Ross McCormack, Paul GreenBringing an end to any remaining doubt surrounding the future of Ross McCormack, Leeds United today announced a new four year contract for the club’s leading goalscorer.

The news, as is fast becoming the norm these days, was prefaced by a smiley face from Salem Patel’s Twitter account – a two-character tweet that sends the crazy world of social media into absolute meltdown as Leeds United fans speculate on the good news which invariably follows. Much like being dealt pocket aces at Bwin Poker, fans try to keep cool while bracing themselves for celebration.

The time between Salem’s trademark smiley face tweet and an official announcement on the club’s website may be agonising for some fans, but it tends to lighten the mood of most. It’s a welcome distraction from the banality of transfer window tweets from teenagers pretending to be football agents, sharing the gossip they’ve received from their “reliable sources” (ie. made up).

McCormack signing a new contract is not-so-good news for Middlesbrough however whose fans have spent the last few weeks expecting him to sign for them, despite the striker making clear that he wanted to stay at Elland Road.

All in all, It’s been a good month for McCormack; his four goals in six appearances to date have helped Leeds United to an undefeated start, far exceeding the expectations of most fans. McCormack’s impressive form has also seen him recalled to the Scotland squad by Whites legend, Gordon Strachan.

Neil Warnock still can’t figure Ross McCormack out though, explaining to TalkSport this morning that the striker is something of an enigma, neglecting to mention the fact he was played out-of-position during our former manager’s tenure and simply didn’t suit the 1980’s hoofball philosophy Warnock favours.

Nevertheless, there are some truths to Warnock’s comments. McCormack’s goalscoring form has been inconsistent during his four years at the club, but when he’s played in a position that best suits his ability, Ross has proven himself capable of scoring 20~ goals per season at Cardiff City and Leeds United.

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  1. Mackerpacker

    Bloody awesome! GFH mean business and are supporting our fantastic manager. MOT

  2. gistheman

    Buzzing with the news it’s put the speculation of him leaving to bed thank god.
    What would end the week in perfect style would be 3 points tomorrow, then bm announcing on Monday he has signed a winger

  3. DCY

    Have to say I am very impressed with GFH after a frustrating introduction to them. They are improving the image of our club down from the playing field, backroom staff and facilities down to the atmosphere and social interaction with the fans. In McDermott we have a manager truly capable it seems of getting the best out of his players and inspiring the commitment of those around him. I am delighted to see McCormack sign a new deal, who would have seen this a year ago with Neil Warnock at the helm? I think Bates would have sold him by now too.

    • Snowjoke

      Me too. After a few early stumbles, GFH are now starting to perform quite convincingly. Despite some initial signs to the contrary, they seem to have developed a very clear Vision of the future. The Vision thing, in turn, appears to be underpinned by a long-term Business Plan. Which should help the Board keep its nerve if its short-term popularity should dip. Incidentally, I do like GFH’s happy knack of finding a carrier bag full of used notes down the back of the settee whenever more orthodox income streams run dry! Especially the thought that the cash sould be Ken;s. Tee-hee. NOT

    • Irving08

      But why not three years ? It must put a strain on our finances, which could force GFH to sell one of our younger players. RM won’t be worth much at the age of 30 and, hand on heart, can you see us getting promotion before then ? And it is hard to envisage him playing in a successful Premiership team. Stll, here’s hoping ….

      • DCY

        I agree, three years would be a more reasonable contract. But the four year deal does at least show a degree of ambition, especially when you consider how we lost Howson, Johnson etc for a pittance. As a playmaker too, I think Ross can do a good job. I would not be convinced about his ability as an out and out striker in the Prem but in a three or “in the hole” he does have a lot of good qualities.

      • Matthew

        As long as we’re not selling our talent and are building a side. I can’t see a reason why we won’t get into the Premier League within 3-4 years. If someone comes along and offers say £4 million for a player, and we have no choice but to sell to a Prem side, if this money is reinvested, and McD has the players he wants, we’l only get stronger as a team every year. Before Grayson lost most players of value, we had the core of a promotion capable side, but with a shit defense, with a tiny bit of investment at the time we would of gone up, no doubt.

  4. Matthew

    ITK = DKS(Don’t know Shit). The new deal was never in doubt, though that didn’t stop several DKS people, and random boro fans from saying the transfer will happen lol

  5. Matthew

    Makes me laugh when you see Middlesbroughs fan forum, 200 page(If not more) of we want Ross, we love Ross, it’ll happen, he’s coming, some ITK(DKS) people said so. Then this happens and the word greedy get thrown around lol. You could solve the third worlds water problems with the tears of Middlesbrough fans who thought they were a big club ;).

  6. Iriving08

    A 4 year contract for a 27 year old player who was unable to get a starting place in our best post-Division 1 line-up – and in my view would not get one now were those players still at the club – is a good indication of how much catching up we have to do in order to seriously challenge for a top two position. GFH now need to find a front man he can play with and off to enable him to score the 20 odd goals a season which we need from him. RM lacks the sustained speed or strength to function consistently in any sort of midfield role: the best teams will find ways of negating any threat he poses in this posiition. His forte is his quick feet, shooting ability and speed of reaction to anything in or around the penalty area. GFH have taken a big business decision; it implies that RM is viewed as an integral part of a promotion-winning team. Fingers crossed they are right.

  7. PMH

    Ross had a good game on Saturday against QPR, but he was a one man band. Other observations: 1. Matt Smith is not a goal scorer he is a decoy. 2. Diouf was the best player on the pitch, but he was only on for 10 minutes. 3. You can’t win three points if you don’t score a single goal! Attack needs work. We have the talent and just have to get them working together.

  8. Danny Pugh

    Unwarranted due to the time he locked me and Norris in the girls toillets. #Bully

  9. Irving08

    A lengthy break such as this previously would have been happily filled with daily news and evening discussions on our mighty club. Now we have silence. It seems that LUFC will go the way of Test cricket, when the television rights went to a subscription channel: it will become something only those with money to spare can follow. The only thing that has kept Test cricket alive for many people in Britain has been the peerless coverage offered by Test Match Special on BBC radio. In its way, Radio Yorkshire did the same thing for Leeds United among the broader population of supporters of the club, who may only be able to afford the odd match, often for family reasons. Many of these people have children, who are potential future ticket buying fans (until they have families of their own ). RY made us feel like a big club. Closing it down, in my view, was an error; it showed a lack of understanding of the character of the local and regional support base.


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