Sam ByramWith worrying noises coming from all quarters regarding the funds available to Brian McDermott, it’s becoming evermore apparent that the Leeds United boss may have to sell players to fund any transfers he wishes to make this summer.

Undoubtedly The Whites most valuable player, Sam Byram is the best chance Leeds United have to raise substantial funds. With speculation suggesting a figure upwards of £6m could be raised through the youngsters sale, Byram’s transfer alone could fund every signing Brian McDermott is hoping to make.

But is it a short-termist approach? While there’s sound reasoning for selling an individual to create an entire team, Byram would be the latest in a long line of talented youngsters to exit Elland Road. Had we retained and built around those youngsters, Leeds would surely be in a much stronger position right now?

The trouble with previous sales however is that the money wasn’t reinvested. With new owners and a new manager, it’s less likely that Leeds United will sink the money into a pointless, loss-making vanity project like Ken Bates did, but there’s still reasonable doubt that it would be reinvested into the team.

A cursory glance at Leeds United’s last accounts reveals the predicament we’re currently in. Attendances have fallen since then, ticket prices have been reduced and there hasn’t been an increase in season ticket sales thus far. As such, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable assumption to say Leeds United are currently losing money.

The fear is then, that the sale of Sam Byram wouldn’t benefit our transfer plans in the least. Money raised may be used to balance Leeds United accounts, and/or as repayment of investor loans.


In the interests of the following poll, let’s assume that at least half the money goes back into the squad allowing Brian McDermott to sign several new additions to shape his squad. Under those conditions, would you support the sale of Sam Byram?

Does selling Sam Byram make sense?

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