Since his appearance on Sky Sports last night, David O’Leary has been a major talking point amongst fans with many now seeing him as a viable candidate for the Leeds United manager’s job.

Below is an extract from our ‘main contenders’ post published earlier today in which I tried to weigh up the pros and cons from an admittedly “why the hell not?” point of view;

David O'LearyI don’t know if he’s actually a contender, but a part of me REALLY wants David O’Leary. It’s probably heart ruling head, but there’s a real sense of adventure to such an appointment, a name who would really put the focus back on football at Elland Road.

It would all be a bit of circus initially as the press cast their predictions on the O’Leary project part 2 and fans clamber back to Elland Road curious to see the effect the fallen Irishman has, but could he really orchestrate a fairytale ending to Leeds United On Trial?

It’s impossible to say, but while his doubters exaggerate faults and his plaudits ignore that he has some, there’s little balance to be found when you dare to utter his name. For me, it’s worth remembering that O’Leary’s biggest crime as Leeds United boss was finishing 4th in the Premier League.

Many of his other perceived failings should be attributed to Peter Ridsdale and his merry band of financial geniuses that made up the Living The Dream boardroom we had back then. O’Leary may have asked for every player Ridsdale brought in, but it was Ridsdale offering clubs twice their asking price and giving players ludicrous contracts, well above what any of them were expecting.

At Aston Villa, O’Leary couldn’t repeat the success he had at Leeds, but the first two seasons weren’t bad at all. He’s been out of the game a little too long, his eye for a player is hit and miss (isn’t every managers?) and he’s never managed in the Championship. But on the plus side, he’s excellent with youth players, can handle the pressures of the Leeds United job, plays good football and has a point to prove.

It could go spectacularly wrong, but what if it doesn’t? After 14 months of unbearable tedium with Neil Warnock at the helm, at least it’d be entertaining. And it’d be one hell of a footballing redemption if he could pull it off, a real story for the ages.

While several other strong candidates were covered, it was David O’Leary’s name that drew the most comments leaving me curious as to how widespread the support for his reappointment would be.

With that in mind, our latest poll asks just that – would you be in favour of David O’Leary as the next Leeds United manager?

Would you like to see David O'Leary appointed Leeds United manager?

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110 Responses

  1. Jim

    Let me repeat my post from earlier too:

    I think you guys need to think put away your ‘heart ruling head’ and
    ‘twinkle in the eye’ rhetoric about O’Leary. What I remember was a man
    who inexplicably replaced Eddie Gray with Brian Kidd, criticised the
    fans with ‘light bulb’ jibes, lost the dressing room (read Radebe’s
    biography), signed players like Fowler when we had five strikers as it
    was, never made substitutions early enough despite the talent we had on
    the bench. inexplicably put his own interests first releasing a
    controversial book when we were top of the league (subsequently
    finishing 5th), and then, at the very end, refused to take his portion
    of the ‘blame’.

    No thanks.

      • Jimbo


        1) It was not inexplicable to sack Eddie Gray and bring in Brian Kidd.
        2) He was justified in making those comments about some of the fans.
        3) He did not lose the dressing room. (One ex players autobiography does not make it true)
        4) Fowler was a good signing on footballing terms.
        5) He often made early substitutions.
        6) It’s not inexplicable the way his book was released.
        7) He was not to blame for our downfall.
        I’ve only backed up one argument as you only provided any insight to your thinking one one point, hence why it was easy to counter your arguments!

        But from my point of view:

        1) This one is the easiest one, Eddie Gray is one of my favourite players of all time, but he is not Manager or Assistant material, Brian Kidd was an excellent sensible, replacement.
        2) Everyone has the right to reply, and his comments weren’t made to all fans.
        3) He possibly did, but I don’t know many managers who could have kept a unified dressing room with the Bowyer/Woodgate fiasco. Radebe, and other senior players, should have helped the manager as the manager is not around the players 24/7. I give you this one though.
        4) Fowler was a good signing, the fees/wages were awful, not O’Leary’s fault.
        5) I’ll maybe give you this one too, but I also remember him making some shrewd early substitutions that shored the game up for us, people forget those and only remember the games where we were poor/losing and “super subs” weren’t brought on and won the game.
        6) The book was released to maximise profits, probably a decision out of his hands, so easily explainable.
        7) He was definitely not to blame for our downfall, the Board/non football Senior Management and some of the players were to blame.

        I do see your reasoning, and you are entitled to your opinion, I don’t think you are stupid to have those opinions, but I would welcome him back.

