leeds fansIt’s been a turbulent few months for Leeds United, and at times, the majority of us have written off any remaining hopes of promotion.

The Whites were six points behind Middlesbrough in the final play-off position yesterday morning with a vastly inferior goal difference effectively making it a seven point deficit. Barnsley were due to visit the Riverside for what looked like an easy home victory, which meant Leeds couldn’t afford anything less than maximum points away to Wolves.

Unfortunately, Leeds’ away record did little to inspire any confidence. We kicked off yesterday having won only three times away from home all season, losing our last four consecutive league games on our travels. If Neil Warnock’s side were to stand any chance of an unlikely play-off finish, our away form would need to be addressed. Struggling Wolves presented the ideal opportunity to start turning things around.

As you probably know by now, Leeds didn’t win. Unfortunate though they were to be denied three points by an injury time equaliser, Neil Warnock’s side had once again faltered away from home. In total, the Whites have scraped together only 13 points from a possible 45 on the road in 2012/13.

Luckily for Leeds, none of the teams around us faired much better. Middlesbrough lost at home to Barnsley and thanks to a few other results working in our favour, Leeds not only closed the gap on Boro to 5, they also managed to move up a position in the table.

All of this sets the stage for Leeds’ Tuesday night clash at the Riverside. A so-called “six-pointer” in modern day football lingo.

Middlesbrough’s defeat to Barnsley was their fifth consecutive Championship loss meaning they’ve yet to add a single point to the board in 2013. Leeds United meanwhile haven’t won away from home since December the 1st and are notoriously poor on Tuesday nights.

All the ingredients are there for an incredibly poor game of football, but the interesting thing is, something has to give. Either Leeds win away from home, putting themselves right back in the play-off picture while also ending their dismal away run or, Middlesbrough secure their first point(s) of 2013 ending their own poor run of form.

Like many fans I’ve spoken to recently, I’d already written this season off weeks ago. But the Championship is such a poor league, almost any team currently outside the play-offs could still snatch sixth place if they can gather a little momentum. It doesn’t matter what the other results are on Tuesday night, if Leeds can beat Middlesbrough they’ll be within 3 points of a play-off position with 15 games remaining.

Maybe we were all a little hasty in writing this season off?

It’s worth noting at this point that Leeds have never lost at the Riverside since it opened in August 1995, and we did win the reverse fixture earlier in the season. Despite our abysmal away form and inferior league position, you could make an argument that Leeds are actually the favourites to win Tuesday night…

Could this be the moment we turn our season around? Are Leeds still genuine play-off contenders?

Do you think Leeds will make the play-offs this season?

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37 Responses

  1. Ash Stead

    making the play-offs is one thing but succeeding in them is another, our play off record is abysmal and I can only assume that the size of the club, huge aspirations and an even bigger legacy to live up to heaps massive pressure onto the shoulders of our players. Look how well we play when everyone is expecting defeat, our cup performances whilst in the lower leagues have out-shon the ones when we were in the prem. The only way I can see us getting back where we belong is by taking the division by storm like we did in 89-90….mot

  2. OxfordWhite

    Please GFC let Warnock go, bring in a long term manager, invest in quality youth (players & set up) build a footballing team, most fans would accept an honest two/three season plan for a PL return.

    • Dr Zen

      This would be briliant. I’m fingers crossed Adkins is still out of a job in the summer.

      I mean, we could just scrape into the playoffs but if we don’t, this is what I hope we do.

    • Craig Sweaton

      Warnock is here until the end of this season and I doubt that anyone else could have done a better job with the resources. If Warnock is to go then summer is the time to do it when a new manager can have time to settle his team. Changing now is just more disruption that nobody needs!

    • Exiled White

      This is what I have said before. Forget the play offs this season. Let warnock go at the end of the season. Bring in a manager that has a proven record and will build a team that is capable of gaining promotion not via the playoffs.
      Just suppose Leeds are lucky enough to go up this season by the playoffs, we will have one season in the premier and then relegated. Let’s be realistic, the current squad are not going to cut it in the premier league. So it’s back to the drawing board again and god knows how many more seasons before Leeds get back into the premier league. It has been too long since Leeds were in the top flight.

    • Irving56

      I agree, but Bates and Warnock have left us and GFH with a hell of a problem. We have recruited too many older players, on careere-ending contracts that are, in one way or another, ‘on the way down’, yet not so far down that they cannot clog up the avenues of mobility for our own emerging talent. The ridiculous signing of Warnock must make Aidy White, for example, and following him Charile Taylor think seriously about their left back futures here. And there are others – why would Chris Dawson want to wait upon Tongue, when he sees how our rivals in this league such as Derby and Leicester are putting their faith in young midfielders ? And of course Byram is not going to stick around while we flounder…….

