Neil WarnockNeil Warnock all but resigned as Leeds United manager tonight, admitting that he won’t be in charge for the next game and suggesting the club should appoint an interim manager immediately.

A 2-1 home defeat to Derby County was Leeds’ 6th consecutive game without a win and the Elland Road Kop vocally projected their disapproval with chants of “time to go” at the final whistle.

Warnock was late to his post-match interview with Yorkshire Radio, finally taking to the air around 8pm and admitting the play-offs were no longer a realistic aim.

While most fans would concede that Neil Warnock oversaw a difficult period in Leeds United’s history, there’s no getting away from the fact that the team he assembled simply isn’t good enough.

Whether Warnock had the funds to mount a serious play-off challenge is open to debate, but he did bring in an awful lot of players during his spell at Elland Road, very few of which can be considered a success story.

Leeds United start their search for a new manager with the club now closer (on points) to the relegation zone than they are the play-off places. A poll of over 2,000 fans conducted by The Scratching Shed found 36% would like to see Martin O’Neill replace Neil Warnock while 31% said they want Gus Poyet.

Update (21:02) – Leeds United have confirmed Neil Warnock’s departure with Neil Redfearn taking charge on a temporary basis. Full statement here

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  1. gloucester white

    Can only hope that the news is true and that this isn’t some desperate attempt at getting a vote of confidence from the owners. Don’t care who comes in as long as we stop playing hoofball and varney/Austin/brown in the first team.

  2. Mordecai Normanton

    I will believe it when I see it, please God it,s true time to go

  3. Garforth White

    About time, ive had enough, i wanted him to do well but it just hasnt happened. No knee jerk appointments tho, we need funds more than a good manager atm.

  4. adam

    whoever manages this club will fail until significant investment is made in the playing staff.

    • Ron

      Exactly. We should be singing time to go to these Arab imposters. Everyone, including Neil Warnock have been dudded by them. Another Summer of discontent and uncertainty awaits……..F&£&£@&£&£Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Matthew

    Looking at the table, I’m worried he has dragged us into a potential relegation battle. If we don’t win at least 1-2 of our final games, we could be looking at league 1 next season. Fuck it’s worrying..

    • Irving08

      Mathew, you are right. Shameful of Warnock to walk away from it now.

      • mikelufc

        It might be shameful on his part but it is tremendously hopeful on our part.
        No one could do worse, and I think we will see a rapid change, the plaers must have been as down as we all were.
        The future starts here, go for it Neil

  6. PeterT

    awful lot of players being the appropriate phrase

    Green only exception for me

  7. Northumberland LUFC

    About time, Please please let this be the beginning of the end of a long long nightmare.

    • jeswhite

      it”ll be a recurring nightmare until the asset-stripping cowboys running the club are still there …

      • TSS

        Asset-stripping? What assets? Bates sold everything we had left…

  8. Elmerfudd

    Significant investment aside Warnock has been an abject failure, tactics man management, accountability all in question and nearly all the players he brought in we’re players he has wanted at one time or another through his career so no fault of the board their. He condemnation of Ross earlier in the season and then of Tom Lees on Saturday show the true mark of the man. Good riddance to a footballing dinosaur…

  9. dave

    all i can say is about bloody time too,
    the drop is very close now we need something to immediately improve the squad, may as well play the development squad with mccormack, lees, byram and terminate the rest’s contract.
    lets see which muppet we get now

  10. DeterminationPersonified

    The right decision for all concerned and probably could have been made a few games ago. At this stage, I just want to thank Neil for his undoubted hard work but it just hasn’t worked out for either of us. All the very best to you and your family in your retirement.

  11. Geoffrey Dinsdale

    can someone please make sure neil warnock catches the train out of leeds. now lets see if the new backers get their cheque book out for a good manager but NOT mark hughes.