        I would be apprehensive though, I wouldn’t see it as automatic salvation, but it might just work…..

      • Jim

        Good reply Jimbo – you’re right, I just whittled it off with no reasoning, I should’ve probably explained a bit more. I’ll take your points and raise you!

        1) I don’t see how you can say Eddie Gray is not ‘assistant’ material. Manager – yes, because he never delivered in that role, despite the extremely different circumstances of his tenure. But if I remember rightly, his time as assistant manager/first-team coach to O’Leary (I forget which) coincided with our development into the Champions League conquering side of the early 2000’s, whilst Brian Kidd’s tenure coincided with a more negative playing style, with the favourite one of fans being his ‘eleven men in the penalty area’ defensive tactics at corners.
        2) That’s a given. The point is, he wouldn’t listen to the rightful criticism from the fans about Brian Kidd explained in 1) – this wasn’t just a Man U thing. Instead he criticised the ‘10%’ (it was a lot more in reality) and failed to explain his reasoning behind the decision. A typical lack of transparency with paying fans which continues to this day, not just at Leeds.

        3) True, I based this point on Radebe’s book and a video from the archives when he marched up to a group of players at Leeds Bradford and yelled at them like a 1930’s school master. But you’re right, it probably didn’t lose the dressing room – but it certainly wasn’t a coherent one either.
        4) I don’t see how Fowler was a good signing, when it resulted in Alan Smith getting shifted to right midfield, with Keane and Huckerby being permanently benched. It affected the whole balance of the team.
        5) You’re right, people do forget the early ones, but refer to my anecdote on another post re Darren Huckerby.
        6) Easily explainable but nonetheless unpalatable. “Take responsibility for your own actions” goes the proverb – he signed the deal, he sat down with the ghost writer, he was at the press conference holding up the book of Leeds United On Trial when we going strong and subsequently hit a downturn in form.
        7) I never said he was. But he was part of a whole myriad of factors that went wrong, but was easy to blame it on others’ doors. A lack of magmanity is what I call it.

        So, with all that in mind, I don’t see how it would work at all. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but not all see things objectively – I remembered those nights at Elland Road just as much as the next person, but when it’s all said and done, O’Leary belongs to that episode of our history, not this one.

      • Paul

        Eddie Gray is a very good coach. Brian Kidd proved not to be. O’Learly has slopping shoulder syndrome.

    • TSS

      He did love a striker, didn’t he!

      Mistake to sack Eddie and the book was ill-advised, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

      Every manager makes mistakes, and he was very young at the time, the board should have been playing their part to control spending, but they were too busy creating chaotic conditions very few people could have worked under.

      Bowyer and Woodgate played a big part in him losing the dressing room, as did the useless board he worked under (as above). .

      “Never made subs early enough” is a criticism fans seem to have of every single manager – Warnock and Grayson were blasted with that too. It’s hindsight again, easy to point out things that could have been done differently after the game, but simple fact is, he won a lot more matches than he lost.

      Yes, he made mistakes, but there’s no such thing as a faultless manager, they’re all going to make some. I think you have to consider how badly run the club was at the very top and factor that in, you also have to remember how young he was and what he’ll have learnt from that. Then give him some credit for the goods time – of which there were many.

      • craig

        Hell yes 100% agree let the good times return full gates etc. We were awsome, memories great football. Woodgate and Bowyer young talented kids with money made a mistake night out on the piss. Oleary for me yes please

      • Irving08

        O’Leary has in common with Warnock a pronounced tendency to look after Number One. This is shown both in his actions (the infamous book) and in an unwillingness to shoulder responsibility for mistakes (the collapse). These are traits of character are thus not easy to change. For this reason I would not welcome him back at Elland Road. Of course, we need more than ‘character’ in our next Manager, but it is essential that he is a person of integrity. Here McDermott scores highly, by the way, though for me he falls short in certain footbaling respects. while I still have some difficult in envisaging a Thames Valley man at this particular Northern outpost.

      • Tyler75

        I agree with you Irving….but I’ve just seen the O’Leary interview on Sky Sports and I was engulfed in a warm wave of nostalgia and started to dream….,…you can see why he appeals. DOL with Nayls as number 2 ???

