Brighton & Hove Albion v Tottenham Hotspur - Pre Season FriendlyBrighton & Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet is the latest name to top the bookies odds for the Leeds United managers job.

Poyet, who spent time at Elland Road as Assistant Manager to Dennis Wise, was recently linked with a move to Reading following the dismissal of Brian McDermott, the bookies second favourite to replace Neil Warnock at odds of 11/4.

The former Chelsea midfielder rejected Reading’s advances, instead deciding to continue his work at promotion chasing Brighton who are currently placed 7th in Championship, level on points with Leicester City who occupy the final play-off position.

Previous favourite Paolo Di Canio has slipped back down to 10/1, perhaps as a result of comments made by Neil Warnock who told a press conference earlier today that he thinks 3-4 good managers will become available in the summer, urging the owners of Leeds United to be patient in making their choice.

Leeds United resume their Championship schedule following the international break at 19th placed Ipswich Town on Saturday. Seven points adrift of the play-off places with only eight games remaining, Neil Warnock insists his side haven’t thrown the towel in yet.

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  1. Matthew

    Although he would be a good appointment, I can’t see it happening personally, for one he’s tied down to a long contract at Brighton and i can’t see the club paying off Brighton to get his services, and secondly he might have some success in the playoffs should his team breach the top 6.

    Certainly I think Brighton are good enough to reach the playoff final should they go in the top 6, and they can easily give the other team a game.

    I get the feeling the bookies will be cycling through dozens of names, proclaiming them to be sure things before seasons end.

  2. Tyler75

    Despite the fact that he always talks about Leeds with great respect, I just can’t see him coming to ER anytime soon. If Brighton get promoted he won’t be going anywhere, if not and he doesn’t want to stay and give promotion another go, I expect there will be Premiership clubs that will want him (there are even persistent rumours about him being an outside candidate for the Chelsea job). I live in Sussex and interestingly there are plenty of Brighton fans who wouldn’t be too concerned if he left and would prefer Di Matteo – Poyet is seen by some as tactically inflexible and arrogant and doesn’t take criticism too well (he’s had a go at the fans on more than one occasion). Personally I think the likes of Owen Coyle or McDermott are more realistic targets.

  3. Stu

    I’m not sure Poyet would leave Brighton for Leeds, just hunk financial backing and promotion chances would be similar at present and he’s clearly been building his own team there, would have to start from scratch at Leeds.

    Let’s hope that one of those managers warlock recommends who becomes available in the summer is Martinez. Young, great football, knows how to work with no money. Would be perfect.


      If Poyet wouldn’t leave Brighton for us, then by that logic theres no chance Martinez would leave a Premier League side. Unless they go down that is, but still can’t see it. He was being discussed for the Liverpool job. We have to set our sights a little lower.

    • Dave Richardson

      Two things…I’m not sure he’d be starting from scratch. The foundations (certainly defensively) are far stronger now than 12 months ago. Secondly, didn’t he say in a recent interview that the two clubs he’d love to manage are Leeds and Chelski?

  4. derbyshirewhite

    Yes please. Gus come and take us to the promised land. The difficulty the owners will have if they wait until the summer to appoint a manager, of course, will be that by the time the deal is done there will be little time to recruit some decent players for next season’s campaign. Thus saving the the club having to spend very much money. If it looks like Bates, and walks like Bates, it probably is Bates.

  5. Ron

    Gus Poyet has done well and I liked his style as a player. If these pretenders at GFH step aside and someone with real backing takes over, is Poyet really the calibre of manager we want to not only get us promoted, but then keep us moving higher with money to spend? Let’s get the ownership/finances of this great club sorted before we worry about what bookmakers are thinking.

    • Matthew

      I agree, though I think if we get anyone with money, we’d need a manager with a backbone, someone able to cope with the pressure and take the shit from the fans, though fans won’t always shit on the manager out of hate, most will out of frustration, we’d need a manager able to weather the storm and guide us onwards and upwards during the hard times.


    Bit arrogant to assume we can lure him away from a club with genuine play off hopes. Pains me to say but Warnock might be right. Best we can hope for Brighton miss on promotion and we pick him up in the summer. Better to wait and see who’s around at the end of the season, then go for someone now when the only people willing to take the job will be out of work or on the way down managers.

  7. ALMonkey

    I would like to see us wait it out until the summer. There was talk a few weeks ago that Nigel Pearson had fallen out of favour with the Leicester board, he would be my choice personally and it might result in some better defensive displays

      • ALMonkey

        He came in after the lavish spending of Sven and yes I accept he’s spent on players such as Wood, Knockaert and Morgan to name a few but they’re still in the hunt for promotion. I take it you’re only judging him on his only, not even complete season where he’s had his own squad from the start which could still get promoted?

      • Watermann

        With Bates gone at d end of season it would b a great time for Poyet to come to Elland Road , hope it happens

      • mikelufc

        Maybe he would do much with no budget!

        What manager with ambition would even consider Leeds with these clowns in charge? Leeds fans need to get a grip of other things than their willywonkas.

      • Philip Haines

        Perhaps you ought to stop taking the p**s and make a contribution to the discussion. I think your second sentence needs to start with a capital letter. I’m glad I’m not in your class.

      • mikelufc

        You are wrong dear boy! it is not the start of a new sentence.
        If you were in my class you would be sent for a caning to the headmaster for swearing. I have indeed made contribtions using me alter ego.

      • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

        Most teachers are on drugs it’s the only way to get through the day and makes marking that little bit more interesting.

      • Graham Benham

        I think we digresse. The only lesson we need address is why a club placed nineteenth put us to the sword so easily.

  8. Joe W

    I don’t understand why he’s the favourite but I do hope he comes along. If we have new investers and Brighton don’t get promoted. Well it’s more than possible he might do. Too early to call at present mind you. I’d be happy with Owen Coyle, he did a great job at Burnley and never quite settled in at Bolton but still did a reasonable job there until their (fairly unfortunate) relegation.

  9. Yorkshirian

    I don’t see what Owen Coyle has done to deserve the job, or even a mention.

    • markj222

      Coyle is an excellent manager, he achieved wonders at Burnley playing great football, would be a very good choice for us

  10. Jimtom

    …..De Canio,Poyet,Coyle….all whispers in the wind! Now surely the obvious choice is staring us in the face……and he is available! The ‘Wally with the Brolly’ is awaiting the call!!

  11. CHELPA


    • markj222

      No he isn’t, he hasn’t proven anything, he was a complete failure at MK Dons, and he had a ready made squad at West Brom with parachute payments, anyone with half a brain could have taken them up, and he was sacked straight after for Roy Hodgson!. I would rather have someone like Di canio who has created teams himself and has a proven record

      • Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

        Di canio hasnt got a proven record he has managed Swindon…Whoopie do….Di matteo won the champions The thing is that Warnock has said the Leeds Job is for ‘an experienced manager’ which blows both of these candidates out of the question and we are now looking at older managers like mick macarthy lol

  12. markj222

    If Wigan go down, we might be able to tempt Roberto Martinez from them. He laid the foundations at Swansea, and he’s worked wonders at Wigan with virtually no budget and look at the football they are playing now, its excellent. Give him time and patience and he could do great things for Leeds

    • henrymouni

      It is a shame we were such a rubbish team then John.
      It was Gus’s fault?

  13. mrbigwheels

    Don’ bother getting another manager in… It’s obvious we just don’t need one!.

    Warnock as I’ve said before is playing Devils advocate and after a lengthy support of his tenure from myself, I now demand he leaves immediately… It’s not the managerless football, oh no… I just can’t stand the continuance of the gobshite that he excretes and continual blame appointed to players he inherited at LUFC while praising and anointing Varney, et al. He is actually doing damage to the team and this Club.

    Go now and stop your greedy ways.

  14. Matthew

    What really hurts is how open this league is, there’s not one clear cut superior team in this division, everyone is on pretty much the same level.

  15. leedslunatic

    It took us long enough to get rid of Bates. Now we cant seem to shake this idiot of a manager. Hands up, I supported his appointment initially, but now, as others, I want him gone immediately. He is causing more damage than good, and like Bates before him, all to feed his ego. For weeks, as the playoffs became increasingly unlikely, I’ve expected his resignation, but found “after christmas” became “3 more games” ect…
    What does he think he’s doing talking to Nigel Adkins? I hope GFH discipline him for this. If they knowingly allowed this, then I am shocked.
    Why do i get the feeling Neil is secretely gunning for this job for another term? I sincerely hope not…

  16. Jamminjuda

    Martin O’Neil’s name is being suggested as next Leeds manager on Twitter before he’s had time to clear his desk.
    He will obviously be widely touted and would fit Colin’s suggestion that we need experience.
    Personally I feel he’s too old at 61 and a long way from his glory days as a manager.

    • Matthew

      In all of Martin O’Neills jobs, he has required money before joining, aka a transfer budget.

      Since when have we had a transfer budget?

    • henrymouni

      Or Laurel & Hardy?
      They would fit in rather well.
      Ken Dodd as Chairman?

  17. Exiled White

    Another circus performance. Had one with the takeover and now one with the manager’s soon, I hope, to be vacant seat.

    Let us be realistic, we aren’t likely to get anybody top class, unles a miracle happens, so let us not kid ourselves. Unfortunately we are a championship side and at the moment, nothing more. It hurts like hell to say that. So, we’ll get a ‘championship’ manager. We can all speculate until the cows come home as to who we want or who will get the job, but there is only one way to find out and thats wait until the circus ends.

    Just supposing that GFH run a poll for the fans to vote for their choice of manager and they go with that choice, what would happen if the candidate didn’t achieve success? The fans would have themselves to blame. I wouldn’t like the unenviable task of appointing the next Leeds manager.

    • henrymouni

      If the fans choice failed no one would admit to voting for him!

      A lot hangs on who the next Chairman will be.
      He is the one to appoint the manager not NW or KB.
      It will be the Chairman who will have to convince the new man that the board are serious about a promotion push.
      He will need to assure the new man that there is money available for a new squad.
      Good job they did not spend in January. God knows who NW would have brought in?
      NW is going bonkers, and is saying crazy things just now.
      Our squad is not as good as last years, and we have less points.
      We have not been playing ‘superb’, and if the ‘lads are giving everything they have’ then they are just not good enough.
      What he said about Tom Lees, should be enough to put him on the slow train to Cornwall.
      The midfield (all his lot) were crap and were at fault, but were not singled out.
      Our strike force of Varney & ‘we got the best of the deal’ Morison, still cannot hit a cow’s bum with a banjo!!
      7 points above relegation!

  18. Arthur Midgley

    Mick Mcarthy…..but any one of us could do as well as the Comedian we have at the mo..


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