Brian McDermottI wouldn’t say I’ve fallen out of love with McDermott, but the honeymoon period is over and I’m starting to notice a few little flaws.

I’d say they’re slightly irritating right now, but anyone who has been in a failed relationship knows how quickly a few minor quirks can become the fuel of outright hatred. Over time, we exaggerate the severity of these flaws and they slowly drive us mental.

Luke Murphy is one such annoyance. I don’t understand why we spent £1m on a position where we have a ludicrous amount of players if there’s no money to spend elsewhere. McDermott himself has acknowledged the need for wingers, yet he decided to splash out big money (by Leeds’ standards) on a position where we should be clearing players out before adding more of them.

I appreciate that time was an issue with the Murphy transfer and Leeds were forced into action by interest from elsewhere, but McDermott must realise that every other position on the pitch is more in need of strengthening than central midfield. There’d have been no major crisis had we failed to sign Murphy, we’d have been plenty strong enough in the centre of the park with or without his signature.

By signing Murphy we appear to have hindered our ability to strengthen in the areas of real concern. That’s bad judgement in my opinion. Our priorities seem to be confused.

This leads me to questioning the owners for sanctioning Murphy’s transfer. McDermott can probably be forgiven if he didn’t think it would effect his ability to strengthen elsewhere, but the owners should have questioned why we needed another central midfielder when we have more cover in this position than most Champions League clubs.

But maybe they did? Maybe McDermott assured the owners that he would clear other players out?

It’s not an unfair demand for the owners to make. Signing players is easy, anyone could do that. But managers have to be able to clear players out too. It doesn’t matter how bad you think these players are, or how overpaid they may be, they’re professional footballers. They didn’t fluke their way to that position, they made it because a professional football club thought they were good enough and paid them to serve.

A big part of a managers job is the trading of professional football players. It’s one of the key differences that separates him from a coach. In McDermott, Leeds United have signed someone I believe to be a very good coach and an exceptional scout, but I’m not entirely convinced he’s ruthless enough for management.

He just seems too nice.

On the list of greatest sinners McDermott may rank a few places below Adolf Hitler, but excessive niceness is a flaw.

We’re a week away from the new season and the clear-out we all knew was needed has failed spectacularly. All the while, McDermott keeps telling us that he’s waiting to see what happens – a worryingly passive statement to make in pre-season.

Sitting and waiting for the phone to ring has failed to clear anyone, it’s time to change tack.

The most worrying thing is that the players don’t seem to understand they’re not wanted. I doubt many agents are scouting new clubs for their clients while McDermott keeps playing them all in pre-season. Even Ryan Hall, the only player McDermott seemed to have shut out has been reassured that he can have a future with Leeds.

Leeds were in a similar situation last year. Fans were lambasting the quality of player Simon Grayson left behind, sympathising with the job Neil Warnock had to do in clearing them out while praising the additions he managed to make (many of whom are now considered “deadwood”).

But Neil Warnock approached the situation head on. His first move was to issue a list of players he considered surplus to requirements leaving no room for emotion and no fifteenth chance to prove themselves. Leeds United no longer required their services, other clubs were alerted to the availability of these individuals and agents knew they had to find their client a new club.

You could argue the result was somewhat mixed, but it was certainly better than what McDermott has managed to do so far. Players knew where they stood, clubs knew who was available and Warnock managed to make a lot of transfers happen.

I’m not saying Neil Warnock was a better manager because he was always a bad fit for Leeds, nor am I calling an end to the love affair with Brian McDermott.  But clearing out players was one area in which Warnock got it right and it’s difficult to not look back on that fling and wish McDermott shared a bit of Warnock’s ruthlessness.

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  1. Ron

    Very harsh. Let’s fall out of love with him AND GFH if we lose the first 6 games without a whimper. The fact of the matter is he’s trying to offload Warnock’s signings and unsurprisingly (based on their showings last year), no one wants them. I agree he should be telling more players to find a new home, but BMAC is probably somewhat reluctant to throw out the baby with bath water and end up with a thin squad until he has replacements ready to go. It’s a very, very (did I say very?) frustrating time for everyone involved with Leeds and another summer of poor headlines. BMAC has done the job before, so let’s give him a chance.

  2. bobz

    its the wages that are the problem people who get 11,000 aweek for 2year dnt wana go down to 6,000 and it doesnt bother them about first team football cos ther all mid 30s if backed mc will come good no doubt MOT

    • TSS

      If management was easy, everyone would be doing it.

      If there’s a player McDermott wants rid of, he needs to make it clear to that player there’s no future for him at Elland Road and find him a new club. Even if the club are unwillingly to meet the wages Leeds pay, they’ll still pay a decent percentage, reducing the cost to our wage bill.

      It’s better to pay Michael Brown a percentage of his contract to do nothing at all, than to pay him his full contract to do nothing at all. It still reduces the wage bill (much like loaning them out).

      • Fasteddie42

        So what do you hope to achieve with this completely pointless , deeply negative statement of the obvious. As everyone has pointed out, how’s it his fault no one wants Warnocks also ran’s.

        The fact he also appears to be a thoroughly decent man, has a laidback demeanour, talks endlessly to the fans & indeed has been known to hand out money for a round of drinks , also apparently are all reprehensible attributes. I remember clearly the . . erm . . . more ruthless approach, it was such a success they made a film about it, can’t remember Mr Clough getting a round in for the Kop or any other attempt to bond with the fans or indeed the players.

