Alan CurbishleyIt’s looking more and more likely that Leeds United will miss out on Nigel Adkins as the former Saints manager tries his luck at Reading, leaving the Whites options somewhat limited.

It’s unlikely that Gus Poyet would leave Brighton while Paolo Di Canio would be too unpredictable (albeit, highly entertaining). That leaves a list of contenders who range from the inexperienced to the thoroughly underwhelming, managers unlikely to inspire the necessary belief that 2013/14 will be our year.

So what about the names not being mentioned? Surely there’s a few managers out there with the necessary credentials and experience? Well, I managed to come up with three. Let me know your thoughts and alternatives at the bottom.

Gary Megson 

Bizarrely sacked by Sheffield Wednesday in February 2012 with the Owls sitting 3rd in League One and having just beaten Steel City rivals Sheffield United in a crucial derby match, Gary Megson has been out of work ever since.

At just 48 years old, Megson has already taken charge of 648 games, with his most successful spell coming as manager of West Brom, a club he twice guided to Premier League promotion.

Paul Jewell

Paul Jewell burst onto the scene during the 1998-99 season when he guided Bradford City to the Premier League.

Another vastly experienced 48 year old who has been out of work since 2012. Jewell’s most successful spell as manager came at Wigan Athletic where he masterminded their promotion from League One to the Premier League during a 6 year spell which culminated in the 2006 League Cup final defeat to Manchester United.

Alan Curbishley 

Once upon a time, Alan “Curbs” Curbishley was considered a candidate for every vacant managers position in England but after a bitter parting of ways with West Ham United in 2008, Curbishley hasn’t taken control of a club since.

15 years at Charlton Athletic followed by 2 years with West Ham, Curbishley has almost 800 games under his belt many of which came in the top flight of English football. Curbs also has experience at getting teams promoted, winning the play-offs with Charlton in 1998 and automatic promotion in 2000.

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  1. Vinnie

    Paul Jewell? Hmmm not after his spells at Derby and Ipswich, not convinced. Paolo would be either an incredible appointment or a destructive one (well he’d be destructive either way but in a bad way in this case). Gary Megson and Alan Curbishley would be welcome replacements. No room for Brian McDermott?

  2. Jim

    If we can’t take Adkins i’d take Curbishley and then McDermott, in that order.

  3. old goat

    Megson or Jewell are both pretty depressing prospects.
    Curbishly a better prospect but he’s a Londoner and he’s getting long in the tooth. Can’t see him uprooting himself to take on something as challenging as Leeds.
    Terry McDermott ??? low key, seems to get by on limited budget.
    Personally (and I know others disagree) I think we could do worse than give Redfearn the rest of the season at least – unless he’s ruling himself out.
    Still suspect Poyet is becoming disillusioned with Brighton but he’s under contract and we have to assume we’re not going to pay compo to another club.


    • Irving08

      New investors could and should be prepared to pay the compensation needed to get the right man. Managers currently out of work are so for a reason; we should not touch any of them.
      Outside the Premier League, Poyet is the outstanding attainable employed candidate for the long-term appointment we need. Dougie Freedman should be considered too.

  4. Borowhite

    No way the first two. Wouldnt mind Curb`s but its not just about getting the right manager but have we got the funds to support him. Im afraid i have my doubts.

    • mrbigwheels

      Plenty have. Forest being the latest and even in that short time the players and fans were relieved to see him depart. Just a comment. The new man will have to fit with the Leeds fan base…. enough said.

      Didn’t think in depth until the other day but maybe Mr Curbs would fit well here and move the Club on.

      • Irving08

        Generally Londoners like Mr Curbs do not easily take to the North. Personally I have never taken to him: he is dull and his football has tended that way too.

        I am still counting on one of Wigan, Brighton and Villa solving our problem: if or when fresh money materialises, of course.