  12. paulC

    The phrase ‘all but’ is important here. Warnock has been dropping hints , almost daring GFH to sack him in recent weeks. He wants out , its obvious . I listened to his interview on Yorkshire Radio , he was using phrases such as ‘ the owners should’ Warnock is asking GFH to sack him . Warnock most definately DID NOT say he had resigned.
    I suspect that If he resigns – No loyalty bonus for him or his staff. If he is sacked … Kerr Ching ££££!!!! The decision on whether Warnock is manager for the next game is GFHs

  13. pukka

    investors my arse lets see them invest is all they have done is sell sell sell and lets get bates out as well

  14. Irving08

    So he has thrown in the towel again has he ? Hardly officer stuff. I said a year ago upon returning from the Derby defeat that I wouldn’t want him commanding me in a tight corner. A leader doesn’t desert his men when the going gets tough. I don’t think it’s the wife either. He just seems to be that sort of man and manager: it’s all or nothing with him.

    • Irving08

      Another manager who quits when things don’t go his way – no thanks.

      • Max

        I don’t think O’Neill’s coming anyhow, but just to point out he spent 5 years at Wycombe, 4.5 at Leicester, 5 at Celtic (win rate 74%), 4 at Villa and was 18 months into a 3 year contract at Sunderland when he was fired. There’s one example of him walking out after a short period – at Norwich – and that was over being allowed to buy players, I wish some of our recent managers had had that much spine.

      • Irving08

        I was thinking of him leaving Villa in lurch just before the season started for reasons, I believe, similar to those that led him to leave Norwich. But thanks for the corrective.

  15. Irish_White

    He said when he Sheffield United boss, about if he had the chance to manage Sheffield Wednesday:

    “As long as the whole of my salary was paid within 28 days, I would buy
    so many tosspots – although, come to think of it, their current squad
    would do – and fuck ‘em up so badly. Then I’d retire to Cornwall and
    spend the rest of my life laughing my fucking head off.”

    Think he meant this about us, our squad is actually worse now than when he took over. We are bit more solid at the back but our midfield is terrible would ‘nt keep any of them and we have lost a proven scorer at this leve and brought in one who is either not fit or just has no confidence. Only bright point is the fact Warnock has’nt had the chance (time) to ruin our upcoming young players who are the future.

  16. walt kelly

    at last he,s gone please don,t replace one muppet with another [hughes]

    • LEE DaviS

      Well said, I hope we also don’t get that other Muppet Martin O’Neill, Failed and lost the plot at Sunderland and spent all them Millions playing BORING! NEGATIVE! CLUELESS! Football, That’s why they are on the way down. Why should we go for managers that have failed at other clubs. Poyet it as to be..He is a success and as Brighton playing some good football…!!!!

      • Max

        O’Neill’s done well elsewhere, on limited resources. He’s also a decent bloke.

        Poyet – I think he’d soon leave if he had a better offer, and why leave Brighton? Reasonably well funded these days, decent crowds, good stadium. Not sure he’d see Leeds as a better bet right now.

        Hughes – on one hand, I’m not a fan. On the other it might be worth it to see the look on Paddy Kenny’s face.

        Keane, Southgate – please no. Unless the former is Robbie.

        Lambert will probably be available at the end of the season, maybe a few others as well.

  17. walt kelly

    please please take our time over the next manager let,s get it right this time bates why don,t you follow warnock and catch the next flight out and don,t bother comming back this club is still bigger than you,ll ever be batesey

  18. SnifferClarkefan

    I know investment has been poor but can you honestly say that every team above Leeds in the Championship has had better investment than us and that our only problem is money? Look at the likes of Watford and Forest. Lesser teams than us are doing better.

    • Joshua Hughes

      Both Forest and Watford have big backers but it is true that to get promoted you need a cohesion from board down to players and the opposite of this is true at Leeds to the extent that we are now facing a relegation battle.

    • Tyler75

      Watford have a shed load of top quality Serie A imports thanks to the loophole they found and Forest have spent a lot of money in Championship terms, on the likes of Henri Lansbury.

