Huish ParkLeeds fans have six new stadiums to visit next season as three clubs drop down from the Premier League and a trio of bright-eyed, awe-stricken League One sides climb their way out of the mire and onto dry land.

As many of us came to realise quite soon into the campaign our away form is not conducive to raking in points. Just four victories on the road all season – including the 2-1 win over Watford on a meaningless last day – and seven draws left us out of the playoff race and at one stage nearing relegation.

So where should we expect to find points on the road from the newcomers next term? QPR are in a real mess and many football betting fans predict they’re in for a tough season, so Loftus Road may be a happy hunting ground if we meet them early in the autumn.

The same can be said of Reading but for different reasons. While QPR will flush a load of big-wage players out the club and start from scratch – making them vulnerable – Reading have a very average team and will lose their ‘stars’ in the summer. We’ve also got their manager who knows the strengths and weaknesses of that squad and how to play on their flat-pack Madejski Stadium turf.

The last time we faced Wigan away was in 2006, where Rob Hulse nicked us a 1-1 draw. How times have changed and even if the Latics lose Roberto Martinez this summer they’re strong contenders for promotion and likely to see us off at the DW.

As for the League One newcomers, anyone remember how long it took to get to Huish Park? Yeovil performed a sports betting miracle winning the playoffs last week and should be the whipping boys of the Championship. Another long trip to Bournemouth should yield three points; while we completely outplayed a meek Doncaster side the last time we visited the Keepmoat.

So Leeds fans should expect plenty of points from these six new ties as Brian McDermott gathers a stronger squad ready for promotion.

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  1. Tare

    Watford away then in meaningless game I disagree ’cause players in White shirts has something to prove towards next season so hold your horses. Tare

  2. Ev

    Actually newly promoted sides can cause upsets…as we know only too well !

  3. Tare

    Wigan in Europe and in CS well there is noew successful Manager to deal with. CP/Watford well either of those then no parachute money effect because CS is a different kind of league. Ask Wolves e.g. coming down with coat open means ” I am asking for trouble” so window is open for the Whites and why not?


  4. Exiled White

    Nothing can be taken for granted. The form book can be torn up. On paper, blah blah blah etc, but the proof is on the pitch at full time. We expect Leeds to take points off certain teams, but it doesn’t always go to plan. Watching Leeds should come with a health warning! Can’t stand yeovil and I hope they get a hammering off Leeds. And everyone else and they go back down.

  5. Joe W

    “How times have changed and even if the Latics lose Roberto Martinez this summer they’re strong contenders for promotion and likely to see us off at the DW.”

    Have to say I completely disagree. Wigan are a small club with a very average team and a manager who’s about to leave. They’re not going to ‘do a wolves’ but sneaking into the playoffs should be the limit of their ambition.

    The teams we will compete with, if we’re even at the races, will be Bolton, Leicester, Forest, and whoever doesn’t go up in the playoff final. Watford losing might be ideal, as they wouldn’t be able to keep half of this year’s star players and might take a little whie to get back to where they are now. However, I rate Zola as a manager above Holloway.

  6. old goat

    Wouldn’t take anybody for granted at this stage of the year and certainly wouldn’t take the three promoted clubs for granted. For the relegated clubs, the parachute payments – £16m a year for the next three years is it not? – is a hell of a war chest and is probably close to our annual wage bill for the entire squad. Those relegated clubs who suffer tend to be the ones who have already spent the money before they come down or who need it to service debts already incurred. Both Reading and Wigan (with or without Martinez) appear to have avoided extravagance in their last season in the Prem. QPR look more a case for financial implosion but none of us know how much more money Fernandez is likely to put in. He may go for broke and damn the long-term consequences.

    Talking of foreign owners, wouldn’t be overly surprised at trouble ahead at Leicester and/or Forest, not that I wish either of them any ill. The guy at Leics has sunk a bundle into the club this past two or three years and has nothing to show for it. Will he cut and run? Meanwhile I reckon the Kuwaiti guy at Forest will poke his nose into things more than a British owner might and may end up with blood on the carpet.

    Palace (promoted or not) will be without Zaha and Murray. For Watford, who I accept are operating entirely within the rules at the moment, the foreign loan player loophole has to come under official scrutiny sometime in the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile, what a pity about our old mate Andros Townsend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. Matthew

    Personally I think we’l do well against the 3 relegated teams from the Prem, we did well against a decent QPR side on their promotion season, Wigan, well Wigan.. I think we’l probably get a win and a draw from them. Reading, well being a relegated side, they’l still be carrying the relegation blues with the desire to go straight back up above all else. This can be exploited.

    Bournemouth, no problem. Doncaster, no problem, Yeovil, fucking easy.

    • spellz

      You’re to optimistic for my liking, rule one of the championship : do not take any team for granted.

      • Matthew

        Rule two, most teams in this division are shit, the key to winning games is to simply be more consistent and grind out the results. With the right manager and support, I have faith Brian Mc will get results against the teams I quoted :P

        Anyways, I’m optimistic mostly in general lol

      • spellz

        Oh yeah it is good to be optimistic in general don’t get me wrong, football though, you say the newly promoted teams will be a breeze, I just think we should not be complacent with any teams next season as we need to be on our highest game if we want to reach the promised land.