    • Andy Hirst

      I agree with all of what you say BUT he is older should be wiser and he did have us playing some of the best football we have ever played would he be a gamble YES is there anyone out there that would not be a Gamble at leaste we know his faults & surly He wouldn’t make the same again would he……………

  2. TheOneTrueGaffer

    You can say all you want about “heart ruling head”, but I honestly believe O’Leary would be a good choice. Leeds played good attacking football under him, and he knew how to use the young lads.
    Maybe he wasn’t as financially capable as he should have been, but that’s not really his job. That’s the chairman’s job and possibly also a director of football’s job.

    Bring back that funny talking Irishman who made me fall in love with Leeds United in the first place.

  3. Graham Byrnes

    Wait till the end of the season and see how redfern and naylor do as think we will see more of the young ones coming in. I for one hope we see poleon and hall in the starting line up on sat with no brown or varney please

  4. saltburnwhite

    Well TSS i think the poll is starting to speak for itself , i think you need to get a petition or
    something going to send to ER recommending to sign O’Leary , showing how many fans have backed this , The new board are very into ‘bums on seats’ so should take notice of a big Fans forum like TSS …OTHERWISE its another no mark like hughes …excuse the pun !

    I am 100% backing O’leary ………he couldnt do any worse than previous or incumbent could he ?

    • Jim

      You’re right, the poll is very interesting. Shows that he still has a good reputation with Leeds fans.

      But when you look at it in the cold light of day, you realise what a ridiculous proposition it is. Even taking all the good points from his reign, he still doesn’t meet any of the criteria needed for our next manager. That is:

      – proven in the Championship

      – proven that he can work to a budget

      – hasn’t had a major ‘failure’ to date

      – has been in work, within the UK, recently (as in, the last five years)

      @TheOneTrueGaffer – you’re being ignorant if you think that financial capability doesn’t come into a manager’s job description. That’s like saying you don’t really know whether you’re getting shafted on your electricity bill, because your wife pays it.

      @TSS – four things. 1. I agree with you, there were plenty of good times and hindsight is a wonderful thing. But it’s also the only way you can review people’s performances. O’Leary made a shocking decision getting rid of Eddie Gray and the fans knew it at the time. 2. I can vividly remember ripping my hair out at his habit of bringing Darren Huckerby with just 5 minutes to go, even when we were losing against tired defences. You’re right, Warnock and Grayson were just as bad. Funny thing is, Wise, Reid, McAllister and even Venables were all okay in this regard. 3. you said earlier that you felt Poyet was ‘being talked up’ by the fans. I think a similar argument can be placed here. 4. He won more matches than he lost, that’s a given. But to be quite frank, taking on a side which at the time had just finished 5th and was in the UEFA cup, I’d have been disappointed if he hadn’t. No one can take away the Champions League run away from him, but not many had the resources to spend £18m on a defender. Quite frankly, in our current predicament, I would have George Graham back a million times before O’Leary.

      Finally – if you use the criteria above, there is only one man who fits the bill. His name is Brian McDermott, and he’s available, hungry for work and doesn’t criticise his own paying fans when they decide to voice their opinions over bad decisions.

  5. Koh Samui Whites

    David O,Leary was an absolute disaster for Leeds.The youth team was Wilkinsons and nothing to do with him.To not finish in the top four with the team and finances he had was an utter disgrace.Ask any Villa fan what they think. Anyone who seriously believes he should return needs a lobotomy.

    • TSS

      No one’s saying he created the youth team, they’re crediting him with the bottle to actually field them and the ability to get them playing. We clearly have some very good young prospects coming through at the minute, it makes D’OL a candidate worth considering.

      • spellz

        It really doesn’t, why were at it hiring O’Leary back in the hot seat why don’t we ask Ridsdale if he wants a majority share of the club again? its just insane.

  6. Jonhu62

    He was always proud of his players when interviewed after a game and I believe he would be not only a top manager but a great front man for the club, always a smile and the team always entertained

  7. henrymouni

    No thanks!
    Once was enough.
    He spent a lot of money, to get the success he had.
    We are skint!

  8. stan

    O’Leary was a great manager for us. Just do a comparison on who we’ve had since he was wrongly fired. The passion also hasn’t been the same since then. It might be a long shot to hope he could come in a make the changes we need to get back to the premier league but I’d fucking love to give him the chance.

  9. Ludlow Leeds

    It’s not about what he did before but what he could do now. There were some great times with DOL and as it’s been almost unremittingly dire since, but, believe me, he is not the answer. We need to look forward and start afresh.


    I would have DOL with the support of Howard Wilkinson as technical director to advise the owners on football matters.

