Neil Warnock“What the —- is going on?” asked 4,700 Leeds United fans as another lacklustre display saw The Whites succumb to a 2-0 defeat away to bottom of the Championship, Barnsley.

While the result was slightly less embarrassing than previous trips to Oakwell, the performance wasn’t. “The worst game I’ve seen in 30 years following this club home and away, Warnock has completely lost the plot” commented one regular as he made his way to the exit with 10 minutes left on the clock. No doubt a knee-jerk response to the dismal performance we’d just witnessed, but his reaction was nonetheless justified.

Moaning fans are commonplace in football, it doesn’t matter how good a team has it there’ll always be someone objecting to something. But the complaints and criticisms of Neil Warnock’s management style have spread in recent weeks to what seems like a clear of majority of supporters demanding a change in management.

While the number of people calling for Warnock’s head rises, the complaints remain constant;

Hoofball – Never has a team been less suited to the direct approach Warnock plays. A midfield featuring the likes of Paul Green, David Norris, Sam Byram, Michael Tonge and now Ross Barkley are completely bypassed by hoofed clearances from defence, clearances which more often than not return possession to the opposition.

Players played out of position – Let’s be honest here, Lee Peltier is no more a left-back than I am an astronaut, and why on earth is Ross McCormack not utilised as the outstanding Championship centre-forward he clearly is?

The contract situation – The uncertainty surrounding Neil Warnock’s future must surely be an issue for players? For all they know, Neil Warnock could walk away at the end of the season and be replaced by a new manager who doesn’t consider them to be part of his plans. Especially those Warnock has brought with him from previous clubs.

Strongest XI – Half a dozen changes per match has fans totally confused as to who our strongest starting XI is, but more worrying is that Neil Warnock doesn’t seem to have any idea either.

Far worse than the commonly cited criticisms listed above however, is that Neil Warnock seems oblivious to the fact we have problems. There’s always someone else to blame, whether it be individual players (not Michael Brown though) or the referee (who was apparently at fault for Leeds not turning up today), there’s never once been an acknowledgement that the manager himself got it wrong.

And he has got it wrong. Many times. Today for example he got the half-time team talk very wrong. I don’t know what he said but when Leeds United’s players exited the field to a chorus of boos from the travelling support, it shouldn’t have been difficult to inspire a better second half performance.

In the five years this site has existed and throughout all the years I’ve supported this club, not once have I called for the manager’s head. But I don’t see a way out of this for Warnock. The performances have been poor all season and the same problems persist, there has been no improvement whatsoever – if anything, things have got worse. Today was the worst performance of the season, but it’s beat off some strong competition for that “honour”.

But the reasons Warnock must go now aren’t limited to the poor performances we’ve witnessed this season, GFH have to consider the longer term future of this club. Why give money to a manager whose commitment doesn’t extend beyond the next five months? Why give him money to recruit players our next manager might not consider part of his plans? It’s wasteful, it doesn’t make any sense. Not when you consider our only hope of reaching the play-offs is a miracle of biblical proportions.

The sensible thing to do here is replace the manager and start building for a serious push with someone committed to Leeds United.

Warnock out – Agree or disagree? Vote and comment below. 

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  1. Lufc1979ish

    The thing is and I’ve been saying this for months, the type of football warnock plays means it doesn’t matter who’s in the team if the opposition can stop becchio from holding it up and dominate the midfield we are as good as beat. This hoofball is 15 years out of date and I think warnock is too. I think with a good manager say Gus poyet for example, we would all be surprised with some of the talent we have at the club that’s currently going to waste. Yes we need more pace in the squad but warnock isnt utilising the abilities of the players we have and there’s too much going through becchio, it’s all far too obvious. A pub team could beat us if they were set up tactically to stop becchio and flood the midfield.

  2. Coggs

    Warnock’s non tactics and style of play are so out of date, need to get shot of him and get someone in with a long term plan and to get the club back where it should be, and sustain it, not to be a yo yo club.

  3. Barney white

    Yes – he must go now. This group of players can do so much more with the right direction. I believe I can pick a better first 11 and get them to deliver a significantly higher standard of football. Get shot now. Di Matteo could still get us promoted

  4. DDD

    I don’t want Di Matteo anywhere near our club, we’ve had enough Chelsea scum. It flys in the face of all our history with them in the last 8 years.

