Steve Morison feels Brian McDermott didn’t give him a fair chance at Elland Road after shipping the under-performing striker out on loan to Millwall.

Speaking to the News Shopper, Morison said;

Steve Morison“I turned up for the first day of pre-season for Leeds and the manager said he didn’t want me, he told me I can leave and so I left.

“Obviously I didn’t expect that at all, I went in expecting to start pre-season training and that happened.

“I just said ‘OK, I won’t be in for training tomorrow’ and went and found myself another club.

“It might have been a money decision. But it isn’t my problem if they couldn’t handle the finances properly. [Brian McDermott] had seven weeks to tell me, didn’t he? But we move on.”

Morison struggled to impress at Elland Road following a move from Norwich City as part of a controversial transfer which saw Luciano Becchio head in the opposite direction.

Perhaps unfairly, Morison was never really taken in by the Leeds United faithful because he represented the loss of a high-performing striker whose shadow hung over Morison throughout his Elland Road stay.

While injuries certainly played a part in Morison’s struggles, a return of just 3 goals in 16 appearances for the Whites simply wasn’t good enough. The striker will forever be associated with the Luciano Becchio transfer and remembered as the worst transfer deal Neil Warnock made. In hindsight, the deal was probably the beginning of the end for Neil Warnock.

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  1. uwotm8

    “Throws tantrum”? Get a grip lad, he’s just telling it like it is, is your site really that dead that you have to type up gash like this?

    • TSS

      Not at all. But by definition, that’s a tantrum. He’s spat his dummy out and wallowed in self-pity.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have sympathy for Morison, but he’s a professional football player still under contract with Leeds slagging the manager off. It’s pathetic and unprofessional.

      • uwotm8

        was told he could leave, then he said he didn’t expect it, then he said he found another club, then he commented on the financial state of our club and then made a good point about not being told earlier. Yeah, proper slagging the manager off there ffs, obviously you don’t know what slagging someone off actually is. he’s done the right thing and left and told his side of the story in a very reasonable way, pointless “article” imo

      • TSS

        “Not my problem if he couldn’t handle his finances properly” isn’t a stroppy dig at McDermott? Entirely disagree.

        “He had seven weeks to tell me” – it smacks of sulking and self-pity throughout.

      • uwotm8

        No, it wasn’t a stroppy dig at mcdermott, you’ve quoted it wrong to suit your own argument, it says “But it isn’t my problem if THEY couldn’t handle THE finances properly” – clearly referring to the club in general, not singling mcdermott out, quite the difference and if he did have all that time to tell him, then he should have told him earlier, just have to agree to disagree but i think he has a good point. I’d much rather hear a player speaking honestly than the usual diplomatic guff they come out with. Anyway, have a good weekend fellas and enjoy the game

      • DavidH

        Can you not read sulky undertones in what Morison has said? “It isn’t my problem” – childlike! I for one am happy he’s off the books.

      • Dr Zen

        He turns up for training and is told he’s not wanted. What’s he supposed to do?

      • Nick

        Highly unprofessional. Of course he is entitled to his own opinion, and I’m all for free speech, however, there is a hierarchy of command in the player/manager relationship which should be adhered to. It’s not the first time a manager isn’t interested in a previous manager’s signing, get over it, move on.

      • Matthew

        I highly doubt he was told to basically go away. He was likely told him doesn’t figure into his plans this season, and with a bruised ego, acted like this.

      • poolie

        go get fit play good football makes us some money when we sell you

      • PAUL W

        Morison always looked a handful whenever he played against Leeds, but when Morison played for Leeds last season, he played like a “big girls blouse”.
        He could not handle the pressure of playing for Leeds and McDermott had no option in sending him out on loan. Morison should be thankful that he found a club straight away and that he is now back at a club where he is a “big fish in a small pond”.

      • Rob H

        Totally agree. He’s burned his bridges like a total clown. Good riddance

      • JDC

        I agree that he’s burned his bridges, but I would prefer it if the club demanded a transfer fee for a permanent move rather than allowing another club to benefit for free … we might just as well have given Luci to Norwich, same difference at the moment.