  11. ash

    The man who said live on TV that the chairman had backed him every step and if he did not get in the champions league he deserved to be sacked. He did not and he was. Enough said. A loser.

  12. Me

    Bring back David O’Really.
    We need him, what a difference he would make.
    The stadium would be full just from the sheer anticipation of him, and like him or not, he’ll attract a far better quality of player to the club than every other manager being named.
    There’d be investors queuing up to throw money at GFH with O’Really on board, 100%

  13. Ev

    Its simple…try and get Poyet, if it looks like thats a no go, get O’Leary in. I think they both know what Leeds are about and both would be super motivated. Good Post, thank you. I had forgotten about DOL………. There was a nice fresh zest to his management style and yes he was fantastic with the youth players but dont forget Eddie Greys contribution

  14. Clarke 8

    David O’Leary, still has a footballing brain, and why not give him a second chance, with Gary Mac as his No.2, a Director of football being Howard Wilkinson or Eddie Gray as the link between Manager and Chair Board and most importantly, they would be accessible to the fans. The Board has to be a blend of footballing knowledge and business and a rebuilding project devised, to build fan &team confidence.

  15. Twiggster

    And why are you asking me to register again? Did that last year!

  16. chris

    Cant believe anyone would want this looser back took a fortune when he left and talked a load of crap when there. Feckin fairytale this and fairytale that. He was lucky to come along when a great team was there but did nothing to improve.

    • TSS

      Matteo, Viduka, Keane, Bridges, Rio. He did plenty to improve that team, and he got the best out of the players.

      What seems to be the main criticism of O’Leary is reckless spending, but I’d say the blame for that falls to Ridsdale for offering silly amounts in wages and ridiculously long contracts.

      It wasn’t the transfer fees that killed us. O’Leary spent £60m, Rio was sold for £30m. The rest of the players I listed would have sold for another £30m had we not been in a desperate rush to sell. The wages and contract lengths killed us, that’s why we were still paying the likes of Robbie Fowler years later, because Ridsdale wanted to be a big man and throw stupid amounts of money at these people,

      O’Leary took a solid core, added some excellent players (and some flops too, but that’s inevitable) and we went on a European adventure. Then the club went into turmoil, partly because of Woodgate and Bowyer, partly because of the idiots upstairs and we finished the season in 4th. FOURTH! That was his biggest failing.

    • Chris

      Before I start, I in no way blame DOL for the financial failings at LUFC, that was down to Peter FISH LOVER Ridsdale and all the other directors and executives who had no balls to carry out their original plans.

      However Dreary O’Leary policy was to look who’s playing in the under 21 International teams and get idiot FISH LOVER Ridsdale to overpay them on too long a contract.

      It was obviously always going to be a risk and you only have to look at Seth USELESS Johnson, Michael DARE NOT SAY Duberry. There were many others besides in the 100 Million Dreary spent.

      As a result of the then owners pulling the plug we were forced to HAVE to sell, Rio (the only one we got a decent price for) and all the others.Some of whom Harry RAT Kewell and Lee SCUM Bowyer forced there departure on their terms. Harry RAT even forced Leeds to pay a couple of million at the last minute to his agent.

      Our best players were Lee SCUM Bowyer, Harry RAT Kewell, Alan TRAITOR Smith Ian Harte Garry Kelly,Jonathan Woodgate and both goalies, none of who were signed by Dreary.

      He always gave the opinion that any success achieved was unexpected and not as a result of educated managerial decisions and sold his soul to the devil with his book that lost him the trust of his dressing room.

      How any sane Leeds fan can wish for this man, who himself said he felt everyone should be paid their contract in full-as he walked way with a couple of million to add to his book earnings, is BEYOND belief.

  17. JDC

    Out of all the candidates touted so far, David O’Leary would, without doubt be my choice, with or without a lobotomy (Kol Samui Whites). when you look at the young players he “blooded” in the first team and where he took the club then he just has to be worth a shot … however, he does need a guiding hand and a chairman who knows how to say “no David”. I also like the comment from Clark 8 for Eddie Gray to be Director of football, who also wasn’t afraid to “blood” academy players.
    Now is the time for a total change of the direction where Mr Warnock was taking us.

  18. Richie Burdon

    Great article. Only thoughts I have are O’Leary inherited a decent set up legacy from graham. Also, yes. His only crime was finishing 4th, but look at what that whole period cost us… Could he do it given current circumstances, without the sign at will attitude…? I’m not against it, and yes, it’d certainly be interesting, but…..