  5. Wattsy

    Really just want Warnock to go. I will hold my hands up and say I made a mistake (unlike Warnock), when I called for Grayson’s head and said Warnock was the man to lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel. How wrong I was. Last season was completely written off when he told players they were not part of his plans. Why would they turn up and put 100% in with a manager who has told them they have no future at the club? His excuse was that it was Grayson’s team and when it came to summer he would get a team together that could mount a serious push for promotion. I’m afraid to say I believed him. Now, he can have no excuses. Making 3 changes at half time vs Watford, playing Peltier out of position, playing McCormack out of position, the ancient hoofball technique etc, the list goes on. Hopefully after Villa’s loss today, Lambert may soon get the boot. He seems like he can get us playing nice football, and can get the best out of the players we have. If GFH have the balls to sack Warnock now, we can get a decent manager in before the end of January (even Owen Coyle or Sean O’Driscoll would do) and try and do a reading and get the sleeping giant to stir in the second half of the season, get our act together and try to revitalise this season so it’s not just another one written off for the history books. Warnock out, things haven’t changed since Bates left, and Warnock’s excuses are fast running out.

    • Tyler 75

      I’ve got a lot of admiration for Warnock as a man; he pretty much held us together during the takeover saga – but football-wise, he’s a man out of time. It would be a travesty if we got into the play-offs this season (we won’t) so I think a change of management this season would give us the best chance for next year. However we should wait and see what happens at Villa and Wigan as Lambert or Martinez are managers that could get us up, playing football and building a squad capable of more than merely being cannon fodder in the Premier League.

  6. Depressed white

    Problem is with NW there are no positives to defend him with. Everything you list in your article is plainly there for all to see. After he heavily critiscised Grayson’s team and promised we’d never be that poor again by his own definition he has FAILED and should go. He has no idea how to set a team out. Tactically inept. And seems to accept defeat far to easily; happy to just find someone to blame as if that excuses folding. Terrible, terrible stuff.

    • blue3011

      The current team?? are far worse than when Grayson was at the helm, I know he made a few fubar’s but at least he was Leeds through and through not another wage grabbing imported manager who love’s the sound of his own voice!!, Warnock should go now and the club should go cap in hand and get Grayson back, a true Leeds man.

  7. Richard

    Is this a serious article? I agree with a lot of things posted on this site but talking about a change of manager now is absolutely mindless. Warnock is a proven manager who has finally got a little bit of money to spend and shape his team. He’s been in charge for less than 1 year in which time he’s had about as much support as a hessian bra. I know that 83% of people voting agree that Warnock should go at the time of writing this however I think that 83% of people voting must be knee jerking lunatics! Which available manager would you depend upon to do a better job who would realistically take on the job? Please let’s keep some perspective here!

    • BennyG

      Unfortunately the statistics don’t make good reading. After 27 games last season we had 42 points (Grayson was sacked after game 28); Warnock has only 38. So we’re worse off than last season and given we’ve lost our last 4 away games badly, and winning at home by the odd goal often struggling, the short-term with Warnock is not looking bright.

    • Paul h

      Very serious article in my view… Can all the 83% be ‘knee jerking lunatics’ NO WE ARE NOT !!! Warnock instills little, if any confidence with his tactics and line ups… I was enthusiastic when he was appointed… I’m at my wits end with him now !!!

    • Irving08

      Excuse me – but have you been reading this site ?
      Many of us have tried to see all sides of things this past year. Our assessments have generally been cautious and our outlook hopeful. But the accumulation of evidence does, I am afraid, suggest that Warnock is just not going to do it.
      Of course, we would have preferred that the change of Manager take place at the end of the season, but I for one believe that Warnock’s continuing tenure could do serious damage to the club.
      For example: like Eddie Gray, I happen to believe Aidy White is the best left back on our books – but do you think he would want to stay after Warnock’s comments this evening, or Becchio for that matter ? And wouldn’t you agree that signing so many players who, in most cases, are past their playing peaks is the right strategy for a club that has no alternative other than to sustain itself by producing its own players ?