        If it’s a shambles halfway through the season fair enough stick the knife in.
        In the meantime whilst he’s putting his team together perhaps you could turn your attention to the Red Bull rumours & whinge endlessly about how terrible it’ll be, to have a sponsor inject much need millions into the club.
        Do we need all this tedious, immature, black cloud , doom & gloom shit before the seasons even started . . . I personally think not.

      • TSS

        Was it Warnock’s fault no one wanted Grayson’s “also rans?” No, but he managed to sell them BECAUSE THAT WAS HIS JOB!

        I know you all want to pretend everything is someone elses fault because the love-in with McDermott is still ongoing, but McDermott is paid to managing the squad. Forgive me for expecting him to do something which quite obviously falls within his job description.

      • Chareose

        Theres also no point jumping the gun and assuming the worst. Shirt sponsorship has been mentioned and stadium renaming, thats fine for me if the cash gets us promoted !

  3. David Wilson

    With the CM situation, although we have plenty of numbers there we don’t really have enough quality in a vital area so I’ve no problem with that. As far as moving players on, it’s true that Warnock was far more ruthless, but it was also pretty obvious that team spirit wasn’t great because he had players he liked & disliked. Perhaps McDermott is worried that he maybe left with players he has openly said he doesn’t want. I reckon the main problem is they are on higher wages than they’re worth.

  4. Ludlow Leeds

    Let’s start moaning when the football’s shit and we’re hovering above relegation, not before. There’s a lot of positives to this summer and a different atmosphere around the whole club. Undoing Warnock’s and Bates’ legacy won’t happen overnight.

    We can’t afford to just pay everyone off. I don’t believe the situation’s as simple as you make out.

    And leave Murphy out of it. It’s the most positive statement signing we’ve made in years; though granted we do need to follow it up with others.

    • TSS

      I agree. On the whole, it’s been a great summer.

      I don’t think it’s easy to clear players out either, but I think it’s what the manager is paid for and he should be held to account when he fails to do it.

      No one suggested we pay players off. You’ve jumped to that conclusion. I’m saying we make clear they have no future at the club. No player wants to sit on the bench, they’ll be desperate to find a new club once McDermott starts cutting them loose.

      We have 10-11 central midfielders. However good Murphy is, we didn’t need reinforcement in that position.

      • Ludlow Leeds

        But paying players off may be the only option. Unless players get a move on a similar contract they’ll happily warm the bench; particularly the aged journeymen that Warnock signed.

        And Murphy is not reinforcement, he’s the cutting edge.

      • TSS

        Then you play percentages. Would you rather pay Michael Brown £10k p/w to do nothing, or £5k p/w to do nothing? I’d save myself the £260k personally and agree to pay a percentage of his wages for the remainder of contract.

        I actually think Brown would have retired had McDermott made clear he wasn’t needed at end of last season.

      • Ludlow Leeds

        You think Brown would’ve retired after the fanfare surrounding him winning a year’s extension. Dream on.

        Despite your rather patronising view of McD’s man-management attributes I would suggest he’s working furiously to move players on, Brown included. And f they manage to do so your option becomes a net cost of £260,000.

      • Lufc1979ish

        You’re saying we don’t need reinforcement in midfield because we have 10-11 midfielders already?? But 8-9 of them are garbage that we can’t give away. What does that tell you?

  5. MattK

    How many of these ‘deadwood’ players have contracts extending beyond next year?

    I imagine we’ll just have to grin and bear it for the time being and get shot of a whole bunch of them next Summer- Pugh, Brown, Norris being the top 3 I can think of. Shifting a couple off on loan now would also be handy- can’t we twist Sheff Utd’s arm to take Brown back for at least 6 months, even if we still pay half his wages? Every little penny might help…

    Might be the case that we have to accept an ‘unfinished’ squad for this season and do as best we can. Really hope Poleon and (being optimistic) White have good seasons for us as we’ll need their pace and attacking movement.

    Also, assuming Killock isn’t going to be playing much for now, get him into a L2 team for a bit on loan like Tom Lees did, harden him up a bit more. Having said that, if we don’t get another CB in we’re looking awfully light at the back, especially if Peltier is going to be doing some filling in for Byram at RB. Pearce does not fill me with confidence even as a 3rd choice CB.

  6. Champ

    Reactionary and harsh. You’re talking about him like this is his first season managing a team, fresh from the fields scouting kids. It’s not a case of him not wanting to get rid of our deadwood he CAN’T, there is absolutely no interest because they are all awful. If there isn’t money for him to offer some maneuvering there isn’t too much you can do. I would rather have a manger that actually understands how to play than someone who can ship off some old swamp donkey in the blink of an eye. We looking long term here or what…?

    At least give him a few games to get his teeth into the league – no wonder LU buckle at a loss if they look around these forums it would make me want to take up badminton quick-sharp.

    • TSS

      If all the players are awful, giving McDermott a few games to sink his teeth into the league isn’t going to achieve much, is it?

      No such thing as an “awful” professional footballer. They don’t make it to this level without talent.

      And again, I’m not doubting McDermott’s coaching ability, I’m just worried he isn’t ruthless enough to make clear to these players they aren’t needed. He seems to be trying to keep everyone happy, so none of them are even looking for a new club. Sitting by the phone hoping someone will come in for them won’t work.

