Ross McCormackA story on the Blackpool Gazette website claims Blackpool have made a £1,000,000 bid for Ross McCormack.

The popular Leeds United striker has shown no interest in leaving the club since his arrival from Cardiff City in 2010, this despite the continued sale of key players and several spells played out-of-position or left on the bench.

The 26 year-old Scottish international has been a big hit with Leeds fans. His Twitter account is a far cry from that of most professional footballers, used not to tweet about an obsession with Nando’s or who he’s just played on FIFA, but often to communicate directly with fans about matters of concern, such as this tweet from the 25th of June where he addresses the hysteria caused by a lack of transfer activity. Alongside that, Ross has also used Twitter to apologise for poor performances, promising to improve.

This is one of the reasons McCormack has such an affinity with the fans. He doesn’t shy away from the big issues or criticisms of the team and really seems to understand the concerns of the Leeds United fanbase. Clearly, he has great respect for the club and its fans and has shown nothing but commitment to the cause.

That’s what makes any transfer rumour concerning Ross McCormack so difficult to believe, but the Blackpool Gazette seem to think the speculation is noteworthy and the local press (much like the Yorkshire Evening Post here in Leeds) are usually quite reliable in these matters;

Three or four players are expected at Bloomfield Road in the next 24 hours for talks with the manager.

Pool are reported to have bid for Leeds midfielder Ross McCormack, a deal worth as much as £1m.

What does make the report somewhat more questionable however, is that the Blackpool Gazette aren’t making this claim themselves, instead passing it off as reports from elsewhere.

The only other mention of Blackpool’s interest in Ross McCormack comes from the Daily Mail (the same paper who has spent years trying to convince us that the UK will sink under the weight of Eastern European immigrants).

Ince Snr has yet to make inroads into a wish list containing the likes of Leeds striker Ross McCormack, after finding it increasingly difficult matching the players he wants to the strict wage policy many saw as a handicap when Blackpool were promoted to the Barclays Premier League under Ian Holloway.

Gut feeling is that other teams probably are interested in Ross McCormack, but I find it difficult to believe an offer from Blackpool would tempt him.

McCormack seems to be happy enough at Elland Road and I strongly expect him to be a key-player under McDermott who has promised to deliver a more attractive style of football than his predecessor, one which should suit McCormack’s style more than the direct, long-ball approach Neil Warnock favoured.


Staying true to form, McCormack was quick to address concerns about his future. While Blackpool may indeed be interested, it doesn’t sound like they’ll have much success luring Ross away from Elland Road.