  8. pecker

    Sadly,I agree with most of what you have said. Over the last couple of months Warnock has lost his way. He is trying too hard to get it right and the harder he tries the more confused he becomes. He is playing players out of position. the team lacks pace and creativity and he appears to be getting tactics and formations wrong. We have not played a team this season who we have looked better than and dominated. It is only good fortune that has seen us win games

  9. hwhyte

    This is a bunch of good players in 2013 playing the way you needed to play to get out the Championship 10 years ago. All the teams that have impressed us over the past 2-3 years and swept past us to the premiership have been good footballing teams. Norwich, Swansea and Reading to name but a few. I genuinely preferred watching Gary Mcallister’s mid table Leeds team in the 1st Division a few years ago than this dross. I am afraid Neil Warnock is well past his best before date and is clearly out of touch with the modern game. As far as GFH is concerned, I would encourage them NOT to waste money in this transfer window. They need to seek out new investors and get a manager for the future in and work with them to plan how the club is taken forward. Hoofman will just leave us with another 4 on the payroll we need rid off.

    • TSS

      Always felt Gary Mac wasn’t given enough time, you could see what he was trying to do but it wasn’t coming together quickly enough for the majority.

      • Matthew

        You’re right. I wouldn’t mind Grayson back either, always wanted to see what he’d do with money. Guess we’l have to wait until Bates is far away from the club for that anyway. Give it a few years, a slightly older, more experienced Grayson might come back lol

  10. Exiled White

    He has run his course as a Leeds manager. Get him out now and start to build for a serious push for promotion. Should Leeds scrape into the premiership via the playoffs, they will be straight back down again, which is no good. Leeds have been out of the top flight for far too long.

    • king sniffer

      No, that’s the whole point. This is the season that we need to get up as the money is going crazy in the Premiership next season. Whoever comes down the following season will have a fortune to build and go straight back up. For those left in the Championship it will be so much harder to get out

  11. Kenny H

    We should go for Martinez he plays good football on limited resources, give him a long term contract and he will establish LUFC in the Premiership where they belong.

    • Bellend

      Yeh and.sign Lampard.and Terry and while.we are to become our next manager. Watch out for those flying pigs

      • Joe B

        I don’t personally see why Martinez would be so averse to coming here. Compare the situation to us nabbing Grayson from Blackpool a few years back. It’s a step down in one sense, but in another it’s a bigger challenge for him at a potentially bigger club and if he has money to spend all the better.

        Like us, Wigan have stagnated over recent years. Unlike us however, there is very little opportunity for further movement up the table than 14th. The budgets aren’t big enough, and the gate receipts are also too small to consider increasing them. Martinez is probably sick and tired of hauling what is essentially an underfunded, championship standard team, out of the relegation zone in the prem year after year.

        If he could be persuaded we’re serious about promotion, and playing his style of football, Leeds United would be a very attractive proposition to him, or any manager in a similar position.

  12. SE. LUFC

    Sadly I agree with the NW out campaign, he seems blissfully unaware of the task he is expected to perform. But let’s not lay all the blame at his door. January 1st should have been a VE Day for LUFC, a new start, a light at the end of the tunnel, an end to years of grief. GFH should have shown their intent at 00.01 on 01/01/13. Instead we get a load of excuses, yet more damn loan signings and no sign that our much vaunted new owners have anything in their coffers other than small change. Ken Bates is now considerably richer than he was, the creditors are sunning themselves on tropical beaches while LUFC and its fans are where we’ve been for too many years now, without hope. Still Leeds forever, they can’t kill our pride!!

    • TSS

      GFH haven’t made any excuses, Warnock said he’s missed out on players due to other clubs refusing to sell, but GFH have provided funds for two players and the loan of Ross Barkley and there’s been no indication they won’t further support the manager if he finds available targets – that’s Warnock’s job, not there’s. In his defence however, January is a bad time to buy. Always has been.

  13. Cheshirewhite

    No pace, no commitment. We bypass midfield because they have few ideas.For 10 minutes at the beginning of the second half v Chelsea we kept the ball on the deck and looked a half decent team. But 10 minutes does no make a season. We are poor defending, especially left side of pitch. We have no creativity in the middle of the park. The ones that would put in a shift are out on loan. Local lads who wan to play for LUFC

  14. Emily Bishop

    I can only hope that GFH are taking note of all this feedback and that Salem’s tweet ‘VERY VERY disappointed’ relates to NW as much as the performance. Surely they must be at least considering potential replacements?

