Paulo Di CanioPaolo Di Canio is now the second favourite to become Leeds United’s next permanent manager after he resigned as Swindon Town manager last night.

Sky Bet have odds of 4/1 on Di Canio being GFH’s first managerial appointment while Nigel Adkins remains a narrow favourite at 7/4.

Adkins and Di Canio are followed by Neil Redfearn at 10/1, Owen Coyle and Sean O’Driscoll at 12/1 with Phil Parkinson and former Leeds United captain Gordon Strachan at 16/1.

Other former players in the list include Richard Naylor, Nick Barmby and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, all with odds of 20/1, Lucas Radebe, Noel Whelan and Gary McAllister at 33/1 and if you really want to give your money away, Tony Yeboah at odds of 66/1.

Gus Poyet meanwhile is considered to be no more likely to get the job than David O’Leary, both sharing odds of 25/1, while another name constantly thrown around by fans, Robert Di Matteo, isn’t even in the list. Champions League to Championship a little too far-fetched for Sky it seems.

Next Leeds United manager odds (Sky Bet) 

Nigel Adkins 7/4 Paolo Di Canio 4/1 Neil Redfearn 10/1 Owen Coyle 12/1
Sean O’Driscoll 12/1 Phil Parkinson 16/1 Gordon Strachan 16/1         Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 20/1        
Nick Barmby 20/1 Alan Curbishley 20/1 Karl Robinson 20/1 Steve McClaren 20/1
Alex McLeish 20/1 Richard Naylor 20/1 Stuart McCall 20/1 Mark Hughes 20/1
John Pemberton 25/1 Mick McCarthy 25/1 Gus Poyet 25/1 David O’Leary 25/1
Paul Jewell 25/1 Phil Brown 33/1 Lucas Radebe 33/1 Gary McAllister 33/1
Keith Curle 33/1 Noel Whelan 33/1 Nigel Clough 33/1 Lee Clark 40/1
Kevin Blackwell 40/1         Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 40/1         Terry Connor 50/1 Steve Kean 50/1
Tony Yeboah 66/1

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    • TheMassacre

      Hey, Mussolini was a fascist and at least he got the trains to run on time. Perhaps a dictatorship is needed at ER, there’s enough slackers content to muddle around, doing frig all for a wage. Communism clearly hasn’t worked, time for Fascism.

      • phareodus

        Meh, that one is a myth, the trains were still late, but the people were too terrified to say they weren’t. Its not a new political system we need at ER, but rather some cold, hard cash.


    What a pathetic list of names, all but three would be a realistic choice, anyone who puts money on McClaren or Blackwell needs booking into rehab!!!

  2. Clive Sanderson

    My heart wants DiCanio but my head says Atkins. It’s difficult not to like DiCanio. He has done amazingly well at cash strapped Swindon. Maybe (because of this) my head should be saying DiCanio? As for someone saying he’s a fascist, just because some of your political views are to the right does not make you a fascist.

    • Tyler75

      I think the stiff arm salutes and pro-Mussolini comments while at Lazio are probably a giveaway as to his political views. However despite that, I wouldn’t want him at Leeds because he’s untested (Wise looked good at Swindon !) and far too unstable for what we need. Adkins or Poyet for me – I’d be happy with either.

      • Reiver

        OMFG! This country’s getting more like Stalinist Russia every day with the PC Brigade condemning anyone who doesn’t share their opinions. He’s a football manager ffs, he’s not trying to indoctrinate your kids – like the Leftists.

    • Oli

      I agree, but he is a fascist. He talks of it openly; he has gone as far as giving the lazio fans the roman salute infront of leftist clubs with significant Jewish fanbases. Leeds’ image has taken a battering – do we really need that burden? Sponsors at Swindon pulled out of deals when he was announced – although could its doubtful, could it harm investment even?

    • Andrew Grainger

      Di Canio is a loose canon. He will drag us into the mire even more than we already still are. Nigel Adkins is now a proven manager…with something to prove to a bunch of owners stupid enough to sack him and a big club who….and it is a NO BRAINER…SHOULD APPOINT HIM TOMORROW, if he is willing to come to a club that is still troubled behind the scenes in my opinion

  3. OxfordWhite

    Paolo Di Canio has resigned as manager of the League One side Swindon Town. In a statement the fiery Italian cited “a number of broken promises” and claimed his position had “become untenable” with continuing uncertainty over the club’s ownership….