  19. henrymouni

    The owners seem to have left, ahead of NW.
    Their silence is deafening!
    The worrying thing is that Derby were terrible. and they still beat us!!
    It was almost as if the Leeds players were doing it on purpose??
    Diouf walked around waiting for someone to pinch the ball off him.
    His legs are already on their holidays.
    Varney and ‘we got the best of the deal’ Morisson, were diabolical.
    Austin plays in a daze, and cannot pass to save his life.
    Green did ok, as did Chris Dawson. Fancy having to make your debut in a team like that??
    I wonder if we will hear from the owners now?

  20. Craig

    When will clubs realise that they must invest in the team? So much money is thrown at loaned players salaries, with no commitment or passion. And then throw a load of young kids on the pitch who’s only strength is speed! A trait instilled long before Warnock. Another season, another few managers and still no hope.

  21. Chris Durnin

    When he came in he was expected to work the NEW MANAGER MAGIC in getting a top half team into a playoff position but almost immediately started to bitch about his inherited players being not good enough to wear the shirt and undermining the (albeit unlikely) chance of completing his task. At that point due to lack of funds and lack of interest from the previous chairman he was left to his own devices to bring in any player who had previously done a job for him ar someone else at that level and asembled a squad with more experience but no more talent, more “nous”, but no more energy, under a management regime with increasingly out of date football philosophy. Stop bitcihng about our more promising players making a little fuck up and accept that your time has gone Neil, you tried, you failed, cheers for trying but you should have taken a smaller job to complete the fairytale. C’mon GFH, ACT!!!! better to regret things you do than things you don’t…….p.s. I wouldn’t mind owen coyle as long as he wears long trousers in the dugout otherwise Gus Poyet but theres little chance of that I guess.

  22. kev raunds

    thank fuck for that,lets get behind redfearn for the rest of the season.well done chris dawson good first game,proves we have good kids coming through,lets not waste them.mot

  23. Cardiff going up

    I’d make Diouf manager,he has a history of playing Dirty so could carry on the Leeds way!

    • henrymouni

      Congrats on your promotion!
      You have been knocking on the door for a while.
      Visit us next year – but call yourself ‘Cardiff going down’.
      Sad but true!

  24. ian

    In 42 years of supporting Leeds United I have never come to despise a manager so much!

    I didn’t like Warnock when he was appointed, but I could see the logic and his record stood for itself.

    He assembled a team that is as unconvincing as himself. Every failure was anyone else’s fault, but his own. The referee, our top goal scorer’s attitude, the fans, this player or that player. His inability to display any coherent team selection, tactics or substitutions was only out done by his ability to lay blame on anyone else but himself.

    He disassembled Grayson’s team spending more money than any other manager had been given in many, many years.

    I am glad to see the back of him, but I would have had more respect if he had seen the season out, instead of quitting with HIS team just above the relegation zone and leaving others to pick up the pieces of his divisive and shambolic reign. A mark of the man.

    Good riddance Colin, I expext to read all about the reasons for your failure in the inevitable book that such a self serving, dellusional individual as yourself is destined to write. I don’t think you will fool the Leeds fan’s with this anticipated drivel and self gratification.


    • Irving08

      Well said Sir.
      As I understand it, he all but threw the towel in at Sheffield United, when he could not get what he wanted; they then went down. To this day he blames their relegation on WHU’s Tevez fiddle; informed people blame him for going ‘gung ho’ in a crucial late game, when all they needed was a draw. He doesn’t seem to understand that football like life is, as often as not, a matter of accumulation by small gains. Or is this because of the conditions under which he came here ?

  25. Exiled White

    That’s warnock gone. Get bates out the door and take gfh with him and start from scratch. Please do not let mark hughes through the door. We need him like a condom needs a hole in the end.

  26. Tyler75

    It hasn’t been easy for Warnock with the extended takeover scuppering any chance of building properly in pre-season – a more inexperienced Manager would have crumbled but he didn’t and kept his (and our) heads up during a period of massive uncertainty and we shouldn’t forget that.
    However footballing-wise ( the cup wins apart) we’ve been truly woeful this season in what has been a desperately poor Championship; we’ve not even been good at Warnock’s preferred direct football, in fact the only times we’ve looked a half-decent side has been on the very rare occasion when we’ve actually tried to pass the ball. The U-18’s won their League with possession, passing football – it must have been a hell of a shock to Chris Dawson today stepping into a side that’s forgotten how to pass the ball.

