Brian McDermott’s first press conference as the new Whites manager from Leeds United’s official YouTube channel.

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  1. spellz

    I want a team that can pass the ball and keep it and a team that can score goals, we want to entertain the fans but more importantly get results, breath of fresh air to hear the words pass the ball, I am sure that was a subtle dig at NW’s hoofball style (HA HA).

    I think he represents himself well he looks like a very serious character which might reflect well on the current squad of jokers we have at the moment, I am a little worried at him when asked the question of investment replying “I am here on a lot of goodwill” Im not too sure what to make of that but even if he does not get a big purse to spend in the summer he did it at reading on a shoe string budget so his credentials are there to see.

    All we need to focus on is securing our place in the championship this season and hopefully Mc D can use his expertise to muster some kind of assault next season on the title race, good luck sir it will be a tough task given the stature of our club we will always expect. M.O.T

  2. Reiver

    Good luck Brian. Let’s hope you’re given the backing to get on with the job.

  3. DrD

    Good luck McDermot. There is no money and you have to sell your top players. That is clear. We desperately need a new owner.

    • Leeds Man

      What best players have we sold under GFH apart from Becchio where we came off the better?

      • Judy

        How did we come off better? Morison has been a disaster! We are in a relegation fight because the goals dried up when Becchio left.

      • TSS

        Morison was an excellent striker for Millwall, the trouble is, he never suited Warnock’s hoofball system – Becchio did.

        Worse still, Becchio was the only player we had who did suit hoofball, it’s the perfect kind of football for him, precisely why he scored so many this season and now can’t score for Norwich, it’s also why he scored less under SG.

        Becchio didn’t become prolific overnight, the system changed and it suited him. Certain strikers suit certain systems. It’s exactly why Torres was shit for Chelsea.

  4. Martin Badger Chadwick

    i think mcdermott is a great appointment but some comments in that conference worried me such as “we need investment in this club but its what happens on the green bit that counts” i took that to mean get promoted or get no money.

    also when brain said ” i lost big players at reading and learnt one player doesn’t make the team” i took that has Sam byram is already sold.

    But on the bright side (which i know us Leeds fans aint had much of in the last 8 years so struggle to see sometimes) i did like the quote “we were 18 points behind Southampton but still went on to win the league, its about the mentality of the team” which makes me think we could actually see some football we can sing about from the terraces again.

    but the biggest arguing point for me is he has a 3 year contract! is that a 3 year commitment from the club to get us back to the promised land or is that a big payout for the club if he fails next year? for GFH to take that gamble i think they gonna put the money up for players too?

    there was a brief mention of “young names we not heard of yet” which says focus is on youth developmental and not buying in new players but erm ….wait a min…. didnt our youth just win the u18 league?

  5. Garforth White

    Seemed a very strained press conference, reporters struggling to ask questions. Im more than happy tho with Mcdermott, the right man for the job methinks.

  6. Nick S

    Shaun Harvey is about as good at public speaking as he is at bringing in the big name signings….

  7. 1Leeds_Lad

    Good “luck” to McDermott, he is going to need plenty ! …… The only thing that is clear from the press conference is that the club is in turmoil with no player funding and no committmet to keeping our emerging talent.


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