      • Champ

        I didn’t mean them all, I mean by in large the ones we had listed when he came in. I think we both know you can get an awful professional footballer, that’s being pedantic, okay not awful compared to us but to some of the boys we do have or in the league, definitely. I do agree with you we are in a pickle – I’m just not 100% its because he isn’t being ruthless enough, if you’ve got a nice big fat deal lasting a little-while, I wouldn’t be in a rush to expend my energies looking for a new club, even if McD does think I’m shite. I’m making the trip up next Saturday, if we smash them, I’ll streak over to McD and personally congratulate him on a fine strategy.

  7. Colin

    I think it was a different scenario with Warnock. Bates had promised him money to build a new team, so Warnock could afford to be aggressive and transfer list a number of players because he could replace them. This time it’s different, McDermott knows that if a player is sold, there is no guarantee that he’s going to be able to get a replacement in.

    In addition, I’d like to think that Leeds are offering players to other clubs, but doing it quietly. The Warnock/Bates model was to shout about our transfer listed players from the rooftops and broadcast it on our official website.

    I think there’s another reason that we’re finding it hard to move players on – Age. If you think about who Warnock transfer listed and shifted, they were all under 30 (apart from Andy O’Brien). Older players are harder to shift. If you think about the players that we would most probably like to move on (Brown, Norris, Tonge, Pugh) they are all 30+

  8. DavetheRave

    Er, that is a bit harsh comparing him to Warnock – he signed them all! And surely Warnock’s approach is what lost the dressing room towards the end, made Becchio want to leave.

    Let’s also be honest, we can all name the players we would get rid of – so who would want them?

    • DavetheRave

      PS – You do have a point about our major signing being in an area we have an abundance of players. Maybe GFH have not come up with the cash that they promised.

    • sniffershorts

      big mistake selling Becchio, what with hooper now with whores witch, he has to be way down the pecking order. silly boy small fish in a big pond… maybe we ought to have him back on a loan deal…. at least he put the ball in the net… bet he sick as a bad tin of corned beef ….. early days let get kicked off and moan later and back the two year plan.

  9. Lufc1979ish

    Having lots of midfielders is no assurance of quality. BM is trying to bring some quality youth into the squad and that costs money. If he’s struggling to move players on it shows you how poor those signings were by NW this time last year.

    We need to be patient, BM is very much going about it the right way for me but he isn’t currently been backed by the board.

    I think we are lucky to have him and we should get off his back. Spending £1m on a player isn’t a huge amount on a quality player these days.

    Why shouldn’t he play a few in pre season friendlies anyway, surely that’s the time to assess who might be able to do a job if the funds don’t materialise. I think the scratching shed are creating a problem here that doesn’t exist.

    • TSS

      The board are charged with keeping our finances in order, they can’t keep throwing money at transfers while the wage bill keeps climbing upwards – a wage bill that already contributes hugely to our loss-making accounts.

      McDermott’s job is to balance the squad. The board are right to ask he clears players out before sanctioning further moves, it’s the kind of financial leadership I’d expect from the board of any football club.

      • Lufc1979ish

        Clearly he is struggling to clear out those players probably due to the fact they are old dinosaurs that nobody wants. He would be foolish to say they they are surplus to requirements until somebody shows an interest in them. He still has to field a team next year even if its not the team he had planned out in his head at the beginning if the summer.

  10. Captain_Peacock

    I seem to recall that last season, as well as a commanding centre back and wingers, we were all crying out for a ball playing midfielder. Now that we appear to have signed one in Luke Murphy, you seem to have forgotten that requirement? Yes, agreed, we have far too many midfielders but they are mostly of the same type – hard working grafters. Some obviously need to be moved on but I will argue that Murphy was an urgent and essential requirement. Only time will tell how good he is at Championship level of course. As for McDermott being too nice, Warnock was the opposite extreme and caused a lot of of disharmony among the players and coaching staff by all accounts. Perhaps the perceived niceness of which you speak is nothing more than an essential healing process in the early months of a new regime? The club was broken from top to bottom and still needs fixing. I have no doubt that McDermott will demonstrate a ruthless streak when the time comes. With respect to moving players on, the honest truth is that nobody else wants them and the deadwood is not staying because McDermott is too nice, but rather they won’t get the same level of wages elsewhere – another legacy of the Warnock era! McDermott has had only 5 competitive matches in charge let’s not forget (with a 60% win rate for what it’s worth) and it is far too early to start questioning his ability and judgement. Warnock was given until January before serious questions were asked by most fans and I think it only fair that McDermott be given at least as long, if not longer, as he is here for the longer term unlike the the quick fix which failed so spectacularly last time.

    • TSS

      The midfielders we have can play football, NW just chose to hoof it over their heads. Priority for me last season is same as this season – wingers. I never for one second thought we needed a new CM. No one did until we signed him.

      • Charles

        There were certain games last season where Warwick appeared to give them license to pass the ball, Leicester at home and Huddersfield away spring to mind, and when they did they were excellent. Shame it was just 3% of the games we played! BM will get us into the play offs with the current squad. I’m certain.

