tommy roweLeeds United target, Tommy Rowe, has retained his captaincy of Peterborough United for the 2013/14 season.

Rowe, who refused a contract extension and has told Peterborough he wishes to leave was transfer listed by the club and has already spoken with Brian McDermott regarding a move to Elland Road.

The 24 year-old winger is said to favour a move to Leeds, but Peterborough United haven’t ruled out keeping him until his contract expires next year if an acceptable bid isn’t made.

Darren Ferguson’s side returned to training on Monday ahead of their pre-season campaign which begins with a trip to Shelbourne next week. While Tommy Rowe’s future still hangs in the balance, Ferguson made clear that the winger will retain his captaincy and remain part of his plans while ever he’s with the club.

“I don’t want Tommy to leave, but I agree with the club’s policy of placing players in the last year of their contract on the transfer list.

“That doesn’t mean Tommy will be gone before the season starts and if he is here on the first day of the season he will lead the team out.

“Tommy is a great lad and a top professional and there will never be an issue with his commitment and attitude.”

Elsewhere, Leeds are said to be interested in Crewe midfielder Luke Murphy, while Steve Morison has been linked with a return to Millwall.

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  1. bd

    By the end of next month we will see if they have signed Rowe etc. My guess GFH are penny less if you have money you dont need investors,but i might be wrong.

  2. gistheman

    I just hope that bm has been given the green light and he and everyone are keeping it quiet till the players are signed so other team don’t come in and spoil it.
    In regards to gfh they are an investment bank and bring other investors in is what they do. You don’t other clubs spouting what money the have given their manager it’s just the media spec that say they have this and they don’t have this.
    I just wish people would wait till at least a week in to the transfer market then we should know weather or not bm got what he wanted, he said there are players waiting to sign as they want to come.

    • henrymouni

      I really hope your optimism is proved to be correct.
      I used to be like you, and when TSS said Bates was a blood-sucking bum, I used to say “He saved our club”!!! AAaagh
      I am wiser now.
      Bm said before the recent meeting that he HOPED GFH had the money to allow him to complete his purchases.
      How can they work together and not have this sorted out?
      Simple – Batesisms!!
      “We will TRY to get the money in for you to buy players – make up your target list etc etc etc”
      “You will have to sell in order to buy, we have the largest squad in the Universe”.
      “We hope to get investors in BUT it may not be before this window closes”. Ah!
      January window = “It is not a good time to buy players in January. Their clubs want to hang on the the better players until the end of the season”.
      Round and round she goes – where she stops NOBODY knows.
      I do not feel good about 1st july.
      I pray I am wrong!

      • TSS

        “when TSS said Bates was a blood-sucking bum, I used to say “He saved our club”!!! AAaagh”

        Pleased to hear it! Haha.

        Used to drive me mental when people kept repeating that line, but the majority came around in the end.

        I knew how bad the situation was at Chelsea, and it was caused by the same thing – prioritising pointless, loss-making vanity projects over the football.

      • Matthew

        Bates is a fool there. For one, investing money into the side would have us back in the Premier League. The Premier League brings much more money for stupid shit that he liked to invest in.

        He elected to have a relatively small pot over a large pot which the Premier League would of brought.

  3. mrbigwheels

    One thing Barry Fry has always been good at and that’s being a salesman in his various levels. Would you strip your car of the extras if you were trying to sell it?. No… imo.

    If GFHC don’t invest in several Tommy Rowe type deals in the next six weeks then it will confirm to many that they will ‘be out of here’ by November ’13.

    My main thought at the moment is….. Ken Bates has only seven days left as Chairman of this Club and no reason to be talking to Barry Fry or others regarding transfer deals and I hope GFHC are waiting to close the door behind him with their best wishes and a sigh of relief enabling McD ,et al…. To get on with business.

    ‘thank god for that’

  4. NottsWhite

    Difficult not to be swayed by the rumours that GFH are so poor that their address is “This side up” or that they hang the toilet paper out to dry

    • henrymouni

      They are ‘chancers’ who cannot be trusted.
      Not by me, anyway.
      They will let Brian, and us down, no matter what TSS might say.
      It is Bates all over again.