        Also I think we should feel we can beat these teams, it’s just saying they are shit that I disagreed with I believe every game will be a tough task as the standings showed little points between playoffs and relegation this year, so Iike you I hope we get all 18 points from the newly promoted but like I first posted lets just not take them for granted.

        Stay positive though mostly in general :)
        Mc D will steer the ship in the right direction.

      • Matthew

        That being said, though I didn’t mean to imply they would be a breeze, I think we should get results in our favour against them. Our major problem is consistency, one moment we’re ontop of the world, the next we’re scraping the barrel against bottom tier teams.

        It’s really killed us last season, we haven’t been a great team, but haven’t been a bad team either. We got results but at the same time threw them away against lesser sides. And if next season is like last in regards to points required to get playoffs/auto, I have faith we’l be in and around that area with consistency.

        No team in this league stood out as being hugely above the rest, the standard of football displayed by us even was poor. I think had we not had Warnock as a manager and had Brian Mc, we likely would of got a playoff place even.

        With Watford currently under a transfer embargo, we can only hope they’re one of our first games, anyways, lets just hope things go well next season. We deserve something to cheer about, this season could be our season lol

        Also spending a lot of money doesn’t guarentee success, you just need the right players.

      • spellz

        Spot on I echo your whole statement, anyway onwards and upwards I cant wait for August. it is going to be eye opening, entering our new era of staff and the board, lets just hope we have made the right choices at the club and for once and we can have a decent go at challenging for the top spots, especially as like you said bar Cardiff no one really stood out last season.

      • Irving08

        eathew: On what do you base your assessment of the quality of the teams in our Division ?

        My judgement, for what it is worth, is that the standard is rather high.

        As supporting evidence I would adduce the record of a number of the teams that have gone up in recent years.

        In addition, while defending may have suffered as a result of changes in the laws together with ‘entertainment’ imperative, general culture, there were impressive creative and attacking skills on show in a good number of the teams I have seen at Elland Road in recent seasons.

        My expectation is that next season will be as tough as previous seasons. Watford – provided they keep Vydra etc – will be an even more formidable force than last season; while QPR under Redknapp will be a tough proposition…..Notts Forest will be quick out of the blocks, likewise Bolton with their excellent manager. And if McManaman and one or two others stay with Wigan, they could confound pessimistic prognoses.

        I think we will do well to finish in the top 6, absent a really big signing or two. At any rate, I’d settle for that now, as they say.

      • Matthew

        I can’t think of any one team that has been promoted this season on the back of superb football, not one team has stood out above the rest as being a superior footballing side, not one has basically laid waste to this division. This is one of few seasons in the Championship where 3 teams that I would hardly call brilliant have gone up.

        The standard of football isn’t high, infact we’ve beaten and lost against teams that have displayed a poor standard of football, by playing just as bad ourselves.

        What creative and attacking teams would those be Irving? Bolton weren’t amazing, Charlton kinda sucked, Blackburn weren’t anything special, I could go on there.

        Infact we had a decent home record last season, despite playing poor football. We’re quite a ways away from having a strong promotion capable team but still managed to string together 13 wins at home lol.

        Point being, no one in this league is better than the rest. Including us, we’re still in this division because of the lack of investment, not the fault of the club at all. If we had people who gave a shit about the club running us, we would be in the Premier league.

      • Matthew

        Oh and believe me, I’m not being negative there for the sake of being negative. I just see this team as being far from the finished product and essentially we’re underperforming in a huge way.

        I’ve lost count the amount of games we could of won against poor teams with the right players last season. And not players that would cost us millions, simply players that would strengthen in obvious weak areas that have been created through the lack of investment.

        We don’t belong in this league, this is mostly my point. The Leeds United name belongs in the highest league of English football, we’re in the Championship because we’re not being ran the way we should be and nothing more.

        I honestly and sincerely hope Brian Mc is backed properly in the transfer window.

      • Irving08

        Leicester, Middlesborough, Watford, Palace, Barnsley, Brighton all impressed me with their attacking abilities. We beat three of these teams, but that was with Becchio in our side; I would not back us to do the same next season without an adequate replacement for him.
        I think the top 6 this season were better than the rest. We have to face three of them again next season. The relegated clubs will be more competitive I believe than than this season’s. We should be better; but it is going to be very tough.

      • Matthew

        Middlesbrough, really? lol Palace too? Take away Zaha and they’re half the team they’re claiming to be. Barnsley, well thats just funny.

        Middlesborough did, and played worse than us.

  8. PMH

    Lots of wishful thinking here. We can expect that the Championship will be very competitive, as it always is. Away points will have to be earned the hard way, by playing better than the opposing team, who will be highly motivated to beat Leeds United.

  9. spellz

    Palace are up which winds me up so much as my best mate supports them and I have seen us battle with them every time we come to london as that is where I live close to selhurst park, even saw the funny moment Thomas Brolin got a head injury bandaged him up for him to come back on and one of our boys booted the ball smack bang on his nugget for a second time minutes later lol, good luck to them anyway.

    As for our season in August I do hope we can find some concrete form under McD and give newly relegated and promoted teams a run for their money I do look forward to seeing who we bring in for the summer period, to really assess our chances. M.O.T.


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