2013-14 home kitAnother season, another Leeds United kit launch, another mixed reaction from fans.

Following two days of Leeds United posting teaser shots to Twitter – none of which gave much away – today finally saw the new kit unveiled.

An enormous blue and yellow racing stripe down the centre wouldn’t have been a design recommendation I’d have lobbied for, but for reasons I can’t explain, I actually quite like Macron’s latest effort.

“Leeds United’s home kit should be entirely white” argue many fans, and I do agree our best kits (like the ’72 Cup final shirt) have been entirely white. But if people want to make this a purist argument based on club colours and history, Leeds United’s home kit should really be blue and yellow, as per the city’s crest and the club badge. Don Revie introduced the white to copy Real Madrid in a move not dissimilar to the one Cardiff City’s owners pulled last season.

We’re probably more associated with white than blue and yellow these days, but the trouble with an entirely white kit is there’s absolutely nothing you can do from a design perspective. The only thing that would ever change is the sponsors, no one is going to pay £43 to keep up with the new sponsors each season.

And it’s not as if the entire fanbase despise the new kit. Seems to me that the latest kit is no different to the reception every kit gets – some like it, some don’t. I doubt there’s ever been a Leeds United kit which pleased everyone.

If nothing else, the go-faster stripes should at least improve Michael Brown’s speed.

2013/14 Home Kit

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