    • TSS

      The whole pool of managerial candidates is an underwhelming one, that’s kind of the point. The above is a list of experienced managers with promotions under this belt, surely those are the necessary qualifications for a club of Leeds’ stature? Feel free to suggest realistic alternatives

      • Tyler75

        Soljskaer or Martinez if they can be lured away from their present positions; otherwise McDermott or Owen Coyle would be much better alternatives to the three stooges you came up with !

  5. Ludlow Leeds

    I thought this was a spoof post when I saw Megson and Jewell. No room for John Barnes or Bryan Robson then? I think Curbs may well have been out of the game too long. McDermott might be OK, or Poyet if Brighton don’t go up. But, as Eddie Gray says, it doesn’t matter who the manager is if they don’t get financial backing we’ll remain mid-table mediocrity. That’s the real key to progress.

  6. Jim

    Agree with Ludlow – the new manager needs funds whoever it is. But surely we want someone who’s up and coming, got a bit of a track record and wants to take on the job. With that in mind – scrap Curbs (long in tooth as oldgoat puts it) as well as the other two (seriously TSS – Megson or Jewell?!!!) and let’s just say Poyet or McDermott. If we can’t get either of them, Aidy Boothroyd’s the only other one I’d look at, but that’d hardly be inspiring…

    • TSS

      No chance with Poyet, haven’t Brighton already turned down Reading’s approach? No reason he’d leave one Championship club for another, especially when the one he’s at is better placed.

      • Ludlow Leeds

        If Brighton don’t go up then Poyet may be tempted. The board may turn down an approach but since when did that make any difference? If the manager gets funds then Leeds are the most attractive managerial proposition in the Championship.

      • Lufc1979ish

        Maybe we should learn to say no when a big club comes calling for our players

      • Irving08

        If Brighton do not go up and if new majority investors do materialise then Poyet is attainable. He would take the job too.

  7. TheMassacre

    McDermott, Appleton, Mclaren, McLeish all out of work.

    None of which are anything to get excited about.

    The only one that even remotely interests me other than Poyet would be Di Canio.

  8. Gareth Norton

    The Brazil coach for me or Ancelotti. Why not? If I was GFH I would go and get them! Just not ambitious at this club any more.


      The Brazil coach!! Amazing! as for the Neil Lennon post above. He’s got a job..a better one. Can’t see him swapping european nights at barcelona for tuesday nights at barnsley. Ancelotti’s not a bad shout..if the Real Madrid thing falls through.

  9. kev raunds

    No one will want the job because there is no money available,gfh need to provide funds or sell up

  10. number1inyorkshire

    none of the above thanks ……

    you forgot Roy Keane but add him to the list above too.

    why does it have to be a manager out of work or a pundit although Alan Shearer might be worth a punt ,Lets go and get someone and for once make it a decent manager we haven’t had one of them since David O’Leary was at the helm ..And thats a matter of opinion ..

    LETS have a look at some managers in work who would come

    Kenny Jacket , Karl Robinson ,Eddie howe

    Ian Holloway Gianfranco Zola ..

    There are currently 59 ish managers on the dole ,60 if you now include Appleton .out of them 3or 4 are stand outs ADKINS ,HUGHES ,DALGLISH ..DI MATTEO .
    There are others who are pundits etc ..

    • Ev

      Hughs >>????? Dalglish ??? So the current qualifications we are looking for are merely ; “have you ever managed a top club ?” Yes ” Ok your in” Irrelevant is whether they are actually any good ?? Hughs (i can only cope if i have a billion pound budget and even then im bollx) no thanks…. oh and Dalglish (my own family needs a translator to understand me) hmmm

      • number1inyorkshire

        i never said employ them ,my point is that ,there is a load of dross managers unemployed aside from Di matteo ..its the list above i would be cherry picking .kenny jacket etc why do we need an unemployed manager is the jist if the story i wrote .i agree with you and it seems you misunderstood what i wrote


        Cherry picking!! Kenny Jacket!! cherry’s are the red things they put on top of cakes because they look good and taste nice. Have you seen Kenny Jacket?? He looks fucked!!! and were are Millwall in the league? Nonsense.

