Noel HuntQuite possibly the worst kept secret since Paddy Kenny arrived last summer, the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Phil Hay has confirmed that Noel Hunt’s not-in-the-least-bit-surprising transfer to Leeds United is now a done deal, subject to the usual formalities (medical, paperwork etc.) and official confirmation.

30 year-old Hunt knows McDermott well from his time at Reading where he made 162 appearances over 5 years, scoring 39 goals.

The Irish striker/winger started his career in Ireland before he moved to the Scottish Premier League spending six years at Dunfermline Athletic and Dundee United.

Arriving at Reading for a fee of £600,000 in the summer of 2008, Hunt has made over 130 appearances at Championship level and was a key part of Brian McDermott’s Championship winning side in 2012.

Following their promotion success, Hunt retained a semi-regular position in Reading’s Premier League side making 30 appearances last season and contributing six goals.

Hunt becomes Brian McDermott’s third signing of the summer following the arrival of Matt Smith from Oldham Athletic and Luke Murphy from Crewe Alexandra.

Update: The deal has now been confirmed by Leeds United.

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  1. S20

    Not quite as exciting as yesterday but he’ll be decent nonetheless!

    We now need to go and get Rowe from Posh, Mills from Bolton & Waraba from Citeh!

    I’ll be happy then! :-)

    • Royal

      Hunty is a good striker at this level, will serve you very well. Wouldn’t bother with Mills though…

      • the fly

        Brian mc dermott u deserve credit, get rid of the players you need to now, add three more quality players to what you have signed and BINGO! were on our way, things are finally going the right way,Promised land here we come.

    • David Aust

      Mills? Don’t go there – he has ‘issues’ and will spend a good 6-10 games a season suspended…. Hunt however is exactly what you want and will become a hero even at 30!

    • Platinum

      I would agree with that if we got those 3 i would be happy but over the moon if we also signed forestieri

  2. Robs

    Hardworking – 100% giving player – Wins practically every header which given his height is remarkable. Sad to see him go…….

  3. markman

    Anyone one know if there has been an increase in the uptake of season tickets?

    • dean

      Hope so but I think the moaners will just find something else to moan about and use as another excuse.

      • TSS

        Unfortunately, I think you’re right. There’s been one excuse after the next – first Bates, then ticket prices, then lack of spending. The first two changed nothing so I don’t see why the last one would. I have plenty of friends who used to attend regularly who make such excuses.

        People got out of the habit of coming to Elland Road, that’s the problem. A lot of the support Bates lost us, he may have lost for life. A bit of success will get the fair-weather crowd back though, so there’s some hope for better attendances at least.

      • markman

        I dont think season ticket holders would mind if there was some sort of promotion for “get the kids” in for the early rounds of the

        capital cup.

      • Chareose

        What a load of narrow minded rubbish….. So the only kind of loyalty is Blind Loyalty ?? You dont perhaps think that Ken Bates mismanaging our club, lieing to us and charging us premiership prices when hes invested everything into the ground rather than the team had something to do with an aweful lot of stay away fans ???

      • TSS

        No, I agree that was a fair point. But that isn’t the case any more and the number of season ticket holders hasn’t increased, so clearly that wasn’t the reason people stayed away.

        It’s frustrating because it proves Kens point, that Leeds United was more profitable under his pricing structure, after we’ve spent years arguing that cheaper tickets would be offset by bigger crowds, season ticket sales remain the same (slightly less at last count in fact)

      • Chareose

        I think we agree its time for every real fan to show their support of BMC and his team especially now Ken has gone……and the fans need to go to the games any which way they can, by car, bus, plane or pogo stick…… the fact that GFH seem to be spending every penny they can find on the team building will start to develop trust

      • Lufc1979ish

        I don’t buy into this argument of if fans stop coming they are gone for life. In my experience the people who you talk to are passionate about the club but don’t feel the pricing of tickets reflects the quality out on the pitch. If the Leeds fans get even a sniff of a successful year next year and they are playing good football (ie not hoofball) then elland road will be packed out. If we get promoted expect a full house every week. We have been craving some success for ten years, you won’t be able to get a ticket for the big games.