    • Rusty B

      I disagree. I don’t think they can play football. They can run around a lot but can they get the passing right? from what I saw of the passing last season the answer was clearly no.
      We also needed a midfielder that is a gap between the older hasbeens and the younger ones to come through and shine (Mowatt, Dawsoon, etc.)

      The midfielders we had were mostly just bodies. For what it is worth the only two worth having are Rudy and Brownie (yep, I really said that – its because he is positive and actually a really lovely bloke). The rest can all go. Even though I do like Tongey and I might be tempted to keep him. He has a great strike and a half decent pass and he also seems a very nice chap (I’m sure they all are really, they are just normal people).

      As for BigMac… what is wrong with you? Give the man a farking chance. He’s barely started and I for one still feel optimistic. YES… it will be mid table again this year, but it’ll be a good and fun mid-table and not a “bored sat with my head in my hands” mid-table.

      I support the BigMac wholly. About time some of these blog sites stopped being a bunch of negative polemic writing c&^ts and tried to drum up happy thoughts. Positive outlook does wonders for psychology of a team.

  11. Esteban

    Disagree massively! Luke Murphy is a player with potential, both in talent and future £value (all clubs are selling clubs, that’s modern football!), so we were right to move for him.

    All Warnock did was create friction and aggravate players who would potentially remain at the club. BM has said from the start he wants a positive atmosphere, a stark and welcome change from Warnock, so his approach should be expected. Plus clubs and agents know who is available, whether there is an official list or not.

    I am happy the club is being run professionally. GFH have shown they are willing to invest, but a squad of 25+ in the Championship is too big, so their slow and steady approach should be welcomed. We won’t be near promotion again this year, but hopefully BM can put some foundations in place so that next year we can have a proper go.

  12. Steob

    What a poxy artical fucking doom and gloom merchant McDermott is damned if he does and damned if he don’t. can Leeds fans just for once get behind the team and lets c what happens

  13. henrymouni

    Without Brian I have no hope for this season.

    GFH have let him down badly, and it seems to me Brian thought he would bring his targets in during July, and would offload as soon as he could after that.

    As things stand he is stuck with NW’s squad, and is hoping he can get more out of them than Warnock did.

    I think he is a strong, trustworthy manager, who has the confidence of the players, in the Revie style.

    There is no doubt he is desperate for a big strong, speedy centre back.

    His other targets will be slipping away as they have every year, since Bates got his claws into us.

    Hope of investment is diminishing, but should this change, it will lift us all.

    When we spent ‘big money’ on Murphy we thought it was the beginning, not the end.

    The ‘big money’ will be paid in instalments, and brings home the fact that we are skint!

    The players that leave quickly will be the likes of Ady & Dioufy & Greeny & Ross, I suppose.

    I am still looking forward to the new season, even though the friendlies showed we can still be outplayed and over run by ‘lesser’ teams.

  14. Tyler75

    Can’t agree – a very poor and unwarranted article – as has already been said, we have desperately needed a young, ball-playing midfielder for years – we’ve now got one, what’s the problem ? Brian Mac was probably ‘too nice’ when he was at Reading, didn’t stop him strolling to the title and automatic promotion after a poor start to the season.

  15. Craig

    Premature on this one and disagree. The season hasnt even started yet stop moaning get behind the Manager and the Team and fill Elland Road again. Let Uncle Festor do his job dont write him and the team off just yet!!!!

  16. WTF?

    This article is pure BS. We sign the best players we can when they are available. Cover in the midfield, what about QUALITY in the midfield. Murphy will become a great player for us.

    We need to give McD three transfer windows before we judge him.

  17. Wobbly Dave

    How exactly do you propose he “clears players out”? What’s he meant to do? Lump Pugh into his Datsun Cherry and hawk him round South Yorkshire?

  18. JP

    I always like your articles, but you’ve turned into one of the doom and gloom supports and the season has not even started. Let just hope this is a blip and I look forward to ready more positive articles in the future

    • Paul64

      It may be doom and gloom but at least Bates has severed all ties with the club now )

  19. mersey whites

    You obviously have never played the game, if you think that we don’t need more quality in midfield… Its the most important position on the pitch , and generally more games are won or lost , by whoever takes control of this area on the pitch…

    • TSS

      Course I played the game, I’m English. I played CM/RM. The players we had in that position, especially Green, improved a lot when McDermott arrived. Trouble they had with Warnock is that he hoofed the ball over them all with his route one nonsense.

  20. Lufc191

    Like a lot of others, I have to disagree with the authors point of view in this arcticle. Who is going to buy all this “deadwood”? They were fading players when NW bought them. Secondly, we may have cover in midfield, but are they of enough quality to gain us promotion to the premiership. Luke Murphy may get us back there.

    • TSS

      The fact is, people considered the players Warnock offloaded to be “deadwood” last season and gave the same thoughts – who’s going to buy them? NW managed to clear plenty out, McD hasn’t.

      Football clubs have the same problem every season. Certain players just don’t fit, every club has to clear individuals out to bring new ones in, McD isn’t managing to do it here and it’s worrying because we need to create some room in wage bill.

      • Someone

        Maybe because nobody f@king wants them! Hasn’t he said that he hasn’t had any enquiries or firm offers for any of them? And some of them may not even want to go to a particular club if an offer has been made. They don’t have to go if they are under contract, they can just stay and see out the rest of their contract. That’s the reality and what some selfish players are like.

