Neil WarnockNeil Warnock’s Leeds United side are now 5 games without a win, our worst run of the season so far.

While some may argue that performances have improved in recent weeks, there’s no escaping the fact that Leeds have taken just 11 points from their last 11 games. Relegation form by Championship standards.

It’s no surprise then that calls for Neil Warnock to be immediately replaced have intensified, and with Martin O’Neill now available following his dismissal at Sunderland, the list of possible replacements continues to grow.

Our poll below features the top contenders according to Sky Bet and asks which of them you’d like to see as the next Leeds United manager.

Who would you like to see as next Leeds United manager?

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    • mrbigwheels

      You are actually totally correct. I would add… ”that would be a worthwhile, progressive and successful appointment with very little funding available”.

      • Irving08

        Plainly and hopefully not O’Neil, Hughes or Maclaren, and regrettably not Poyet either, unless sentiment, Chris Dawson, Byram, Lees and White persuade him to the contrary. Which just leaves Coyle and McDermott, both of whom would work on a modest budget. Looks like thoughtful Brian then to me of the named candidates. He worked with ‘oldies at Reading, so he would feel at home here.

    • kev raunds

      No-one will touch us while bates is still involved,gfh total waste of time,club needs sorting fast.

  1. lukeyboy lufc!

    martin O Neill can restore united! poyet wont leave brighton for us! so in my eyes marty can be our don, before we keep falling,

  2. Gary

    I cAn see us getting relegated at this rate unless the board act fast were 7 pts off relegation,do something gfhc else were got no hope of making prem in nxt 3-5 yrs bottom teams are scrapping for every point and are catching us up,we need a manager who can work with naylor as number2 learn him and naylor help the new manager bring these bright young players in

  3. Wheels

    Wheels:Would like see naylor or redders on the list could be opinion to guild us to end of season and since they know the younger players better thn most should be easier to bleed thm to the first team

  4. CraigyC

    2 Votes for Mark Hughes yet The Mirror seems to think he’s the hot favourite and actually wanted by Leeds … I don’t know who the f**k wants that clown but it certainly isn’t Leeds fans. The biggest thing for me is the fact that Warnock actuall wants a say in who replaces him .. We want rid of him, NOW and we want a good manager, not some douchebag like Hughes and Southgate and Warnock has no right to a say in who sucseeds him. MOT!

    • Tyler75

      Mark Hughes did a brilliant job with Wales, and a decent job at both Blackburn and City but he’s from the Warnock ‘old’ school and what we need is fresh blood and fresh ideas. Why isn’t Solskjaer on the list ? He’s exactly what we need ( with Naylor as part of the set-up) and I couldn’t give a monkeys about his manure connections

  5. BRAMLEY whites

    any one but warnock. plays brown why not give yong Dawson a go? warnock secret love children are getting us no were there useless get rid of warnock give the kids a try.. The kids will be our bright future with out warnock and is children

    • pete58

      hey up bramley, I’d like someone who thought more of the team than he thought of himself. it’s almost impossible not to think warnock’s doing it on purpose.

      • BRAMLEY whites

        now then pal… i want dicanio no nonsense kind of guy wears is heart on is sleeve and doesnt blame the tea lady for his team losing warnock is a crank

      • BRAMLEY whites

        you good at running your mouth… why not leave me a number so o can ring you and we meet up for a coffee

      • mikelufc

        I believe ther is strong possibility you are right, is this part of Bates long time stated plan to shut leeds united down now he has made a killing? Is Bates on a big bonus for helping? Will GFH then go ahead and re-develop ER?
        None of this is sillier than the present situation.

      • pete58

        what warnocks done is the perfect step by step blueprint for destruction.

  6. saltburnwhite

    o leary ? really i know everyone will laugh but can he seriously do a worse job than any other manager we have had since?

    • TSS

      There is some logic to O’Leary, we clearly have some very talented young players coming through and he wouldn’t be afraid to give them a shot unlike other managers.

      Some people will argue that he can’t do it without the money, but he was mostly awful WITH money, he made some terrible signings, very few of which actually improved the squad. Most of the time we just seemed to be adding numbers so we could challenge on all fronts.