    He’d fecking love it at Leeds then!!!

  4. Nick Smith

    I would love Di Canio. Whilst a it of a wild card, I think his passion is what the club needs. For all his faults, O’Leary was the last manager to display any kind of passion, and the fans would love that. He would get the best out of the players, and hoof ball would be no more

  5. Alison

    Can someone inform me what Di Canio has achieved as a manager apart from telling the world his opinion about everything which is usually tainted with an over inflated ego.?We’ve already got one big mouthed idiot at the club (bates) , ho hang on a minute we’ve got two (warnock)! Adkins hands down for me, good coach, good football and tends not to talk too much bollocks.

    • TSS

      Not convinced by his credentials either, but I understand why he’s so appealing to the masses, his eccentricities and madcap antics are considered passion nowadays.

      • Ron

        Let’s not forget the guy was an excellent footballer, which although far from guarantees managerial success, can’t hurt either. I’d much prefer another Italian to take the reigns – Di Matteo. Young and with credentials.

      • Ron

        we will need a wealthy Sheik to get him however, not these GFH jokers.

  6. Exiled White

    Hello Di Canio, hello Di Canio. Maybe Di Canio is the man. He could always give bates a good shove away from Elland Road.

  7. All White

    Maybe I am missing something here. Why not pursued Warnock to have another stab at promotion? Of all the people on the list Warnock is still the most capable of getting clubs promoted. Anyone of those guys listed will want stability and cash to have a chance of promotion next season. So why not give that to Warnock? He has not had the stability or cash since he arrived.

    I just can’t see how anybody could perform any better under the current circumstances.

  8. tim campbell

    Four of the major criteria GFK will be looking for in the new manager is; how much they are going to cost, their past success, their style of football and probably most telling, the ability to spot a gud ‘un in the transfer market – stick all this info into the computer and unsurprisingly you come up with the name of Nigel Adkins

  9. tim campbell

    Thete are 4 major criteria GFH should be judging our new manager on; how much he will cost, his past success, his style of football and probably most telling, his ability to bring some quality into the club through the transfer market. Logically all of this points to Nigel Adkins, but if i threw all of this criteria out the window a real tim csmpbell heart ruling the head appointment wud be Lucas Radebe (a guy with loads of knowledge who wud shed blood for our club)

  10. jimbo

    I’d have Garry McAllister back and think he got sacked prematurely. Despite a few terrible results, you can’t deny he got that team playing football well above their station.

    Give him a bit of time and i’m sure he’d get us back on track.

  11. Matthew

    Neil Redfearn 10/1

    Where the hell do they get these stats from? If Warnock walked, Redfearn would be a likely caretaker manager at the very least but never likely to manage the first team on a full time basis, GFH want promotion and someone who can deliver that. He’d be the last person to deliver. Somewhere behind Santa Claus.

  12. number1inyorkshire

    This is not betting ..its loosing Money on pretty much all the out of work managers in the UK,leave this list alone and bet on Swansea beating Bradford on Sunday ……

    • Matthew

      Better odds on Bradford beating Swansea, considering they knocked out a few decent sides to get there, it wouldnt be throwing your money away.

  13. Northumberland LUFC

    Poyet, Zola, Lambert, Adkins, McAllister, Martinez or O’Driscoll; any of these guys will do for me. Di Canio – what has he achieved to get in the running, no real experience and I don’t believe he is the right choice !

    Maybe GFH should speak to the Swansea City board, they have replaced two managers – Martinez & Rogers, without any harm to things on the pitch !

  14. igiveup

    Noel Whelan?!! F**k me, in that case where’s John Stiles, Ken De Mange, John Donnelly, Russell Doig etc, etc on the list? Adkins the only way forward, anyone else would be an embarrassment

  15. spellz

    In horses I back against favourites all the tie in hope they jump a fence poorly and crash on thier arse but this is one favorite I wanna see win, bring on Adkins.

  16. All White

    Everyone is getting exited about the prospect of a new manager. But what is wrong with the old one?

    Like I posted earlier any new manager would want cash and stability something Warnock has not had since he arrived. Like selling our top goal scorer half way through the season.

    Let’s not forget that Warnock also has the best track record for getting teams promoted which is what we all want right?

    Given the right conditions I am sure Warnock could do that next season.

