Sam ByramCrystal Palace are the latest club to start creeping around Leeds United’s young defensive star, Sam Byram, but their reported valuation of the right-back did nothing but amuse Whites boss Brian McDermott.

Two different newspapers reported on a planned Crystal Palace bid last night, The Mirror coming first with claims that Ian Holloway is preparing a £2.5m bid for Byram, followed by the Daily Mail who upped the figure to £3m.

This time last year, with Ken Bates still at the helm, such reports would have caused widespread panic amongst the Leeds United fanbase.  Indeed, Byram would probably have been packed off for his medical first thing this morning.

But under the new ownership of Leeds United, fans have a renewed sense of confidence. After years of being bullied by lesser clubs like Norwich City, Brian McDermott responded to speculation of a £3m bid from Crystal Palace by asking “which boot?” they were bidding for.

It was a response that sent a feeling of pride through Leeds United fans across the globe. No longer are we open to derisory offers from whichever club spots an opportunity to exploit our precarious financial situation and reap the rewards of a Thorp Arch academy system that has produced an impressive array of talent, including England stars Aaron Lennon and James Milner.

Every player has their price, but that price is dictated not only by the quality of the player, but by the calibre of the club you’re dealing with. Brian McDermott sent a clear and resounding message to the rest of football today – You want to secure the services of a Leeds United star, you better be willing to pay a considerable sum for their signature.

Ken Bates has left the building. Leeds United are no longer the Premier League’s cheapest feeder team.

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  1. Donal

    McDermott is proving to be our best manager in ages and we haven’t even started the season yet!!!!!! MOT!

  2. Matt

    Pretty sure it was just paper talk anyway, can’t believe Ollie is that thick, seems like the tabloids are more desperate than usual for a story this year!

    • TSS

      Wouldn’t be so sure personally, but whether it was just paper talk or not, £3m would have been accepted in seconds by Bates.

      The question served as an opportunity for the new Leeds United to flex their muscles and for Brian McDermott to send a statement to the rest of football. We effectively doubled the starting bid for Byram – no one is going to bid £3m when Leeds United have publicly mocked such an offer.

      • markman

        £8mil plus add on for england cap plus 20% resale
        cash upfront. and maybe another player that BM wants

      • Iriving08

        The mind is moving on this: I’d now say ‘no’ to any sale at this juncture. Let’s see how it goes. The better the start, the bigger the crowds and greater the likelihood of not having to sell any player we really want to keep.

      • spellz

        “no one is going to bid £3m when Leeds United have publicly mocked such an offer”

        Exactly even if they are considering his sale, for once we are in the driving seat and actually psychologically have the edge when it comes to negotiations.

  3. kelv worcester white

    Well said BM, 8 million if its available for new players, must be the minimum for a player like Sam

  4. spellz

    Which boot? you gotta love the guy, for once we don’t feel like push abouts managers would have offered 800k if Bates was still in charge knowing thier bid would have been accepted in a blink of an eye.

    M.O.T in the new era.

  5. mrbigwheels

    Even if Byram does leave Leeds under the right terms…. at a later date

    This is the New Leeds United.

  6. Writers Holiday

    Every day since 1st July gets more difficult to wait…and wait…and wait for Brighton!
    Thank God for BMcD (and the board in all fairness!)

  7. Pedro Goldisco

    i’m eating my straw hat at the moment for the thoughts i had. most exciting mid season break for ages.

  8. NottsWhite

    Well done to BMcD, two fingers to those cheeky buggers from Palace and the same to Blackpool. I am afraid Bates has gone therefore the discount store has closed for business

  9. gistheman

    Now may be other clubs will take note we are not a cheap feeder club anymore. Great response I think. Can’t wait till the season starts having been so optimistic in years
    Mot forever.

    • mrbigwheels

      Please explain your itk….. Or are you just being grumpy?.

  10. Tim Campbell

    I will take my hat off to GFH and say well done. They are smart enough to know that unless they win the confidence of the fans back over this summer period then the club is still effectively going nowhere. They know they have to get more in through the gates next season to make their plan sustainable. The right noises have been made so far and the early signs are encouraging.

  11. Marc Butterworth

    Have to say that BMD and Gfh are quickly going up and up in my estimations….

    Long may it continue….

    • mrbigwheels

      Mr Butterworth… You are a star. ” What a difference a day makes “.

      • mrbigwheels

        No Marc. I know you’re a dedicated Leeds fan, I’ve read your posts.
        This week my head has been turned with positivity and intent at Leeds to purchase a season ticket even though I can’t use it fully but like many others I want to offer as much financial support to the potential of a challenging team as possible.
        What’s turned me?. It is actually not just Bates leaving but Harvey as well combined with the communication from GFHC and the support given to McD. This is a refreshing cleaning out of the cupboard with new stock to be added, I’m sure.
        We need to support a New Look Leeds…. The Club, Manager and Squad will give it back to us. This is no longer Shylock and Mickey Mouse stuff….. A bloody Big Statement has been made.