  3. Andy

    Ill tell u what, if we dont get behind the team we’ve no chance! if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen, but for the remaining games, to even stand a chance, we need to stand together and back the lads, giving as much + as possible! Worry about NW/GFH and other matters at the end of the season.

    • Irving56

      I am afraid that Warnock has made ‘getting behind the team’ rather difficult since the ‘team’ changes every match. Four changes again yesterday to a team that he thinks was unlucky not to beat the league leaders. It must be increasingly difficult for some of the players to respect Warncok, given the chopping and changing, the apparent favouritism shown towards certain individuals, and the ease with which he discards others, including those who have been playing well.

  4. henrymouni

    There is no doubt that if we play to our potential, we can make the play-offs.
    The problem is that the desire and application are lacking.
    There are signs that a charge could be on and I voted ‘Yes’ to your question.
    Warnock and Morison are ‘Leeds’ players.
    I don’t know anything about the other new lad.
    We have the loan market to get a fast winger and we will see.
    Hope is all we have, but it still keeps the season alive.

  5. Craig Sweaton

    As long as people realise that warnock is here until the end of the season and give him, & the team some true support, I see no reason why we can’t do it.
    MOT with Warnock.

    • Irving08


      If I could easily close my ears and eyes, I might share your optimism. But every time I hear Warnock or see him standing on the touchline, I realise we cannot do it whilst he is in charge. Every time he opens his mouth, he creates division in the squad; with every signing he creates a new problem.

      Ask yourself this – would you like to be managed by him ?

  6. Jimmythewhite

    I think we could definitely make the playoffs but not with this manager
    1.Why buy Tonge and not play him.
    2. Why play Austin when out of form.
    3. We have no creativity so he doesn’t play Dioufy?
    4. Even I can see Kenny is having a rough time bad kicking ect so why not play ashdown he’s played we’ll in the cups
    5. Play hall at least he’s got pace
    6. Why buy Tonge At all when we need a winger and we have plenty of centre mid players.

    I could go on and on

  7. Matthew

    Stranger things have happened, before you do anything else look at the league table, there are 4 teams, 3 with 53 points, 1 with 52 all competing for the 2nd place spot and are making mistakes, slipping up and generally losing points to teams below them. Teams below them are beating teams above them randomly so they’re losing points. Because of this the overall points requirement for a top 6 finish(5-6th) could be a little less than 75 this season.
    Although we’re a million miles away of a promotion capable team, a decent winning streak again with a lot of luck verging retarded would see us back in the mix again for a 5th/6th place finish.
    We’re rapidly running out of chances to make this a reality though, we need at least 10 wins from our remaining games(Assuming we draw the rest, or lose)..
    If we fail to hit the playoffs this season, get rid of Warnock. His contract will be up anyway, we need a new manager with new ideas, given money to build.

    • Irving56

      And what do we do with all the players Warnock has brought in on good contracts ?

  8. Tony Mulraney

    Voted yes. Just look at yesterdays results Forest, Leicester, Boro, Hull and Burnley, Having a punt on the Championship (would have you in the poor house).
    We are no worse than any of the teams above us (bar Cardiff “they really know how to win ugly”) so any sort of good run should be good enough to sneak a top six finish.

  9. Kennedy

    If we get the win on Tuesday, with as you say 15 games remaining, if we somehow gain the confidence we have been missing there should be know reason to not at least reach the play offs.

  10. Chareose

    TSS, Terry Yorath has now come out and apparently stated that GFH are a front for ken bates…. I wonder what your thoughts are on this considering you met them and trash any talk of “conspiracys”, perhaps you could offer reassurance ???

  11. Marc Butterworth

    Simple Answer…..No

    We will probably beat Middlesborough but then promptly go and loose our next two games, and the gap will be back up to 5 or 6 points again….. You are right, this is a very up and down league this season but we are probably one of the most up and down teams in that league.

    I have no doubt that we are good enough, but we are just far too inconsistent to mount any sort of push. Add to that Warnock’s sometimes baffling tactics and you just dont have the ingredients for a playoff push unfortunately…… Hope never dies though….

  12. Kevin Scorah

    I would love to know if we are the worst midweek team that has ever laced up it’s collective boots. I can’t believe there is a club in the country that fares as badly as we do when it comes to those pesky Tues / Wed fixtures. Certainly in the last 3 seasons. Last year I started betting on us losing every time we played midwek and so far I am over 300 quid up. I’d gladly double that and give it all back in return for those flushed-down-the-lavvy points.

  13. KP

    No team to get behind , there not good enough, face facts , you have to pay for quality and pay decent wages too, without that, just getting loan or older players, going no where

    Lets face also if we did make it up we have no money again because of Bates like thinking owners what life would Leeds have in the prem SHORT

  14. Irving56

    I voted No’ and with the ageing squad assembled by Warnock I would vote ‘No’ for next season too.
    If I was GFH I would be worried, for financial reasons. As a life-long supporter, I am worried on every count.
    And I would ask:
    how is it possible to respect ler alone take seriously a Manager that drops a talented, young left back who, once restored to his proper position, has been playing well, for a 31 year old, whom he described as ‘a bit rusty’ ?
    We have been here before: short-termism cost us dearly in the 1980s when good, young talent was jettisoned in the cause of a quck fix. But at least then there was direction. Now
    we are adrift with a capricious Manager.

