YesBrian McDermott has been given the go-ahead to sign his former Reading players, Noel Hunt and Matt Mills according to the Daily Star, while Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Kevin Doyle has ruled out a move to Elland Road.

30 year-old Hunt and 26 year-old Mills would become McDermott’s second and third summer signings if deals are successfully completed.

Hunt is available on a free transfer after being released by Reading at the end of last season. The striker spent five years at the Madejski, making 162 appearances and scoring 39 goals. He was a near ever-present in McDermott’s Championship winning side in 2012.

Matt Mills meanwhile could be a much costlier proposition. The 6′ 3″ centre-back has played for 10 clubs already in his career, making seven-figure transfers to Reading, Leicester City and Bolton Wanderers, his current club.

With two years remaining on his contract, Bolton are said to be asking for a transfer fee of £1,000,000, a figure Leeds United haven’t paid for any player since the 2005/06 season. However, there’s been some suggestions that Bolton Wanderers may be willing to discuss a season long loan deal.

Another player Leeds remain interested in is Peterborough United’s Tommy Rowe. Barry Fry told the Peterborough Telegraph this week that he’s prepared to keep Rowe at Peterborough if a suitable deal can’t be reached with Leeds or another club, revealing that McDermott is a long time admirer of the transfer-listed winger.

“Tommy and his agent have expressed an interest in moving North and they have spoken to Brian McDermott.

“When he was manager at Reading, Brian was keen on Tommy and that remains the case, but until a transfer fee and a package can be sorted out it won’t happen. Tommy is aware of that.”

Elsewhere, some players have voluntarily returned early to pre-season training to work on their fitness. While pre-season training doesn’t get under way until next Thursday and work is still being carried out on a number of changes to Leeds’ Thorp Arch training complex, Brian McDermott said he’s pleased to see such enthusiasm.

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  1. White Lightning

    Why are we not going for Frazier Richardson, not seen him mentioned once and would be good back up for Sam or replacement if byrams in midfield! He’s also free and a Leeds boy! Think we need a winger the most now and I’d like a new keeper and quality centre mid please Brian.

    • Jumblatts

      Id like to see Jamie Ashdown have a run out to be honest, he was solid for us in the cup and i think he is an overall better keeper than ‘pals act paddy’

      • JDC

        A bit unkind that chris … I don’t remember him being useless in the cup games he played and he’s worth an extended run or he will become yet another player who came to Leeds United and was never given a proper opportunity. Good shot-stopper, prepared to come for crosses and has a better command of his area than PK.

      • Matthew

        Ashdown is far from useless, he’s a decent keeper. The only time I genuinely cringed with him in goal was when he fucked up a goalkick by accident. He knew it too as the dude gave a nervous smile.

      • TSS

        I agree, he’s been pretty solid when played. Actually prefer him to Kenny, who is a bit too flappy for my liking – tends to palm away and punch, rather than catch the ball and take control of things. Makes me nervous.

  2. matt bb

    Just a couple of top notch signings are needed, and bring through some youth, but it would be nice to see some actual movement now

  3. gistheman

    I for one would be very happy with the signings of the three mentioned and bring the youth through. I wonder if he is getting players in before he puts ones on the transfer list.
    Do anyone know if brown automatically gets a one year extension of his current contract or is it an offer of one with new terms, cause if its the later than offer him peanuts so he won’t sign then we are rid of him. Lol!

  4. Chareose

    For me the best signing we have been linked with would be Wabara….. hes young and looks a real talent………2nd would be Rowe or one of the foreign youngsters weve been linked with….definately want to build for the future because its the kids who will adapt if we ever get promoted…….give BMC 3 transfer windows and you will start to see leeds building up a pool of up and coming talent. Not too bothered about Mills, nice to have but not worth 1 million


    If the Daily Shite says it it must be true! .. Loans and free transfers are all we’ll get because this bunch of arseholes are tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm .. We must be the only club who gets taken over by people from the Middle East who don’t have any money … FFS!!!

