Gareth SouthgateFollowing Neil Warnock’s post-match comments yesterday, speculation regarding the next permanent Leeds United manager has quickly snowballed.

While Nigel Adkins (4/1) remains the bookies and fans favourite, former Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate came from nowhere last night to be installed as second favourite to succeed Neil Warnock.

At 6/1, Southgate’s odds put him in line with Paolo Di Canio and Gus Poyet for the Leeds United hotseat, while other names considered to be candidates by the bookmakers include Owen Coyle (10/1), Richard Naylor (25/1) and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (25/1).

Leeds United currently sit 10th in the Championship, 7 points adrift of the play-off places with only 8 games remaining. Yesterday’s defeat to Huddersfield Town has been described as a “fatal blow” by Neil Warnock who said he’d told GFH they should look for his successor once Leeds United no longer stood a realistic chance of reaching the play-offs.

Warnock’s comments were welcomed by most Whites fans who believe a new manager should be appointed before the next game, allowing him time to assess the squad and get a headstart on preparations for the 2013/14 campaign.

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  1. sick of days @ ER like v Hudds

    Southgate? Really? Where do the bookies get their information? If Gareth Southgate becomes our next manager I will bare my arse in Doggets window and I will definitely not be renewing my season ticket……..i fear under Southgate we would be in as much trouble as any year under pappa smurf!!

  2. mylifeinleeds

    My prediction, Warnock becomes director of football and Richard Naylor gets the managers job.

  3. Gary

    Naylors already said he dnt want the job hes happy doin what hes doin,di matteo wud be best,done it with west brom

    • woodhouse white

      I’m not knocking you but if Di Matteo went from steering Chelsea to the Euro crown to a mid-table, underachieving Championship team I’ll eat my hat! Saying that… Nothing’s impossible!

      • Gary

        He’ll be waiting along time for a top job in prem,as there r bette managers,hes still young and hungry,i dnt think he’d turn his nose at us,gettin a big club like leeds back in the prem wud get him that big job further dwn the line

    • Matthew

      Under the tutor age of Neil Warnock? No thanks.

      We want to move out of the Jurassic era here.

  4. wjohn228

    Who has he managed or worked with who is now in management? Who could be available who has got a team promoted to Prem league? Holloway, McDermott, Coyle, Adkins. Likely to be an experienced manager not a young manager who would build for the future. Remember, bokies want to generate interest and want people to hand over money that’s why the Southgate stuff is garbage. Either way it will all end in tears. If GFH believe Warnock’s claim that we only need 3 signings then we will be in trouble. A decent striker would cost upwards of £6m. We also need at least one creative midfielder, a central defender because Less is not the answer and a right back who can defend. Six players and hope they don’t get injured.

    • Paddy

      What are u on??? We need a centre half to play with Lees not replace him, and a new right back? Are u for real? Byram is the genuine article who can attack and defend equally well, don’t pick faults that aren’t there, we have enough genuine problems.

      • Irving08

        Pearce was doing quite there well till his suspension. I am not sure Lees is a much better defender than him. Neither has quite the height we need. But flanked by two pacey full backs (White and Byram) and a goalkeeper who is good on cross balls, I think they can make a good enough pair for us.

  5. wyla

    please please please no, I’d even have that useless cnut grayson back rather than southgate, got to be adkins or poyet, just has to be

  6. Old Goat

    Hell no, not Southgate. He was totally duff at Boro even with a decent transfer budget and has the charisma of a dead rat.
    The good news is that he’s probably making better money as an ITV pundit,

    When you look at some of the recent Brighton reports, Poyet has been making a fair few statements which are short of saying he wants to leave but indicating he’s not entirely happy with the present and foreseeable situation there. Could be something brewing but would involve compensation which probably makes him a non-starter with GFH.
    If we have to do it on the cheap I’d sooner see Redfearn given eight matches to show what he can do. Can’t hurt at this stage and wouldn’t involve any long-term transfer decisions.