  27. Max

    I can’t remember feeling as angry at the end of a game as I did today.

    Warnock – well, it’s not all his fault (but good riddance nonetheless). Bates asset stripped the club, which is going to have to go through the next couple of seasons with much of the season ticket revenue mortgaged away, and with the best players over the last few years sold off, in both cases to protect Bates’ position so that he could maximise his return without actually investing anything. At the same time “you won’t see Premiership football without paying Premiership prices” – a statement which should have those that run the Football League drummed out of their jobs.

    Warnock spent what money he had on journeymen, whom he then felt he absolutely had to play, at the expense of better players and of blooding the youth players (though admittedly that might well have got us as far as it got Eddie Gray in his first stint – you need to buy in key players – both Revie and Wilkinson proved that). But I think ultimately he was more loyal to those players that to the club, and more than they deserved.

    Varney in particular was shocking today, I have no idea what he does on the football pitch except commit dodgy fouls. Pearce looked, well rusty, not that he is a superstar when on form. Seeing Norris and Tonge on the bench, along with (help us) Habibou and Brown, just illustrates the level of mess that any incoming manager will have to clean up. Counting Rachubka and Pugh, there are 2 years of Lidl/Aldi supermarket sweeps’ worth of players to clean out.

    And that clean up may well happen from League 1, once more. 5 games off relegation and most below with a game in hand. Gwyn “take the credit when it goes well, point fingers when it goes wrong” Williams in joint charge? Gwyn Williams’ fingerprints are all over the last 8 years, why is he still even around? Leeds are in danger of making Blackburn look competently run,

    • mrbigwheels

      The irony is, had Warnock been given £6m in the summer we would be looking at a team including Snodgrass and a manager guiding us into the top two places, We would have had none of the Warnock speel and very little of the devils tantrums.

      As is stated on here… ”it’s all or nothing with him” and I’m afraid we got the nothing.

  28. Matthew

    it’s too early to celebrate though lads, we still have to avoid relegation, this season isn’t over, and thanks to our former manager, we’re going to be drawn into the relegation zone if we don’t start winning games.

    Look at the table.

  29. Might Blue use to be a White

    There are too many Championship manager on this site. All of them have immense knowledge and experience. They could easily win promotion with the team that NW had at his disposal. The point is the that despite all the barrack room lawyers, this team, with the meagre investment that was in place were never good enough. Don’t blame Warnock, he can do it every time, blame Bates, Harvey, GFH. They are the culprits. Warnock is the innocent!!!!!!!!!

    • mikelufc

      DICKHEAD! Twice over.
      and I do not approve of personal abuse on forums bt you are truly a dickhead.

      • Psycho

        Until you wake up and know what you are talking about you should keep your abusive, comments to yourself. You are obviously not a thinking man. May be you are not even a man

      • mikelufc

        You appear to have the correct name lad, are you the one who thinks warnock should not be blamed?

  30. PMH

    In the Championship the difference between winning and losing is a very fine one. LUFC have built a team that is just slightly on the wrong side of the line. The basic cause of the problem was too little money too late, and not Warnock’s managerial ability. Obviously, some fans think that a tactical tweak here and there would have made the difference. I don’t agree. This side has mid table talent, and that is what we got out of them. In particular, I think it is ridiculous to expect flowing ball-control football from a team that has played together for a couple of months. If you want to be like Swansea you will have to run your team like Swansea. That means a long term plan and a steady hand … and patient fans

    • Irving08

      I agree with your point about the fine line that separates winning from losing in the Championship. I also agree on the Swansea-related point. But on the rest I demur. For what you say about the side he assembled could be applied to most of the Division’s teams this year – they are are all mid-table. What makes the difference IS managerial ability, particularly consistency in selection and playing people in the right positions. For example: he took a long time to decide that Peltier was not a left back, and then when he found what looked like a decent and pacey back four (albeit one lacking in height), he promptly unsettled it by signing a slow left back. You may dismiss this, as well as other examples that could be adduced, as mere tactical tweaks. In my view, they are the difference between success and failure.