      • JDC

        David O’Leary would, in my opinion, be an excellent choice … just look at the list of young players he introduced to the first team and where he managed to take the club. Like most managers, he wanted players the club could ill afford but the responsibility for his overspend must lie at Peter Ridsdale’s door … who should have learned to say “no David”. He has also publicly stated that he would love to return to the club where he has unfinished business.

      • Thommo Hawk

        I think David O’Leary would be the obvious sentimental choice but also a shrewd one, he’s not done anything to my knowledge since parting ways at Villa so he’s been out of the game for a while. We all know LUFC doesn’t have much money so our best shot is probably to go with the kids I mean who’d heard of Byram before the start of the season now he’s one of the key players in the team! But it’s going to take a manager who will give them a shot and foster the ‘us vs them’ mentality and be a father figure to them young players – who better than O’Leary? Obviously this time won’t be like when we had Kewell, Bowyer, Smith etc but next year with a smattering of our best prospects in the team – who says we can’t get promoted.

        Other than the O’Leary shout the most realistic choice and my preferred option would be either Di Canio or Gus Poyet. Flair characters who stir something in the players. I don’t think we’ll get O’Neill that guy has been turning us down for well over a decade and nowadays he’s lost his touch.

  7. Tare

    Sami Hyypia (check Wikipedia of his CV) not because he is Finnish person but he is a true leader and gives especially to young players certain confidence and belief to get the best out of the “engine”. Tare

      • bitesyerlegs

        He’s Finnish. Better English than your Finnish, I don’t doubt. Think you should apologise to him.

      • mikelufc

        please go find your rock to crawl back under, personal attacks are uncalled for.

  8. Shane

    The only name i have confidence in doing the job well is Poyet. But how long would it be until he jumps ship…. AGAIN. I still blame him for not staying in our 1st league one season. He had a chance to write his name into the history books of world football let alone LUFC but instead off he went & now…. Well, l’m sure he had bigger ambitions than Brighton. I am genuinely concerned – GHF have to get thi next appointment right or God help us all. MOT.

  9. mrbigwheels

    I think it’s fair to say GFHC are not actively looking for a new manager at the moment but are well taken with an active plan of persuading Warnock to stay on…. this may even elevate to director of football roll. I kid you not….. Warnocks ramblings are indicative of this position and will answer all, if one listens carefully. The only person who will put a stop to all this nonsense.. is Mrs Warnock. In the meantime GFHC will go about their business of selling off chunks of this Club (yes, they’re an investment bank). Only when they have achieved their preferred portfolio of ownership will Warnock not be useful to them and a fresh manager installed and as he says, no doubt involving him…. imo.

    • Irving08

      Well spotted MBW. In his utterances he makes increasing use of the first person plural pronoun – and he is referring to the club, not to his fragrant wife. After his appalling on-air roasting of Tom Lees yesterday, I think the fans will be the ones to put a stop to his nonsense. A defeat at the hands of Derby will provoke a stadium wide outburst of scorn, I surmise.

      • mikelufc

        The only fans with power are the bloody fools who continue to fund this and the have proved they have no other life so more of the same and ultimately they will carry the can for the ending of Leeds United but they are not smart enough to see this and will blame everything else.

      • Irving08

        I can only speak for myself, but my cup is overflowing, and I still go to Elland Road.

    • mikelfc

      The ones who can change this situation almost immediately are the sheepish (stupid) fans who contine to fund this circus and sites like this should be trying to rally them around to a total boycott, with no money coming in this bunch of clowns wll be forced to act straight away.
      Will it happen? Will it fuck, the fans will only act when it is too late.

    • mikelufc

      Of course there is a question…why the hell do you think he just get the sack? the mind boggles.

