Brian McDermottBrian McDermott is set to be named the new Leeds United manager according to The Sun.

The former Arsenal midfielder took Reading to the play-off final in 2010/11, before winning the Championship in 2011/12.

52-year-old McDermott has been among the bookies favourites for the vacant Whites hot seat ever since Neil Warnock was sacked at the beginning of April.

McDermott’s eye for a player was no doubt a key selling point for Leeds owners GFH Capital. Before making his way into the managers seat, McDermott was employed as Reading’s Chief Scout and made a string of low-cost, high-quality signings including Shane Long and Kevin Doyle who were bought for only 80k and later sold for a combined fee of £13m.

McDermott was dismissed as Reading manager following defeat to Aston Villa, later pointing out that his entire team had cost less to assemble than Villa’s £7m striker Christian Benteke.

No official confirmation from Leeds United yet, but McDermott’s credentials have made him the most obvious choice all along – he’s a man who can work to an incredibly tight budget with experience of winning the Championship.

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  • Steve

    The right man for the job, he kept Reading up and then transformed them into title winners less than 2 years later. All the right credentials to succeed

  • Dezbo

    Good choice IMO.

  • Chris7286

    don’t want someone who buys cheap and sells high ffs, u sound like you are an investment banker. this is crap news. Another failure of a manager at Elland Road, I actuelly feel physical sick at the thought we have next season with this clown

    • Baggio

      Shut up you fool. He’s the stand out choice as mourinho wasn’t available

    • TSS

      Someone who found players the club bought cheap, then sold high. Do you really think it’s the managers decision to sell players? Did Grayson want to dismantle his team and sell them all off.

      Anyway, you’re missing the fact that despite spending very little, he still got Reading promoted.

      • Matthew

        Grayson had quite a team available to him in our first season back in the Championship. With any other chairman besides Bates, we likely would of walked that league and sat 1st for most of the season. Our defense let us down, and our lack of replacements for quality players did too.

  • markj222

    its a safe choice, like the Warnock appointment last year that has ended with us in a worse state we were before. There is a real lack of imagination with managerial appointments, I fear this could be another one. Would have prefered someone like Uwe Rosler, David Flitcroft or Karl Robinson, a young manager who has shown their abilities at a lower level and play great football. Gus Poyet was the most outstanding candidate but can understand GFh not wanting to wait for him, but I don’t necessarily think they have made the right choice to rush to appoint Mcdermott

    • TSS

      Why do people keep mentioning Karl Robinson? He’s spent 3 seasons keeping MK Dons in League One, I don’t see how that’s an achievement? They’re probably one of the richest clubs in that division. Uwe Rosier is equally confusing, he finished mid-table with Brentford.

      Dave Flitcroft… I’ll give you that one, he’s done well for Barnsley. But he hasn’t got much experience and new managers usually produce an upturn in form early on, half a season is too small a sample size to be considering him anything special.

      Gus wasn’t going to happen, he has it too good at Brighton and £2.5m was a ridiculous sum to pay for a manager who is still relatively unproven.

      McDermott meanwhile managed to take Reading to a PO final, then led them to the title in consecutive seasons, all on a measly budget. I don’t know if he’s the right choice, only time will tell, but I think he was the most sensible choice of them all.

      • markj222

        Brentford are third under Uwe Rosler on a tiny budget, he clearly knows what he is doing and he is German so probably knows more about football than half the managers in this country! In general I think we need to get more forigen influence into LUFC, too many cluless yocals still hanging around like Harvey. Who was the Don influenced most by when building his team? the Hungarian national team and real madrid

  • markj222

    There is still a lack of a clear plan or vision for Leeds. What exactly are they trying to achieve? There is no point rushing to try and get promotion next season because it won’t happen. We need to set out a long term plan, and decide a set way of playing and philosophy how we are going to build a team around, and do this over a set number of years until we have built a team not only capable of gaining promotion, but capable of playing in the premier league. The kind of teams Mcdermott builds are very similar to Warnock sides, scrapping teams, that don’t play great football, and I think if we went up with him, we would struggle. Adkins’ Southampton has established itself in the premier league because they can keep the ball, that is despite the fact they finished lower than Mcdermott’s Reading in the championship – they are better able to cope with the higher level of technical play in the premier league. In short, Mcdermott must build a team that is able to play more patiently and keep posession of the ball, otherwise I predict he won’t be successful here

  • Barneywhite

    Does not excite me one bit. Was hoping for someone to make a real statement of intent and galvanise the fans. I am tired of it all.