      • number1inyorkshire

        ohh dear is there any point anymore .we need someone who has taken 4 different countries to world cup glory ,and 2 euro champs .not to mention a dozen domestic leagues and cups .3 champions league finals and is out of work ..LOCK the doors GFH we are all doomed oh i forgot he has to look like Adonis ……
        LEEDS fans need a sip of reality in fact lets make it a pint ….

  11. msec

    Can not believe some of the suggestions, Boothroyd? and people moan about Warnock’s style of play? Jewell, extremely well backed financially at Bradford & Wigan but hasn’t done much since. McLeish? Not hard to be a success at Rangers, done nothing else, also too abrasive as is Megson. Appleton??? Why??? Personally, I also wouldn’t be over the moon about Poyet, He’s also had a lot to spend and hasn’t achieved any more than Grayson did with nothing. Curbishley has been out of the game a while, doesn’t need it, would he decide its not worth the hassle?

    Cruyff said management is 10% tactics and the rest is man management and the relationship between the manager, the club, its culture and the fans. With this in mind, I’d love Di Canio. Helped shovel snow off the Swindon pitch and bought everyone pizzas, paid for loan signings out of his own pocket, passion, dedication, attitude, he has a touch of Mourinho about him. The fans would love him. Certainly, nobody’s puppet which is why he probably won’t get appointed.


    Three certain failures. Nineteen management changes so far in the Championship and none of these has got a job. Better to go for someone who looks to be on the way UP Eg Freedman. Maybe Holloway could be tempted. He got Blackpool promoted

  13. djedjedje

    I agree, the list is underwhelming. Here’s some more names to add to it:

    1. ‘A return of the Mac’? A Gary McAllister/Richard Naylor combo. Both have done well developing Leeds United kids and whilst neither is the complete picture they might collectively work wonders. Lot of wishful thinking, I know.

    2. Terry Butcher. Admittedly most Englishmen probably think he retired to a life of golf after World Cup heroics in the 1980s; but far from it. He’s been working wonders in Scotland with Inverness Caledonian and on the cusp of taking them into Europe (for one round before they get knocked out, no doubt). Very recently was almost talked into taking the Barnsley job, but stayed loyal at the last minute. Leeds are bigger fish and would probably turn his head with minimal compensation.

    3. Stuart McCall, same as above re: Terry Butcher, only at Motherwell rather than Inverness, and a Leeds lad.

    4. Whilst I’m doing the Scottish connection: I’ve been impressed with Ally McCoist at now third division Rangers. Did well with Rangers in the SPL and Europe (OK, no use to us for a few seasons yet!) and more importantly he has shown himself able to keep the football going on the pitch despite a nightmare off it. I’d expect those skills to be great use at Leeds over the next couple of seasons (although I hope we don’t get in such a pickle to get relegated down three leagues!). Besides, he’s managed to keep Rangers level headed and walk through the Third Division this season when many other managers would have struggled with all asunder having their ‘cup finals’ each week against Rangers.

    5. Let’s get out of Scotland. I’m thinking Phil Parkinson will have wetted the appetite of GFHC. He’s over-exceeded at Bradford with no budget and mostly kids and freebies. Yes, hopefully this modus operandi is somewhat behind us, but club owners love a bargain who can work wonders with bargains and kids already on the books.

    6. Personally I’ve always thought Avram Grant never got the recognition he deserved for what he did at Chelsea. Settled their rocky boat of egos and got them playing football again (and only a penalty kick away from Champions League glory). It turned into a disaster at West Ham (despite nearly taking them to the FA Cup finals) but he’s recently redelivered at Partisan Belgrade. Now available without a club.