  6. henrymouni

    We still need 6 new first team signings, if we are to compete.

    During the close season it is easy to forget how poor we are.

    If we manage bring Dawson through as the season progresses, we will be doing well.

    We do not have many others good enough to progress yet.

    We must be ready, on the opening day, to compete or it will be another sad season.

    I just hope GFH can come up with a buyer who is prepared to invest, very soon.

    • Chareose

      Actually I think Poleon and Thompson could do a job aswell….thats one of the things i was so dissapointed about with warnocks management, both those lads would have probably given more than what we had

      • henrymouni

        i agree, but I see Poleon & Thompson as already in the 1st team squad.

        I can see Dawson being there as well from the off.

        Tommy Rowe looks good!

        Thanks for the video.

      • henrymouni

        First team squad.
        I liked him in the games he played – apart from the sending-off.

  7. njh

    Bit worried if we sign mills has he got attitude problem big ego why did leicester / bolton get rid read the forums gets silly Red cards are we going to play too many games with 10 men lets hope not

    • henrymouni

      I wonder if we are going after him?
      Bolton say they have had no contact from us?

      • the fly

        ken bates wrecked this club, i hope his next shite is a hedgehog

      • Matthew

        We all know Bates was toxic, what has that got to do with the topic at hand? Baffling how 8 people voted you up too. Honestly have no clue what context your reply fits in with.

      • Rob

        The context of screwing the club up so badly that we need half a team of new players just to get us to 6th place in the 2nd division….

  8. maccon

    getting players nobody else wonts,this does not seem right for us,we must have no money,dont need Readings spares here.

    • henrymouni

      Elland Road is the home of aged footballer.

      They think their career is over, then we arrive!

      We also welcome unwanted players, never asking why they are unwanted.

      We find that out soon enough!

  9. Matthew

    Personally I’m looking forward to 3 things. 1) Signings, 2) Pre Season. 3) Actual season lol. Not fussed that Kevin Doyle didn’t come to anything. Think Diouf should have more of a look in next season.

  10. spellz

    Lets just see some completed transfers soon otherwise they will have no time to gel with the rest of the squad.

  11. Andy (Rotherham)

    To White Lightening – Frazer Richardson is from Rotherham !!

  12. Bluesam

    I don’t think that we can blame the now owners for this. They are trying to restore Leeds United to the Premiership, but have inherited debt and spent revenue going forward. It will come right, but it will take time. BM is hopefully with us for the long term and will build a quality squad, but he must be given time. He will have to off-load some players and bring in a bit of quality as well as develop youth. This can’t be done overnight. Hopefully, another season or so will see an increase in revenue. We want a Leeds United with a sustainable future in the Premiership, don’t we. So, lets back BM, the team and the owners. MOT

    • henrymouni

      The new owners knew about the debt and the purchase price reflected that.
      If they were able to pay the original asking price, they would have been able to clear the debt.
      You and your lady agree to buy a new house.
      You send in a surveyor. He takes 2 or 3 hours for a full survey.
      (GFH took half a year.)
      The surveyor tells you you need a new roof as the joists are rotten, and the slates are cracked in places and thin.
      He says it will cost £15,000.
      The owners already know this but hope you don’t have a survey, or he misses something.
      The owners either have the repair done or reduce the price by £15,000.
      You agree to take on the repair at the reduced price.
      You move into the house and know you cannot really afford to pay for the roof, even though it is covered in your new deal.
      If bates had paid off the debt in return for his asking price, GFH would not have been able to find the full amount.
      They took a big gamble that they could off-load most or all of it quickly. It failed.
      I think we can blame the new owners, who went into hiding some months ago, and appointing a new Chairman to be, to take the flack.
      He must have paid maybe £3 for his shares.
      Why did not they hand that to Brian?
      Because they are overstretched gamblers, who lose more than they win.
      The money has entered the black hole of debt that they CHOSE to take on.
      We are putting our faith in Brian & his coaching team to give us a great season. We deserve it!!

      Come on the boys.
      No more boycotts, for our own sake.


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