    • markj222

      No we don’t need a big name, because we simply cannot make big signings, we cannot compete with clubs that have parachute paymnents. What we need is a clear plan of how we are going to progress and play football on the pitch, and we need fans and chairman who are patient enough to carry it through!

    • Matthew

      Dude, Simon Grayson wasn’t a big name and got us up to 7th in the Championship, he would of easily had us in the top 2 by seasons end if he was supported financially by Bates. Big name, small name, if you can get the job done, who the hell cares?

  • 1Leeds_Lad

    If he is to be appointed it is a “financial” decision and not because he is the best man in footballing terms. Clearly a manger who can work with virtually no transfer funding is all that GFBates are interested in !

  • Not quite sure what some people expect. Some names linked with us have been entirely unrealistic (Di Matteo, Allerdyce). Poyet would have been expensive but more importantly would be a definite no no until the end of the season, something we are not in a position to wait for, and people who wanted O’Leary need their heads testing. One of many reasons why he would be a disaster would be the amount of time he has had out of the game plus he has no experience at this level. Yes he did well with the youth but that is not enough. McDermott has done well in the championship and is level headed, something that is definatly needed at Elland Road. On top of that his ability to get good players on a small budget is something that Leeds desperately need.

  • KaiserChief82

    He gets my vote. We aren’t going to be spending millions, he’s been there and done it RECENTLY and has the ability to do it again. If it happens we need to get behind him and believe he can do it. MOT

  • Reiver

    I think managing Leeds United is too big a job for the likes of McDermott. We need a big name manager and that’s never going to happen without the promise of big investment.

  • walt kelly

    no no no, for gods sake from the frying pan into the fire warnock wasn,t the man and mcDermott isn,t either, when are gfh going to learn leeds united are to big a club to be in this position, gfhbates you haven,t a clue just like that muppet warnock let the fans no what,s going on get your cash out and get us a manager who can motivate and win us promotion and keep us there we don,t want to be up and down like a pair of knickers warnock qpr up where are they now mcDermott reading up where are they now for f/sake david o,leary where are you

    • Koh Samui Whites.

      Hopefully he,s fast asleep in bed dreaming of how to snake and arse lick his way into another job he,s not capable of and no where near Elland Road .

  • spellz

    Plain and simple great appointment for me welcomed with open arms, good luck mc D.

  • Chris7286

    Well I agree with Reiver, this is the same as the Warnock appointment, u lot have your effing heads stuck up your arses sayi “he still got Reading promoted” errr…. How many teams did NW get promoted? This appointment says “we’ll get a manager with a proven track record for promotion and give him eff all money”. Why be the vein optimist? Just admit it. WE ARE GOING NOWHERE! Go on then, shoot me down for telling the truth

    • Matthew

      Let me put it in a more apt way for you. Leeds United and Neil Warnock were not compatible He could have a 100 promotions to his name, and if we, and him don’t work out, it means absolutely nothing.

      Brain McDermott would bring a new dynamic, a new way of thinking and ideas into the squad/club and hopefully it would work out.

      He deserves a chance.

      • kev raunds

        well said sir

    • TSS

      Trouble with Warnock wasn’t his track record, it was that he gave himself 18 months to do it in and was more concerned with his retirement than what was going on at Leeds. He never fully committed to the job and created instability with his constant moans about Cornwall and life after football. 10 years earlier, Warnock may have been the right choice.

  • Stevew

    No , Big Mistake..So many Really Good Managers out there and we are going to miss out.

  • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    Wish we could all just welcome a new manager to the club and wish him well without the knives coming out before he has even got through the door. Yes there were a couple of better high profile managers out there we would have preferred [Di Matteo & Poyet] but Mcdermott really does tick all the right boxes. 1. Can spot a decent player in the market and develop them on the pitch. 2. He is good with money [lets face it GFH havent got millions to spend or they wouldnt be looking for investment] 3. He got promoted in the championship. 3. Hes young and hungry for success and to prove hes a good manager [not just counting down the days to retirement] 4. He can create a good dressing room atmosphere and cultivate a good team spirit. 5. He creates teams to be hard to beat [in the championship anyway] 6. He know what it takes to produce a good winning run [check out readings form last year] 7. He doesnt suffer fools gladly and can get the best out of ageing players [lucky we have a few of those] 8. Hes good with the media and fans. 9. His head is really shiny and players will rub it for luck. 10. His name is Brian a very well established managers name. ten good boxes he ticks. Lets give Peas a chance and get behind him MOT : )

