Luke MurphyLeeds United have bid “seven figures” for Crewe Alexandra midfielder Luke Murphy, according to BBC Radio Leeds reporter, Adam Pope.

The news follows unrest amongst Whites fans after days of speculation about the lack of funds Brian McDermott has available to him.

While no deal has been agreed yet, and the Whites face competition from at least two other clubs, Pope’s claim seems to suggest that GFH Capital, the owners of Leeds United, have found some funds for McDermott to strengthen his squad.

Leeds face competition from Blackburn Rovers, who have also had a seven figure bid accepted, and Wolverhampton Wanderers, though their local press expects Murphy to go elsewhere.

24 year-old Murphy has made 186 appearances for Crewe since his début in 2008, scoring 25 times. He was an integral part of Crewe’s 2012 League Two play-off and 2013 Football League Trophy winning sides.

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  1. Leedsusa

    It does, so everyone quit whining and speculating till all’s done MOT

  2. henrymouni

    When you say seven figures, you don’t mean our seven midfield players do you?
    I hope it’s true, and we get him.

    • Morcar's Hill

      The colossus of Crewe will be the lighthouse of Leeds, the attacking point of the midfield Pyramid and the advent of the oppositions mausoleum… Might need another statue outside the ground if this transfer comes off and the boy leads us back to the promised land. Hope this isn’t all too Greek for you.

  3. matt bb

    Millwall will have paid a loan fee plus we’ve freed up nearly 900k of wages on Morison, plus Connolly, kisnorbo rachibka off the wage bill as of.monday… If this is true

    • Matthew

      I’m genuinely curious if Rachubka will find a new club. I can’t be the only one.

      • matt bb

        Yes he May well struggle. But there are plenty of opportunities in China and the states, poor bloke

      • Matthew

        Yeah pretty much. Although he was shit whilst he was here, he genuinely crumbled infront of the crowd, almost sad to see. Some people have the backbone to perform well at Elland Road, some people fall apart, he fell apart.

        What he does from here on out is anyones guess. The good thing is, is that we’re not paying his wages anymore, complete and utter waste of money there.

        He won’t be missed, but I do hope he finds a career at a club somewhere, probably league 2 or lower.

  4. Dave Leeds

    I’m sure there are 7 figures. Only problem is the decimal point comes after 5 of them.

  5. gistheman

    Brain mc didn’t say he had no transfer money did he??? Just not want he had thought. May be gfh have thought they do need to show some money to earn some respect from us fans which if this is true we should be giving some by making some noise at er against Brighton.
    Fingers crossed mot.

    • henrymouni

      With it being a last minute bid, he may not have been on Brian’s original list.
      Maybe he has a new list now?

  6. Rocks and Roll Leeds

    Joe Bonamassa – Its a new dawn, its a new day AND i’m fee e eeling GOOD!!!! Rock and role and bless my sole, the might whites are on their way back and will be led to glory by the new hero – Luke Murphy, supported by Super Ross Mac Cormack and Chris Dawson (new wonder kid from LUFC) Goodness gracious they have great balls of Fire!!!!

  7. spellz

    I hope we do get him, like I said before the kid looks like a huge bag of potential and I can imagine him doing a sound job with the mighty white shirt on, it will also silence a few saying that GFH are totally broke and give an all round better feeling amongst the fans, lets hope the deal goes through and it is our first 7 figure signing and not our last.

    • Chareose

      They are totally broke, the manager has as much stated that……..either they have found an external source of cash or this is a load of rubbish

      • spellz

        If they are spending via whichever source I am happy so I just hope we get the deal done.

      • gistheman

        When exactly has bm stated gfh are broke??? He said he has to wheel and deal just people reading to much in to what bm has said like 2+2 and making 7

      • henrymouni

        I don’t think he did.
        He said he was told to get rid, or sell, in order to bring players in.
        This would suggest they are struggling for money.
        BM also said that the money he expected was not there.
        He was still confident he could do some deals.
        The investment GFH were hoping for has not materialised yet.

      • Lufc1979ish

        Why tip off other clubs we have money to spend?

      • mylifeinleeds

        Exactly my thoughts. Why tell people we have money to spend. Who knows though; we have no idea if this is a Bates last two finger salute to the fans or, if the bid is genuine. Watch this space I guess.

      • TSS

        Can’t see Adam Pope falling for a Bates bluff, nor do I believe he’s made it up, it’s too easy for Crewe to deny the Leeds bid and ruin his credibility.

        Personally, I think the bid is genuine (wouldn’t have posted it on here otherwise), but that’s personal opinion.

        This site has been going 5 years now and I like to think that part of our success is owed to a refusal to post bullshit rumours. I wouldn’t waste fans time with them, and I think that’s the reason many of you come back? (Though there are many sites who have been equally successful by doing the opposite).

        It’s not that I’m “in the know” (I’ve never claimed to be), I just apply common sense to rumours and pay close attention to the more credible sources to see whose information usually turns out to be accurate.

      • henrymouni

        I agree that Adam Pope is a sound source, and we can only hope we succeed.
        It would be excellent if we could come out and beat Blackburn & Wolves to the punch.
        Now that would be a rarity, and a good show for Brian.

      • mylifeinleeds

        Sorry, both yourself and Adam Pope are very good sources of info, it wasn’t a dig at either of you, more of a ‘nothing would surprise me’ where Bates is concerned – that said, things have moved on quickly, so watch this space I guess.

      • TSS

        Yeah, I got that. It’ll take time for the suspicion to life after so many years of Ken Bates, the man really did a number on our fans.