    So why change manager? If the cash and stability is there then let Warnock have another crack at it. If it’s not there I don’t believe any other manager could perform any better.

    • TSS

      Why change manager? Because Warnock has left no other choice. He failed to commit to Leeds United, he’s had one eye on retirement since he arrived, signing only a short-term contract, threatening to walk away every third week and offering no commitment to the club whatsoever. It was always about his record-breaking promotion.

      Warnock can blame whoever he likes, but he needs to accept his own part in creating the situation we’re now in. Neil’s contract expires at the end of this season and all we’ve heard for the last 12 months is how great it is of him to spend one last year away from his family, and how this is his final bow. How does that inspire the players? They don’t know who they’ll be playing for next season. It creates uncertainty and instability, much like a team full of loan players or a takeover.

      I’m not comfortable in a situation where the manager thinks we should be grateful for his presence. Especially when he doesn’t seem to care whether he loses the job or not. Maybe that’s worked for Warnock at other clubs and fans have lined up to kiss his feet, but his desperate need for constant approval and praise is nauseating.

      Perhaps the difference is the size of the club he’s at. For Palace and QPR, Warnock probably was something special and they were no doubt grateful for his presence – he probably ranks among their greatest ever managers. But Leeds is a much bigger club, to us, Warnock is nothing special. Just a decent lower league manager who we’d given a huge opportunity to at the biggest club he’ll ever manage – he shouldn’t have been threatening fans with his resignation if they turned against him, he should have committed to the club from day one and focused on the job at hand instead of spending half his life telling us how grateful we should be for him being here.

      • Matthew

        Well said TSS. In my opinion Grayson took us several steps forward and Warnock has taken us a dozen steps back.
        He hasn’t really given the fans anything to praise him over. Unless we have to praise catastrophic, sheer and utter failure

      • PMH

        Grayson and NW have not been the problem. Football talent is the key factor. A championship team has to pay over the odds to keep their best young players, and Leeds didn’t. NW would have been extremely foolish to make a long term commitment to a club with the track record of Leeds.

  17. Lufc1979ish

    Whoever we get don’t forget to give warnock his medal before he clears off.

  18. Tim the White

    Hang on a min. That list of potentials looks pretty average. What about Dennis Bergkamp. He is about ready to take on a more or less top job having completed all his badges etc. There are plenty of quality young players in Europe to add to our own and he will know who they all are and lets start playing with some flair and building a side to go up AND stay up to progress. Otherwise I would have another punt at Gary Mac. We played our best football when he was here. Remember Robert Snodgrass – Gary Mac bought him to Leeds.

  19. Susan

    Good players that make good managers? Can I write a list of them, it will not be a long list!

  20. Paul Askham

    I think I agree with All White. I bet Colin hasn’t had an easy ride in the board room and behind the scenes and we must be the only club to be bought by Arabs who haven’t got a pot to piss in. Colin has good track record and he has changed the hoof ball tactics and its now his team. My heart says have a chat with Colin and ask him for a further twelve months.

    • Matthew

      Another 12 months of Warnocks football? Fucking hell, the attendance levels would reach record lows for the club.

  21. leedslunatic

    With Neil’s transfer record, Id say we’re more likely to sign Di Canio as a striker rather than manager…

  22. Gaz

    I would love to give Gary Mac another run, bit of time and a little bit of money. Top bloke!

  23. John

    people who suggest former players like Radebe seriously are thick, what could he possibly know about managing a football club lol? Especially one like Leeds with the pressures it will involve. Don’t get me wrong he was a fantastic player for Leeds, but we need someone with proven experience, and a proven philosophy. The only three that fit the bill are Di Canio, Adkins and Gus Poyet

  24. gibbolufc

    What a terrible list of potential managers. Preffered choice for me would be Di Matteo who is not even on the list! I reckon he would be interested. Other than that I’d sooner stick with Warnock for another season as people have already suggested, the rest do not excite me.

    • TSS

      He’s not on the list because even the bookies recognise how insane the suggestion is. Only Leeds United fans could think a Champions League winning manager would come join us in England’s second tier. No, he’ll bide his time and wait for a much better offer than Leeds – I’m sure he’s turned down better opportunities already.

  25. Andrew Grainger

    Paulo Di Canio….Jesus Christ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A hot head as a player. No record to talk of as a manager. THIS WOULD BE A DISASTER. I would rather have Grayson back. We will end in League 2 if we appoint that idiot as a manager of a club as great as Leeds Utd. ADKINS…IT HAS TO BE ADKINS!!!