      • NottsWhite

        Several people attending a dinner with Brian McDermott at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Leeds advised the manager had made the following comments;

        “He was assured he had £3m to spend, picked 7 targets, now, told no money at all. GFH desperate for investment, some statement being made public by the club tomorrow.”
        It seems that you may be right, therefore freeebies and loanees until our last remaining assets (Byram, Lees and McCormack) are sold to generate cash flow. And if this happens, how much will the manager get to spend.
        I intend to keep the faith however it starting to wear thin

      • spellz

        One thing the club will never make is a public statement saying were fcuked and there is no money at all, where is your ridiculous source from?

      • NottsWhite

        News Now – Marching on Together site. Don’t shoot the messenger dude

      • spellz

        Fair enough Notts, I just hope that these are the same trivial rubbish we come across daily but I cant see us releasing a statement of being broke and needing investment anyway never a week without there being drama as a Leeds fan eh? it is hard not to love our club.

      • henrymouni

        They won’t say they are broke, but if they have no money, they will say that the investments they were expecting have not materialised yet.

        Ken used that one with reasonable success, but it wore thin after a few years.

        One wonders what the new Chairman was chosen for??

        He will have to take the flack while the rest slink away.

        He may be busy trying to get his wife a part in ‘Emmerdale farm’?

        Let us all pray this is all a bad dream!!!

      • spellz

        In order for the facts to be certain time needs to pass, until August if we have no significant investment in the club or the first team then we are not having a bad dream but a dejavu of Bates Reign.

        I am not one that follows every rumour that materialises otherwise we would have re-signed Beckford with Craig McKail Smith as his partner managed by Nigel Adkins who would be seeking funds to invest in players from Adam Pearson, the fact is everything we read is not true but come August we will see just how many cobwebs are within GFH’s wallet or in fact whether they have the capital (excuse the pun) to purchase what we need in the positions that need filling.

      • NottsWhite

        Fair point spellz, although we would all like our business to be conducted on 1st July it is likely that we may have to wait a bit longer. Patience is a virtue

      • spellz

        Yes, we just need to be optimistic as fans atm if we are let down then we voice our disappointment but come August we will know where we stand and the Biggest thing our club has is the fans there would be no Leeds without us so lets just stay united no matter what. M.O.T as always.

      • henrymouni

        If the deals lined up by Brian are not concluded in early July we will have missed the boat.
        Players and agents will secure their future somewhere else.
        It will be interesting to see what Brian does if he is let down?
        I have not read a newspaper for 30 years, so do not follow their rumours, and would not be surprised if the boss has other targets in mind.
        I see the rumours on the net but pay them no mind!
        I have a gut feeling about GFH and their previous track record of disappointing ventures.
        Broken promises.

      • spellz

        I agree if we do not get deals wrapped up by early July we would have missed the boat with some what I mean is come August if we have not seen faces walking through the door then the deja vu begins.

        I also agree with your statement about GFH I for one was very cautious about anyone taking over Bates position as we have been on a major scale let down by his running of the club in the past decade, I also read about a few ventures they were involved in that had crashed and read a statement from a company that claimed they actually had no money but then they bought us so it could not of been that accurate, they also said from the start they are looking for further investors and in my eyes have been trying to flip the club for a small profit the minute they walked in.

        This leads me to broken promises they also said they were going to be investing in the club to try and get us back in the top flight where we belong so like you I am cautious in what to believe Im on the fence atm but until time passes I wont know what side of the fence to jump off.

      • pedro goldisco

        I put on here about a month ago about hoping we were going to buy someone with some money. So far no good, now look at the new press statement on lufc. Hope im wrong, doesnt sound good.

      • spellz

        Is it the interview with vice chairman Salah Noorudin? if so I thought it was quite positive what worried you about it Pedro,
        or am I reading something totally different?

  5. Eggman is our leader

    We made Snodgress captain when others were trying to poach him and look what happened. It means nothing when you are a club in a lower division than the buying club!

  6. spellz

    Snodgrass, Howson were our captains at the time they left it clearly means nothing to us to sell our captain and disappoint the fans as of course we were morons under the Bates era.
    He is transfer listed though and he does want to leave and to me it just seems Fry is trying to get the most value from him by saying look we plan to keep him, he is our captain how deep is your wallet?
    football transfers sometimes are like a game of chess it just means thinking steps ahead, come August you can quote me that I believe he will be gone, whether or not we can afford him is another story.