  31. Might Blue use to be a White

    How can you say that any of these players, except Mc Cormack, are worth their money? Over paid idiots! Look at Pearce today. He is an excuse for a defender!!!!

  32. mrbigwheels

    That’s a partial respite… now for the battle.

    Please.. no one forget the damage Bates has inflicted on this Club, Managers and its Fans.

    • Irving08

      iIt’s right of you to remind us of that MBW. And the two weeks with the wife and family (more or less) must have fuelled the predisposition. I can’t say I envy his successor.

  33. U rams :-) x

    So long as u don’t come knocking on “Cloughy’s” door again u do as u please lol X

    • Robert heath

      Wow! Now that’s a good idea. Let’s appoint Mr. Mid-table Security as our manager!
      Sorry, mate, it aint gonna happen………….we’ve got ambition.

    • henrymouni

      That will never happen.
      Derby were terrible, as we were.
      Derby did not have a footballer in the team.
      Cloughy senior will be turning in his grave!

  34. Darren Baz Durkan

    Funny that his last attempt to appease the fans by playing Dawson was the one that could probably have saved his job and turned our form around many months ago. Played him too late and always stuck by his mate BROWNEH….. who, let’s face it, is really shit! I really hope that Redders keeps on playing Dawson and maybe even Mowatt for the remainder of the season and BROWNEH never puts on a Leeds shirt again. Bye Bye Warnockasaurus…. Let’s look to the future and get a younger manager in.

    Sadly, the options available at thios stage of the season are not really inspiring. Due to standing by this waster, Di Canio and Adkins are gone… So, Has Martin O Neill still got what it takes and would he even want this job? Would Leeds pay compensation to steal Poyet? Would Di Matteo be any good without an inherited side of superstars? Are the owners going to upset the fan base by bringing in ex scummers like Shhhyeve McClaren or Mark Hughes? I pray they don’t….. Whoever comes in has got a massive task next season to get rid of some of these plodders like Norris, Brown, Diouf and maybe even Tonge and bring in some exciting talent and the pace that we have so evidently lacked all season.

  35. PMH

    Check out the nonsense at Sunderland with Di Caneo and be grateful we don’t have all that distraction to deal with.

  36. Adam Nelson

    O’Neill was the appointment that should have been made 10 years ago after O’Leary. I think it’s too late for him now.

  37. Psycho

    It is extremely short sighted to blame Warnock for this fiasco. Harvey never got him the players he wanted and he had to make do with what they could get. That is down to the instability surrounding Leeds United, the protracted takeover and then the promised funding not being made available. Blame Bates, Harvey or GFH, but not Warnock. Some of the players that the BOARD have brought in are not fit to wear a Leeds United shirt. You will now see GHF’s true colours with the appointment they make and whether they will sell our talented youngsters. The big clubs are already looking at Byram and have now started watching Dawson, why? Because they know that we are still a selling club! Are we? We will soon find out. Will you continue to support a board that won’t invest in the playing side and will continually sell it’s managers short. WE ARE A SELLING NOT A BUYING CLUB!! WAIT AND SEE!!!!!! PS: Relegation looms!!!

  38. bd

    For the last 6 games i would like to see Richard Naylor as he is doing a brilliant job with the reserves apart from that O’Neil or Owen Coyle

  39. Tim Musgrove

    Can I put a leftfield suggestion for the new leeds manager in? Glenn Hoddle. Great coach, attractive football and long term. Won’t happen but just a thought. O’Neill would just be as negative as Warnock I think.

    • Pete Sasqwax

      Agree – no to O’Neill for me too. Just because a manager hasn’t got a job right now, doesn’t mean he’s a suitable candidate for our vacant post. In fact, I’d almost say that the reverse was true!