    • Chris7286

      “Spot a good player and develope him on the pitch”? He left Reading’s top scorer-Adam LeFondre on the bench for 75 mins every game, lucky Adam is a strong character and never doubted himself. So, he’s going to leave McCormack on the bench (like NW) and bring in some good talent for him and Ross to sit in the dug out and watch their good and bad days together. Just great

      • Koh Samui Whites

        Have you ever heard the grown ups talk about an impact player. There there you,ll understand when you get older honest.

        • number1inyorkshire

          your comments are ill advised and patronising and unnecessary .
          impact player my backside you play your best 11 if they are fit ..
          this new manager will be no better than warnock in the premier league should he get us there .
          And bringing in a new manger right now with different ideas might mean he has to get us out of league one 1st ……

          • Koh Samui Whites

            Liverpool did it with David Fairclough,Man U did it with Solskjear,Giggs. We could of done it with Darren Huckerby but choose not to. Idiot posts and posters need to be told.

          • Northumberland LUFC

            Why are you being so negative, the man has not been confirmed as manager yet and you are preaching doom and gloom. “Will be no better than Warnock”, behave yourself. It’s time for getting behind the team, yes Bates is a vampire who has not helped Leeds United move forward. Yes GFH intentions are unclear and this is worrying, yes GFH don’t seem to have a clue, etc etc .. but c’mon – we are all Leeds fans at the end of the day. You hear players present and past saying repeatedly if the fans don’t stick with the team then it affects team confidence, support the team.

            We all get frustrated, we all get angry, we all say that’s it I’m finished with this lot, never more than these past 8-9 years under Bates’ rule, but we keep coming back. Leeds United, an obsession and passion I can’t break from. We are Leeds.

      • spellz

        Are you Adams brother? who cares he got Reading promoted period and I hope he can do the same with us but only if half of our own fans give him the respect of a chance.

    • kev raunds

      agree get behind him if he gets the job,we are all in this together

    • Snowjoke

      Best man for the job by a country mile. Not least because he wears a proper Manager’s coat on matchdays. Unlike some.

    • Tyler75

      Although you touched on it briefly 11) Resemblance to a young Uncle Fester – Uncle Fester’s Barmy Army

  • Need sumone who will get us in premier league and keep us there and to challenge the top teams not someone who can get us up but not maybe keep us up we don’t need to be going in and out of premier league we need premier league football for the near future not just one season he’s a good manager but failed at the top in the top league

  • Don’t think he’s the right man for the job if in a few years we want Leeds challenging for Europe wats the point of winning the championship then not going on to bigger and better things

    • Matthew

      Challenging for Europe? Buddy, those days are long gone. One step at a time, let’s get out of this league first and see what happens next.

      • mrbigwheels

        I’d be quite pleased to stay in this league for next season Matthew… ”if I’m honest”, haha.

      • Koh Samui Whites

        Apologies Matthew didn,t see you,d already read my mind lol.

      • Leeds are a big club got to think big yes understand get out the league first but if don’t think big we will be straight bac in championship just like reading

    • Koh Samui Whites

      How about we get out of the championship first Chris and then have another look at it eh?

      • Get out the championship just to go bak in it like reading are doing great?

    • number1inyorkshire

      your right ..

    • TSS

      Europe in a few years? Seriously? No wonder our fans are never happy. It’ll take decades for this club to get anywhere near Europe again, I thought people would have realised that after it’s taken us a decade to (not) get back to the Prem.

      McDermott spent <£7m at Reading, no club is staying in the Premier League on that kind of budget, he had an impossible task.

    • Reiver

      Challenging for Europe? Those days are history. We’ll be lucky to ever get into the Premiership and just survive there – you need silly money to challenge at the top these days.

  • Gt to fink of the future of football of Leeds united not just one season of maybe winning the championship

  • Matthew

    As much as I would like him as manager, I just want us to survive in this league first. See out this season and regardless of where we place, we place above the relegation zone. I’m nervous lol

    Considering our situation in general, he would be the best manager for the job, I agree. And if we survive this season, he has quite a job to do, hopefully he can make a difference here.