      • Matthew

        Perhaps Bates left behind a pot of gold with a note apologising for being a cunt? ;)

  8. Kevin Painter

    I am going to see my doctor today not feeling too well !!!!!!

  9. cynic1

    Methinks ’tis a parting gift of 7 figures fron that kindly old gentleman our departing chairman! Don’t laugh.

  10. Lufc1979ish

    First day of bates not being chairman and we table a £1m bid for a player. Too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

  11. Tyler75

    If this is true and if you are Luke Murphy surely its a no-brainer to come and play for Leeds and Brian Mac, a proven developer of young talent, rather than Venky’s and their rotating Manager of the week policy.
    I suspect GFH while not having much in the way of spare cash themselves, are not quite without the means to find some funds for Mac.I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can find some more for a quality centre-back partner for Tom Lees.

  12. Matthew

    We went from having the best midfield in the division to one of the worse. Thanks to our former chairman.


    Great news if its true, means we’ve got some cash at least. But i thought we got McDermott in for his nous at finding bargains? £1m for Luke Murphy? Is that good business? Better have more funds coming in if were gonna shell out that much on league 1 players.

  14. Smell the coffee

    So bid £1M for a player en-route elsewhere for more, knowing your bid will be turned down but the supporters appeased…. Or am I being cynical?

    • henrymouni

      It has been done before, by our club.

      I doubt Brian would fall for that one though.

      Maybe it is Good Ken Senselessness’s parting shot!

      • TSS

        I understand your cynicism, it’s totally justified, but it hasn’t been done before to my knowledge?

      • henrymouni

        I cannot remember examples but I seem to remember us bidding, and losing out because our bids were too low and/or we would not pay the wages for the ‘better’ players.

        Bates’ power has just faded thank goodness, but his spirit lives on in his pupil GDR.

        Goodbye Ken:-

      • Smell the coffee

        Of course it’s been done before, ie lost out on players we’ve bid for, my worry us intent, do we bid knowing we’ll lose out just to show fans activity?

      • henrymouni

        Burke from Brum.
        Warnock went in to get him & most of us thought he would be just what we needed – a good winger!!
        We could not raise the £300/£500 thousand.

      • henrymouni

        There are many, but the one that sticks in my mind is Wes Hoolahan.
        He had played for Simon at Blackpool, and was out of the Norwich first team at the time.
        We could have got him for a nominal fee, but Bates said no, at the death!!
        What a midfield player he is.

  15. djedjedje

    Great news if true. [Can it be true?] Although, £1m seems a tad generous… but can’t complain and all.

    Anyone else thinking that this so-say £1m has come from Arsenal, Everton, Man City, well one of them, for Sam Byram?


    Monday: Leeds bid £1m for Murphy.

    Wednesday: Leeds land Murphy. Fans jubilant and welcoming at gates of Elland Road of new signing.

    Friday: Leeds announce that Arsenal had previously agreed to buy Byram for £3m with £2m paid upfront earlier in the week. Fans and McDermott pacified with part of the deal seeing Byram return to Leeds on a season long loan.

    It wouldn’t be the worst result in the world (£3m is cheap of course, but we’ll never get the £8m being pimped about, and certainly not upfront), and would be a good keychain of PR by the club as pre-season / season ticket sales kick in.

    • TSS

      Didn’t want to say it, but the thought has crossed my mind.

      Can’t complain either way though, if we don’t have the money for McDermott to balance this squad I can see the sense in selling Byram (if funds are reinvested). I;d rather keep him, obviously, but there’s no point being strong in only one position. Not if the sale of that one player can make you strong in several.

      • djedjedje

        Agreed. If Byram is going then I’m at least glad we are bringing in relatively young talent with the transfer money received, and not just using it to finance the wages and signing on fee of the not-so-young Hunt.

      • Matthew

        If worse comes to worse and Byram does go. If we have him back for a Season long loan, it’ll at least give McDermott a year to find a replacement, and if its an academy product, all the better.
        I don’t think we’l lose Byram to be honest, I think he’ll start against Brighton, still a full 100 percent Leeds player, and not a loanee.

      • henrymouni

        It has crossed my mind too, but how much of the money would Brian get?
        Unless it is a substantial amount, he might as well keep him.
        We have sold too many ‘Best players’ not to learn the lesson.

    • henrymouni

      I think Sam is better than Ince, and is worth at least as much.
      Brian does want to keep Sam, and even it hampers him with other purchases, it may be worth it?
      A loan back is a good shout, but I don’t think Brian would play those silly games, of pretending he wants him to stay when a deal is done?
      Also -Sam wants to stay, and he could be worth a lot more next season.

  16. Joe

    This would be a great buy. Some people probably think £1m is a tad steep considering he’s a league one player, but I’d rather have 3 signings like this and the Matt Smith, that have resale value and will be around for the long term, than a change-everything warnock style recruitment spree on 10 ‘proven’ journeyman players. At the end of the day, the squad we have might not be perfect, but it’s got a solid enough backbone in the form of Kenny Lees, Byram, Peltier, Mccormack, Diouf, Austin and Green and we should build on it, rather than starting from scratch for the second season running.

    • henrymouni

      He would be a sound buy for £1 Joe.
      Speaking of Kenny, I wonder where Paul Robinson will end up?

      • Old Goat

        Think his wages would be out of our range but on the subject of keepers it looks like Cairns is back in the fold after a long loan spell in non-league football. Not sure where he is contract-wise but if he’s not in BMD’s plans you’d think they’d have cut him loose already. Surely we’ll not go with three keepers if money is tight – sure there might be injuries but a standby keeper is usually easy enough as an emergency loan.

        Kenny is not far into his contract and probably on a big wage. He was also well in with NW. Maybe there have been soundings.

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