  10. john

    Martin O’Neil is out of date as a manager. Poyet, Mcdermott or Di Canio

  11. Tragic Times

    Mrbigwheels you are right!
    The wretched Warnock is playing us all for fools. He should have been sacked after the drubbing at Manchester City,but still he continues blaming the world and accepting no responsibility for our current horrendous plight.
    Sadly GHF are clueless as well as obviously short of cash, and as no proper quality ambitious manager will work for a club where no one is taking responsibility for the day to day running of this failing organization, Warnock will still be in charge next year.
    It is scandalous but true.
    Other questions that no one is answering.
    1. Why does Kenneth William Bates spend so much time at Elland Road when he is no longer in charge?
    2. Why are all the old Chelsea staff still employed by LUFC?
    3. Why were The Club so short of money ,they had to sell a paltry 10 percent stake this week to another faceless Investment Bank with NO long term plans for LUFC.
    These are terrible times and believe me will get far worse before they improve.

  12. Lufc1979ish

    Supporting leeds is like being aboard the titanic and getting the call that there’s an iceberg ahead whilst still in Southampton docks and still managing to hit it.

    • henrymouni

      I needed a laugh!
      As we are sinking beneath the waves, NW will say it is the best
      voyage he has been on, and much better than the one he was on last year!

  13. Exiled White

    I know each to their own, but who would want to keep warnock?!! Think the 14, 2% of voters who voted for him, must be deluded or members of his family that want to keep him in employment. Or both.

  14. Leedsince70

    Poyet won’t come, McDermott plays long ball, O’Neill is past it and only buys over priced British players, Hughes is aloof and was terrible at QPR, Coyle isn’t a Leeds man. Over the above, Di Canio is about the best but we really want someone not on the list at all, like Michael Laudrup!

  15. mines a pint

    any one but Mark Hughes,or McClaren, and whatever happens keep Colin out of it when it comes to choosing a new manager.Get rid of him now . and hey, Warnock, stop publically slagging your players off.

  16. northeast white

    Any manager is only good if he gets good backing by the owners

  17. mark

    Martin O’Neil is out of date. In terms of tactics, he has no clue. He is just a motivator and is poor at that now. We need a modern manager, who is strong tactically, knows how to sign players, and play football, Di Canio fits the bill perfectly

    • Irving08

      There is no way an Islamic Finance House is going to appoint an Italian blackshirt to the job at Leeds. As Leeds is a Labour city, the club would be well advised anyway to ster well clear of him.

  18. paulxb

    I am not sure it matters much who takes over from Warnock. The biggest problem we have at the moment is the fractured nature of the club. The disconnect between Management , fans and players is palpable. There doesn’t seem to be a plan in place to bring the club together to achieve the ultimate goal of the club returning to being a proper football club.
    The fan base in particular seems to be so fractured . The Leeds support has always moaned but now to listen to people at Elland Road and in online forums it has gone to the next stage. There is much frustration which I also feel , borne out of many years of misery but the venom and hatred displayed towards each other , players and management is breaking this club apart.
    I actually feel sorry for whoever takes the job after Warnock , there will be a good proportion who support him , a good proportion who just dont rate him , a significant group who despise him and many who would wish him physical harm pretty damn quickly. Talk about a poison chalice! Whoever takes it on is either very stupid or very brave. I wish them luck the poor sod.

    • Mighty White

      This is spot on. GFH have inherited a situation and they do not seem to have the resources to sort it out. Not getting rid of Bates in his entirety was a big mistake. Bates is here to ruin us. We hate him and he hates us! GFH don’t have the capital and will need to get good people on board quickly if we are to make any progress. We need a root and branch clear out, with the exception of Redfearn and Naylor. We must keep those two at all costs. The board should accept total and abject failure in every area and resign or be sacked.

    • PMH

      Of course there IS a plan. 1. Hire a clever manager; 2. Buy some great players; 3. Get promoted next season. The problem is not the plan it is cold hard cash. Without deep pockets you cannot do number one or number two, and number three is a non-starter. (And Bates is totally irrelevant to anyone except those fixated Leeds fans who can’t get him out of their system.) I do agree that the level of frustration and impatience of the fans is one reason for a good manager to steer well clear Of LUFC.

