Leeds United’s latest signing Habib Habibou has already caused a bit of a storm amongst Whites fans for a duck throwing incident at his previous club.

When play is stopped due to a duck invading the pitch, Habibou calmly chases down the offending animal before launching it across the advertising boards – clearly unimpressed at the inconsiderate actions of the duck.

In a rather amusing twist, Leeds United have handed Habibou the number 22 shirt. It’s unclear as to whether this is in tribute to his exceptional duck flinging skills, or whether it was merely a happy coincidence. Either way, we found it pretty amusing.

You can follow our latest recruit on Twitter – @HabibHabibou7.

15 Responses

  1. Jon Goldhill

    My immediate reaction was whether he would be able to dispatch our lovable president unelect out of ER with as much effect

  2. spellz

    22 coincidental but genius on the number selection ha ha, bet he’s thinking am I ever gonna be rid of this stigma attached to me for duck sake. (sorry)

  3. Nick

    At last a blog that serves to talk about sensible things (relatively speaking!) – I wish Leeds fans would stop commenting on that unnamed weapon from West Ham. He will go away if people lose interest..! Back to Leeds matters – happy with business in the window. Lost a striker, gained two more. Hopefully we can extend Barkley and maybe get a PL winger on loan, and we’ve got a shot at the playoffs for sure

  4. singapore white



    to the tune of Coldplay’s Paradise

  5. Tyler75

    If it had been a chicken he would have been booked for ‘fowl’ play !!
    Already a cult hero – now all he needs to do is score a few goals – simple really

  6. shaun tik

    Habib habibou Chucks ducks where he wants Chucks ducks where he wants.Habib Habibou chucks ducks where he wants

  7. paulinblack

    this cruel man is a joke of a human being as well as a footballer,im off to the jobcenter to see if there are any jobs going at leeds as a professional footballer,bates out,gfh out[no money].

  8. Jimmy the red

    Why drop diouf best footballing brain at Ella nd road time to go warnock


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