  7. Graham Leicester

    Can anyone say what is going on? Every day i log in and expect to see at least 1 signing and yet again to date sod all!! Never mind whos staying as captain at peterboro why are GFH giving all loyal leeds supporters the usual mushroom treatment? I can see it all being left to ladt minute again and us picking up the crap left on loans!! I read the crewe midfielder we were tipped to go for is in talks with wolves? Another target missed!! I can see our midfield STILL having Bloody Brown in it next season!! WhT happened to our youg Bulgarian U21 midfielder? Another red herring tip? Come on never mind who is captaing who for gods sale lets get some feed back from GFH and when we are going to see some new signings

    • TSS

      Very little ever happens until July (window doesn’t officially open ’til then because of contracts). Everyone just likes to panic beforehand.

      Not saying we’ll have a flurry of transfer activity once we reach July, just that the moaning is premature.


        no it isn’t we will be left with the players nobody else want. or more over aged loans has beens

      • TSS

        No what isn’t? The moaning; premature? It really is. Very few teams have done anything noteworthy yet, it’s always the same.

        All the real action starts after June 30th, because that’s when contracts expire. At that point, teams wage bills have cleared up a little, players start to move around and managers can assess where they are.

        Same every year.

        Absolutely no point moaning at this stage. Though it hasn’t stopped people any other year, so, as you were I guess…

      • henrymouni

        Looking to history, fans who have moaned for the last TEN YEARS have been correct.

        Fans who have been patient and optimistic have been shafted!!

      • TSS

        Not really. Grayson and McAllister signed some good players and got us out of League One.

        Our first year in the Championship (following relegation from Prem) we spent millions, and got nowhere. Spent a fair bit second season too.

        Warnock signed 11 players by my count last season, spending more than Grayson did in all his years at ER, and only one of those signings happened before July 1st if memory serves (and even that won’t have completed until July 1st). Not the club’s fault Warnock spent poorly and failed to sign any wingers (which was our biggest problem last season).

        So, your TEN YEAR memory has a few holes in it.

        You either have faith in McDermott, or you don’t. If you do, then money is largely irrelevant, his strength is in signing unknown players for small fees and turning them into a quality team. That’s what he did at Reading.

        Again, I aren’t saying July 1st will pass and a flurry of activity will begin, but until it does, there’s absolutely no point moaning. Very little happens at this stage, the transfer window isn’t technically open yet. Most of what you’ll hear is speculation and nonsense, then July comes around and things start happening.

        What those things are, I don’t know. No one does. That’s why the moaning is so incredibly pointless. Unless one of you has a crystal ball and can see into the future, you’re moaning based on pessimistic predictions. I’ll just wait for the facts.

      • Irving08

        So did Bates havea point after all TSS ? – ‘spent millions and got nowhere’ !
        Agree with your last point: money is overrated. BM’s priority is to get this squad working to its maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

        I reckon we have 7 or 8 more or less established players who are good enough to get us into a promotion challenging position. Taylor (icould be a revelation), Dawson and Poleon all seem to be likeley lads. So, we aren’t potentially far-off.

      • TSS

        To an extent, yes. But he took it to extremes, stripping the club of the funds it needed to compete at this level and selling our best players to facilitate his pointless vanity projects.

        Spending millions in the Championship rarely works. Not if every name on the team-sheet changes season after season. The key to success in this league is stability – retaining your best players, bringing through younger ones when they’re ready and unearthing a few gems from lower leagues. It’s no coincidence our best season back in Championship was the first one, that squad already knew each others strengths. They were a proper team. Same with Norwich.

        Leeds require a commitment to retaining the best players, along with a strong youth academy and scouting setup. None of that existed under Bates. Our youth and scouting system suffered dramatically and every time we found a player of quality, Bates sold them to build something that invariably lost money. Most players were just collecting their wage-slips and waiting for Bates to sell them on. We created mercenaries.

        Brian McDermott is trying to do undo that damage. It’s not about quick fixes and “throwing money at it”, if we start the season with a team unrecognisable from last time out, we’ll get nowhere. McDermott needs to bring the players we have together, see if we have any youth players ready to be integrated into the first team, add a bit of strength where he can and then do exactly what he did at the end of last season – get the best out of the players. Something Warnock never did.

        I’m not saying we don’t need transfers, because we do. Wingers mostly. But they don’t have to be multi-million pound signings to excel in the Championship. Snoddy wasn’t, nor was Max. And McDermott has a knack for unearthing quality players.

      • henrymouni

        We are not talking multi-million pound players TSS.