  19. BRAMLEY whites

    bates and Neil warnock at elland road you couldn’t make it up. time for his a New manager investment and get rid of warnocks love children. and start playing the youth… Time to go warnock you cu nt

  20. Tfeb

    I “want” Poyet. But I’m living in a dream world and so is anyone else who thinks he will come. Why would he leave Brighton for Leeds. It’s never happening. Even if they don’t go up they are much better placed than us. So next up would be Oneil but then again a part of me kinda wants Dicanio in!

  21. number1inyorkshire

    ON the list gus poyet but if its time to get rid of warnock or for him to resign which it is .The season is over for Richard Naylor so let him do it til end of season then get someone in to work with him as their assistant so then we can have a bit of continuity moving on ..
    Who does warnock think he is ringing round other managers, get on your tractor to the farm which awaits .
    no one is going to employ him in the premier league , he is having a giraffe he is not good enough at the highest level his record proves that …
    what about NAYLOR with SHERIDAN ….

  22. Scortum

    I’d choose Brian Mcdermott as Warnock’s replacement, think he’s a capable manager who has the desire and drive to prove his talents in the job, joint second choice would be either Di Canio or Di Matteo ( Di Canio’s passion/madman routine perhaps slightly edging him), there would also have to be a total and utter wildcard, who isn’t even remotely in the picture.

      • Old Goat

        Mine too but we’re falling into the same old mindset trap – assuming that pretty much any Championship manager and half of the prem would jump ship and come to Leeds. As with Poyet, Dyche, Clark and a few others, Freedman, has stabilised his club, has modest financial backing and has to be reasonably optimistic about the future. Why would he jump ship to come to this chaos with all its behind-the-scenes shenanigans, the only middle-eastern owners in the known universe who haven’t a pot to piss in and despite all the spin, every indication that Bates is still very much in the mix. They’d be mad.
        We’ll get somebody who’s out of work.
        Here’s a name that hasn’t been mentioned so far as I know – Paul Dickov.
        No comp to pay and pretty much in GFH’s price range.

      • Irving08

        Can’t fault your reasoning. But it leads me to Naylor, not Dickov.

      • TSS

        Did you not see interview with Palace fan we did? Description he gave of Dougie Freedman football sounded worse than what we’ve endured under Warnock.

  23. Matt

    Hate to say this but what about the scum b*st*rd with the face like a plate of mash who’s doing a rather good job at Hull?

  24. walt kelly

    i don,t know how you have the nerve to say keep that f…..warnok the man has proved to us all he,s a f…ing muppet

  25. walt kelly

    yes your right who the f….ing hell do you think you are warnock wanting to tell us your choice you have done a great job haven,t you a bunch of misfits bought shit and probibly ending up in the religation zone lets get one thing clear the quicker your gone the better at least it gives time for a proper manager to put things right and get rid of the shit you brought to the club

  26. walt kelly

    martin o,neil grab him now i would even like to see david oleary given a chance he can,t do any worse than this muppet at least oleary stood up to be counted and told the truth in his book and never blamed everyone ba himself warnock love to here himself talk i would,nt mind if he didn,t talk such a load of crap blame anybody even the groundsman as long as he,s not to blame

    • craig

      good shout oleary will play youth and always supported players what warnock said yesterday was a disgrace he never blames himself or that wanker mick jones

  27. John

    Di canio going to sign for Sunderland. GFH have missed a trick again, why do we have such inept people in control. They should have signed him days ago.

  28. craig

    im afraid Warnock will leave us in a mess that will keep us in championship for years why we had him in the first place is a joke he often said how he hated Leeds and was only interested in his own glory lets face it the next appointment will have no money and a squad that has many warnock yes men good luck

  29. Joe w

    Surprised so many people want O’neill. Basically the same problems as Warnock and Hughes. Has a history of spending loads of money on bad players, and plays dull, negative football. Poyet would be great if he actually wants to come. If not, Coyle would do a good job.

  30. Hancron

    I myself am gutted as to what is happening to Leeds and how the supporters are being re-paid.

    We can start the blame game but basically we are not good enough and the results clearly show it.

    A good team in my opinion is one that fights for everything and everyone.

    I am concerned that the relegation floor is rising quickly and that we need a leader who leads from the front.

    As for a new manager lets change now, too many excuses given as Gary said,perhaps McDermott?