  19. Kernow

    Disregarding the rose tinted glasses for a moment, the truth is O’Leary was lucky when he inherited a fine crop of youth team players from one of the best academy systems in the country – thanks to Howard Wilkinson, and who were already on the fringe of first team football. To give him his dues he took a plunge and blooded many of them, but the team was built on a solid defensive foundation laid by George Graham. And he had a massive budget to spend to strengthen. Remember just how dire he was at Villa – where he also had money to spend.

    • TSS

      There’s no luck involved in youth players at Elland Road, we’ve always produced them and will continue to do so. Trouble is, they’re wasted on the likes of Neil Warnock. O’Leary had the balls to field them and he got the best out of them.

      • Kernow

        No luck implied, I was merely pointing out that DOL benefited from a particularly good crop coming through at once, but the days of our academy producing a steady crop of first team ready players are over until we return to the Premiere League. Unfortunately we’ll continue to lose promising young players to bigger clubs. I don’t know why but people seem to have developed a collective amnesia to the car crash that was the end days of DOL’s reign.

  20. kev raunds

    no,we need fresh ideas and a complete re-vamp of the team,get behind redfearn and naylor

    • henrymouni

      They don’t have the experience Kev, and the next 6 games will be crucial for us. Almost more important than promotion.

      • mrbigwheels

        Thank god someone is concentrating. 3 points from the last six games!. 6 to play and a front third that can’t seem to find the net. The mid field need rockets up the proverbial too. We need to get ‘ the Warnock factor’ out of this team on Saturday… not on the 27th April. Play some youth when we’ve got 6 points.

  21. wolflikeme

    I’d love to see DOL return and have since the day that he left. The reason he was given so such money/faith in the first place is because he got us playing football and winning matches with it. His brand of football is something that i haven’t ever witnessed during my years as a Leeds fan (that includes the Championship winning team of 92). Think about the list of players that played under O’Leary’s Leeds and then ask yourself how many of those players bettered themselves anywhere else (both pre and post LUFC). He got the best out of players and he was brave enough to put a lot of faith in youth. Looking back, DOL’s era certainly was something special. I remember the buzz around Leeds at the time, it really was something else. The list of potential candidates don’t do anything for me, it would be refreshing to have an articulate man at the helm. A man who could say owes LUFC and has something to prove.

    • TSS

      “Think about the list of players that played under O’Leary’s Leeds and then ask yourself how many of those players bettered themselves anywhere else (both pre and post LUFC). He got the best out of players and he was brave enough to put a lot of faith in youth.”

      That’s a very good point, I’d not even thought about it like that. You’re right, almost every player played their best football under David O’Leary.

  22. for ever and ever ..........

    78% for………. has everyone gone mad?? short memories otr what lost all respect r him ter the bok. Got lucky with the young players and massive cheque book he had, neither of which he’d have this time. We need someoe wo’s huingry and up for it. If O’leary was either ( or any good) he’d be working already somewhere in the developed footballing world.

  23. whish full thinking

    have you read peter ridsdales book you could not print it if it was not true i am not a ridsdale fan ps any manager needs backing may be we should say is the board going to put there money where there mouth is before we try and chose who we think should or should not be the manager because in this day they need money and plenty its got to be shit or bust

  24. MARK1968

    id have o’leary back but only if gray came with him,the initial buzz around the place would lift everybody connected with the worlds greatest club and see a good end to the season, and thats when they would have to start earning their corn, dol says he has unfinished business here so give him a chance and gray was always a great coach but never a manager so together? who knows,im all for giving em a chance. MOT

      • spellz

        excuse the typo did not mean to offend you, are you a teacher just out of curiosity? is it your occupation to correct others? if not then why did you feel the need? also O’Leary back Curbishely in the hot seat were you drunk while you posted and if we are correcting, you started YOU’RE post with aul’ Dave-O same principal, different spelling but I knew what you meant, bottom line – lpease Fcuk fof nad crorect somoene esle cnut (hope you understood teach)

      • spellz

        aul’ Dave-O, this could go on forever did you not understand my point previously? yuo r rellay cihlidish sun gorw upp

  25. Leedsatsea

    What’s not to lie. Great with young players. Great style of football. Successful. Loved by fans and players. Has something still to prove and a deep love of the club. No brainier. Oh, and available.

  26. Matthew

    Throwing my support in.

    But, what can he do with no money? What can any manager do with no money? We’re woefully short of a squad capable of promotion as we have owners with no money.