        We struggle to come up with £500,000, for player.

        You say :-
        “if we start the season with a team unrecognisable from last time out, we’ll get nowhere.”

        It would be lovely to have a team unrecognisable from last season.
        My worry is that they will be the same as last year.

        We need speed, guile and goalscoring ability.
        Players like that do not come cheap.
        Brian knows this.

      • TSS

        Brian knows nothing of the sort. He built Reading and won the Championship with them on a relatively small budget.

        He took what he had, added some unheard of players that turned out to be sensational and built a team. But he didn’t do it overnight. No one does. You’re advocating the “throw money at it” approach, but it doesn’t work because you don’t create a team, you merely assemble a group of mercenaries available to the highest bidder.

        As for not having £500k – based on what exactly? The ITK people on Twitter? Because Brian McDermott certainly hasn’t said that, nor has any of the journalists worth reading. It’s all guesswork based on Bates-era pessimism. Let the transfer window pass, then judge.

        Until then, you’re basing all this on nothing more than your own expectations.

      • henrymouni

        No bates tricks please TSS – let him go quietly!
        ‘Throwing money at it’?
        We are so far behind with our squad quality we have to spend some money.
        Brian – our hero – wants 6 or 7 players.
        He will probably need £5m to bring in better players than we have now.
        We are talking modest transfer fees and wages.
        Add to that good out of contract players that he knows and we have a chance.
        My expectations are very very low.
        I hope we can keep Sam Byram, but I don’t know?

      • Irving08

        We are in 100% agreement for once !
        Some of our fans made it easier for Bates by treating players who wanted a bit more equality in wages like traitors.
        Had the ground stood up for Bradley Johnson, Grayson might have shown some backbone and pushed harder for BJ – similarly Killkenny.

      • henrymouni

        If Bates gave a lot of money to a crap manager, that is his fault.
        Unlike other demoted clubs, we had to shed all our best, expensive players straight away.
        We had to spend just to get a playing squad together.
        You have to spend money Wisely (pardon the pun).
        Other clubs at our level kept their best players, and added one or two a season.
        We sold our good players and added cheap crappy players, and slid steadily downhill.
        We were so close to relegation last season, and would have ended up where we started.
        Bates ‘points’ were all about stripping the club and investing little apart from stupid building schemes, and avoidable courts cases.
        Highlights from the last 10 years = nothing.
        Our squad last year was worse than many others we have had in the last 10 years.
        Progress = Nil.
        The clubs who get promoted from our league have spent soundly, but they have had to spend!

      • Irving08

        Why make the ask seem hopeless before a ball has been kicked ? Loose talk about 6 or 7 players i sjusst that Henri. Squad, bench or starting X1 – which are you talking about ? I reckon we have at least 7 starters on our books who are perfectly good enough for promotion from this Division (Byram, White, Lees, McCormack, Green, Kenny, Pearce and possibly Peltier/Warnock – I don’t expect there to be agreement on which particular 7 or 8, but I stand by the number. We crucially lack – and here I am with you – a proven goalscorer other than Macca, and a class creator in the mould of Snoddy (or similar midfielder). The defence lacks height, which is a worry too. But do we need 5million to put this right ? – that’s an open question. Anyway we shouldn’t be here, it’s the cricket season and Yorks. are top of the League.

      • Irving09

        That;s what a couple of sherries does to me Henri !

      • mrbigwheels

        Here’s to sherry and cricket Irving. Just having a sherry myself.
        May have another and switch this bloody football soap off until I hear something that is meaningful.

      • henrymouni

        “May have another and switch this bloody football soap off until I hear something that is meaningful.”

        You will have a long wait mrb!

      • henrymouni

        Brian has says he wants 6 or 7.
        Looking at the team last year, he must be right.
        You say we have another 6 to 8 – more like 6.
        Lets call it 7.
        Your 7 plus Brian’s, let us say 6 = 13.
        That is a slim squad to get promotion.
        We need 15 sound interchangeable players if we are to have a sniff of the play-offs.
        The rest can leave, if we can offload.
        I would add Dawson & Poleon to the squad.

      • Irving08

        I would add Taylor. I would never have subtracted him. We are not going to be able to offfload many. Besides Norris has his uses, Austin too, even Varney. And there is Professor Smith. So, I still say 3 first teamers would do it.

        Recommend 150th edition of Wisden, Henri – ideal for those long journeys.