      • Lufc1979ish

        I think it’s unfair to call them fair weather fans too. Money is tight for a lot of people and I’m with them when I justify the value I’m getting for my money. To go watch leeds is a full days wages for me and a lot of other fans yet me and ithers are massive fans of the club. Plus it wasn’t the club you were supporting up until now it was ken bates retirement fund.

      • TSS

        I hope you’re right, but it does seem as if there’s one excuse after the next.

        Plus your argument doesn’t sit right with the “through it all together” ups and downs part of our self-proclaimed traits.

      • Irving08

        I am sorry, but it’s not that simple TSS.

        Many people with children can afford only one game in a blue moon. They will choose to push that boat out for an FA cup tie versus Spurs, for instance, rather than wait for, say, Barnsley (especially not Barnsley !).

        On the other hand, there obviously are people who could afford to do both, but choose not to (and not because it’s Barnsley either).

      • TSS

        I agree. I understand that completely. But it’s not those fans I’m talking about here, it’s the 10,000 additional fans who turn up routinely when we’re doing well. Not as a one-off treat.

      • Irving08

        I think that should be framed as a hypothesis TSS.

        What was sometimes true under O’Leary (and only under him) may not be true today.

        I hope it is; but I am not as sure as you seem to be. Times are different: the salad days are over. New allegiances have been formed. Leeds Rhinos are flourishing. The under 25’s up here are hardly working. There is a huge amount of debt still owing.
        I don’t need to go on.
        I’m looking for a 30,000 or so average when we are promoted and consolidated in the top half of the Premiership. In these star struck times one player though could make a big difference attendance-wise alone.
        So I could be wrong (it’s been known – ha !).

      • gistheman

        So when things aren’t good u stay away, but if they stay towards the top of the table and look like promotion is possible u will come and watch? How is that supporting your??? Might have different ideas of supporting the team for me it’s like a marriage for better or worse no matter the fans that go to er will have it rocking without the ones with whatever their excuses will be.
        Mot always

      • henrymouni

        There has not been a ‘feel good factor for a long time – until now.
        Bates is totally responsible for this.
        He had no respect for his customers, and treated us like dirt!
        He thought he could do anything he liked and we would put up with.
        He is a depressing man, who did not care for our club.
        I feel the wind of change, with his departure, and GFH may have realised that Bates was completely wrong.
        We have an excellent manager of integrity and ability, who will draw the faithful back, if GFH give him their full support.
        They have made a good start!

  4. henrymouni

    Hunt is a good acquisition, but not really a goalscorer.
    Will always give 100% and a menace to defenders.

  5. Dean

    So the Forward Line up is Hunt, Smith, Poleon, McCormack and Diouf. Having signed Hunt and Smith it is clear that they will play a part. Mac has stated that Poleon has a role to play next season so that leaves McCormack and Diouf to fight it out for the exit door with one expected to leave. Really hope its Diouf rather than Ross. He was brilliant at times last season but not what we need going forward. Though might be hard to place elsewhere.

    • Matt K

      I would have thought that McCormack and Hunt starting up front is more likely, with Smith and Poleon as options on the bench or rotating. Diouf has typically played more of a midfield role as far as i know- especially given our lack of real quality on the flanks. If we have a pacy winger on one flank Diouf’s lack of pace is less of a drawback on the other (or as a roaming AM type player) as he can offer more in terms of creativity and technique.

      Really can’t see McCormack leaving, that would be a huge own goal for everyone involved, he’s a quality, hard-working player who’s said he’s happy and wanting to kick on next season with Leeds.

    • PAUL W

      Ross McCormack is a leader and a player who can score goals out of nothing.
      It would be another huge kick in the teeth to every Leeds supporter and a huge step backwards if he was sold, when much poorer players such as Brown, Pugh, Norris, Varney and Pearce are still being paid by Leeds. McCormack created many goals last season for other Leeds players and could easily play in a free role or out on the left wing, just like he did last season. Poleon also has the pace to play on the wing as well as up front and Hunt will give the forward line some vital experience.


    Does he have any eyes? Just looks like 2 tiny black dots where balls should be.