        If I supported another Championship club, I wouldn’t want any of our deadwood/cast offs either. I was actually going to follow TSS on Twitter, but this is just an unbelievably ridiculous article. It’s like it has been written by someone else. Either that or you were drunk. Ridiculous.

  21. Tim

    Absolute tripe! For goodness sake give both GFH and McD a chance. Get behind them both and let’s see whatever happens in six months or so. Yes, it’s not perfect but it’s very early days.

  22. Leeedzz

    TTS – are you in the know and have access to what Mcdermott has been doing behind closed doors?

    I don’t know if its right to judge when no one really has any idea what the situation is regarding GFH’s ability to invest or potential partnerships in the fray.

    This is one of the problems with our great club – the lack of transparency from the ownership to the fans and the constant nit-picking and derogatory comments from the fans.

  23. Mick

    The same could have been said when we signed Bowyer? If the kid doesn’t play fair enough. The fact we have plenty of midfielders doesn’t alter the fact most are rubbish. Surely everyone who saw LUFC last year were begging for a young midfield with some flare and class. Brian probably realises its not just about this year season, but the next and one after…..

  24. Yorkshrman

    Here we go again ……

    We haven’t played a game in anger, and already some people are writing McDermott off. Let’s just wait and see where we are after, say, 12 games ….. or are you suggesting we bite the bullet and gt rid of him now??!

    Dreadful …….

  25. aaron

    fucking hell, some of the comments here are just idiotic. “its the boards fault, its warnocks fault, its the players fault” anyone else you care to blame? as tss points out, mcdermott is the manager. hes fucking paid to manage the squad, that includes selling players. if he cant do it, then we have problems. you all want to hide your heads in the sand and pretend we dont, knock yourselves out.

    fans of this club are fucking stupid. theres no balance at all. youre either pretending everything is fucking wonderful and ignoring that we do have some problems, or claiming everything is a disaster and ignoring good points. anyone who tries to find balance in amongst all that is attacked from all sides. this article isnt negative, he praises mcdermott if you read it properly, but he also breaks the illusion that mcdermott is without flaws and thats why youve all thrown a tantrum

    • trigger

      We are all Fucking Stupid as you point out. How about having a rethink McD has only been here 5 minutes, he got rid of a few early on. To his Credit he has only brought in 3 thus far. For the most part everyones just saying give it a chance. Who in their right mind would let Luciano go for a couple of quid and a pile of shit in trade………oh yeah Mot give McD a chance.

      • Chareose

        Your both right…….now stop arguing and get down the pub and have a john smiths

  26. dave67

    I would have helped and saved money if he had told those he wants rid of that they were not required to board the plane to Slovenia…I.e. bog off!!! Its called management…

    • DCY

      Management is also getting the best out of what you have….just a thought. If McD left the seniors behind, took the kids and we lost every game heavily, the nay-sayers would be condemning him for destroying the morale of our youth players

  27. Lord@Lufc

    B McD has had all of 5 games in charge and you’re already having a dig mmmmm that’s patience for you. How about judging at the end of the season mate.
    Besides optimism makes you happy :-) pessimism only makes you sad :-( so live life with a smile on your face and enjoy ER.

  28. DCY

    Always a big fan of your blog and insights but I have to say you have gotten this wrong here in my humbled opinion. McD does not have a squad to play our pre-season games, let alone be competitive so he is stuck with what we have and has to use it. To his credit, he is employing the diamond formation to utilize in full the players we have and if we excluded the full list of players deemed as deadwood then we most likely would have lost every game this pre-season which is no good for confidence or morale. At least the likes of Pugh, Norris etc have been in the shop window but I honestly believe had the funds been there and McD got his targets, they wouldn’t have played at all.

  29. Cheesewire

    It is too simplistic accusing McDermott of blowing his entire transfer budget on one player as this budget was (and still is) dependant on future events. In truth it has never been quantified. Would you rather he spent the £1m on 3 players who are just as sh*t (or worse) than what we have now irrespective of what position they play? This is the mistake our last 2 managers made. Several weeks have lapsed since the Murphy purchase so he can’t be blamed for what has happened since then on the investment side.

    He knows which players he wants to bring in and to his credit is sticking to this. The problem is GFH’s plans are just not coming off at the moment but I for one actually feel quite optimistic at the moment. Yes we will not go up this season and I’ve taken Haigh’s claim about promotion next season with the pinch of salt it deserves but it’s time to stop moaning and get behind the team including whoever has the impossible job of managing it.

  30. 60years supporting

    Why don’t you wait and see, complain if the decisions being made now fail.

  31. LUFC-Srbski

    Sometimes I wonder why I read TSS. Good blog, but sometimes I feel you are only stoking the fires of the Leeds Faithful to get more comments on your blog. And I would say it’s working.

    I honestly cannot believe people are on his back already. Clearly, the budget that ‘was’ is ‘not’ there and sadly you must ask yourself does anyone else in the Championship want to buy our dross. The answer might be no. Maybe McD has tried to move players on unsuccessfully. Who knows.

    I personally believe with the style of football his is focusing on and getting average players to play better under him – he might surprise us.

    I know we need wingers and without them we are at best looking at mid-table finish, though I hope we can get promoted somehow. If it all goes to pot we could have problems staying in the league.