      • henrymouni

        Good point and tip Irv.

        I also liked Green, once he got up to speed with his fitness. A real box to box man!

      • henrymouni

        “money is largely irrelevant” Wow
        The best laugh I’ve had all week.
        I have the utmost faith in Brian.
        However, if he does not get the ‘irrelevant’ money he needs to bring in better players, he may not stay too long.
        Grayson and McAlllister, had a brief time in the sunshine, with a lot of rain thrown in.
        The last ten years have been terrible overall, and we are still in the Championship, with little likelihood of promotion without a real cash input.
        We need 6 good players who can go straight into the first team.
        Brian said so and you and I have faith in him.
        The board may have told Brian that cash is irrelevant, and he can pick up gems for nothing.
        I think you and your GFH friends are wrong.

      • TSS

        Money is irrelevant in the sense that he’ll have some – not loads, but his strength is in working with a small budget. That’s why we hired him in the first place!

      • Matthew

        Most of Warnocks signings were all over the place and it reflected on the pitch. Hate to repeat myself but last season, and I think you’d agree. We WERE all over the place, no consistency, nothing. We were like a ship without a sail/engine/rudder etc

        While we had some good times, it was mostly shit under Warnock. Odd that, something very wrong must of been going on there, we were never that bad years prior.

        Pick a poor game, bring a pillow and fall asleep because damn man, the football at times was dull, almost zzzzzzz worthy.

  8. gistheman

    Well I’m all for giving people the chance to prove themselves, at the minute they have done anything wrong, apart from not been talking to the fans as much as they said they were going to do. May be people live to much in the past and not enough in the present.
    Once the transfer window is open a week or so and we still have nothing in the way of players in then I will start to think that may be they full of shit just as bates was and is till then I’ll hope and stay positive

    • TSS

      Yeah, they made a good start on communication front but it’s dried up a lot. I’m hoping the new chairman addresses that. Be nice to finally get that fans’ forum they promised.

      • Matthew

        Yeah seems odd that GFH strongly expressed that communication with the fans is of the utmost importance, then suddenly things just dry up, like the line of communication between fans and them has been cut.

        Concerning that, but you could look at it another way that, silence means nothing majorly is wrong at the club that needs addressing, and two they have nothing worth communicating as of yet and are remaining tight lipped over who the transfer targets are, to avoid competition from other clubs.

  9. El Van C

    I really don’t understand people saying we’re losing out on players to other clubs, and all the negativity coming from fans! People are treating newspaper rumours as if they Are BM targets. None of us know his targets, he might not be targeting any of the players we’ve been linked with. Speculating and conversing between other Leeds fans is supposed to be fun and exciting; most comments I read now are soul destroying Moans. I’m not moaning or ranting (maybe I am) but I just want people to be patient and if a couple of weeks into July we have no idea who BM is after, tried to get, or still has got no one through the door, then we can tear GFH a new one with our constant moaning but until then lets try to be slightly optimistic until proven wrong. Sorry for the rant. MOT – Side Before Self.

    • henrymouni

      “……..try to be slightly optimistic until proven ”

      Trying can be very trying!

      What have you heard to make you optimistic?
      I agree that nobody knows Brian’s true targets, which makes it exciting, if he can get them.
      Let’s be cautiously optimistic?

  10. Matthew

    Not to worry. We’l have him on a free transfer if no one buys him next transfer window anyway. Sort of a middle finger to Barry Fry.

  11. Matthew

    I’m actually reasonably happy with GFHs statement on the website, as long as they back Brian Mcd, looking long term and building something is a much better way of looking at things. I actually wanted to see someone buy us and lay down roots and not just resell us to someone else and no progress made.

    If they told everyone, fuck yeah we’re going up this season and we didn’t go up, people would whine. The statement basically comes across as we’l give it a go, don’t expect too much, if we get in the playoffs we’l give it a go.

    Comes across as more down to earth to me, and not getting the fans in a frenzy.

    • henrymouni

      They said nothing at all.
      All those words about nothing.
      They said nothing that Ken has not been saying for 10 long and miserable years.
      Waiting for investment.
      Working to bring players in.
      The fans have to be patient!
      Build the club up slowly on sound foundations etc.etc

      They are skint!!

      • Matthew

        They’re not Ken Bates though. I think it’d be pre mature to judge them before the window has even opened this Summer. Anyone expecting big money signings in the Championship are deluded. A couple of reasonably decent midfield players and a winger would do me just fine. We don’t need a huge amount of players to be honest.

