Elland RoadThe new Leeds United chairman Salah Nooruddin gave an encouraging interview to LUTV today in an attempt to outline the new owners vision for the club.

Following the mass cull of Ken Bates employees and failed ventures, Nooruddin was keen to outline his plans for the new Leeds United.

On the day that the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust attended an Elland Road meeting with David Haigh, a key theme of Nooruddin’s interview was better club and fan relations. The new Leeds United chairman described fans as “de facto owners of the club” and said owners and fans must work together to build a successful future.

There was strong support for Brian McDermott’s work too, along with promises of more investment in Leeds United’s highly successful Thorp Arch academy.

Compared to the Ken Bates’ interviews we’ve all become accustomed to, the professionalism of Nooruddin’s interview makes for pretty boring viewing. But that’s no bad thing. A high degree of professionalism is the least we should expect from the head of a multi-million pound business and globally recognised brand.

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  1. LeedsHipPriest

    Not as entertaining as What Ken Said, but a damned sight more encouraging.

    • Chapel A

      From opinionated bombast to bland and instantly forgettable -seems we only do extremes!

      • henrymouni

        Forgetting personalities, the big difference for me is that Ken B had little or no interest in the team, the manager or the fans.
        Bates had no interest in any opinion but his own.
        The new regime seem to be the complete opposite!!

  2. Fozziewhite

    It took 10 years to get to where we are today with KB and his nefarious, sometimes nasty actions so I am happy that the new owners are engaging with fans and showing the right attitude to start making progress again. As he says though it will be a slower process than some of us would wish for but for now we should give them every opportunity to take us back to where we belong….

  3. henrymouni

    Good sound interview and after Bates it was a breath of fresh air.
    Nice to hear Thom, with maybe his last interview, covering Leeds Utd?
    I will be amazed if LUTV could have a better, more popular commentator than Thom K.

  4. Ron

    The guy is just an Arab-speaking salesman. Make no bones about it. He has no football experience and all he wants is to find new money. I don’t want to be negative as I want to give BMAC my full support, but this guy can only help us if he finds oil money looking for a football home.

    • JDC

      There’s a question in there somewhere Ron … does he come across better than what we’ve been accustomed to for the past 10 years?

      • Ron

        Just because he ia not a mongrel like Bates does not make him ideal for such an important role at our great club. We are so used to garbage that now we’re willing to accept anything better. This ia not a personal attack and like everyone I am happy Bates is gone. However, I’ve been lucky enough throughout my career in finance to meet a lot of senior management of many businesses and this guy did not impress me. Regardless, I wish him well and I hope he finds real backers for our beloved club.

      • henrymouni

        I would think the new Chairman, as a Middle Eastern banker, should know everyone who has money to invest.
        The problem with Ken ‘he could have been Pope’ Bates, is that everyone with money KNEW HIM!!

    • mrbigwheels

      Well I don’t think he’ll be hiring private jets, running his bahraini home office at a cost of £5000/mth, slagging off the fan base, broadcasting obscenities across LUTV, acting like a Chelsea bastard and ripping off the Club for his own personal gain and greed…

      If this guys ONLY JOB is to bring investment into the Club then what more could be asked?.

  5. JDC

    Most encouraging and very realistic … guess we all need to learn that they need time following the last decade. However, for the steps they have taken so far, they should be congratulated.

  6. adzldz

    so we havent got any more money-so what! at least there isnt a huge shadow hanging over the whole club like in the past few years.just get behind the team,we will do alright this season MOT

    • spellz

      Also maybe, just maybe we can start to hold some of our assets such as Byram and start to develop our youngsters and actually keep them and nurture them in to top flight quality players get ourselves in the premier League and see the value of the club soar.

  7. spellz

    I must say I have a lot of respect for the mans words, he is not trying to sell us a false belief, he is putting it straight that this will be challenging and we need to be realistic with our expectations but damn I feel the air of positivity too.
    I like the fact that when asked about the academy he says it is a focal point and that is something that has been at the heart of this club for donkeys years now and they will be investing in it further which is great to hear.

    There is something honest and even pure about the message from the new chairman and I for one am positive until proven otherwise but the new era needs time and I hope this is our season (secretly I think it will be) if it is not then I don’t think at this point anything needs to be changed but our mentality of change.

    M.O.T As Always.

  8. LUFC1992

    Mostly sounds good but not sure it’ll be a good idea to get rid of Sam Byram, 6 mins 10 seconds, “Unfortunately, Sam will need to leave”.

      • LUFC1992

        Let’s hope that “some” is not Sam, McCormack etc etc. and is Pugh & Brown. We definitely do not need a Bates Era Part 2!

  9. Jimmy

    The ”some that have to leave” will be the players that command a fee and come the end of the transfer window we’ll have spent a lot less than we’ve got in. Again.

  10. Notlaw

    Why as a bunch of dedicated fans do some of you have to be so negative.
    Can we afford the millions to invest in our club?
    Do we have the skills to run this multi million pound business?
    Even in at old Working Mens Club the team manager was given a chance, before we cut his nuts off.
    Get behind Mr Teeth and give the new company team a chance.


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