  32. Stein

    I’ve lost all respect for TSS it was my go to site for comments from real leeds fans but this artical is a fucking joke to get on the back of a new maneger after five games in charge. five games that if warnock had of being in charge of we would be kicking of in league one this season .

    • mick

      totally agree stein, we r in the early stages of finding our feet again having lost them years ago.we aint got money and unless that changes we need to build a side that has young aswell as experienced players that will take us bak to prem in 2/3 years time, BM has seen someone he thinks has ability and we paid the fee, enough said, give BM 2 years then start your moaning,im sure true leeds know this, its the fucking glory hunters that dont pay to watch who sit there slagging everyone off,so instead of all who moan /gripe and dont understand, POINT YOUR LEGS IN THE DIRECTION OF ER,YOUR BODY WILL FOLLOW< GET DOWN THERE,BACK BM, AND BACK WHOEVER IS ON THAT PITCH!!!!

  33. spellz

    TSS I generally love your articles and have always enjoyed waiting for your next, I have never read one this soul destroying and ultimately unnecessarily pessimistic towards a manager who is starting a new season in the championship (where he is already been successful) having not even played his first competitive match yet.

    I do admit he needs a clear out and positions in other areas need filling but there is still time from what I remember the transfer window does not close on the 3rd of August.

    Also on the list of greatest sinners a few places below Hitler fcuk me are you sure McD didnt turn up to your residents and threaten to put your family in the gas chamber I mean have you swallowed the pill of negativity before you wrote this or what?

    Finally I would just like to say that all managers appear to have flaws at times I mean look at the top level Arsene Venger is always scrutinised for the way he spends manages and clears out, he is still maintaining his position for one of the longest serving Premier League managers since it began so the proof will be in the pudding of how McD actually does and if he was too nice to manage as you claimed how did he do so well with Reading?

    I read through the article cringed and wondered how many else read this and did the same and then the rest of the comments confirmed it, this has been a bad article TSS.

  34. LincolnshireWhite

    What an awful article, and with ludicrous timing. The quality of argument and reasoning could easily have come from the ‘I hate Leeds’ half-baked Adrian Durham on TalkSport. As such, there is little point in going through the many things wrong with the article – the author clearly has difficulty in reaching sensible conclusions!

  35. Chareose

    I understand your thoughts about the Luke Murphy transfer, I too wondered about that……..I also find it peculier if it turns out to be true that BMC no 1 remaining target is a CB when its quite evident that we are crying out for wide players………..Like you I think perhaps Murphy was a target that came up out of the blue and BMC couldnt say no or perhaps he was told hed be able to strengthen again later.

    However with reference to the BMC being too nice comments, I disagree… you dont get a promotion to the premiership on a basic budget unless you have some talent. I also think we are being too judgemental and hyper critical when we havent even started the season. This team is capable of getting to the playoffs but only IF we all pull together, attend games and support the team players and manager rather than back biting

  36. mrbigwheels

    I think you are totally of your trolley and suffering from too much sun at this point.
    Am not at all sure of the agenda here bearing in mind none of us know the true facts or upto date circumstances other than McD and GFHC.

  37. Matthew

    You make a good point TSS, but picking out the point about players not being wanted. Have you noticed only a small percent of players we have recruited in the past few years, have actually been sold? Literally 95 percent of our players who are deadwood seem to leave on frees because no one wants them.
    Seems like year after year we get a long list of players released, because no one wants them. Or should I say no one wants to pay for them. Doesn’t that pretty much say that our managers have been picking out shit for years?

    • Chareose

      Some people are rightly saying that bmc needs a few seasons before hes judged but i have to say the worry for me is that if we dont get promotion this season we will lose Byram and possibly others, every failure to gain promotion has its negative consequences…. whether it be fans not going, lost generations or our best players leaving. The bottom line is we need a cash injection to make the jump, it wont happen with a natural build up over a few seasons for the reasons i mentioned above……………

      • Matthew

        Oh I support McD, I was just pointing out some of his points which were quite valid about some aspects of the club.
        And I agree with your other points, I mentioned that on the other topic on here prior to this one. The manager needs to be backed, and needs the players to get promotion.
        We need stability too. Though I’m sure some numpties will be calling for his head if our season turns to shit.

  38. Fitz13

    This is probably just an attempt to get traffic to your blog (because to be fair TSS is only some average blog by some guy with a keyboard and not remotely a source of reliable leeds news) but if its not and this is actually a serious article then its quite staggering at the down right stupidity of it. Its Brian McDermotts fault for bringing in a top quality midfielder?? An area where we have plenty of quantity but no quality apart from Austin and now Murphy. Players will leave and other will come in. Then slowly but surely we will build a squad that will get us back to the Premier League the right way. But then of course even when that happens people like TSS will still find something to bitch and complain about and then to top it all off TSS will preach to us about Marching On TOGETHER!

    • Matthew

      You do realise TSS has some Leeds players, and staff following him on twitter right? I think that puts his blog apart from an average LUFC blog out there lol

    • Chareose

      thats an odd comment from a regular poster on here……..i often disgree with TSS but on the whole he posts interesting opinions and is open to others opinions. On this occaision hes keyed in what were probably idle thoughts and maybe got it a bit wrong……….nvm fans need to get off the band wagon

  39. selby white

    NW bought a lot of sh ite, offered extended contracts to players that didn’t deserve to wear th shirt. BM is left trying to get rid of NW’s mates i.e kenny, brown, tonge. He brought players in for money then didn’t use them i.e hall, tonge, hall, durry, Pearce. We’ve got a brilliant manager at the minute & need t make sure he stays . You can’t forget the bad times of NW,sold top scorer for an idiot. Slated lees, worst football ever witnessed at elland road & if was still here would of sold Ross & Sam without hesitation. Your article seems out of touch with genuine fans.