  31. TheOneTrueGaffer

    I want David O’Leary back. But out of those mentioned above I chose O’Neill

  32. dave

    you all may be shocked by who i would pick as manager, i am leeds through n through and even considering him is painful. but i love his honesty and passion he doesn’t listen to no bull and tells it how it is.
    roy keane would be choice
    ok mock me MOT

  33. Peter McGonzie2

    Who would i like at Elland Road? At first many people were calling for Nigel Adkins but he’s out of the picture. Other managers have all been linked with the job. However, for me personally i’d go for either Roberto Di Matteo or David O’Leary.

    The previous regime before Ken Bates scandalously sacked O’Leary for no apparent reason which saw Leeds went into freefall. I hope GFH Capital will have the good sense to think very carefully before they choose the next manager. Someone with potential and who is also a winner.

  34. ev

    Unfortunately I think O’neill Is yesterdays news…. and yes we need a manager who plays good football to get the fans back

  35. Northumberland LUFC

    Paul Lambert is my choice in ideal world, but in the reality of things I think we would do alright with Gary McCallister and Richard Naylor. GFH need to wake up to the fact Warnock needs gotten rid of like yesterday, he is clueless and nothing to be achieved by him staying around now and definitely not next season or imagine many more fans will only distance themselves from a great great football club.

    GFH must realise the next appointment of manager needs to be a canny decision, someone to unite the dressing room, unite the fans, deliver results and entertaining football with it. Like Dioufy said, Leeds United supporters are looking for a messiah !

    Definite no no’s in the manager choice, Hughes, Warnock remaining, Southgate, Keane, McLaren.

    Don’t buy into these conspiracy theories of ‘it a plot to destroy the club from within’ rants, because that is what they are, mindless unhelpful cynical ideals. Looking forward to next season, this one is I will be glad to see end and hopefully we will still be in the Championship as I’m worried about relegation now.

  36. Matthew

    GFH need to sack Warnock, don’t let him walk. It’s all about image with him, he’d rather retire knowing he did his best at Leeds, rather than be sacked for being an utterly shit manager.

    His criticism of Tom lees was unfair, he doesn’t realise that 99.99 percent of people are behind Tom Lees regardless of what happens, as long as he wears the white shirt he’s one of us. Meanwhile 0.1 percent agree with Warnock and back him lol

  37. Lee Stephenson

    Poyet – Leeds connection, good footballing teams, passionate, belief in youth… Won’t come (hope I’m wrong) due to upheavel at club.
    Di Canio – passionate, a curveball, dead wood straight out the door… Inexperienced, prone to explosion,a curveball.
    McDermott – savvy, planner, low budget worker…Accepting second best, dead wood stay.

    Hughes – would be more hated than Warnock. Awful football. Dead wood signed in abunance.
    O’Neill – Mr Motivator, fans would back him…bad with budgets, poor football, dead wood would stay.
    McLaren – would be derided by whole country. May actually do well, but only with money.
    Keep Warnock – the worst option. The man has been responsible for awful football, poor signings and lest we forget is chummy with the bearded one. His initial appoitment was farcical. He once said he would ruin Sheff. Wed. if he had the chance – not our beloved LUFC surely?

    Owen Coyle – might be the one. He was my 4/5th choice intially (Poyet, Adkins, Martinez, Curbishley and McDermott). Says a lot about what we can actually achieve. Prove me wrong mighty LUFC.

  38. spellz

    Avram Grant straight up best manager on the unemployed list for me I would want him , if I had to chose from the list above just for the experience and know how it would have to be O’Neil.

    • Matthew

      Avram Grant? lmao. I remember what Millwall fans did when he got West Ham relegated, the plane they hired with the banner that says ‘Avram Grant – Millwall Legend’ or something like that.

      Since then, the guys name has been comedy to me. Basically I wouldn’t want him anywhere near us.

      • spellz

        Yeah that was kinda funny still :) I think I changed my mind as soon as you mentioned that lol.

  39. Ron

    Shouldn’t the question really be “Who do you want to be the next Leeds owner?” No real chicken, no real eggs. Step aside GFH.