    • John Becchio Amery

      Southgate left boro in 4th place around 3 points off the top two. Strachan came in, spent a lot of money and nearly relegated them. Im not saying I want him at leeds, but he wasndoing a good job in championship with boro

    • NottsWhite

      What is this fasination with Redfearn ? He demonstrated in the three games he managed last year that he has less ideas than Warnock

      • Old Goat

        Well for starters he’d be cheap – I don’t mean this facetiously but clearly we appear to be less than flush. Any money spent on compo to recruit a manager under contract to another club is money which can’t be spent on players.

        Second I’d say he’s motivated. He’s already with the organisation and seems good at what he currently does. I wouldn’t expect him to show a great deal of tactical innovation in a few games as caretaker using somebody else’s squad but he did at least seem to bring a bit of enthusiasm out of the players. He’s also local.

        Third, all good managers have to start somewhere and we may or may not have a future star in our midst for free. For the past several weeks and for the rest of the season we’ve got a rare opportunity to experiment in safety. We won’t go up and we won’t go down. This is where we should be risking untried managers and players on a trial basis. If come the middle of May it hasn’t worked out then we’re no further back than we are right now and we’ve still got time to recruit.

        Fourth I think that the academy connection could become beneficial. I know it’s often pointless to compare the present with the old days of Bremner, Reaney, Sprake, Hunter and the rest but it troubles me that we somehow seem to have lost the knack of turning promising youngsters into first team regulars. Both Warnock and Grayson and even Gary Mac seem obsessively risk averse on this point. Lees and now Byram have been welcome relief but too often we seem to be sending players out on loan to conference teams when they should be playing for Leeds and, yes, making the occasional mistake. If ever there was a time for Poleon to be getting a regular game now is the time but instead he’s bench-warming at Bramall Lane. I’d like to think Redfearn would be more inclined to chance some youngsters.

        For sure, if we can get Adkins then I’m a happy bunny but if he’s holding out for a Prem club then in our current league situation I’d as soon take a provisional punt on “one of our own” in preference to the usual suspects on the management shelf.

  7. Bluesman

    The quality of the manager that we are likely to get will depend on the funds made avaialble to him to build the team. OK, some half decent managers may like to have a go and take their chance, but anyone with proven ability will have observed life under Bates and now GHF and know that they need firm commitment and not just promises. I am fed up of our managers being hung out to dry because of all the broken promises in the past. Lack of investment, not competing in the transfer market, money spent on assets and not the squad. Hopefully next year will be better when Bates has finally departed because his tenure has been terrible for football and cruel on the supporters. If Warnock does leave early I hope that he takes Bates by the collar and drags him with him. Go Bates. This is your legacy if that is what you can call it!!! Take your money and go where ever you came from!!

  8. igiveup

    ADKINS..end of! Southgate probably mentioned himself as a contender as he lives locally

  9. Andrew Grainger

    In all of this I think Neil Warnock has behaved amazingly well. He came to us, a club he has had plenty to say about in the past, and has treated us with the utmost honesty and respect; More than you can say for anyone else behind the scenes at Leeds. He has not been backed at all and has had to struggle with a make shift collection of players and the sale of Becchio. His statement …this is the first I heard of it, but hats off to him for just saying it as it is. His successor? I would love Adkins or Poyet. I’d be ok with McDermott. I would be horrified at Di Canio….Mark Lawrenson said the truth on FF yesterday “He’s nuts”. I like Gareth Southgate as a bloke but I’m afraid I just don’t think he will ever have it as a manager. I expect disappointment because we have seen that GFH is just Bates in disguise and it’s the same old same old, selling this great club short, so I would not be at all surprised if we end up with Southgate if he is cheap!

    • PMH

      Must say that I agree with the first statement. I was disposed to dislike Warnock, but the man is a breath of fresh air. He has kept a sense of humor and been kind to the fans, some of whom do not deserve it. On GFH, I disagree. GFH is NOT Bates. We really don’t know if there is enough money going to be made available. Wait and see. If not, then who cares who the manager is going to be.