  15. Louth White

    I must say I couldn’t agree. One can defend hoof ball tactics if there were results as a result of it. It has clearly failed. Barnsley have won one league game in the last 15. This manager said “he is only man for the job”. Wrong. He also said that he would go if the fans turned against him. Nobody likes to see that, but clearly the fans have and may have to be more vociferous at the next home game. He has brought in 16 different players, employed baffling tactics, never takes responsibility, blames the referee (like today) or sees something that no reasonable fan sees (eg Notts Forest). £800K spent on Peltie rand constantly played out of position at left back despite claiming that Drury “would be the best left back in the Championship”, two pedestrian centre halves, no pace through the side and that’s before I mention Luke Varney. The team is worse now that in was under Simon Grayson, who at least played attacking football. This man is a football dinasour and money allocated to him in the transfer window would be foolish. Personally I’d like to se Paul Lambert get the job, but he is still with Villa. Failing that, I’d sack Warnock, and put Sean O’Driscoll in for the rest of the season. In my view he would get more out of the current players, and at least we would be able to watch his brand of football. GFH – Act now and sack Warnock.

  16. Marvareemo

    Completely agree. Warnock even said on the official website that 100% is the minimum he expected from his players today, yet we didn’t even manage a shot on target, against a team bottom of the league.

    I’m embarrassed, going to Elland Rd these days is a real chore, it should never ever be like that.

  17. Flooshmushtoosh

    If GFH are in this for the long term then let’s get a Lambert or an O’Driscoll in and build a football playing side that can a: mount a challenge and b: be prepared for life in the to tier. Mot. Leeds,Leeds Leeds.

  18. NDG

    Clueless manager now, doubted him since Watford substitutions and nothing has changed my mind, his lame excuses are tiresome.For the first time in along time we have two left footed left backs yet he decides to use his star signing Peltier in that position(remember we all thought Aidy White had talent until Warnock thought he was a right sided midfield player)
    Time to go Colin

  19. Marvareemo

    Warnock also said that Becchio’s head wasn’t on the game today, so why leave him on?!?!

  20. tbdownsouth

    Never rated Mr Warnock as the right manager for Leeds . His style is long ball kick and run.
    Gus Poyet is the man we neef

  21. Northern Leeds

    Totally agree, GFH need to change the manager now. The article outlines reasons why very simply and clearly !. Personally I don’t object to ex- Chelski players being manager, would love to have Poyet back, we know how he can turn a failing team into a winning team. Nowts changed since NW took the helm almost year ago, his tactics do not work or suit Leeds United.
    GFH should be concentrating on the future, bring in a decent manager now who can get a handle on the club and who is worth keeping, who should go etc. NW will never get Leeds United promoted this season or any season soon and that’s a fact, today is the day I have thrown in the towel, I can support NW no longer, patience run out. We should not have lost going into today’s game, for NW to say he is not worried by today’s result is a joke. He can’t go on playing things down when results go wrong or transfers targets don’t materialise. I accept you need a little bit of luck to get out of this league but you also need a manager who knows what he is doing and some decent financial backing from the boardroom.

  22. Koh Samui Whites

    After the ridiculously drawn out takeover GFH had the perfect opportunity to make a statement of intent and get the fans back on board by signing a couple of quality players early in January.They failed to do so.I believe any manager would struggle with the lack of support from our new owners.That said Warnock needs to man up and stop looking for excuses and Jones’ needs to keep his mouth shut.The problem lies with GFH in my opibion.MOT.

    • TSS

      Again (I responded to a similar comment below) there is no indication Warnock hasn’t been provided with funds, GFH paid for both of Warnock’s loan signings to be made permanent and they secured the Everton kid. NW himself has said the problems have been clubs refusing to sell, it’s Warnock who has to line transfers up, not GFH.

  23. Matthew

    Things Neil Warnock has given us

    – The worst home defeat record in the clubs history
    – Hoofball
    – Shit football

    What he is on course to give us
    – The Worst away record in the clubs history

  24. BennyG

    Unfortunately the statistics don’t make good reading. After 27 games last season we had 42 points (Grayson was sacked after game 28); Warnock has only 38. So we’re worse off than last season and given we’ve lost our last 4 away games badly, and winning at home by the odd goal often struggling, the short-term with Warnock is not looking bright.

