frustration, frustratedA £1m proposed bid for Matt Mills is the sum-total of Leeds United transfer speculation as we head into June.

The usually rampant Leeds United rumour mill has been eerily quiet with few names linked since the season ended.

It seems the newspapers and Sky Sports have lost interest in Leeds, saving their transfer speculation for other clubs whose fans are more willing to believe a big name, mega-money deal is about to be completed.

That’s not a bad thing though. Leeds fans expectations are often unrealistic as we head into each transfer window and the press do little to help matters, feeding on our desperation for success and dangling big names in front of us knowing we’ll lap it up. Doesn’t matter how many times they’ve lied to us before, the “what if” scenarios we ponder are enough to keep us coming back for more.

And it’s the “what if’s” that make every transfer window so excruciatingly painful. We’ll assemble starting XI’s based on the players we’re linked to, prophesying a season of unparalleled success based on little more than a few 3 minute YouTube clips.

We’re our own worst enemy when it comes to transfer windows. In the absence of press speculation, fans turn to social networks where anonymous accounts claiming to be football agents or a person with “various contacts in the game” happily fill the void.

One of the more successful “in-the-know” merchants, IndyKaila, has amassed 45,000 twitter followers by making rumours up and attributing them to anonymous sources.

In May alone, he’s made up five different stories about Leeds United, linking Adam Le Fondre, Billy Sharp, Chris McCann, Andre Bikey and Carlton Cole with moves to Elland Road, all of which were shared and retweeted creating pandemonium across social networks as fans contemplated the “what if’s?”

The nature of social networks allows rumours to quickly take on a life of their own as people comment and share what they’ve heard. It’s Chinese whispers for the 21st century. Within a couple of hours, no one has the foggiest clue where the rumour originated and very few people care, they’re far too busy considering how great a season Leeds United will have when we sign all the names being linked, building up expectations based on little more than a tweet from some  anonymous guy who makes up a different Leeds United rumour every few days.

Some of these rumours could still transpire, of course. There’s nothing to say Adam Le Fondre or Billy Sharp won’t sign for Leeds this summer, leaving IndyKaila to point out how great his “inside knowledge” is. It isn’t, of course, he’s no better than every other anonymous “in-the-know” account on Twitter, but when you throw enough mud, something will always stick. He’s bound to get one right sooner or later.

Until such time as a credible news organisation links us with a player, or, better still, players sign on the dotted line, there’s little point speculating on what might be. We’re only setting ourselves up for a fall when these players don’t sign for Leeds United, bemoaning the club’s “lack of ambition” by early September when we’re losing away to Watford and lacking a goal-scoring behemoth up front. “If only we’d signed Billy Sharp…” fans will cry as we continue to torture ourselves with dreams of “what if…?”

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  1. Thommo Hawk

    I’d also like to propose another what if…..what if GFH actually have some money to give to the manager in this close season – their first close season. Because it was same old Leeds in January, sell a key player and anyone half decent we do get comes on a free along with everyone else most of who are unheard of and crap or unexciting….

    Good article though, it’s always good to keep things in perspective. But IF we do sign the likes of Harte, Le Fondre, Mills and Killa then these are quality signings that we’ve been lacking obviously.

    I’ll also say this, should we bring back Ian Harte what would you think about playing him in the center of midfield and have him pinging passes around and roaming out to the left to whip in a cross and roam into the final third for a shot – he’s no pace so have Rudy Austin behind him breaking up play and Harte is basically playing the Beckham role for us and he’s obviously taking all set pieces. I reckon Harte could do some damage in that role and he’d fill a big void for LUFC in being a ball player.

    • tony

      i’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. if that was viable don’t you think somone would of tried it before he hit 35

      • pedro goldisco

        was starting to think the same haha

      • Thommo Hawk

        Who knows, but don’t think outside the box will you? Christ man some Leeds fans haven’t got a clue….all some of them say is bring Gradel and Beckford back! And it’s like no their day is done what about A) think outside the box and B) bring some new good players in….

        I remember back in 2001-2004 days Alan Smith was played on the right wing in place of Lee Bowyer and he turned out to be so much of a revelation there that he actually kept Bowyer of all people out of the team for a while after his suspension expired which required the shuffle in the first place – point being if these things aren’t tried you just never know – and what if Harte did turn out to be “our becks” in the middle of the park? Wouldn’t be taking the piss then would you??

      • tony

        haha, youre complaining about people wanting to bring beckford and gradel back, but you want to bring ian harte back and play him in central midfield! im all for thinking outisde the box, but i think you might of smashed the box into little pieces with that one!

      • Thommo Hawk

        Never said I wanted Harte back I’m just responding to press rumors and musing. That’s all.

        Like I said if these things aren’t tried you never know. Anyway you tell me where’s the bad? The fact he’s a left back and hasn’t played there yet ? Beckham was a right winger all day long for about a decade until he became more of a central midfield player later on.

        Some players are in the team for their ability to strike a football you know, irrespective of position.

  2. Derek

    At the height of the TOMA farce I followed a link to IndyKaila’s blog from twitter. He described himself as a 13 year old boy who wanted to become a journalist. He’s since removed that description and started believing his own delusions. I agree with the article, don’t believe anything on twitter until it’s confirmed officially. The only people on twitter who seemed to know anything during the TOMA farce were Phil Hay of the YEP and Ben Jacobs in the middle east. The rest were making it up as they went along.

  3. henrymouni

    I think Leeds fans are long past believing in transfer rumours.
    It is nice to dream but we have been shafted too many times to believe the hype.
    We are still in ‘wait and see mode’ and prepared for the worst.
    It is very exciting with our new manger on board and he seems confident about his targets (they always do, of course).
    The support will not return in large numbers until they have something to return for.
    Bates 10 years have made cynics of most of us TSS.

    Onward and upward.

  4. 1Leeds_Lad

    Expect nothing ,…. and get even less …. Life as a Leeds fan.


    theres no football on TSS. just filling the boredom till next season starts. no harm really helps to pass the time. on that note Jemaine Beckford not in leceisters plans, jerome thomas out of contract, matt kilgallon, blah,blah, blah………harte………smith………………

  6. pedro goldisco

    How would we love to sign someone early on and actually pay for them. But the longer the transfer saga goes on and no one sign’s i dread. What make things worse is Big Mac says hes not expecting to sign anyone yet. Yikes,,,,,, Hope not. Let this be a new dawn and not another doom n gloom mid season.

  7. Daz King

    It is the summer, everyone is bored. What would we all do if we didn’t speculate?

  8. spellz

    Wait…..there is still plenty of time left to make some big signings (post repeats itself in to mid – August).

  9. Matthew

    Why the fuck haven’t we gone for Eric Lichaj? he’s a free agent now for fucks sake. He was brilliant for us and had godly throw ins.

    Common sense please. David Haigh if you’re read this website, go grab Eric Lichaj on a free please.


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