  7. chopper

    You talk about people moaning about prices well I have watched leeds for fourty years .the truth is mine and many peoples wages have been on decline for years I now take my lad prob ten home matches last year .that will have cost me about four hundred and they were shit

  8. chopper

    I am as excited as rest of you and am now looking forward to new season but the price of tickets does affect how many games can go to .bring back the eighties thats when football at itsbest

  9. Al

    Us Reading fans love Hunt. Great in the air, will have stitches every 5 games, truly passionate player on the pitch. Off the pitch he is one of the most approachable players.
    Expect good banter with him on twitter, as well as honesty and heart when it doesn’t go to plan. You’re going to love him, deserves a good move and I hope he does well for you.

  10. JONTY

    Calm down Stevie boy – I know this will make you unhappy but please keep the faith – Varney will have a big part to play next season & I fancy him for 20 goals – different player over the last 10 games & with BMC’s shiny head to cling to then Varney will shine with renewed confidence.
    Stevie – just remember that unlike me you have no sporting credentials so your opinions are worthless & generally negative as the bretheren on 606 will testify.

    Now get behind the team man & start supporting – stop the negative sermons because they really are tediously boring else I will instruct my pals on admin to ban you.
    Be warned man & change your odious ways.

    First serve foot fault overhead smash & JONTY wins yet again……………Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!

  11. maccon

    its him off Benidorm,hope he looses weight,and leaves his mum at home,is he what we need??

  12. NottsWhite

    If he is good enough for BMcD then he is good enough for me. Welcome to Leeds United Noel Hunt

  13. mrbigwheels

    Well I’m still celebrating yesterday!
    Everything is slightly hazy!

    Is this three in and twelve out plus five more To Go?.

    • henrymouni

      So he can move closer to the training ground, and away from all pubs!

      • Sir Don Revie

        No pubs where he lives mate think he’s on his way

  14. Marc Butterworth

    It winds me up when these muppets who are willing to throw their cash at the club regardless of how they are treated, slag of supporters who have walked away and refused to support Bate’s raping of our club. I still go, but totally understand supporters who have made the decision that enough is enough….

    Last season, I constantly had to ask myself why I paid a fortune to sit at a game I wasnt enjoying, while being bent over and A$$ raped by a crooked thief who was hell bent on destroying our club.

    One moron below even compares supporting the team to being married and throws out the the “for better or worse” line….

    Ok, so you will stick by your wife while she slept with all your mates, took all your money, gave you nothing back and treated you like sh1t?

    That doesnt make you loyal…….it just makes you a mug….

    • Matthew

      People go to games to support the club, the team, the players. Not Ken Bates. The club will outlive Bates, it will outlive GFH and anyone who buys us in the future, it will survive because fans are willing to support it.

      99.9 percent of people going to games, did so as said not to support Bates but to support the club they love.

      You don’t have much of a right to slate fans who have kept this club going. You have pretty much insulted 20,000+ fans with that comment alone.

      • Chareose

        Hes not insulted 20,000 fans hes insulted those fans who feel they need to harp on about stay away fans not being loyal……… I also seem to remember you getting involved in heated discussions on these forums about Boycotting Leeds United in order to get rid of Ken Bates…..

      • Matthew

        Read the first 3 lines. He’s calling people who go to games muppets for supporting the club. He should look in the mirror.

      • Matthew

        And by the way, I said in the past I understood the position of the fans who wanted to boycott to get rid of Bates. Bates has gone now, give these new owners a chance.

      • Marc Butterworth

        You’ll find my comments were aimed at the ones who slag off the stay away fans. If you actually read the post, you would know that I said in it that I still go to games. I would in effect be calling myself a muppet, you muppet.

        My gripe is with the fans who think that going regardless of the way they are treated, gives them some god given right to pass judgement on the fans who have taken what is often a very painful decision, not to go watch the team they may have been watching for 20+ years.

        Everyone has the right to choose. Some choose to stay the course, regardless of how they are treated (that was my choice). Some choose to protest with their feet and their wallets…..that doesnt make them any less a supporter.

      • Matthew

        In that case I’m sorry for my comment aimed at you, no offense meant by that.
        You’re right though in a way.

      • TSS

        Well, I’m one of the people criticising stay away fans, but it isn’t because they stayed away while Bates was here, I spent years defending them for that (even though like yourself, I was attending). I’m criticising those who keep moving the goalposts with their demands, yet still don’t buy tickets when those demands are met.

