Ross McCormackFollowing today’s 5-0 win over Farsley AFC, Ross McCormack sought to put an end to speculation about his future by telling the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Phil Hay that he won’t be leaving Leeds United this summer.

The 26 year-old Scottish international said he’s told both his agent and Brian McDermott that he has no interest in leaving Elland Road, following reports of a £1m bid from Blackpool.

In other news, Brian McDermott spoke of a “key target” he’s been working on for some time now who he hopes to add to the squad in the near future.

McDermott gave no indications as to who the target may be, but the only player there’s been any proof of McDermott’s interest in is Peterborough United’s Tommy Rowe.

The last time Rowe’s name came up, Barry Fry (Peterborough United’s Director of Football) confirmed Leeds United’s interest but said an offer was yet to be received.

More from Brian McDermott post-Farsley below

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  1. RoystonLufc

    Every pre-season I get pangs of excitement…but this time it feels different: this time it feels justified. Does anyone else in here feel the way I do?

    But don’t get me wrong. I’m not expecting BriMac to perform miracles – I think this could be a season of consolidation with maybe a play-off place as reward. Next season automatic promotion. So while I can hardly contain myself, I still expect us to be in the second division for two more seasons. I think that if the fans return this season and boost the transfer kitty, next season will be the decider. It does actually appear that, finally, gate money will be used to boost the squad – and in Leeds case that could be a huge boost compared with lesser-supported clubs.

    Or am I just dreaming? Can someone give me a reality check please?

    • Craig Sweaton

      I feel the same mate! And it does feel oddly justified so far but it is a long summer ahead, especially with regards to Sam Byram.

      • RoystonLufc

        you know what, though? The same, irrational dizziness that I mentioned earlier also make’s me feel that Sam won’t go; I actually believe that we’ve stopped selling the family silver and that we’re actually going to use it instead to create even more. Will someone out there please drag me from my reveries? Surely there must be some miserable, whingeing git who can bring me back down to earth. Please!

      • Graeme Beck

        Not me mate. I actually agree with you. And it was great to Hear Ross McCormack saying he had no intetion of going anywhere but Elland Road! I’m telling you this season is ours!

    • Graeme Beck

      Me too matey. I mean I say it every year, this year is going to be ours. But for some reason, this year, like you say, it feels right and justified to say it!

  2. gistheman

    Well that is good news. Wonder who the target is and if any midfielders are set to be offloaded fingers crossed he doesn’t involve brown once the season starts

  3. henrymouni

    Bolton said yesterday that they had had no enquiries for Mills from anybody.

    • PAUL W

      Let’s hope that Matt Mills signs on a “season long loan” at least. I have heard that Stephen Hunt might be coming on a free transfer and Leeds are currently in serious talks to get Tommy Rowe.
      Ross Mac for Leeds captain next season !

      • Matthew

        Can’t help but think Wingers should be a priority, we’ve gone from having the 2 best Wingers in this division in Gradel and Snoddy to.. er.. well we’ve had players, none that were near in skill level to these two.
        Infact last season, Wingers would of made a difference, but of course Warnock used the power of Hoof and we were stuck with just 4 away wins all season.
        Target for this season: WIN MORE THAN 4 AWAY GAMES..

      • PAUL W

        I agree we do need to sign 2 wingers as soon as possible to create more goals and to win more games than last season. With 2 wingers and a powerful central defender signed in the next 2 weeks, Leeds should be aiming to win at least 27 games next season and must not lose more than 8 games. Tommy Rowe is a winger that would be a great signing and Jerome Thomas is available on a free transfer.

      • S20

        What about Rowe on the left and Byram on the right wing?

        Put Peltier at right back, Warnock left and get Mills (or someone of similar stature) to play alongside Lees

        I’d play Green alongside Murphy (or sat just behind), the 2 aforementioned wide men and any 2 from 4 up front…

        So my 1st XI for the Brighton game would be;

        1. Kenny

        2. Peltier

        3. Warnock

        4. Lees

        5. Mills (or similar)

        6. Murphy

        7. Rowe

        8. Green

        9. Ross Hunt

        10. Poleon Smith

        11. Byram

      • Irving08

        Aidy White and Charlie Taylor are left footed and better players anyway than Rowe (who is right footed); they together with Warnock (and if necessary Drury) will meet all out left-side needs. White will figure big in BM’s plans, in any event, as indeed he should. Pure wingers are a luxury unless they are very good and they rarely are at this level: Gradel was most effective as an auxiliary striker, while Snoddy was probably a one-off. As for your defence, Pearce is a better distributor than Lees and has fighting qualities that we need: BM will start with both of them (and he has the option of playing Peltier at centre back too.) Byram, I think, will play right back; it may depend on where McCormack plays. I know nothing sbout Mills, expect that he would come with a reputation: his only distinctive quality is height – where we were week at the back last season. So, sorry, I can’t agree with your team – the bits that I can see anyway.

      • henrymouni

        Tommy Rowe is a winger.
        Tommy Roe is a singer.

  4. JONTY

    Hello tennis fans it’s little ole me again fresh from SW19 – JONTY TIME IS HERE ONCE AGAIN !!!
    Just as an aside I see Tony Tucker slsmmed out David Price once again at the Echo just like I’m going to do to old Stevie boy & the lunatic in Wakefield if they both don’t stop their pointeless & inane moaning.

    Believe in the Jont – JONTY TIME IS HERE YO STAY !!!!!


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