  25. sg90

    Definitely time to go and I felt this way before today. Had enough of his excuses and dreadful football. Never wanted Grayson to go, but how have we progressed since his departure? Warnock’s been given plenty of money and his signings have been terrible, don’t want him to waste any more money in the TW. If we’re looking for a cheap option, Coyle, O’Driscoll, Ince are all out of work, while Karl Robinson would be a great up and coming hungry young manager. They all play football the right way too. MOT

  26. tomlufc

    I just wish the takeover would have occurred when Gradel, Howson, Snodgrass etc. were still at the club, and Grayson was in charge. That team had unbelievable potential, with a manager who loved the club. They played good football, and with a little bit of money Grayson would have kept his best players and applied the finishing touches to his team. Bates tore that team to shreds and ruined Leeds United as it is today, Warnock has tried his best, but he can’t work miracles like we all hoped. The club needs long term rebuilding and a philosophy to get to the top. A clear direction with a long term manager to build a team for the future who can actually play football. The only problem is, this is Leeds United, the most unlucky team in the history of football, and I fully expect another disaster around the corner no matter how well we do, or what GFH try to achieve.

      • TSS

        Wow. Explain how that makes sense exactly? Bates sells the club to himself for erm… no reason whatsoever? He drags it out for 6 months just because…? He then stops his radio tirades and the programme notes disappear because his narcissistic impulses suddenly fade? He also pays for the signing of two players and funds the best loanee we’ve had in years…? He does all this because…? Conspiracy theories at this club never cease to amaze me.

      • TUPPA

        Fringo the man that said the takeover wouldnt ever happen,laughed out of every forum..jumps at every chance to stir the pot.

  27. markleeds

    Grayson had his faults, but at least we didn’t play such excruciatingly bad style of football under him, in fact often we played some good stuff. I don’t necessarily want Warnock to go, but like you point out in your article, with the players we have, we shouldn’t be just lumping the ball long. Green, Tonge, Diouf, Byram, Mccormak, Barkley, Tate, Lees, are all good footballers. Peltier however is not a left back, and he isn’t a captain either. The club is going backwards, and the people running Leeds Utd seem completely oblivious to the fact. Bates is not a football person, he is a businessman, he doesn’t understand the footballing side of things

  28. Derbyshire White

    We had a better team in League 1. If Tom Lees turns out on the left wing on Tuesday no one will be really surprised. Warnock is living on his reputation and GFH need to forget the hype and look at the facts. We might be the Titanic of the Championship but we’re sinking all the same.

  29. Craig

    I expected the result today didn’t everyone. Iv only been to 4matches this season and I havnt seen 1good performance. Even when we’ve won we’ve been outplayed.

    • marklufc

      The only time we have dominated affairs was against Huddersfield, and that was with Norris and Green in midfield, I don’t know why Green keep being left out he is a good passer of the ball

  30. WATO

    after following leeds for 25 years home away, this is the worst side ive seen in that period ,no guts ,desire ,drive energy .having to travel from the midlands every week up to elland rd and so ,to waste my hard earn cash on players who dont no what leeds means to us fans im giving my season ticket away,there wont be a lot of takers on the last months perfomances, mr warnock tactics bedazzle me , outplayed out thought out of ideas long ball,get di canio before its to late ,anyone want the season ticket ? NOT GOING TO ELLAND RD UNTILL WARNOCKS GONE THE SELF LEEDS HATER.

  31. Steob

    All I can say is fuck off warnock I’m sick to death of long ball Stone Age football it’s shocking stuff time to go u said u would stay as long as the fans want u well we don’t so do what I said and fuck off and let someone manage who actually lets there team play football it is called football for a reason it’s a passing game not lets kick it from defence as far as u can game

  32. YorkshireWhiteLufc

    Can someone please tell me how on earth Warnock actually managed to get QPR promoted? It must have been a complete fluke.

    I don’t remember him playing hoofball tactics then. SO WHY US? Why should Leeds United have to suffer this (worse than Dave Basset) tactics. Which team recently that got promoted from the Championship played Hoofball – Norwich, Reading, Newcastle – wasn’t a direct playing style between them.

    His signings have also been v. poor. Tonge is not what we need to take us forward. Grayson was a better manager but he could only sign dross based on his budget. Old Colin has been given twice as much money as Grayson had in two seasons and he’s done WHAT with it. Anyone who watches lufc each week will tell you Ashdown is a better keeper than Kenny and Dury is a better left back than Pelts. Yet he doesn’t know that.

    The mind boggles!

    • Matthew

      Warnocks budget at QPR, well in regards to wages was double ours. £29.7 million went out on wages for some genuine talent such as Taarabt etc.

      On the bright side if he leaves and takes Kenny with him, Ashdown is alright enough for next season/rest of this season.