      • Matthew

        If anything to came across to me that some people were just making excuses not to attend games, but were happy to slate the club and whoever owns us any chance they get because they didn’t live up to expectations.

        That irked me a few days ago. If people want clear and concise change, support the club, get behind the team, if they can’t do for GFH, then do it for Leeds United.

        Even you would agree TSS that people didn’t attend games, buy shirts etc with the express purpose of supporting Bates and his insanity, they did it because they love LUFC.

      • spellz

        As far as I am concerned if you have lost the Leeds United spirit you can stay away forever, you probably won’t make no difference to the decibel level anyway.

      • Marc Butterworth

        Oh, and I’m fully behind the new owners but ONE decent signing isnt going to bring back 15,000 fans who have had 10 years of suffering.

      • mrbigwheels

        What’s going to get them back then?.
        Any opinion?

        Survival before success is my watchword.
        This is a numbers game and we will need 25,000 bums on seats per game to propel the income to a survival level in the ownership. GFHC are obviously showing direction in many ways that should eventually achieve this. Imo.

        A change in attitude is needed on the pitch and in the stands
        If we don’t… We’re all buggered.

      • Chareose

        If we dont start heading towards 30k at home games this season ill be pretty pished off if im honest…..
        We need to back BMC, the team, our kids to the hilt. Some people people perhaps have lost the Leeds bug so they need reminding….

      • Marc Butterworth

        “what will get them back?”

        The million dollar question….

        a MAINTAINED effort by the new owners would go a long way mrbigwheels. Follow up the recent signing with another decent one and that will send out more of the right signals at least?

      • mrbigwheels

        I boycotted from oct-dec, felt terrible about it, only attended two games after that, was uncertain with the Bates staying on fiasco, feel bad about that now even. I realise we are going nowhere unless we give the new owners the benefit of our support. It will be a long haul to renew our faith in ownership after Bates but if at least 5000 of us can become season ticket holders again… this will underpin the forward direction the fan base needs to take. The past is gone, the future is the only thought we should have. There will be a couple of great signings to come into the Club by end of July, I’m certain and four or five ‘oldies’ leave.

        Look at it this way, Bates gone, Harvey gone and short term Warnock gone. The best manager any Club could wish for in attitude and approach. Season ticket prices down and three good signings in two days of this window. Hell, we are way long on improvement in this Club than at any time in the last few years….. All this in as many months as years in fact.

        The fan has got to ask himself…. Do I want to be part of Leeds United Football Club…. or don’t I…. imo.

      • Irving08

        Fans can be part of it without out buying a season ticket. I haven’t bought one since 2002-3, for example, yet in the last five seasons, when freer than formerly, have attended about 80% of home matches, including most in the last two seasons. They can just attend a certain percentage of the matches, as already happens (this is clearly visible from the back of the Kop where I go). As the revolution gains momentum, so their numbers will increase. But I still think the prices for most working parents are too high.

      • TSS

        Are fans not moving the goalposts every five minutes though Marc?

        The amount of fans who claimed they’d come back once Bates had left, or once ticket prices were lowered, or once we’d “shown some ambition” (hate that phrase) was not inconsiderable. Many hundreds, probably thousands of fans made this comment, yet none of them seem to be returning.

        Instead, there’s a new reason for them to stay away and however valid it may be, they lost the high-ground when they made promises and failed to live up to them. Put yourself in the position of our owners, why on earth would you listen to fans again when everything they’ve demanded of you so far based on promises of their return has failed to produce an increase in ticket sales?

        I’d be strongly considering the Ken Bates approach myself, it was more profitable. Moreover, I’d be sick of all these threats from fans. They’ll turn up when successful, why bother to listen to all these threats and try to satisfy them in the mean time? Doesn’t appear to make much difference to attendances after all.