    7. Anyone who knows my opinion on David O’Leary will be shocked to see that I’ve included his name on this list. Why? Well, no one else has yet and if I don;t mention him then someone inevitably will do in time. I strongly believe that he doesn’t deserve a second chance at Leeds (and he’s been out of the game for too long too), but he spends most of his time playing golf in the Middle East and it seems inevitable that he’ll have bumped into David Haigh at some Tory Ex-Pat Charity Golf tournament in Dubai and turned on the Irish charm towards our kid-of-a-CEO, and gone on about his glory days at Leeds, with his ‘babies’, and how he has ‘unfinished business’ at Elland Road. Haigh will have bought it hook, line, and sink us.


      One scot you didn’t mention: Joe Jordan. With QPR almost definitely going down now and Redknapp unlikely to stick around for next season, there’s a chance he’ed have another go at management. Could do worse.
      Don’t think McCoist would be interested to be honest. Rather stay managing a third division Scottish side, and I don’t blame him.

    • Dj

      Couldn’t agree more with the ‘return of the mac’ been saying this all along!!!

  14. mrbigwheels

    Here’s an interesting one for the mo’… Mick Jones has flown off to Bahrain on his own today leaving NW in Cornwall, allegedly… but true…


    Paolo Di Canio are you insane coz he his lol whoever gets it will need £10 million to spend agree with Pete, Alex McLeish would be worth a punt if we dont get Adkins


    Give me 10 million to spend and il give it a go, i couldn’t do much worse than the shower of shit that has been in power for the last 7 years

  17. Conor

    Di canio would be my second choice after Adkins. I’d quite like to see some entertainment

  18. Disgruntled White

    Are you having a laugh? Megson, Jewell and Alan bloody Curbishley who when Leeds started to suffer financial melt down said that we deserve to be relegated. Wouldn’t be happy with any of these, if these are the only names we could attract give it to Naylor at least he would be cheap.

  19. Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    I would only take curbs out of those three. But Here is my 3 and im really sure we definitely dont need to go for experience [we tried that with warnock who has better record than all three combined] but the feel good factor of a young manager would be more effective than the experienced stewardship of the pensioners……We need to cultivate hope and can only do this with taking a gamble on the young guns…..

    Di Matteo [no matter how unlikely it is worth digging in you pockets for and hungry to make small miracles happen]

    Brian Deane [same gamble as those talking about Solskaer got his break abroad. Really Loves leeds and is inevitable he will one day return like our prodigal son]

    Dennis Bergkamp [assistant to frank De Boer at Ajax will be able to spot talent and have contacts around the globe and imagine the sort of football we would play? still want Megson or Paul Jewel?

  20. kgloki

    We need a manager with fire. With the balls to back-up anything he says and to stand up to anyone trying to interfere with the team. We need someone the fans will love, who has a connection to the club. We need to take a chance. We need Vinnie Jones.


      Jesus!!!thats a bit leftfield man, would like to see Brian Deane given the chance if your going for a former player. Jones is a B – movie acter with no managerial experience…and a bit of a prick.

  21. markj222

    the people who write on this site are thick, Gary Megson? Paul Jewell? *facepalm*

  22. DubaiWhite

    I’m surprised that Brian McDermott didn’t make your list. Did a superb job at Reading, producing something that Leeds need to emulate. Seems an obvious candidate to me?

  23. Offwhite MOT (failed)

    See that GFH now looking to sell 100% of LUFC rather than looking for junior partner.
    In this Alice in Wonderland world perhaps one of the better Fantasy Football mangers would fit the bill.

  24. Mark

    No, No and No – all three would be poor appointments. Curbishley a few years ago maybe but not after so long out of the game. The other two not even worth debating – if we are going to consider megson or jewell we may as well stick with Warnock.

    One of the few things GFH have said that makes sense is appointing a young manager. Adkins is the only stand out name at the moment. If he goes elsewhere, and lets face it the only club with less attractive owners and prospects than Leeds are Blackburn, he probably will.

