2013-14 home kitAnother season, another Leeds United kit launch, another mixed reaction from fans.

Following two days of Leeds United posting teaser shots to Twitter – none of which gave much away – today finally saw the new kit unveiled.

An enormous blue and yellow racing stripe down the centre wouldn’t have been a design recommendation I’d have lobbied for, but for reasons I can’t explain, I actually quite like Macron’s latest effort.

“Leeds United’s home kit should be entirely white” argue many fans, and I do agree our best kits (like the ’72 Cup final shirt) have been entirely white. But if people want to make this a purist argument based on club colours and history, Leeds United’s home kit should really be blue and yellow, as per the city’s crest and the club badge. Don Revie introduced the white to copy Real Madrid in a move not dissimilar to the one Cardiff City’s owners pulled last season.

We’re probably more associated with white than blue and yellow these days, but the trouble with an entirely white kit is there’s absolutely nothing you can do from a design perspective. The only thing that would ever change is the sponsors, no one is going to pay £43 to keep up with the new sponsors each season.

And it’s not as if the entire fanbase despise the new kit. Seems to me that the latest kit is no different to the reception every kit gets – some like it, some don’t. I doubt there’s ever been a Leeds United kit which pleased everyone.

If nothing else, the go-faster stripes should at least improve Michael Brown’s speed.

2013/14 Home Kit

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  1. whitesoldier

    Don’t agree about Spurs and Swansea stay white and it does’nt stop them selling shirts!

  2. kev raunds

    New kit ok,but why is Paddy Kenny modelling the new keepers kit on the official club site,does he seriously think he will still be at the club next season.Get real Ashdown clear favourite,as for making brown run faster,its a stripe no a friggin jet pack.Cmon you stripey whites MOT

    • Jumblatts

      I wonder if Alex McCarthy will be on his way back to elland road this season, played under McD at reading, and we will be in the same division next time, same can be said for Adam Le Fondre. Splash the cash GFH

      • kev raunds

        Agree GFH need to spend and back the manager,i think given the right backing he will do a good job for us.MOT

      • Matthew

        I don’t think we’l get either player personally, they would cost too much. I would prefer McCarthy to Kenny but am happy with either.

        Realistic expectations guys. Reading are back in our division soon, they won’t loan a good keeper out for the season lol

  3. MattK

    It just looks too cluttered, even removing the blue from the arms and collar might help. The logos on the shoulders plus the oversize Macron logo make everything too cramped and busy. There’s ways to alter the kit for sales without having to get all radical just so the designer can earn his money’s worth. Real Madrid or even Valencia don’t feel the need.

    Don’t really give a monkeys as I don’t buy every year’s kit, but somehow it just brings to mind a league one team or someone else’s away kit- it’s like the white is being minimalised as much as possible, rather than it being the signature feature. Doesn’t ‘feel’ like a Leeds homekit somehow.

      • TSS

        Current away kit (blue one) becomes the third kit, the glow-in-the-dark monstrosity (current third kit) will be discontinued and a new away shirt will be introduced.

        Same thing happens every year, the third kit allows clubs to introduce a new shirt every season.

  4. gistheman

    For me personally I like it.
    As for McCarthy at Elland rd next season now that would be nice and may be we could have mcCormak and poleon upfront along with hall and byram down the wings on sat. We could give young Lewis ago at right back

    • Irving08

      McCarthy would be an excellent signing. But I suspect we will get a centre back with height instead – which would be my priority. I doubt very much that either Poleon or Hall are good enough for a promotion chasing team. We need two midfield players (Austin, Tongue and Norris, I am afraid, just won’t do, at least for starting places); a front man with legs who can take the ball on as well as score goals; and a clever wide man, who can create. So five in all…..yet how do we fund them ?

  5. Matthew

    The close up to me on Byrams name suggests GFH wanting to reassure the fans that Byram will still be here next season.

