesn’t solve the problem. Accepting we have a problem and condemning the actions of those responsible is more effective than turning a blind eye.

  5. Hunch

    Now then now then gingle gangle gingle gangle, calm down lads its all just banter and game build up, you know like Heavy Weights out staring each other in their y-fronts. The Kirkman incident was well out of order mind no need for thugery but youll always get name calling and chanting its what creates the scene. Just enjoy the game and if you dont want to join in singing then dont! Mot

  6. Jack

    Good to see people challenging the people who spoil it for the rest of us Leeds fans who recognise the right way to behave.

    I hope that we can self police any songs that cross the line in the ground tomorrow….

    I love the tribal element of being a Leeds fan, it’s one of the things that makes me love the Elland Road experience and feel pride in the identity of being a Leeds United fan.

    When I hear songs about Jimmy Saville/Dave Jones/Munich or see anything like what happened at Hillsborough last year it makes me feel ashamed to be associated with the idiots who inevitably create a negative image of our club.

    As a child growing up in the Kop and going to away games I grew up thinking that some of the bad songs (the Munich song in particular) I heard were ok… Thankfully as I got older these ideas were challenged and now see that it is idiotic and small minded those things are.

    Let’s think about the impact this behaviour has on the kids that also sit in the stands!

    We have a GREAT football club… Don’t ruin it with ignorance.

    • RoystonLufc

      Ignorance of what, exactly? We know about Munich – that’s why we sing the song. Ignorance has nothing to do with it. But you’re right: we have a great football club. And we have a great football club – perhaps – because we’ve always sung those songs with a passion, and with an attitude of “no-one likes us, we don’t care”. Since when did we have to avoid creating a negative image of ourselves?

      I’m trying to remember when we had to ditch that outlook and suddenly become role models, appealing to the Guardian-reading crowd for recognition, like little school-kids behaving in front of teacher – hoping that they’ll pat us on the head and tell us what good kids we are.

      I find it hard to beleve that some amongst us are trying to turn Elland Road into something akin to the most dullest of New Labour party meetings; telling us “the right way to behave”.

      Let’s face it: singing silly songs is part of what football is and always has been. It has no bearing outside the ground; it’s just a bit of idiotic fun. It’s like watching a violent video: you watch it then continue living life as normal. So I would appeal to Leeds fans everywhere to stand up to the New Labour/Guardian speech police and tell then where to shove their petit-bourgeois morality.

  7. Stuart

    Well said Jack. Alls I say is it’s easy to make these points on website. How many people would challenge such songs when they are sung by a 20-stone beered up yob and his mates and you’re in the minority?

  8. NottsWhite

    The behaviour of some fans at Hillsborough last season was embarrassing to all Leeds fans, however the comments from Dave Jones about all Leeds fans angered me. The actions of those at that game are not a representation of me and many others who support the team with passion and dignity. This is the same Dave Jones when as manager of Cardiff claimed that those supporters were just “High spirited”, the man is a hypocrite of the highest order

  9. Sack

    No doubt someone will tell me i’m not a “proper” fan for saying it, but what happened to kirkland was hilarious, if you didn’t laugh even just a little bit then there’s something wrong with you. if someone actually violently attacked him then it wouldn’t have been funny, but that’s not what happened, the fact that he laid out on the floor so long as if he’d been properly floored was pathetic. it was childish at worst, definitely did not warrant a prison sentence ffs

    • Matthew

      Hilarious? What the fuck? Had Cawley injured their keeper enough for him to need replacing the club would of got in some serious shit. There’s nothing funny about a cocky little shit running on the pitch and blind siding a football player.

      • Matthew

        Notice the ‘Had’ his behaviour was fucking disgusting and approving of what he did is wrong too. Fact remains what he did was completely unacceptable and needless. It also cast the club under a negative light too.

      • Sack

        Well, “had” he murdered him then he would have killed him, where do the made up situations end? He didn’t injure him, so no point even saying it. I’m not gonna lie, when i saw it i laughed, then i saw the replay and laughed again

      • Matthew

        It’s all, should ofs, could ofs and if onlys. Fact is, you don’t fucking attack footballers. It doesn’t matter what team they’re playing for, it’s completely unacceptable.
        The fact 3 people voted you up just shows the mentality of some of our fans.

      • Sack

        Well no i don’t attack footballers, and like i said i wouldn’t have laughed if something serious happened to kirkland, but someone pushed him and he acted like he’d just been shot in the face, ffs i’ve had more violent farts than the “assault” he suffered

      • Matthew

        You opened with ‘I found what happened to Kirkland hilarious’ No shit he made a meal of it but it never should of happened, it’s unacceptable for any fan of any team to do that to begin with.

      • RoystonLufc

        Matthew, please : it’s should “have”, not should “of”; could “have”, not could “of”…It’s a verb.

  10. Tare

    Usually when people are winding you up it is time to check your credentials. Being a LUFC supporter for some time (modestly) I have heard some abusive remarks while doing it. But life goes on and who would put us in any other position than top dog of PL? Tare

    • Matthew

      Perhaps we should rename The Massive to The Tiny. Joking aside, they’re using the excuse that its on Sky/An earlier game/ticket prices for not showing up. It’s not much of an excuse tbh. We’re not that far away that the Wendies can’t travel in a reasonable amount of time.

      • Paul Mcknockiter

        prob don’t wanna hear their manager getting called what he is a paedo and scared of us fans inacse we do a kirkland on em

  11. Paul Mcknockiter

    matt smith impressive are you having a lagh poleon was good against the foxes yes but smith was shocking and will remain so, a league one player at best

    • lufc gimmer.

      We ,let y have y moment and that was all it was, when leeds want to outsing y they do.What a showing up, is that all y could muster for a derby game, well when the mighty whites go to your tip we will at least bring around 4 to 5000 and we will outsing y and beat y.


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