  40. henrymouni

    Bit of good news TSS?

    “Former chairman’s departure announced…

    Leeds United today confirmed that Ken Bates has ceased to be club President.

    Leeds United MD David Haigh said: “Ken Bates has ceased to be President of Leeds United Football Club. Mr Bates will now no longer have any role within the football club.”

    • Matthew

      I wonder if this has anything to do with the Red Bull shit? Probably not but very coincidental.

    • spellz

      Thank god for that and impeccable timing also as the Bates conspiracists can now just get behind us instead of living in the past with the arrival of Brighton next week it is great news, let the new era commence.

    • Chareose

      The way all that has played out really suggests it was a demand of bates that he be kept on in some form prior to agreeing the deal…. just shows you what a cretin he is. In reality the delays in taking us over were probably down to Bates egotistic clauses that GFH just couldnt accept….

      • spellz

        That certainly fits his profile to do things for the sake of his ego just glad to hear we will see the back of him once and for all.
        *deep breath and exhale* that’s better.

      • Chareose

        yah… I think Bates was being petty and now has got bored of his play thing (now hes no longer in the headlines) and walked off. GFH obviously realise what a positive PR statement that is……… fair play. NO EXCUSES to stay away fans now

      • spellz

        Exactly, NO headlines = NO ego grooming = NO reason to be here = NO way but the exit, good riddens.

      • Matthew

        I agree. As long as Susannah Bates isn’t named as President, it’s all good. That would be the ultimate troll…

      • Chareose

        Ken failed in his mission to destroy leeds united………..

      • Matthew

        Actually he left us with debt and a weaker team than what we had when we were promoted from league 1.

        If GFH came along a few years ago, maybe we’d still have Gradel, Snoddy, Beckford, Johnson, Howson, Becchio, Delph? Clayton. Add those to our current squad and we’d be sure things for promotion.

    • mrbigwheels

      He’s about to buy some other poor sods football club… but we are winners.

      • Leeedz

        Lets hope he buy Sheffield Wednesday. Sure he could finish them off

      • Matthew

        I would like to see Bates buy Huddersfield instead, Or Donny. Though that being said Donny will be relegated this season anyway so he doesn’t need to work his magic. Huddersfield it is then.

  41. PAUL W

    Luke Murphy is the creative, box-to-box midfielder that the Leeds team needs, but if there had been a choice, I would rather have had a new quality central defender instead. Most Leeds fans are now starting to realize that we may have to start the new season with an incomplete team, due to GFH’s negative transfer policy. You can’t blame Brian McDermott for the current transfer policy, but you can blame him for not telling certain players that they are not in the clubs plans for next season. As usual nothing is ever straight forward at Leeds and the shine has been taken off the start of the new season, due to the half built Leeds team, which occasionally looks no better than last seasons team.
    If at least a new central defender was signed next week and Aidy White and Dom Poleon were both given wide positions in the midfield, then perhaps Leeds could just about manage to have a reasonable start to the new season.

  42. Joe

    Ok, so maybe in theory it would’ve be better for us to sign a £1mil winger than a midfielder, but I’m willing to give Brian the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Firstly, it’s not his fault the clearout has failed, it’s Warnock’s for buying mediocre players and then putting them on 10k+ a week, which is a big wage in the championship. Tonge, Norris, Brown’s extended contract; all Warnock’s fault. If we can’t shift them, it’s frankly 90% to do with the fact that they’re not good players and so nobody wants them. It’s all very well to say Warnock managed to shift players he didn’t like, but as far as I remember the only one we got a good deal on was Clayton, who we shouldn’t have been selling to begin with.

    My guess is that most of the ‘deadwood’ will still be here in a couple of weeks, and the club will then get desperate and start loaning them out at cut price rates.

    In terms of Murphy, I’m personally really glad we signed him. We should be aiming to buy players who’ll still be playing for us in 5, 6 years time or will fetch a good profit if we have to sell them. I agree we need a winger and a centre back, but maybe there just aren’t any good ones around who want to come to Leeds? I’d rather buy a few quality players in positions where we’re already doing ok, than more signings like Pugh that linger around at the club collecting first team wages in the reserves.

  43. Dr Zen

    He seems to be doing a great job in difficult circumstances and I’m delighted we bought Luke Murphy because talented young players are the way forward, as evidenced by how bad the older guys Warnock tried have turned out to be. As I understand it, he’s been trying to buy a winger. We just don’t know enough about behind the scenes to criticise him for that. Give him a chance. I’d rather have McD than most if not all of the alternatives.

    • Matthew

      How many talented young players have we lost during the Ken Bates reign? Too many(I could list quite a few but an exact number, no idea..). I agree with you.

      Lets be honest here, if we can’t get any new players in, this team will have to show a lot of fight and guile. No stupid mistakes, no sendings off, hard work in every definition of the word. Backs against the wall time.