        They’re not insulting the fans, they’re telling people how things are. Ken Bates has left us with a lot of debt, we can’t just magic it all away and pretend it doesn’t exist. This is the reality of things.

      • henrymouni

        New owners.
        Same bull’.
        I was not expecting big money signings.
        I was expecting a big let down, and I got one.
        Nothing surprised me about today’s snow job at all.
        The debt was there when they bought the club.
        They knew exactly how much the debt was and their purchase price reflected this.
        They knew (as ken did) when they bought the club that they did not have the funds to take us forward.
        You may be satisfied with 2 midfield players and a winger but you are not the manager.
        He wants 6 players!
        Do you know more than him?
        However, if Brian is happy to carry on, I will be right behind him.

      • Matthew

        Huh? What are you talking about?

        You do realize that debt has to be paid right? Ken Bates brought the club to the brink of administration before selling, if there’s not enough money to make the kind of signings fans are expecting, that can not be helped.

        You do realize that quite a few people are fickle as fuck right? Our attendance levels were poor last season, even reaching as low as 16,788 last season against Burnley, it costs money to run a football club and with Ken Bates literally pissing the clubs money away prior, someone has to make up the shortfall of funds.
        (Quite a few teams beat us there for fucks sake, even Brighton, you can only use the lack of investment excuse for staying home for so long).

        Granted the Football was poor, but stuff like Season ticket sales, and fans actually GOING to games, gives clubs additional revenue.

        Do I know more than him? Where did I say I know more than him? What kind of argument is that exactly? I was giving my thoughts on what I would be happy to see at the very least.

        Right behind him? You’re pissing and whining about the club not getting players in when the transfer window isn’t even open yet. Wake the fuck up and judge GFH after it shuts.

      • henrymouni

        Oh dear!!

        I’ll type slower this time so you can follow.

        The new owners took many months to buy the club and were fully aware of Bates/Leeds debt.

        It was part of the cost, and the purcahse price was reduced accordingly.

        In other words if we had been debt free we would have cost more.

        So you have your cost, and then you allow for the expenditure required to bring the club back up for promotion contention.

        Our new owners knew they could just afford to buy the club and gambled that they could flip the club quickly, or bring in new investment (KB’s Holy Grail).

        They were wrong, as they have been on many occasions in the past.

        The whole World is fickle, and Leeds fans have put up with more than most in the broken promises debt.

        Our only power is to stay away if we are not satisfied.

        Bates relied on blind faith and loyalty to keep us coming, while giving nothing in return.

        To turn up and hand over large amounts of cash to watch rubbish is foolish not loyal.

        The club has to lead and show ambition and the fans will flood back.

        It can only work this way.

        “I was giving my thoughts on what I would be happy to see at the very least.”

        I accept that Matthew, and it is your right, and what makes a forum fun.
        My point was that if the manager is not satisfied with just a 3 players, our opinion matters little.
        “Wake the fuck up and judge GFH after it shuts.”
        Thank you for that.
        They are judging themselves, and I am waiting for the managers comments, which should shed more light.
        Up to now GFH have stopped communicating with the fans totally.
        Their statement yesterday, was a complete whitewash, and said what they thought would keep us happy, in the light of the managers ‘reported’ comments.
        Bates always claimed he backed each manager 100%.
        GFH will claim the same.
        It is part of the game.
        GFH bought us for a quick profit, and nothing else.
        They sat there with the Leeds scarves on, but they are not fans really.

      • Matthew

        Type slower? I understood your points perfectly. You’re the one coming across as a whiny little prick.
        You have no evidence to back up your assumptions about GFH, you’re just bitter because we’re not snapping up talent when the club is losing money.

        How do you expect the club to operate when its losing money? Infact how do you expect anyone to invest in the team/club when a lot of fans are playing keep away and whining on twitter about lack of investment?

      • henrymouni

        GFH promised Brian money and they let him down!
        He said so today.
        I knew they would and did NOT expect us to snap up talent.
        That is the whole point.
        Your obnoxious childness will not alter this.
        You say I have no evidence about GFH.
        Have you been asleep?
        I think the fans will get behind Brian, and I am looking forward to the season in spite of GFH.