      • henrymouni

        Last season was a disaster, and probably the worst season for many a year.
        The close season saw GFH distancing themselves from the fans, and giving no encouragement at all.
        They kept Bates on, knowing full well the fans could not stand the man.
        They broke their promise to the manger, about signing, in Ken bates style.
        They appoint a soon-to-be Chairman who tries to get a relative into the youth team, who has already been rejected by NR.
        Nothing there to encourage anybody to return, where another dreadful season could have been looming.
        Then all of a sudden, in the last few days, everything changes.
        A new feeling emerges, when we purchase, for money, a player, with hope of others to come.
        We have a great manager in place.
        There are rumours of investment, which changes everything.
        No reason to stay away now!!

      • Irving08

        For goodness sake Henri, doesn’t letting someone whom you loathe stop you going to a place you love, seem a tad self- regarding to you ?

        And it’s not like South African bananas either. Countries don’t fold (only systems do). But that’s a different argument.

      • henrymouni

        It is the performances on the pitch, created by the one you loathe, that keeps fans away.

        This is the main reason fans stay away.

        The next reason is money and the economic climate.

        Bananas we can leave for another day.

      • Irving08

        I like visiting graveyards though Henri. That our new logo ?

      • henrymouni

        Thought you might Irv.

        That is me relaxing on a banana!

      • Irving08

        I am in a lot of agreement with what you say TSS – but season ticket prices for working parents (my son has three children who all want to go, as well as him – who started in in 1973) are just too high. Even the odd match is a big ask from the family budget.

      • Irving08

        Prices for even moderately well-off working parents are still too high. My extended tribe (three children) only gets to go to more than the very odd match (and they’ve seen a lot of those !) when I dip the hand in.

        I’m not sure if it could be adminstered at LUFC, but classical concert subscription tickets (all carrying reductions)f or Leeds Town Hall can be bought in blocks of gold (20), silver (10-19) and bronze (9), and junior (g,s and b) with patrons in the silver and bronze categories choosing which particular concerts they wish to attend.

        By mid-September, when holidays are over, and if we get off to a flyer, I think we will be close to your cut off level MBW. Could be an expensive season for yours truly !

      • Irving08

        I should have said unless I dip in – which is almost always !

  15. Chareose

    By the way if Leeds fans hadnt stayed away Bates would still be the Chairman………think about that before you start harping on about loyalty

      • Matthew

        Bates ran out of money to waste on pointless shit so he’s pretty much right there, but as a result he dug us into a hole.

      • henrymouni

        Looking back I think the moment I was thoroughly sick of Bates was when he said the team was not his first priority.
        He wanted to build facilities, even if there were few fans to use them!
        I thought he was a complete, mindless idiot who did not have the first idea about business, or his customers.
        I was right about that, at least, Matthew!

      • Matthew

        Don’t put yourself down,. you’re right on quite a few occasions. Either way Ken Bates was playing Sim City with our club but didn’t cater to the needs of the residents. It’s all well and good building random shit but when your towns people ask for essentials and you ignore, they start to leave.

    • TSS

      No one is suggesting otherwise, we all should have done that years ago. But if that’s the reason people were staying away, why aren’t they back? If it was ticket prices, why aren’t they back? If it was no spending on players, why aren’t they back?

      There are no reasons to stay-away any more, yet season ticket sales (hadn’t sold as many as last season at last count) suggest people still are.

      • henrymouni

        I think it was only in the last couple of days that fans can see any daylight.
        The coming weeks should see an upturn in ticket sales.
        The club are doing their bit, so it is now up to the stay-away fans to respond.

      • Marc Butterworth

        I think you’re over simplifying it TSS. There are many different types of supporters for every team, ranging from the hardened fanatical supporters who would still turn up even if the club chopped off one of their fingers every home to the fair weather ones who will only buy tickets when we are third in the premier league or above. Between those extremes there are many different types. I fear that these are the ones that Bates has driven away. Add to these their children who might have attended as well.

        The issue is that Bates has been raping our club for a LONG LONG time and its going to take a lot more than one signing to persuade these fans that things have changed. What are you expecting? Do you really think they will suddenly say “oh well, I know we’ve treated like shit for 10 years and been robbed and made fools of, but never mind, we’ve now signed a player so all is forgiven”.

        Not going to happen, but if the current owners continue down the path that they appear to be going down, these fans will come back slowly but surely. This doesnt mean they are ONLY coming back because we are doing well. It simply means that bridges a being built.