        Why are you a star….. Because like me, you are going to buy that ST and reconnect with the Club we love and want to be part of.

      • Marc Butterworth

        Its a great feeling isnt it….. i never stopped buying the tickets but will admit that i havent felt “connected” to the club in a long time tbh. Thats why I can understand and sympathise with the stay away fans.
        I was tempted to walk away myself on several occasions but was just too weak a person to do it. I need my fix…..just like a junky really…I’m addicted to LUFC

      • spellz

        It is an addictive club to support, in England we like backing the underdog and when your lifelong team gets relegated in the fashion we did I feel it just makes us fans more thirsty for success, I am Leeds and I love it.

        M.O.T as always.

  12. Craig Sweaton

    Hallelujah! GFH might just have some backbone after all :-D
    Even if Sam goes (& we all expect that he will), at least we no longer feel like a feeder to lesser clubs!
    Thank you GFH and Mac for returning our pride!

  13. Nathan Giles

    your deluded if you think a manager has any say sadly football is about money not managers and most definitely not fans the accountants decides who goes and at what price why risk a solid £3mill when who knows what will happen the lad could break his legs next week cash talks I am afraid :-(

    • spellz

      Why risk a solid 3 mil? because he is worth more especially if Andy Carrol was purchased for 35 mil without real top flight experience.

      • Tyler75

        Dwight Gayle £6m plus – what does that make Sam worth ?

      • spellz

        Apparantly Gayle went for 8.5 mil, I believe Byram is in the same type of region of price even though to us atm he is priceless, I feel anything lower than 7 mil as an offer is an insult.

      • Monty71

        Easy lads … Gayle cost Palace £4.5m, the rest is ‘potential’ add-ons, and I’m not sure how you compare him and Byram really. If we do sell, hopefully we’ll hold out for a decent fee though.

      • spellz

        Fair enough most sources reported it to be 8.5m but whatever, I was not comparing him to Byram in ability just price, he is younger than Gayle an England up and coming and he has talent in abundance so maybe Byrams price tag should even be more but I hope we keep him anyhow.

      • Matthew

        Exactly, and if he has to go, it won’t be cheap. GFH learnt their lesson with Becchio there.

    • LincolnWhite

      GFH know that they have to build up the fanbase, and increase the number of season ticket holders – acceptance of an offer anywhere near this would be extremely counter-productive, and they must have enough business savvy to realise just how much they would lose!

    • Vinny

      Real cash might talk and the board knows hes worth 7 million plus.

    • Matthew

      Nathan, you risk a solid 3 mill when your brightest star is on a long contract, you’re in no position to sell and you’re happy to keep him and he’s happy to stay. Look up how much money you get when you’re promoted and see why GFH wouldn’t let him go for cheap.
      If you have to let him go, you may as well get a good 5-8 million, reinvest it back in the same and come back stronger and in a better position to progress through the league.
      Fuck if we sell for a high price and have him back on loan, and that money is reinvested, holy shit, we’re golden.

  14. LincolnWhite

    Am I alone in being relieved that BMD took over before the end of last season, so that he’s had acclimatisation time and can give a response based on full knowledge of Sam and the fans’ reactions? It’s probably 100% good that Ken bates is not involved!

  15. Jc

    Sam Byram is going no where, if we don’t get promoted this season maybe the lads head will be turned but another season like last year and he knows bigger clubs than palace will come along. And if so good luck to lad. As for now though he knows were his breads buttered and is the same place all us leeds fans and bmd want him to be ER!

  16. Hallelujah

    Fucking AMEN brother!

    Cant remember the last time I was so proud to be a Leeds fan.

  17. Si

    Sorry to all those that visited and tried to register at last night, the email system wasn’t working. Please check your inboxes. For anyone else interested in having a look and joining in, head over to the above address.


  18. ben10lufc

    What a legend lufc are back on the up BMD is proving to be a proper leeds lad MOT

  19. Matthew

    If we sell to Norwich, I’ll gladly say fuck you GFH. PRIDE. Please don’t degrade the club/fans pride by selling to those inbred fuckers in Norfolk.

  20. mrbigwheels

    Gwyn Williams shown the door… Woohoo.
    Totally out with the old and in with the New!.

    If this isn’t foot stomping by McD and GFHC… I don’t know what is.

    The New Leeds United…

  21. Tyler75

    You’ve got to love BMaC – he certainly knows how to raise morale ! If we do sell Sam (and we might) I’m fully confident that we will get maximum value, it will be done at a time of Brian’s choosing and most importantly, he will be given the full value of the funds to re-invest.

  22. Ron

    It’s a long summer and a long window. Very happy B Mac with cheese has laughed off this bid, but will we be happy if an £8m is accepted for Sam before the season begins? GFH are still investors and the end of the day, so let’s hold our breath for a few more weeks before celebrating the retention of Sam.

    • Matthew

      It would be acceptable to me if Brian Mcd is told prior and has a chance to bring in replacements prior, and has most of the money available to reinvest in the team, which brings me back to my first point. If we get him back on loan all the better. Window closes at the end of August anyway.


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