  27. spellz

    WOW that many votes for this out of date manager I am shocked that the majority of Leeds fans on this site have voted for him to return, if its goals your after then we might as well bring back Grayson otherwise what else are you hanging on to with this plum? we went through our worst era after he and ridsdales reign no matter how much blame was on ridsdale he still overspent and contributed to our downfall whether he jumped from the titanic before it hit the iceberg HE WAS PART OF IT!!!

    I cant share my disappointment enough at the majority right now O’Leary to come back with a point to prove please, if he done so well with us why was his only job after that Aston Villa and if he done so well at Villa how comes his next club was Al-Ahli? (not really a job) I thought it couldn’t get much worst for our club but season after season the paradise dreams for me turn to a rotten dark sunken abyss and here we go again at the Great British Circus of Leeds United.

      • Tyler75

        I don’t think he should have been fired either but he should have walked for having the promising team he constructed sold from under him. That said, he’s not exactly pulled up any trees at Huddersfield and Preston has he and that old failing of being completely unable to construct a defence that keps clean sheets has followed him around.

      • spellz

        No I agree, I thought Grayson was a great manager for us precisely the reason I would rather bring him back than O’Leary.

      • henrymouni

        I liked Simon, but he had gone completely to pot, and so had his team.
        It was time for him to go.
        He had a good Chairman at Huddersfield, but he went to pot again.

      • spellz

        Yeah exactly, still would rather him than the has been of O’Leary though the votes just totally shocked me tbh to the extent of anger.

  28. IrishYeboah

    I wouldn’t mind if aul’ Dave-o was back in charge. He played attacking football before and he wasn’t afraid to give the kids a go, something which I think is essential, given the strength of our academy and the need to build a team filled with positivity (after Warnock’s negative everything). There should be a stipulation in his contract that forbids him from writing any books while he is with Leeds and for 2 years afterward though!

    Saying that I would also like to see Alan Curbishley in the role, or Poyet. I just want a manager that doesn’t play hoofball, gives the young players a good chance, and someone who is positive in his man management (especially not singling out players for public criticism regularly). I’m not against Redfearn either and I would really like to see Naylor involved long term with the club’s coaching and management.

    I don’t think that’s too much to ask, but whoever comes in will have to deal with all the uncertainty around GFHC etc. too, something that can’t be too appealing to a lot of canditates, until that is GFHC put some money where their mouths are, if they have any money that is…


  29. LeedsLondoner

    I would love to D.O back at LUFC. I still think he shouldn’t have been sacked. I also think that he would have turned things around and got us back on track. Every manager does have a bad season,and that was his.

  30. fast

    Most ridiculous idea I’ve heard yet, he was a self obsessed arse.
    We need someone with vision who understands football & players.

  31. Jacky S

    80 percent for him to return??? I am offically stunned. Everybody knows that a Champions League spot does not come with him right?

  32. RS

    How about Peter Reid?
    Just kidding, the amount of shite we’ve been through over last few years….why not DOL

    If your chairmain offers you a bucket list, who would say “are you sure we can afford it boss”?

    I for one would be back at ER a man with a point to prove rather than a pay packet to pick up, we missed out by a point in the Champions League and had the best team which incidentally half were home grown local lads.

    McD, O’Neil do nothing for me to inspire and lead and if we seriously think Gus P is coming on a white horse from a promotion hopefully then we are in trouble.

    All said n done it won’t matter if I or any of the above are in charge, without financial support we have to face facts, we have a mediocre championship team.

  33. Andrew Grainger

    It would be INSANITY to appoint David O’Leary as manager. There is nothing more to say. It ought to be self evident, like jumping off Blackpool Tower is really silly.

  34. Rick Flatres

    O’Leary would be a good choice. BUT he was allowed to live the dream and had so we believed at the time the finances to back up his vision. (If only we had known what we know now) All of the other managers being linked with Leeds are in my opinion are not worthy of the Leeds job, O’Neill is to long in the tooth, McDermott maybe a contender but I’m not sure he’s the right man for the job and Owen Coile no no no, then there’s Mark Hughes, I think a part from O’Leary he could be the man for the job.

    If I had to pick I would go for O’Leary as he knows the club, has somewhat of an infinity with the fans and was not scared to bring through the youth players into the first team, and lets not forget we have just won the youth league so there must be some good players in the squad.

    Leeds who ever they place as manager MUST back them with funds to build a team with players who are not passed there sale by date.