  26. Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    I agree with suggestion below which was genius if your reading GFH ‘Denis Berkamp’ would be a really good newcomer punt. I’ll list my top 3’s in two categories newcomers V Old Heads
    Newcomers: 1. Gus Poyet [although not completely new is definitely worth putting hand in pocket to lure to Elland Road] 2. Dennis Bergkamp [Has spent time looking at barcelona and Ajax and knows big clubs inside out] 3. Nick Barmby [wasnt given fair crack of whip at Hull and looked a decent manager
    Old Heads: 1. Nigel Adkins [awesome at youth development and style of play] Alan curbishley [Although dont know why he has been out of football so long used to a Bates budget and has an eye for tactics unlike blackwell who was awesome in transfer market but played a 4-5-1 in playoff final] and lastly id choose Gordon Strachan [Although his record isnt great would like to see him back at Elland Road for nostalgic reasons but he is unlikely to give up coaching a national side even one as lowly as Scotland lol] Just out of interest of a debate would any of you welcome Terry Venables back if he came?????????? : )

  27. Jamdee

    Nick Barmby! Nooooo!

    Can nobody remember him bleeding wages while we went bust? Wages for us spending a fortune on his rehabilitation, while he spent most Saturdays watching Hull!?

    Nigel Adkins for me, but whoever comes in or even if NW stays, they need investment! Loan players & OAP’s will get us nowhere.

  28. PMH

    Leeds is not the place to learn the trade of manager. We need someone experienced and smart enough to do well, but not so smart that they figure out they are on a hiding to nothing.

  29. Snowjoke

    For me (though not listed), it would be Brian McDermottt, currently on the rack as Manager of little Reading in the Prem. A calm, confident tactician and motivator in the dugout. An articulate and persuasive communicator with the media. And, it’s reasonable to assume, a strong and principled performer whenever called to the board room. .As much as anything, the change of Manager at LUFC is a perfect opportunity for GFH to begin an overhaul of our Club’s rotten image. Recruiting McDermott, would be a good start – especially if he came with McCarthy and Le Fondre.

    • Bob Jones

      At 59 years old i have followed Leeds United from a boy, (God Bless the Billy B days)

      We have one of the biggest fan bases in the world. COME ON YOU NEW INVESTORS buy new players and put us back were we belong. Instead of, at the moment selling are best players. ie; to Norwich?……………..

  30. kev raunds

    I have supported lufc since 1970,the club is slowly dying on its arse.The team is crap,as is the management,both on and of the pitch.The supposed new owners need to sort out everything from the playing staff right through.If by some miracle we ever get promoted,none of the current players would cope with prem football,city proved that sunday.A MASSIVE investment is needed asap,otherwise the club is going backwards.Ilove the club with a passion,it breaks my heart to see it in this state.Iwill still be coming to matches,next one booked is Millwall.Please someone sort out this mess.M.O.T

  31. Gunner

    Live in the U.S. so don’t see enough games. That being said the Bolton game at New Year was abysmal, but at least we won based on the one time in the game where we passed it. Grayson did alright, came close, lost his best players and then got fired because results were slightly lower… isn’t that what you expect? I heard the recently retired Pope would be a good choice as we need a F**ing miracle….

  32. Scress

    Am I missing something here? What’s with all the negativity? After last nights display and a valuable 3 points we’re now just outside the play off zone. It aint over until the fat lady sings so think positively! MOT!!

  33. Fenrir

    O’dismal is nowhere good enough for Leeds Utd. As a Leeds fan from Doncaster I can tell you the man has no passion and very few ideas on how to change the game when things start to go wrong. McAllister can take a running jump. He has done nothing as a manager and was useless the last time he was here. I’d rather have Gus Poyet back, he is definitely a top manager in the making and if he’ll come we should definitely take him.

  34. Bluesman

    Give Warnock another year and a two to three quality players (they call it investment) and he would do it. Warnock is still the best, it is just that people don’t like his tactics and playing people our of position – but, give him some quality and depth and it would not happen. Old Neil as I like to call him is the best of them all at this level. No question!!!

  35. Dave

    It would be aa disgrace to have a nazi as our manager. If Adkins wants it it is his job. And why not.


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