    If its not Adkins i would prefer we go for a young and enthusiastic manager and give him the time and space to build a young and energetic team, with the rabble that own the club at the moment nobody that comes in is getting any serious money to spend.

  25. Musicmystroplz

    The 3 managers you have mentioned none of them inspire me to think they would bring in young or old but experienced players into Leeds.But when I say experienced people and NW get that confused with,over the hill,end of career,Players he has worked with,Portsmouth based,CHEAP,Has Beens.You say Di Canio is unpredictable but he has better contacts in europe and the uk and will attract exciting players to Leeds that can change games.This is a man who helped shovell snow off the pitch at Swindon and then brought pizzas for everyone,also funded the cost of loan players out of his own pocket ,this shows more passion and commitment than Jewell,Megson or Curbs none of whom excite or motivate and let’s face it none of them have pulled up any trees in recent years.You can sum them up in a word” BORING” probably with the exception of Curbs.This not what Leeds need after our years of turmoil,uncertainty.
    Why do Leeds always go for the easy cheap options,A notice to NW who says he will advise on a successor for his job ( GOD HELP LEEDS )and current owners GFH or whoever they sell to.Pull out all the stops to sign a manager of the ilk of DI Canio,Franco Zola,Gus Poyet or Nigel Adkins.Get rid of the current scouts they haven’t a clue and only know the motorway to Portsmouth.Make sure whoever you sell the club to has the interest of the club at heart and that its not just all about the money.Also that they have enough to invest in top class premiership and championship quality proven players as well as a manager who is not frightened to mix them with the best young acadamey/reserve team players,and a manager who is not frightened to make substitutes that might turn draws into wins unlike NW.
    I will not be renewing my season ticket until I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    By the way GFH with thanks let NW go as soon as its financially cheap to do so ,and whilst doing this move quickly to get a top class manager in place.
    Please everyone reading this who agrees with me cut and paste or retweet this post on all Leeds United related pages lets send a message out to the owners Mot.

  26. grumpygitkev

    curbs would be good we might as well keep colin if we get that prick megson!! I really want dicanio!!

  27. Joedqf

    This is a bit of a depressing list. Curbishley maybe, no to the other two. Jewell was utterly hopeless at Ipswich, and the fans wouldn’t give him a chance to show otherwise. Megson was for his part, a mediocre manager at league one standard which, let us not forget, even the wobbly Simon Grayson had no trouble getting us promoted from.

  28. Anthony Pruden

    I would give alan curbisI would give alan curbishley he was a manager in the premership qirh west ham and charlton so i would like him at ellen road

  29. Stuey

    I know this is hopelessly optimistic at present but at the end of the season if Wigan were relegated I’d fight tooth and nail for Martinez. Perfect fit for Leeds and hopefully he would see them as a natural progression from Wigan.

    He was no of the main catalysts for the style of swanseas play and brought in great players at both the swans and Wigan with not much money and having his best players sold around him (sound familiar) whilst playing attractive football to boot.

  30. Soho White

    This whole scenario is thoroughly depressing. None of the names mentioned are remotely inspiring, with the possible exception of Curbishley, but there must be a reason he hasn’t worked for so long. The smart thing to do, especially with the time we have available, is for the club to operate like a proper business. Employ a really good head hunter and spend some time researching new talent. I don’t know the names, but somewhere lurking in the 3rd and 4th divisions, there will be the next great British [or even foreign] manager. Almost all the great names started at a lower level. Lets do the job properly and go and find them, and then invest in them. The “usual suspects” approach will see us ending up with another failed journeyman. The only exception to that is Adkins, who did an excellent job at Soton.

    Everything crossed we get it right this time…. the pain cannot continue. This has been the most uninspring season even by our dismal recent standards. Whoever comes in has to invest in youth and plan to develop a team that will grow together a la Swansea. It can be done.

  31. kevin stevens

    just a thought how about harry rednapp after he is sack at qpr when they go down now that would be a good chioce


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