    Look what Wilkinson did, he brought class players in central positions and built the team around those players, Strachan, Chapman, McAllister and even Vinny Jones, those players got us out of that league and back where we belong……..

    Come Leeds

  35. Leon

    Would like O’Leary back, but would prefer Jack Charlton, if he was interested

    • craig

      Fuck me is big Jack still alive lol he must be getting on a bit now . O’leary yes please

  36. Northumberland LUFC

    No, sorry but I’m not getting on the nostalgia O’Leary for manager trip. Like been said by others, great what he did when in charge but that was some while ago and he has done nowt to note since he left.
    GFH need to take a good long look at where we are, start making some in roads to get control of our great club by the scruff of the neck with injecting some serious money into the playing squad and possible comp settlement fee for Gus Poyet.

    Failing GFH being able to do the above, I think the only option left to inspire fans and the players is too bring the statues of the Great Don & King Billy into the home dugout at ER on match days. If that doesnt get the team going then they’re not truely LUFC.

  37. craig

    The David O’leary bashers seem to forget that yes the youth were already in place but it takes big balls to bring them through. Elland Road finally alive and pumping and guess what finally less and less people talking about the past it was here and now. Great ride great real memories and sad as shit since our serious decline. Id give him a go and pray the good times returned. My next choice would be Gus no more old pensioners please. Please dont go for Hughes most fans like me cant stand him. Cheers

  38. number1inyorkshire

    No to O’Leary not for any other reason but why go back ?? ,if he was gonna come back it should have been 4/5 years ago …
    what happens if by magic naylor and redfearn get us into play offs .it is still after all possible …
    I think that 2.5 mill if true is too much for leeds to pay for poyet .McDermott is well a good enough manager in the championship but what if we go up ..
    mark Hughes was a fantastic player who is not gonna be same as a manager ..
    i think we will have a curve ball for manager ,someone not mentioned yet .one thing for sure there will be no shortage of applicants for the job

  39. tim campbell

    Flippin eck – why not just reappoint larry and have done with it! Lol

  40. HeadLiner

    Crazy to even think it.

    Poor manager and too full of himself. Reliant on a cheque book and wasted the best crop of youth players since scum.

    Avoid at all costs along with anyone else having played for us, not having managed in the last year, who doesn’t spend time on the training ground and who thinks hoof ball is the way forward. Big money buys you Martinez, medium money gets you Poyet and no money . . . well may as well give any old fucker a whirl cos we need a rebuild after years of sales and were going nowhere with nothing spent.

  41. Neil Ingram

    been saying it for a while now … O’Leary always said that he had unfinished business at Leeds. His biggest attribute, in my opinion, was that he was able to get the best out of players who, as it turned out after the fact, were pretty ordinary. Jonathan Woodgate is a prime example. Was a major driving force in the successful O’leary era but did virtually jack shit after he was sold to pay Risdale’s bills. Is a big risk i agree but if it comes off the results could be spectacular.

  42. walt kelly

    just look at hughes,s record before commenting on o,learys record i think o,leary should be given a chance at least we will see a team once again going forward and playing good football not the shit warnock played yes give david another crack at it

  43. walt kelly

    hi again remember it was,t o,learys football that got him the sack he told the truth about what had go one at leeds in his book he built a great team and players loved him every player at leeds went on to better things come on bring back david at least we will see exciting football and i,m sure he,ll bring our acadamy players through

  44. Desmond

    I think those who would like to see David O’Leary back at the club have developed selective memory syndrome

  45. Clarke 8

    DOL Irish Charm, the smile and father like figure would bring so much to Leeds United once again and the media interest would keep the club to the fore, he knows how to handle them. Lets welcome the Prodigal Son home and lead us Marching on Together to Glory Glory Leeds United Once again.

  46. Cheesewire

    I for one would love to see David O’Leary return as manager. Why? Well firstly we need to accept that the next manager (like the 10 or so before him) WILL fail and will not be in place for longer than 2 years max. The funds are simply not there and the fans expectations are unrealisically high. Unless this is sorted at boardroom level (and there is no evidence it will) then this vicious cycle will continue, I’m afraid. The next manager will do well to secure a mid table finish next season and be deemed a failure for it.

    So against this backdrop and fact that it will be a short appointment anyway why not go for a bit of nostalga and put a few smiles on the Leeds faithfull, at least for a few months anyway (i.e. before the 2013/14 starts)? It would really make my Summer. I was living the dream back in 1999 and had the successful football team to go with it!! Plus I can’t think of anyone else I would rather guide us to that mid-table finish next season and be sacked for it.