  2. Nig-el

    I do have some sympathy with Morison, think he could have been a big player for us if fit, am not convinced Hunt is any better but I have faith in the manager and maybe, just maybe, Noel Hunt will be a Bobby Daison mk 2 or something …

  3. Dr Zen

    Looks like he was treated like shit by McDermott and here you are, as usual, nose five miles up the manager’s arse. Until we finish 14th, then you’ll have the boot in, and all the signings you hailed as genius turn out to be uninspired (which astuter commentators will have mentioned to you *before* we signed them).

    • Matthew

      He wasn’t treated like shit, he was told how it is. The manager doesn’t rate him, most fans here don’t rate him. Why should the manager sugar coat it to avoid upsetting him?

    • leeds4alongtime

      Maybe if we DON’T end up 14th and we have a good season then YOU will come on here and take all this rubbish back then?

  4. craig

    I do feel a bit sorry for him however he will go down as one of the worst signings along with seth.

  5. Matthew

    This whole thing just screams bruised ego. After being told he doesn’t figure into the managers plans, he acts like this.

  6. Van White

    The underachieving Alan Tate blamed finances but both share a common trait, both were never good enough to play for Leeds. Dress it up anyway you want but the transfer of Bechio did neither party any good, having Morrison up front is akin to trying to be friends with an ex; it will only break your heart and drive you mad. Get out you rubbish!

  7. gistheman

    Well players get told they don’t figure in the new managers plans that is football. Weather Morrison likes it or not he is out of Leeds for this season at least anyway. I think we as fans should just concentrate on the players who are on the pitch and in the team playing this season and get behind them and stay positive guys and girls as there is plenty to be positive about both on and off the pitch

  8. Skocciz

    I am amazed how transfers at Leeds were made. Rhodes, a League One player, was sold for 7 million earlier last season, while we gave Becchio practically for free. Sheer madness. Who was responsible?

  9. Filzmoos White

    What we don’t know is how all this came about in the first place. Having a few weeks to assess and discuss a player’s situation seems reasonable to me. It would have been wrong to tell Morison straight away after coming in he was surplus to requirements until he’d had the time to work out if he was to figure in this season’s plans. He obviously didn’t. I think Morison is sure he won’t be back, hence saying what he’s said. He’s not bothered about ‘burning bridges’. Loaning him out for a year gets him off the wages list, and if he has a successful season at Millwall, his transfer fee should increase. At the moment, he’s worth very little on last season’s performance.

  10. Bluesman

    It does make you wonder about the intelligence of the transfer decisions though. Not knocking Morison, that would be out of order, he was recovering from injury when he came to us and never really got a fair chance or run of games. We could have sold Becchio however and then used the money to get who we wanted. We did not have to take Morison as part of the deal! NW always said the Becchio put a gun to his head, well that just shows that they are not managing contract negotiations properly. He should have been sold as soon as he started showing that he was unsettled. They waited too long and when his contract had run down they had to get something for him. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!! . I think that the new management team are far more astute and clever than the previous lot! Cleverer by a country mile!!! The past is the past, so Morison needs to get on with it, just like we do.

    • seahamwhite

      I wish he had of held a gun to his head…mind you he’d have prob missed….

  11. dave221982

    My god man! What did you want? To sit on the bench claiming your wages every week injured !. BM is no fool he clearly knows what he wants and he probably saw what most did, that you like your injuries and to claim money from the bench.

    You still have a chance to impress do you really think that if you were to get form and score goals on loan that he wouldn’t want you back! Stop moaning play what your over paid to do and see what happens.

    Or……… Throw the towel in and go work and MacDonalds! For minimum wage hmmmmmmm thought so !

  12. Skippy

    The lad never looked interested playing for Leeds , probably thought he was forced out of Norwich and perfomnces on the pitch seemed that


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