  10. Tyler75

    The man who charisma forgot ? I don’t think so. Whisper it quietly, boyhood Leeds Fan Steve ‘the brolly’ McLaren is also available. Mr Adkins please say yes !

  11. Michael Southward

    I have no axe to grind with Gareth Southgate as a person; seems like a nice guy. However, he is most emphatically not the answer as LUFC’s next manager; to be frank I’ve no idea what the answer is on that score but there is one racing certainty and that is that unless GFH back whoever with some serious team investment no-one will want the job…..end of.

    • PMH

      Someone always wants the job. We might get lucky finding a good manager who needs a job. Good managers get fired all the time, due to impatient and moronic ownership. But we would be luckier if we had cash to throw around.

  12. woodhouse white

    Well said Andrew Grainger… It’s funny how Warnock’s been knocked for being too old and playing old style football but that’s never really held that gum chewing, red nosed two-hat across the Pennines! I’d love it to be Adkins, I’d love it to be Poyet, very excited about Habib Habibou, who, although looked a bit like a headless chicken at times yesterday was an energetic breath of fresh air, some good link-up play and good touches. However, can we please get a proper replacement for Snodgrass as Varney must soon be consigned to the Dickinson/Crainie/Ankergren scrap-heap?

  13. Ron

    I personally do not want another permanent manager appointed until we get the ownership/investment debacle sorted out at the top. If another consortium wants to take out Leeds or at least buy in, I think we should wait before appointing a new man, whom, like Warnock, will oversee the selling of our best player (Byram), despite believing he’s joining a big club with wealthy backers and ambition. We can all see what the problem is here at Leeds and it has rarely been the manager. Guardiloa could take the reins and we’d still stay in the championship without investment.

  14. Greg Devine

    isnt Morineo looking for a challange? he sure would have one here ..!! Southgate..nice fella (as is Warnock) but neither manager excites.
    Adkins is the man everyone likes-playes good football and had done pretty good in the premiership.
    What about Di Mateo-David o Leary??
    Other than that the man id go for is Gus Hidink- he made a statement last week saying he’d like a return to england. Pay a decent wage to a decent manager and he’ll attract decent players-hence big attentences ,bigger gates..and probably promotion!! Back in the BIG TIME with the BIG MONEY. It would be a win win situation for everyone.
    Keep the faith people..M.O.T

  15. Stuart Clapham

    I cannot believe what some people are writing. Warnock has been abysmal, he’s an outdated dinosaur with hoof-ball tactics and has not done a single thing to improve us in any way. We are no better off than we were under Grayson and the football is appalling. we can be thankful that the likes of Wolves, Bolton and to some extent Blackburn are having a bad season or I think we would be staring relegation. this side has over achieved. Warnock was a poor choice from day one. His tenure at QPR was propped up by a sugar-daddy chairman and an outdated reputation, he got found out in the PL. I don’t believe Becchio wanting to go was anything to solely do with money. Warnock can smooth talk all he likes and pull the wool over some people’s eyes. He was here for one last pay day and nothing else. As for Southgate coming here, I would sooner have Denis Wise back, and that would be scraping the barrel.

    • West stand rebel

      Totally agree. On the post match radio interview yesterday he claimed he had cleared out the dead wood. Yet all I see are aged 30 plus has beens. He must go now and let someone else takeover.

    • PMH

      Warnock has a very good resume, and he has taken several clubs up already. In this case, he has had little time and less money to work with, so it is unfair to judge on the current record. Honestly I think it is unrealistic to think a team can be put together in a few months. You folks are dreaming if you think that you can wave a magic wand and produce a stylish passing game. In any case, I would take wins ahead of style points any day of the week.

    • Ron

      Tony Pulis’ Stoke play terrible football up to big men, but are their fans happier than ours? Warnock was put in to pull off a miracle on a tight budget. GFH had to take a punt on warnock because he had the runs on the board. Like the long-suffering fans, he too was hoping the new owners had money. No investment – no results. Find us a new owner with money GFH or go away.