      • Matthew

        How many times does it need to be said. The club is losing money, fans aren’t supporting the team, the attendances are shit. I’m happy to see the club spend what it can on players and improve over time.

        I don’t want to see this club enter administration again because GFH are forced to bow to fan pressure to go all in and risk everything.

        People crying for more players will be crying harder if GFH fuck up and we enter administration again and lose everything
        I don’t know about you, but I would happily see the club in any league as long as its on stable ground again. Don’t get me wrong, I want promotion as much as anyone else but I want to see us go up when we’re good and ready.

        Infact, it doesn’t matter what league we’re in, I will be behind the club and any owner who runs this club properly.

      • henrymouni

        I agree that the stability and safety of the club is most important.
        My points were to warn fans that GFH did not have the money to spend.
        They promised the manager money, but they let him down.
        I am happy now that it is all in the open, and I am looking forward to the season.
        I think Brian M will be great for us, and will make the best of what he has.
        He will certainly bring some new players in and bring the best out of the rest.
        Most of us felt that last seasons squad were not performing as well as they could.
        Roll on the season, and maybe new investment will arrive?

        Onward and upward.

      • Matthew

        Fact was, and still is. We’ve taken a bajillion steps backwards under Ken Bates and have been dug into a hole. Someone has to dig us out of said hole and move us forward. The damage Bates has done won’t last forever, and in a few years, we’l be better off to be honest.

        There’s nothing in this league, a couple of mildly decent signings and an overall improvement on last seasons performance and we’l be contenders for the playoffs.

        If he doesn’t get all his targets this window, it’s not the end of the world, there’s always others.

        Not to mention that its all about the journey to the Premier League, there is no easy shortcuts, we’re Leeds United and we do things the hard way.

  12. mrbigwheels

    Tommy Rowe is to Brian McD what Joel Ward was to Warnock.

    A sign of what is to come for the rest of the summer with a takeover mk 2 on the cards.
    GFHC need cash quickly just to keep the Club running.
    Spending money on the team doesn’t even come into the equation until cash flow is sorted with an immediate large scale investment just to keep the Club out of admin.

    GFHC Yesterday made a statement…. because they had to!, answering the position they now find themselves in and may I say…. so does Brian McDermott, trying to explain the Clubs position through lack of cash flow. I did not see it as a business plan even if it came across as a sensible approach, but more of trying to cool the heat in the kitchen and leaving the whole place in a messy state. Words are words and only cash flow and investment to keep this Club viable are the immediate requirement before a £ is spent on the pitch. Brian seems to be quite clear of those facts this morning and I’m sure his skills will come to the fore of this summer.

    GFHC, as the man said…. “are skint”…. and don’t seem that clever, to date, of attracting investment into their ownership.

    There is only one question for me and that is….
    What is stopping investors putting their money into Leeds United Football Club?.

    • henrymouni

      Sound words mr b and nice to get a bit of support.

      Some people on here think the truth is being pessimistic.

      GFH have said, through all the smoke, that nothing has changed since Bates regime.

      They are, as Bates claimed, looking for investors.

      You need people who love the game, and really want success for Leeds United.

      Not people who want any easy profit.

      Out of all the crap the Vice-Chairman rained upon us, this is my favourite:-

      “He (Salah Nooruddin) said: “We have great faith in our new manager Brian McDermott. But if it’s not possible to achieve our first aim as fast as everyone would like, then the owners will continue to support Brian and the club.”

      What the hell does that mean?

  13. henrymouni

    Just seen this on the web:-


    But asked whether a fund existed, McDermott told BBC Radio Leeds: “I’m not sure.

    “We possibly have to wheel and deal to get targets in – there possibly has to be outgoings to get incomings.”

    He added: “I have my targets in place but it’s basically day to day at this moment. I haven’t lost any targets yet, but as time goes on it’s not helpful.”

    ‘I am not sure”!!
    “possible outgoings……..
    “It’s not helpful..”

    I rest my case!

    • Matthew

      My god you’re a whiny little man aren’t you? The transfer window isn’t even open yet, yet you’re keen to just complain,. complain, complain some more on here.

      • henrymouni

        You are potty!
        I am quoting Brian.
        He is the ‘whiny little man’.

      • Matthew

        No, I’m quoting your incessant complaining on here. You can try and twist my words to suit your own needs all your want. My point is clear. You are talking out of your arse and are willing to string GFH from the nearest gallow because they’re not living up to YOUR expectations.

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