    In all seriousness, anyone wanting his name on the back of the shirt would be better off waiting until the final day/few days of the Summer transfer window, incase he gets sold lol

  6. Paul Stringer

    When does Macrons deal run out ? Piss poor and they must easily have made eight out of ten of our worst shirts ever. Macron is another product of the Bates era, hopefully soon to be over

  7. Christian Lawley

    I like it. Sure it’s been done before but I’m pretty sure most kit designs have. I’d rather them come up with something like this than just plain white season after season. I get the shirt every season and it feels a bit more worthwhile spending my money on it know that they’ve at least made some changes.

  8. Matthew

    I don’t think it would be entirely incorrect to blame Ken Bates for the kit, had he supported Grayson in the 10/11 Season, when the transfer window opened, we were 4th on Jan 1st, with 41 points and 25 games played with a fantastic squad of players, Howson, Snoddy, Gradel, Becchio etc. With just a TINY bit of money needed to boost the squad in said window, we likely would of pushed into the two top EASILY. And had we been promoted in that season, we might of had a better shirt producer lol

    So yeah. Fuck Ken Bates for not investing in the most perfect chance we had to get into the playoffs/auto spot at the very least.

    • Irving08

      It must have been a close thing Mathew, whether to fund the team or hold back so as to proceed with the various ground/estate developments. Bates admits to mistakes – it would be interesting to know if he now thinks he made the wrong call at that time. From a business point of view, he probably thinks he did OK: his co-investors have got their money back (which is what the failed administration was all about), with a modest profit one assumes, but in his heart he must know that he could have done much better, not just for them, but for all of us.
      What I’d like to know is why he kept the door open for GFH Capital last summer – and why he thinks they are the best people to carry forward his work. Like Bates, I too had decided by October (after the Watford shambles and his response to it) that Warnock was not the man – at the time I said here that he should be ‘carpeted’ – yet he allowed GFH effectively to veto any move to send him on his way. Yet personally I believe Warnock has been a disaster for the club – and not just in the short term, I fear.

    • PompeyWhite

      shouldn’t we just say Fuck Ken Bates anyway-? We’ll still be blaming him in 10 years time- I will anyway

  9. WhiteMagic

    I think this photo makes it look better than it really is when fully viewed. If you look at the thumbs up and down on the YEP’s online article about 80% of fans HATE it and many of them will not buy it…including me! Its a joke with that stripe! We are the Whites…poor Don must be turning in his grave! Why the hell don’t the marketing dept at LUFC put forward a handful of designs to a fan panel to be voted on rather than bring out tripe like this! This kit looks cheap…and the team will feel cheap in it…

  10. spellz

    Its okaaay, Im not a big fan of the stripe but as long as the players are happy and feel comfortable then hopefully they will play well and thats all that matters as the fans will be cheering from the stands, you never know maybe the stripe may help the players pick out each other easier and we would have never known it was the stripe that did it
    (wishful thinking eh) haha.

  11. henrymouni

    It looks OK to me.

    Shirts will not win promotion.

    A great team and poor shirts will do for me.

    Sneak preview of the away kit!

  12. Ev

    This strip just makes us appear like all the other 2 bob teams… The designers don’t understand what Leeds united means…. We arnt west brom !!! Go watch videos on don revies Leeds then revisit the design! Thanks

  13. Richard

    Not the best but not overly bad, i like Leeds in white with a bit of blue and yellow.

  14. PMH

    Seems OK to me, but I’ll let you know for sure at the end of next season. If we get promoted I will adore it.

  15. PMH

    Want to add that the point of annual new kit is to make the old kit redundant so fans have to go spend more cash. Those of us who want the “classic” look every season are always going to be disappointed.

    • Matthew

      Fans don’t have to spend more cash if they don’t want too. No ones forcing you to buy every new kit. Just buy it when you can afford to do so. Problem solved.

      That being said, kit sales help bring in additional revenue to the club. Every time you watch the team live at Elland Road, or buy a kit, you’re supporting the club.

      • PMH

        I agree that more money is better than less money! LUFC could always use more, so buy some stuff!

  16. Crangy92

    Not really bothered as long as the team perform. Although, given a choice I would prefer a Leeds united team to be kitted out in a more traditional kit, without the go faster stripe down the centre of the shirt.


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