  16. Northumberland LUFC

    Where and how the hell does Gareth Southgate’s name come into the running …… Completely beyond me this one !!!

    Poyet, Zola, Adkins, or Lambert are my choices, preferably Poyet or Lambert. IMO maybe Redfearn & Naylor together deserve some consideration, they know the club and the Youth potential in terms of who is ready to make the step up to first team next season.

    Definitely do NOT want Di Canio here at LUFC

  17. Varney for england - not

    wet fish Southgate, no thanks, would rather have Gok Wan or Louis Spence at least they would have a little more passion – whoever suggested Southgate needs his head testing. Seriously though Gus Poyet is the only man at this time to get Leeds back in the Premier League, he can get the flair back in the team and has an eye for a good player,

  18. Martin

    Seems odd that NW has been discussing his successor with GFH and GS jumps into second favourites with the bookies. Adkins for Leeds PLEASE!

  19. Graham Byrnes

    Well I’d like to see naylor and redfern together, but naylor already said he doesn’t want it so kind of rules him out really.
    Adkins would be my choice if I had one!! People seem to forget poyet left us for an assistant job at spurs, but saying that he does have an eye for talent and gets his players playing football so I would happy with him at the relm.
    Would gfhc be happy paying some comp though that is the question and how much investing in to the team are they going to give??? We will just have to wait and see plus hope and pray it is not southgate or dicanio

  20. Irving08

    One presumes GFH have already been putting serious thought into Warnock’s successor.
    I hope it will be someone in the mould of the Don who will follow his strategy of building for greatness. Only Poyet amongst attainable Managers currently employed in this country comes close to what I think we need. They should be prepared to look beyond these shores if they are unable to appoint anyone with the requisite football intelligence from within our game.
    For me though the appointment of a new Chief Executive is of equal, if not greater priority. The club needs a decisive break with the past 10 years, something akin to a revolution, if you like, and if GFH are unable to effect it alone, then they should step aside for, or share power with, investors that have the necessary will and financial muscle.

  21. Matthew

    Personally I think GFH should appoint someone like Naylor or Redfern as caretaker manager till they can appoint someone on a full time basis, to avoid rushing into appointing a manager who may be a bad fit for us.

    We don’t want to go into our final 8 games without a manager. Also someone like Adkins would require money to spend.

  22. shawy78

    southgates to much of a minge to manage leeds.He nearly starts crying when keano bollocks him.

  23. paul

    Give him his job back you #$%^&
    If DOL’s history at Leeds United was at any other club, we would snap him up in a heartbeat.
    Yes he has been here before, and yes, he did remarkably well.

    Yes he had a muppet for a chairman in Ridsdale… sort of the reversal
    of Bates… one muppet with too much cash to spend that was not his to
    risk, and one with too much cash of his own that he refuses to part
    Take out the non football matters that destroyed Leeds United.
    Remove the politics and focus on the football… he is the best
    candidate for the current needs of this club.
    Look at his record, look at his achievements, look at what we need in a manager right now, and look at what we can afford.
    David O’Leary…

    GET PAST THE PAST, look at the credentials, look at the matters that
    relate to FOOTBALL… 54 years old (young).. a motivator, father figure
    to the youth, superb pedigree as a player and as a manager, he WANTS the
    job (he knows the territory, and he still wants it..) He has charisma
    by the bucketfuls , he is brilliant with the media, the vast majority of
    the fans love him, and he loves Leeds United, he promotes the brand of
    energetic, pressing football that we need, but he would need to shed
    most of this current team. (His style would suit Ross McCormack to a
    The excitement he would generate would be electric, and the
    salute would bring the house down… energize this club… this is a no


    Please …someone give me a decent case argument
    against his appointment… not just drivel.. a decent well constructed
    argument against.