      • Dean

        think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Bates gave people a reason, some genuinely left with a real gripe but others just tagged along. The genuine ones are returning but I just wish the process was faster. The latter will never return, I think it just boils down to they care that little bit less than they used to and that makes perfect sense.

        I don’t think people should undergo anything for the sake of Leeds at all but the point is that we have an opportunity here. GFH are saying the right things, doing the same – can you imagine the chain reaction if 5000 fans got season tickets. Surely it would inspire them to do more, it would affect budgets, the players we could sign, the sponsors etc. 10 years of pain and pessimism is enough for me, I prefer now to move forward with a renewed optimism and the worst that could happen…….(Yes, I know the worst, but the best could happen too)

      • Marc Butterworth

        The fans WILL return. It just wont happen overnight.

      • John Summers

        The simple answer, is the stay-always vowed to only go back when Bates had gone. The truth is Bates hasn’t gone. He’s now starting a 3 year stint as president, and will frequently be seen sat it the directors box on match days. Couple that with the fact that nothing much has changed financially, we’re still selling the best players (Becchio. Byram, McCormac next) and replacing with 30-something free’s. And quite frankly, what I’ve heard about this new chairman Noorudin so far, makes Bates sound like Farther Christmas!
        There’s no doubting in my mind that there’s been some kind a previous Allience with GFH and Bates, it reeks to the core. GFH may well have been the other secret half of Bates deceptive Forward Spots Fund.
        And as they say on dragon’s den, for those reasons, I’M OUT!!

      • TSS

        No offence, but this conspiracy theory makes absolutely no sense and I’m bored of addressing it. (why would Bates spend millions in legal fees to stage a takeover? If GFH already part-owned a club, due diligence isn’t necessary)

        As for Bates’ presidency, it’s an absolutely meaningless title that holds no power whatsoever and he forced that condition into the deal to annoy the likes of you. Poor excuse to stay away. You’re letting the clown win.

        Warnock sold Becchio as part of a part-ex deal for someone he wanted BEFORE Becchio became part of it, and moreover, Becchio wanted to leave. Are you suggesting we hold players hostage? Nothing a club can do in that situation. Byram and McCormack haven’t been sold, so that’s a non-starter. But even if they do go, that’s football. Players leave. Whether McDermott is provided funds to replace is what matters, nothing else.

        The facts are quite simple. Bates is gone, he has no power. Leeds are spending money. Ticket prices have been reduced. Everything else is baseless accusations, conspiracy theories and scaremongering.

        It’s quite clear that there’s nothing our owners can do to win some fans over, they’ve already tried everything asked of them but there’ll always be new suspicions, new conspiracy theories and new excuses. But I guarantee we’ll still get 40,000 every time we play a Prem team in the cup and dramatically increased attendances when we’re doing well, just like we did when Bates was here.

      • John Summers

        I admire your rosé tinted spectacles, but in the history of total buyouts, where current owner is the most reviled figure ever, why agree to allow Bates to retain chairmanship till end of season? They should have paraded his decapitated head held aloft in Elland Road, THAT would have filled the ground!
        I’m sorry, but ie seen no evidence yet of improvement, it really worry’s me where they’ve actually found 1m from to buy the crew lad, they’ve probably taken a loan out on dodgy terms, it won’t be their own cash I assure you! So to all those that think this is a new dawn, good luck, but I’m keeping my Buntin in the bottom drawer.

      • TSS

        Case in point – you’re attacking GFH for spending money, when only a few days ago, people were attacking them for not spending money. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

      • John Summers

        I’m just choosing to be very cautious, it’s the way of most Leeds fans nowadays. There’s been too many false dawns. I’ll judge the 1m investment on 1st of September when I know what colour shirt Sam Byram is pulling on. You we’re a definite No man during the GFH takeover, You didn’t have much positive to say then, I wonder what’s finally turned the worm?

      • TSS

        I was never against the takeover, my stance was the same for 8 years – anyone but Bates.

      • henrymouni

        You don’t know they were cahoots with Bates.
        if GFH come through and support the manager, they are NOTHING like bates.
        Let’s wait and see.
        It’s been a good start to the week!

      • henrymouni

        Just read this fromYEP:-

        Speaking to the YEP, Haigh said: “Leeds United is an historic club with huge potential and I’m honoured to take up the position of managing director.