  44. Jonny

    This self-serving tripe is why I have stopped following ‘The Scratching Shed’ on Twitter. It undermines McD, whether intentionally or not, and adds to the negativity. The true test for this club now is to hold onto Sam Byram (and selling him is something TSS has ridiculously advocated recently) and getting enough money from the likes of a Red Bull to let BMac get on with building a team to get into the PL and stay there.
    Bates has gone and TSS can follow him if it continues with what is in essence anti-LUFC propoganda for the sake of its own ego.

    • henrymouni

      I think TSS is just teasing to wind us up a bit Jonny.
      It is either that or woman trouble?

      What will be will be.
      It’s a fresh start for us all, and Ken’s departure, can only help!

      Onward & upward!

  45. bus stop boxer

    I wouldn’t say Warnock was better when he replaced the dead wood with half a newly relegated team.

  46. South Stand Casual

    To judge BM on one signing?? Swallows and summer spring to mind!!

    Clearing out players, and the ball clearing our midfield straight to the strikers, thats what i would credit NW for., at least we are passing the ball on the deck, and the position we were in under Warnock, I salute BM for keeping us up.

    Go and have a few beers, njoy the sun, and maybe your outlook will be a bit brighter

  47. solubletablet

    I know the author of this article was a big fan of Simon Grayson’s. I was too. But like a long lost lover, it’s time to move on now. Brian may not tick all your boxes yet mate but let’s give him time. I predict another rocky season but let’s try to stay calm and be patient. The club seems to be re-emerging from the doldrums now and if my instincts are correct, Brian will do a good job for us in the long run.

  48. Moggie

    The author of this has obvious sunstroke. Yes we have a long list of midfield players but how many of them would you actually play Pugh, Brown, Tonge all well past the sell by date and not one of them a ball player which is what we have badly missed for a number of years to feed the front men. McD is seeking to add youth to the squad and if that means not sitting in the stand thinking I am at a tennis game watching our defence hoof the ball as far as they can then all the better. If all these so called midfielders had a reputation of being a good player they would have clubs all over us to get them how many have been in for them ???????? Get out the sun in the shade and get behind the club too many of you muppets who want to pull the team down before we have even kicked a ball. No doubt you will be waffling next that the shirts are all wrong we should not be involved with the companies who are rumoured to be looking at investing as they promote alcohol. Get your head out of the 70s and realise that the world and the game has changed.

  49. Hotdog

    Simon Grayson wasted a lot of Leeds united money and in reality the team that got us league one promotion should have romped home but didn’t because Grayson never got the defence sorted. Grayson and Warnock wasted a huge amount of money, don’t blame BMcD for that!

  50. Bluesman

    For God’ sake give BM a chance. He is doing one of the most difficult jobs in the country. Working with a team that he inherited! Working in conditions of serious financial constraint and uncertainty. We need him more than he needs us! We need better players in midfield. This is work in progress and he has only just started. Get behind the manager.

  51. Lee Stephenson

    This is an article designed to provoke comments…..I hope….it is a very pointless and negative view considering we’ve played zero games.
    Why chastise the signing of Murphy? Signing a young, creative, hungry Englishman who can make a difference in the centre should be applauded. Indeed, I remember it was applauded on this very site.
    Why get on BMcD’s back for no further signings? It’s GFH who put the money in so let’s pressure them for answers.
    Why get on BMcD’s back for lack of sales? The deadwood players were exactly that when we signed them (hence WHY Bates signed them – CHEAP) – no resale value and very little ability. Norris, Brown, Pugh, Warnock, Hall (could include Tonge who has faded). Absolute tripe. Who else would take them for free, never mind a fee?
    Someone suggested on here (Irving?) that we play Byram and White as wing backs…that idea makes sense but we need another centre half to do that. And we are desperately short up front. So the situation remains that same…we need more players, and we need quality players to get promoted. I just hope we play actual football this season; rebuild this year, push on next year should be the mantra.
    Warnock and Bates. Warnock and Bates. Warnock and Bates. They have set us back.
    Get behind BMcD.
    No article on the departing Uncle Kenneth yet….hope you can get back to form TSS.

  52. Matthew

    A positive from losing a lot in pre season friendlies, is simply that there is no complacency. And that it helps highlights areas of weakness, but again complacency. This team will want to rebound against Brighton next weekend.

  53. champ

    Wow TSS, got your arse served to you on a plate there, seems the masses disagree!

    • TSS

      Not unexpected. Any minor fault you pick during the honeymoon period invariably leads to such a reaction. There’s no fun in pleasing people all of the time.

      • henrymouni

        Now you know how ‘poor’ old Ken Bates feels!!

      • TSS

        No, the difference with me and Ken is, I knew exactly what the reaction would be. Ken would have expected a positive reaction and ignored anyone who dissented from it.

        In fact, Ken wouldn’t allow comments in the first place… Maybe he was on to something… ;-)

      • henrymouni

        He lives in a dream our Ken.

        Remember the fuss he made about Peter Ridsdale’s fish tank!

        He forget to mention his Jet plane!!

        I wonder what he has cost the club in the last 8.5 years in ‘expenses’, plus court cases?

        If he won a case did he keep the money?
        If he lost did he charge the club?

        As soon as I heard that Ken claimed he had been sacked, I felt a new court case coming on.
        GFH have been very lax in their dealings with Ken!!
        We did warn them!!!!

        Bye Ken!!

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