    • henrymouni


      We are shaped by the past:-
      “He who lives to forget his past lives to die of his past. Knowing the past, and keeping the past helps us to shape the future and may avoid past disaster repeating”.

      “We ought not to look back, unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors and for the purpose of profiting by dear bought experience”.

      “Learning from the past means recognizing mistakes, resolving them to the best of your ability and consciously deciding not to repeat them”.

      “The past is for learning from and letting go. You can’t revisit it. It vanishes”.

      The past is just a memory, that softens with time.

      • paul

        Vogon poetry? philosophy? not a sane or relevant argument.

        what are the options, and benefits… choosing a manager is like a poorly structured lottery… as long as the vast majority can see the sanity, then the justice is good… and that’s what it would be.. justice.. I doubt that we would have been relegated if Ridsdale went and O’Leary stayed… finishing fifth was not a huge crime, so what was so broken that he DESERVED the sack.
        the 60 million quid that Ridsdale mortgaged was the problem… not finishing fifth in the premier league, when the problems in form stemmed from off field antics.

        He did not deserve the sack, his position was not broken… the chairman was making a scapegoat… so repeating the past, as far as O’Leary is concerned, would be a good thing…. some philosophers might say… Poetic Justice

      • henrymouni

        It will bring back too many bad/painful memories of a terrible moment in our history.

        1. O’Leary pressured Ridsdale to borrow money to purchase players we could not afford.
        “I need another player but I don’t know if the board will back me?”

        2. He inherited top quality young players, who are much better than we have now.
        Batty, Smith, Woodgate, McPhail, Kewell & Speed, to name but 6. All went on to be Internationals!

        3. He was more interested in making money for himself, than protecting the club and the team.
        He knew his book would make plenty because of all that had gone on.

        4. When he left, he did not make a success of any job he took.

        5. He deserved the sack and must accept his share of the responsibility for the disaster that befell our club!!

        Everything fell on Ridsdale’s head, even though he had a board of directors, and a manager who were ALL to blame.

      • Paul

        1.he was not responsible or accountable for the details of the finances, he was the team manager. He was not employed to take that responsibility, nor was he qualified.
        2. He will have another crop of fine young players, probably not as good as he had then, I agree, but those 9 players that WENT ON to become internationals, after a long period of success under his management, perhaps the two are intrinsically linked. None of them had the same success under any other manager.
        We are also looking for an overhaul and safety, then promotion, (3 to 5 years relying on good management and with limited cash) not a champions or premier league title. was not a salacious book, but an account of the season that could have been and why it wasn’t from his point of view. A mistake, but a forgivable mistake in my opinion…it did not get us relagated, the 60 million mortgaged on ticket sales did, a financial arrangement set by the board.
        4. Often with managers, it is like a chemistry, and there are only an exceptional few who can go from club to club with equal success,

        He has a good chemistry with Leeds, and I believe he has a genuine love for the club and a point to prove. 2003. Villa made a very sluggish start to the campaign and found themselves in the relegation zone, after winning just two of their first 13 league fixtures. They were still in the bottom three in mid-December before O’Leary galvanized them and they gradually climbed the table.
        Villa had a fantastic second half of the season and, with two matches
        remaining, had a chance of qualifying for the Champions League. After
        extending their unbeaten run to eight games by drawing at Southampton,
        defeat against Manchester United at Villa Park consigned them to sixth
        place. They finished five points short of a Champions League
        place and were edged out of a UEFA Cup spot on goal difference by
        Newcastle United. Nevertheless, it was still a great achievement by
        O’Leary, who got the best out of the likes of a young Gareth Barry, Jlloyd Samuel, Lee Hendrie and 16-goal Juan Pablo Angel.
        5. The job is employed to do is get results within a given budget… he does not determine that budget or how it is obtained in any way. he would not be allowed to have a determining factor in this area.

        In the club structure, he was an employee, and the board were his bosses. He did not deserve the sack for finishing fifth after being top of the league in the new year, then the off field fiasco took over… a pivotal moment in the city of Leeds.
        Yes I do..

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