        “Together with Salah, the senior management team, Brian McDermott and my colleagues at Leeds United and GFH Capital, I will work to get Leeds United back to a position where it can compete both on and off the pitch at the top end of the Championship and beyond.

        “A lot of the work is already underway. We have a fantastic manager in Brian McDermott on board and we’ll be investing in the squad this summer.

        “That coupled with an attention on driving attendances and interacting more effectively with our supporters is a focus that will ensure the long-term stability of Leeds United.”

      • John Summers

        It’s about time some positive words like that came along, been very quiet of late. Actions speak louder than words, lets see if the retain Sam Byram this summer, that’s squad investment, not liquidation, like previous years. Here’s hoping!!

      • mrbigwheels

        YEP confirm that Bates is no longer a Director of LUFC.
        Companies House states this… as of last Monday.

        If you are proclaiming ” I’m Out”….
        Then you’re going to Miss Out….

      • Monty71

        I mostly agree TSS, although despite the recent reduction in prices we are still very expensive compared to our peers (my mates season ticket renewal on the Kop at Hillsborough was £340 for instance). Also our match day prices are / were horrendous, which is not helping in terms of getting people (perhaps future season ticket holders) back to games …

  16. Matthew

    Anyway, I wonder what’s taking the announcement on the official website so long?

    • TSS

      Hay said it could be tomorrow (it almost certainly will be now), they have to go through the usual formalities first – paperwork, filing with league, medicals etc…

      • Matthew

        Sounds good, and by the looks of things, the club will be quite busy during this window, trying to get rid of deadwood and bringing new faces in. I don’t think Hunt will be the last name we see coming in.

  17. Northumberland LUFC

    Is it a matter of faith, belief, and hope that is lost or maintained by those who choose to stay away or continue to attend ER no matter what? All I can comment on is since BMcD arrived before the end of last season there was significant change in how the team performed, and the style of football, yes football returned to ER!

    I can’t remember being as positive about a new season since we started on – 15 points, I had a good feeling we were going to overturn that defecit no problem. So far so good from BMcDs time, I hope we have turned a corner, Its going to be fantastic to watch a Leeds team play football for change.

    I’m not flush with cash but I’m going to make every effort to get to more games at ER this season because I have more faith, belief, and hope in the teams ability to succeed under BMcD.

    Northumberland LUFC

  18. je

    right might be clutching at straws here massively but David Haigh promised exciting news that the club was working on to be announced in the next few days, he has just proceeded to follow 4 different Red Bull accounts, including Red Bull UK and Red Bull Saudi Arabia. Red Bull have been involved in investing in two football clubs before, a potential partnership or the delusions of an overthinking fan! Shows what a bit of money will do to the brain!

  19. chopper

    Went prices were dropped did attendances not increase .yes ! I went to both .good football lower prices bigger crowds simple

  20. mrbigwheels

    Day three since GFHC opened their account, set their stall out in my view. Bates no longer breathing down their necks on a daily basis. Harvey very kindly moved aside and three players into the side in as many days of the window opening. Season ticket prices reduced and McD supported with Leeds first £1m signing since 2005 and several more to come, I’m confident……. By a month today, (date), the base of support should be established at Elland Road. Those that remain sceptical of where Leeds are going, Yes I’m talking about those fans that have stopped going… should ask themselves why they can’t come back to ER and swell the ground whenever they could.

    The football is going to be so different the McD way…

    • Irving08

      Why not, indeed MBW ! But let’s get the holidays and the Ashes out of the way first.

      • mrbigwheels

        Ha ha…. I intend to multi task and embrace some football as well.
        Get a tablet Irving if you haven’t one already and be live wherever the action is. For singles like me there is even ‘dating’ on most sites including TSS!…… Cricket, footy, dating while you’re on the move, even book your holiday….Leeds, Leeds, Leeds forever….

      • Irving08

        I am already on the tablets MBW. Can’t take too any more excitement.

  21. henrymouni

    Just been listening to Brian M’ on LUTV.

    He says he is trying to bring 2 more players in and is close to an agreement!

    He also said he dropped out of a deal because the selling club were asking far too much.

    Wonder who that could be?


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