  40. Finch

    We need someone who can build passion in the team, Benitez has been mentioned but he couldn’t get passionate with a pint full of viagra in his belly, o’neil wont do well unless he is given a bag of cash, so my vote is for Poyet, but it counts for nothing if the owners are penniless and full of shit as they appear to be, We need a team with the passion of Vinny Jones, Gordon Strachan, Norman Hunter combined. I am proud to be a Leeds Supporter but its not as much fun as it used to be

  41. Jamminjuda

    We need a young manager who is used to winning matches and who would bring on young talent. Someone like Phil Parkinson or Karl Robinson.

  42. Ron

    Sunderland sign Di Canio. Leeds lose out again. Sell up GFH – you are the only Arabs in history without money. This is becoming a comedy.

  43. Jon Gauntlett

    Bring Alan Curbishly back into management. He’d do well for us because he can work on a limited budget. Which by the looks of things is all the next manager will get.

  44. PMH

    To judge by all the comments here, letting the fans decide is a really bad idea. We don’t have a clue but we have strong opinions anyway. But we can breathe a sigh of relief that DiCaneo is gone now that Sunderland have made a panic selection.

  45. Chris ward

    I think if O’Neil would of come first time we wouldn’t be in the mess were in right now! I have read that his wife my be unwell again so he may have more important things todo. The rest on your list are not up to the job in my opinion so were do we go. Maybe Martienez if he gets the sack

  46. Mighty White

    We cannot afford Hughes’s severance payments when he leaves!

  47. alwaysleeds

    What a relief Sunderland took Di Canio, hopefully someone will take Hughes and Southgate earns enough as a pundit. McDermott is my choice but I would settle for O’Neill

  48. igiveup

    Keep Warnock, Hughes, McClaren. To the ‘fans’ who voted for them…f**king reprobates!

  49. mrbigwheels

    All good stuff and a two horse race. Don’t think Mr O’Neill will be available for some time and Mr Poyet has a bigger challenge on the horizon unfortunately.

    In the meantime Mr Warnock goes from game to game, (definitely saving face here in the event a termination of his services are thrust upon him) and GFHC are biting their nails hoping Mr Parkin gets out his wad and sheiks (forgive the pun), their hands off.

    We are obviously going nowhere other than better the devil you know stuff with the knowledge that the managers available to ‘dream on’ are a fairly crap selection and like half our team…. well past it and perhaps should be seeking employment in anything but football management.

    Why do I keep thinking Mr O’leary would do the biz at Leeds… Ah yes… Youth!

    Speaking of Youth…. Big congratulations to Chris Dawson on getting into the first team and starting out today… Come on Leeds.

  50. JPS

    well that’s it for another season – the man for Leeds would have been Nigel Adkins.The new owners should have acted sooner.

  51. Reiver

    Poyet for me. He was doing a good job the last time he was here, even under Bates financial restraints. Can’t blame him for baling out when he did.

  52. martyn1

    If we cant have Gus Poyet then i think we should ask David O Leary back. He only got sacked because of a book last time!!

  53. belfast leeds

    Remember when david o’leary took charge when george graham left. First game was against roma. The team instantly went from being dull and boring to attacking and exciting. Never blamed him for the financial debacle – all risdale’s fault. Hard to get excited about a lot of the other names apart from poyet. But why would he come? He has just turned down a premiership club!

  54. Steve w

    Kevin Keegan would get us promoted and fighting for a champions league place not just scraping in play off’s with avoiding relegation back to the championship being our only ambition. We need a manager to inject some passion and most of all belief that Leeds utd should be on a par with ,utd , city, Chelsea , Liverpool and Arsenal not in a relation fight every year , I want Leeds to be Great Again ,

  55. Paul

    O’Leary was great at Leeds, and only got booted cos of Ridsdale and a book. he took us to a semi in the CL, beating all sorts of great teams. he had tactical nous and excellent judgement of players to buy (and he also WANTS the job) … for me there is no other decent choice, other than Poyet, (who was O’Leary’s assistant, and had a good hand in those heady days). but he won’t leave Brighton


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