  • wyla

    For all you fantasists lets get 3 things straight, 1 we would never of got promotion to the pl with grayson regardless of budget as being a fan does not make you a manager. 2 despite his unpopularity warnock could have done it with a decent budget and with hoofball as he has proved his entire long sucessful career. 3 McDermott is worth a go as he has proved his abilities at this level unlike grayson or o’leary. MOT

  • Omg already the moaners are out!!! Ffs get a grip this man did fantastic at reading and then got dropped just like Adkins did. The people wanting poyet are stupid in thinking he would come here. For he was subbed last time when grayson got the job and he has Brighton in for more better position than we r. Di matteo really he is on 40k a week for doing nothing champions league winner really do u think he will come down this low not a chance when other more suitable clubs are wanting him. For me mac gets my vote and I think he will be getting rid of a few of warnocks old hags. Maccormak and somma up front for the weds visit 3 points please lads mot!!!!

  • Koh Samui Whites.

    Thankfully it looks like common sense has prevailed and Brian McD is on his way. So delighted we didn,t go for one of the many idiots on the management merry go round (coyle,hughes,mcleish, etc etc) or worse still O,Dreary. Martin O,Neil ten years ago yes but his time has gone.By far the best decision GFH/Bates has made so far. Onwards and upwards MOT.

  • Ron

    I think he’s a great candidate, but is this GFH’s way of saying there is very little investment coming??? Roll on the Saudis and push these piss-poor Arabs aside.

  • number1inyorkshire

    According to the various stories about this on the usual sites McDermott ranges in age from 47-53 ?????…..
    No problems with McDermott he is after all a proven manager in the championship ….

    AHHHH rewind he is a proven manager in the championship, his record in the premier league however is pretty ,well rubbish really …
    its all well and good getting to premier league but the point is to stay there when the holiest of grails has been reached in uk football ..

    I have heard it said on a lot of other sites that he is the cheapest option ,clearly he is, he can start the job now which is too late ,but he is another of the “young ambitious managers ” .well i wish him all the luck in the world and hope he succeeds at the club i support ,but i don’t know who is the right man ,we all have opinions but i don’t think McDermott is ,
    young and ambitious is fine but ,there is no accounting for experience we need someone who has taken a club up and kept them there ,they cost money and its time leeds united spent some money on a man at the helm to not only get us up but keep us up..

    setting on a manager now is a knee-jerk reaction to looking over the shoulder and seeing the relegation battle catching up .
    Leeds united and GFH should have got warnock to commit at Christmas or sacked him if he didn’t.
    hold on guys and gals the next 3 weeks are gonna be like every white knuckle ride you’ve ever been on ,up and down and scary as hell …

    • TSS

      Pretty sure 52 is accurate. He made is Arsenal debut in 1979, so if he’s 52 now, he’d have been 18 then.

    • spellz

      We are officially in a relegation battle at the moment so your ideology of us needing a proven premiership manager is tainted, your first statement however was correct he is a proven championship manager WHICH IS WHAT WE NEED right now.

      We just need someone to come in who has a promotion record such as Mc D and basically give these boys a bit of spirit to keep us in the championship we will focus on winning the premier league, champions league and f.a cup treble the season after next when Joseph Guardiola takes over, gosh.

  • markman

    I think that all that needs to be said is good luck,you will need it as flak will soon be coming your way and welcome to the leeds united.The force in the north.

  • Simon Smith

    Simply not the right man for the job, he has not proven himself, despite what some might think. Reading?? They are not a bench mark, we should be thinking bigger, few seem to have any other asperation than getting out of the Championship, and if that is all you desire then fine bring on McDermot, if we want to stay, and climb higher, then more thought should be given than the first available cheap manager who has been sacked for lack of vision and achievement at a higher level.

    • Chris7286

      I’m suprised you havn’t had a sniping comment from Koh Samui Whites for that comment. You told the truth mate. This appointment is just saying “we don’t have an ambition to be in europe for the next 8-10 years” Bates refused to sell Leeds to sheikh Mansour and look at Man City. Abramovic is a billionaire and he’s won most major trophies. The russian billionaire who owns Reading id just like our owners, no idea about football and not as ambitious as the fans. I really wanted our owners to show ambition and major investment but this just spells it out. The people commenting on here that are pro McDermott are just telling ppl like me and u to forget it, we are just and average championship club now and ‘if’ we make it up next season we have to fight relegation and hope we can slowly build to europe?? You only get in Europe with major onvestment

    • Koh Samui Whites

      Simon and Chris have you ever thought of offering your razor sharp footballing insights to skysports or the bbc perhaps,after the year we,ve had we could all do with the amusement you so obviously could provide. Does “asperation” mean you sweat a lot,or your asthmatic? Hope i didn,t disappoint you Chris.