      • henrymouni

        With football managers, your logic does not hold water.
        Managers who are in a job, will be out of a job quite soon.
        Managers who are out of a job, will be in a job quite soon.
        Dead men’s shoes.

      • Pete Sasqwax

        No, I appreciate that it was quite a facetious comment on my part and you are right, of course. I am the first to admit that I would have quite happily seen Adkins installed at ER and his sacking by Southampton (although I rate his successor very highly indeed) was harsh to say the very least. For what it’s worth, my pick for the post would be Poyet and has been since he left us for Spurs’ no. 2 position.

      • henrymouni

        I would hope that the owners have been giving thought to the next manager for a while now, Pete.
        My worry is that they will be guided by Bates’ ‘mouthpieces’ Harvey and ‘what does he do all day’ Williams.
        Who else can they turn to?

      • Pete Sasqwax

        I hope so too, but I suspect that Shaun “3 Administrations” Harvey will have far too much involvement for most of our liking. If anything, he’s been as much a part of what has been wrong with the club these past years as Bates himself. I hope that he’ll depart ER in the summer when Bates theoretically does, but I’m not convinced. As to who else they can turn to – that’s even harder to answer than trying to guess who will be the next manager!

  40. Pete Sasqwax

    For weeks now it has been clear that, for all the play-off rhetoric, our concerns regarding the rest of this seem to have been entirely misplaced. As people are now starting to realise, 11pts from 12 games is relegation form, plain and simple. I believe his position as manager became untenable from the point that he began discussing next season (where he would be spending more time on the farm) and looking to help GFHC appoint a successor. The fact that he thinks he has a role to play in that process goes some way to sum up how deluded the man is. We’ve played some of the worst football I’ve ever seen at ER in all the years I’ve supported the club and his public slating of various players (first Becchio, now Lees) is simply not how these things should be done. All that remains now is to push on for some points to keep us safe this season and move to secure a positive future. I’m sure the lads will pull together for Redfearn and I hope that Naylor will be there to assist in bringing through more of our excellent youngsters. After that, Poyet would be my choice as he is the only one who has experience of the club whilst ticking all three boxes (i.e. youth, playing experience & footballing style). I doubt he’d leave Brighton whilst he still had a chance of getting them promoted, though, and, if he managed to do so, he would even less likely to leave. Interesting times ahead…

  41. henrymouni

    I can’t help feeling we need a top manager now.

    Naylor & Redfearn have done well for the juniors and reserves because we have decent players at their disposal, at that level.
    Managing the first team, who are far from safe, is a totally different.

  42. Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    I’d like to know if Larry Grayson took over the club tomorrow weather he would think that he had a better squad then when he departed? On the flip side Warnock did build this entire squad [bar 4 players] with about 3 million so we can maybe give Warnock a bit of a break on that. Where he did fail was on the psychology, why a quarter into the season declare his heart isnt in it anymore and it was his last season and not to think that this would have any influence on the results [what player wants to give it all to a manager that was gone tomorrow] is beyond me. It is very easy to put the boot in when hes down but we can all understand that it is a tough job at Leeds even for an experienced manager. I however strongly disagree with Warnock that we need a manager of vast experience [like he has] and we really need an up and comming manager who can galvanise this squad and cultivate the most important thing in football hope and the ability to never give up [every Yorkshireman has this trait] and it would have seen us at least ten points up from where we are. Im a little bit unerved by the candidates that are available [apart from Di Matteo] as nobody feels like the perfect fit for Leeds. Maybe we are just a ticking bomb of mentalness that not many would want to touch a firework that’s not quite gone off. A granny without her teeth. We all want stability but if the next manager loses to the likes of Barnsley we will be on this site baying for blood. It must be daunting for any manager to have to deal with us we have become the naughty children at school, who have been fed fattening dinners and lied to by our teachers. Maybe we just need someone who has belief and a sense of humour [except Mick Macarthy] lol


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