  15. Marc Butterworth

    The problem with sticking with Warnock is that the players dont need to impress him anymore. They all know he is going at the end of the season so why do they need to give that little extra for him? They know he will play his favourites regardless…

    Why not bring in someone like Adkins now? Give the payers something to play for. If all the players know they are playing for thier places next season then who knows, it may just lift their games a little….

  16. coggs

    Very doubtful unless they start picking up points on the road. Too inconsistent and too many changes to the team each game. Should have had 4 points from the last two games but only got 1. Not good enough.

  17. Peter McGonzie

    Lets face it! Leeds will NOT win promotion this season and that will end Neil Warnock’s reign. Before the new season kicks off, a new manager will be put in place and he will be given funds at his disposal.

    This season, Leeds have been pathetic. They made far too many schoolboys errors in defence by conceding goals like confetti. Some of the guys in the side are just simply not up to it! There are far better players in the lower leagues as well as the Non-League who would love to put on the white shirt.

    Also, they cannot afford to sell off their best players left right and centre. In doing this, it will only prolong their stay in the Championship all the more. If they’re really serious about getting back to the Premier League, they must first keep hold of their best players and start building a squad with promising young hungry players around them.

    I still believe Leeds have a much better chance of winning promotion next season than this season, to be honest. So they might as well start building a side capable of achieving it now, rather than wait another season. I also believe a big name manager is lined up to replace Mr. Warnock anyway when his current contract runs out at the end of the season.

    Someone who has a good track record of winning things. Who that person is? only GFH Capital people know the answer to that. But one thing i do know, is that Leeds United without a shadow of a doubt WILL be back!

  18. terence enderby

    It just isn’t coming together in any part of the club. It’s completely broken and this what you get then on the field. Warnock has had his chance and has NOT improved the team at all!! The manager has to go and a proper one brought in. This is the most important decision of all and at no time in recent history since Wilkinson then George Graham has there been anything like the quality of decision mad ein this respect. Think of all the money spent on players etc and we are no betetr off. Invest in a top quality manager and get Warnock out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dan

    After everything that we have endured this season, we are still only 5 points back of the playoffs. Over the number of remaining games, 5 points is no a lot to make up. MOT!

  20. Murph

    There is no way that we should be in the playoffs. Only our inconsistency has been consistent – and I don’t see that changing soon.

  21. Jim

    There are signs that things are coming together and given that there are so many teams in the Championship who are capable of beating each other we are not without a chance of reaching the play offs. Neil Warnock has managed to get an experienced squad together with a good measure of talent. We were very good against one of the best teams in the Premiership and repeat performances would see us thereabouts at the end of the season.Personally I think they are worth a bet.

  22. Scortum

    On a slight tangent here, but just awoke from a doze with Look North playing in the background, and a breaking news story that a Yorkshire based consortium has offered to buy a 51% stake in Leeds Utd, with a view to a full takeover in the future. Yes, the playoffs are achievable, and Chris Burke on loan by end of this week.

  23. Flippin-Pop-It-Bruva

    Seven double edge swords thrown at spinning Leeds United Wheel…..
    1. On one hand we can beat premiership opponents convincingly and on the other hand we cant beat bottom half opposition in the championship. Either the players only care about playing well in the shop window or Neil warnock isnt doing a good job getting their heads right for each and every game.
    2. We have been taken over….. but then again, can anyone see a noticeable difference in leadership [and if i had taken over a business i know for sure i wouldnt want the existing M.D to be still at the helm] Would you?
    3. We had a squad containing many young premiership quality players, yet we are buying existing ‘experienced’ premiership players.
    4. We had a striker who could hit a duck from thirty yards but now we have a striker who can throw a duck from thirty yards [ok statistically maybe only six yards]
    5. Leeds United fans demand promotion immediately through acquisition of million pound plus signings but at the same time us leeds united supporters want to develop and utilize our youth team. Players like Poleon who has spend years patiently learning his trade in the reserves getting his 1st goal for the club and then the following weeks being shipped out on loan
    6. Neil Wanock tells it like it is or Neil Warnock playing the underdog role?
    7. Diouf pantomime villain or the angel of Elland Road?

    Who are these knife throwers? Does the Leeds United wheel/machine ever mesmerize us enough to believe we can be actually be promoted. We are all the optimistic pessimists of Leeds united. Leeds get 6 points next game….Game on….

  24. chelpa

    another shocking result tonight, we are . . . . . . . . .going no where! same place in league as when Neil took over, progress????????????????


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