Leeds United’s end of season members events could be a little more entertaining following the appointment of Brian McDermott.

In a 2012 interview with The Independent the new Leeds United manager told about his rockstar credentials;

Diouf and McDermott“I play guitar. I just listen to a bit of music, it can be anything. It can be absolutely anything: old-school U2, Oasis, or I can listen to Black Eyed Peas, I listen to anything. I play on my own. I’ve played in front of a few people before, for fun. Just on an acoustic guitar. I played at the end-of-season do. I’ll never ask any of the players to do anything I wouldn’t do myself – they go up and sing so I’ll go and play. I make up my own songs but I will do a bit of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan because you can make up whatever words you like to that.”

And here he is, performing the Dylan classic –

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  1. Anthony Dickinson

    Looks like the McDermott PR machine is rolling through! We’re not bothered if he’s southern, bald or needs glasses, as long he plays some mean football (Yes, I am mullering a classic Who song here but as long it’s not a case of the new boss being the same as the old boss, then we won’t get fooled again!)

  2. Matthew

    I genuinely hope GFH C don’t let this man down. He’s everything we need from a manager and more.

  3. Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    Already loving McDermott, think he will be a good manager and can tell by the picture of him talking to Diouf that he will create the right atmosphere for the players to play without fear. Im really confident he is the man to take us forward and fair play for coming in the last 5 games when we are starting to wobble a bit. He’s not all Mr serious either and think we should get behind him and stop our pessimism for a bit as at least he will save on scouts for next season. lol MOT welcome to Leeds Brian : )

  4. RoystonLufc

    Well, at least we have someone else for the “Leeds fans” to whinge about. After losing Warnock and Bates (almost) it’s been a tough time for our glorious fanbase. No-one to criticise, no more excuses to stay at home on Saturday afternoon and whinge about how bad it all is. So now you have someone new to moan about – a new excuse to stay at home and mow the lawn. How about starting a “McDermott out” campaign right now, before he’s even started? I’m sure that will keep the Leeds “fans” from LUST happy.

    • Mikelufc

      Let me get this straight! You think Leeds fans have not had anything to complain about and they are just whingers and not Leeds fans at all, real leeds fans just take whatever shit is thrown at them and spend all there spare cash on rubbish football and accept whatever garbage comes out of the mouths of Bates and warnock?
      Well I say if these dingbat fans had chosen not to support that regime we would be in a better place much quickerthan we have. are you secretly a membr of bates family?

      Now we do have a manager and something to be confident about n I am sure most of the fans you are deriding will now fully support the club again,and maybe it will now be time for you to follow warnock wherever he goes next.

  5. kev raunds

    get behind this man,i honestly believe he is right for the job but he needs good support from us and the owners

  6. Reiver

    He’s just gone up in my estimation. I just hope GFH give him a fair shake.

  7. henrymouni

    Looking forward to the Summer, and next season!

    He wants the team to pass the ball, to each other!

    I love him!

  8. Sharron Pamler

    he looks like a egg
    23k fans for a yorkshire derby and 3k fans was away swfc away fans wank leeds worse support weve ever seen.sheff utd bigger than you and only 1 team in leeds very poor fanbase,its a rugby city nowadays

  9. Sharron Pamler

    The game should have been a 2–2 drew thats the way it gones some times.If that 1 gos in off the post like leeds did ITS 2-2.Went to millwall last tuesday night and saw the massive win with last min goal,so im not that upset.
    But would not swap that what i saw at leeds for the massive very poor fanbase 23k for a yorkshire derby and only 1 team in leeds ha ha shows you how poor they are,leeds also got the same v hudderfield and only avg 21k fans this season to our 24.500 and we also have sheff utd in the city who avg 18,500 in league1.
    leeds rugby city


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