  • LUFC-Srbski

    I cannot believe the negativity and pre-judgemental attitudes of our fans, he’s not even walked in the door yet and already a lot of people are against him. Give the man a chance.

    At Leeds United ever since Grayson was moved on we’ve had a real problem with scouting and finding decent players on our budget.

    Neil Warnock WAS given a half decent budget. And he wasted over 500K on Paddy Kenny alone. Not to mention the 800K on Peltier. Then brought in complete dross in the likes of Varney, Norris, Green, Tongue (who ever sanctioned that move needs shooting), Warnock etc. I’m not too happy with Austin either (though he could get better).

    If you look at the teams who were successful on promotion from League One (yes, they did invest into buying players in the Championship) but their base squad was League one players who could play at higher level (Ricky Lambert anyone). I remember when he was a Bristol Rovers and we were linked with him in L1 but never moved quickly enough.

    Grayson’s downfall was he stop doing that in the Championship and came unstuck with his defensive signings (all of them were appalling) Bessone anyone!

    McDermott was Reading’s Head Scout and obviously has and eye for talented players at lower levels (Shane Long & Doyle) both great finds.

    Hopefully, his first plan of action will be to set up some proper scouting in League’s One and Two. If you watch the likes of Brentford / Tranmere they have a couple of decent players who are far better than the dross we have in midfield.

    Now, as a player who would YOU rather play for Trammere Rovers or Leeds United? As they are smaller clubs – we would have a stronger financial pull, not to mention the history of LUFC.

    They are lots of great young talent in the lowers leagues the question is finding it. I think McDermott will address that. I’d like to see Gwyn Williams gone, as I think he has a lot to answer fo around our current player recruitment.

    I’d also like to see Shaun Harvey replaced. The man is Bates No.2 (right hand man) and is obv. not right for Leeds United football club.

    McDermott should be given at least two seasons to put his stamp on LUFC – he should also give the likes of Poleon (who I think looks like a really good prospect and Dawson the chance to impress in pre-seasons / next year.

    Everyone who thinks we can attract the likes of Poyet / Di Matteo are clueless – we have to be realistic about what Leeds United is as a club right now. We are an average mid table side – that often flirts with the possibility of relegation. What top manager would want that job right now.

    McDermott is going to set the world alight and he is a safe bet but we could do with some safe bets at Leeds United. It’s only be risk for season and season.

    Let’s be realistic. Getting back to the Premiership should be priority then address the future when we actually get there.

    • Ron


    • Koh Samui Whites

      Well said that man.

  • bd

    Good luck, now all we need is GFH to back him financially, if GFH dont i expect promotion.

  • bd

    meant dont expect promotion

  • Reiver

    I expect he’s the best we can get/afford. Let’s just hope he’s better than the last clown, although with Bates and GFH running the show I fear it will be ‘more of the same.’

  • craig

    Give shinny a chance i think he will be good, lets face It who in there right mind would even come to us at the minute Under the current behind the scenes chaos. O’ leary would of been my choice not that it would of been wise i just long for some good times again and i hold on to the past abit. So stop moaning get behind the man and your team and give him a chance .mot

  • Jd

    Not high profile but gets the job done. Great manager.

  • Killinghall 1

    I believe nothing until I see it on the BBC sport website. The succession of shady owners we’ve had over the last decade has led to us becoming the masters of fucking around when it comes to recruitment, both managers and players. However should I hope that the Sun isn’t just blowing smoke up our asses and that there is some truth to the rumours as I think McDermott is top class, reading were foolish in getting rid of him.

  • Jd

    Believe all that is holding the announcement up is finishing touches to the back room staff

  • CCR

    scares me shit less what have we got now??.All we need to bother about at this moment is staying up! Next season give it ten games,and look at what he does with the squad.Based on the investment made available by our clueless owners.If no progress get rid,spend money on a top bloke,we need to go back where we belong !

  • CCR

    McDermott was dismissed as Reading manager following defeat to Aston Villa, later pointing out that his entire team had cost less to assemble than Villa’s £7m striker Christian Benteke.
    So what they still lost,at least Villa are still in there,this comment if accurate worries me.