  47. Rhynova001

    He was a good manager at the time & period of the club. However as someone else said. He belongs to that period of time, it’s history – not its future.

  48. Soho White

    Never look back and never go back. DOL did provide us with some fantastic times, but it was all falling apart all over the place by the time he left. The book was unforgivable on various levels, but most of all said more about about his greed and lack of a wider perspective than anything else. I can’t understand why we don’t operate as any other business would do in this situation. We have the time to go out and thoroughly research the market for the right man to deliver a clear brief. Of course, that would mean guaranteed support and resources and that’s no doubt too much to ask with the current bunch of clowns blundering around. Somewhere out there is the next top manager, and that’s who we should be targeting. Maybe it’s Rosler? And a very resounding thanks but no thanks to the massed ranks of failed journeymen; Coyle, Megson, McDermott, McLeish etc. And wasn’t there the Moortown car park incident involving DOL and Eddie’s daughter?

  49. mrbigwheels

    Just thinking out loud… The new owners need some help… a new Chairman, a new CEO, a Director of Football, some Cash Investment and oh yes…. a new Manager. WOW!. That’s before we get started on the Team, Yorkshire Radio, the Pavillion and the Life President stuff…

    Talk about Blackburn… yeah.

    • henrymouni


      I think it is about time GFH spoke, and told us what their plans are.

      Are they waiting to the end of the season for a manager?

      Do they have any plans at all other than trying to off-load the club?

      I am sure it will all be in NW’s new book!!

      At least he left before it is published!

      I think that is why he was so eager to leave!

  50. Jon Rosten

    problem with oleary is that he would have limited funds and he has not managed at this level.was completely different situation way back when.
    best candidiates are mcdermott and poyet followed by martin o’neill

  51. Cheesewire

    Remember, O’Leary actually finished 5th in 2001/02 and only just scraped that over Chelsea on the last day of the season. He finished 4th the previous season.

  52. Paul

    DOL lost the plot when times got tough. Book another sign of poor judgement. Very lucky to inherit a good young squad from George Graham, but in fairness he was brave enough to use them. It’s a ongoing Leeds problem….lets live in the past!!!

    Why not give young Darren Ferguson a try? A little naive defensively but we are hardly in a position to pick & choose. (Please don’t mention Man of our finest ever players came from that club in Giles). Lets hope & pray we don’t get Mark Hughes or self absorbed ego maniac Dr. O’Neill or it will be goodnight Leeds United!

  53. Don'tCallMeRoger

    I cannot believe the number of people who apparently want O’Leary back. We had some memorable times under his stewardship but ‘Jim’s’ comments below sum up why we should should be looking forward and not back. O’Leary is a risk not worth taking.

  54. walt kelly

    yes i would like to see o,leary back we would see great football once again and the accadamy players given a chance he would have no hesitation in clearing out warnocks dross and take his time rebuilding i have supported leeds since the late 60s i watched bremner hunter clarke and saw o,leary build the same way as revie give the guy a chance

  55. Jim

    O’Leary managed leeds in very different circumstances. they had (or at least spent ) much more money than they are ever likely to again, it was a different league, different players, different management and all many moons ago. The next manager should be judged on their most recent form.

  56. Horse Outside

    O’Nearlys Leeds record!!!!

    4th in League, qualifies for UEFA Cup!

    3rd in Prem, semi final in UEFA Cup, qualifies for Champions League!

    4th in Prem, semi final in Champions League, qualifies for UEFA Cup!

    5th in Prem, qualifies for UEFA Cup, sacked!


  57. Paul

    the odds on O’Leary have gone from 33/1 12 hours ago, to 14/1 now!… momentum is growing… cmon O’Leary

  58. henrymouni

    What really wrecked us during David O’Leary’s reign was the TRIAL!!

    Woody & Bower etc, and the disgrace and turmoil it brought to the team and the fans.

    It was a horrible time!

    • TSS

      If they ever make another Addams Family film, McDermott is nailed on for the Uncle Fester role, the resemblance is uncanny.

  59. Em

    Bring Football Back To Elland Road! O’Leary was the only one that played football.

  60. roger rogers

    corrupt, spent a fortune, won us NOWT, lost the dressing room, wrote a book about his players private lives, hides beind false ‘mr nice guy’ image – started the rot at ER – Never can this failure come back!


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