    • Grumpy

      Can someone please tell me how on earth Warnock actually managed to get QPR promoted? It must have been a complete fluke……..

      Mmmmm… or the influence of Keith Curle?

    • Mick Taker

      And to think we did the double over QPR the season they went up! (okay the final game was meaningless, but still they were at home last match of the season, etc)

  33. Col

    One of the biggest issues for me is how commited is Neil Warnock? If he is going at the end of the season then it would be in everybody’s interest if he goes NOW.
    My other concern is lack of DECENT signings coming into the club. IF Warnock is staying then GFH should stop talking and start spending.
    I can’t deny to being VERY disappointed with Warnock. Watching his terrible brand of football is enough to bore a glass eye to sleep and then there’s obviously his baffling tactics/teams election.
    I do have some sympathies with Warnock. No doubt he has been fed a load of lies regarding funds that are available for team strengthening. Maybe if he was able to bring in a bit of quality he might deliver?
    I was at today’s game and its clear that large sections of the fans want Warnock out.

    • Irving08

      I might have some sympathy too were it not for his endless self-promotion and careless words about individual players.

  34. john


    • John

      He doesn’t, Chelsea were very rigid and defensive under Di matteo and he failed to transform them successfully which is why he was sacked. I doubt he would even want the Leeds job anyway. The best choice would be someone who has alot of experience at championship level like Holloway

      • TSS

        To be fair, I think the players he had at Chelsea demanded that kind of style. He tried to change it up this season but wasn’t given the time to do so.

        All irrelevant though, he’s a Champions League winner, absolutely no chance he’d drop to the Championship.


        forget holloway hes made a mess out of crystal palace since joining them.we need to get out of the merry go round appointment of championship class managers. we need to look further afield. we could get lucky (swansea – laudrup) or not (soljbaken, berg) but it has to be worth a go. weve nothing to lose now in anyway.

  35. Matthew

    I’m genuinely saddened by this, we’ve hit an all time low at the moment. No if anything we’ve hit below that, we’re generally free falling as far as performances go, we did badly with Grayson for a time but never anything like this, it’s like the soul has been sucked from this team. We need something well new and fresh to bring life back into the side, and a new manager seems like a good place to start.

    Sorry would of added that to my other comment but thought my other comment was rather standalone, about what Warnock has brought to the club.

    I’m not angry by this situation, more feeling sad right now..

    • onrud

      Good call i said the same last week at Brum game.If players don’t give100%
      best get a gumshield he shows the passion for the challenge to take us forward.

  36. bigk

    He’s a cracking manager we have proof of this.In my opinion the club and manager could do with a sgnt wilco type 5 year plan vision type statement and a bit of leaway from the fans,forget this season look to rebuild in the summer .ups and downs.on on on.

  37. Colin

    3 months ago there was a poll on this site asking “How confident are you in Neil Warnock’s role as Leeds United manager?”

    56% had total confidence
    33% were highly confident
    10% were confident

    = 99%

    Now 83% want him sacked. There’s a lot of posters on this site who are either fickle or should be apologising for getting it wrong 3 months ago. A manager doesn’t become bad in 3 months.

    • TSS

      I don’t think he’s a bad manager, but he’s fixated on a style that doesn’t suit our team (our squad is easily good enough for top six) and the 5 month contract means there’s no point rebuilding a squad to suit him – not now we’re too far off the play-offs to stand a realistic chance of promotion.

      You live and die by results as a football manager and he isn’t getting them. We were doing better under SG who spent a lot less money and never should have been sacked – as I said at the time and have maintained ever since.

      Logic dictates he has to go. There is simply no point giving money to a man who will be out of the door in 5 months. Even if he extends contract by another 12 months, it’s still far too short-term for us to build a sustainable future. We need stability and Warnock doesn’t provided that.

      When all is said and done, the really decisive factor is the fans. The new owners need them on-side, they need them to be returning to Elland Road and that simply won’t happen when 87% of them have no confidence in the manager and we’re playing such an unattractive style of football. His position is untenable, and I suspect the owners already know that.

      • djedjedje

        I’m not sure if that makes him a bad manager or not, but it probably makes him pretty thick (that or just an egomaniac) to think that he can get results from forcing the wrong style of play on the right squad.

        I used to think he was an excellent manager who’d mastered an ugly style, I now think he is one trick pony who got away with it for an impressively long time. Should have retired last season, Warnock – each game makes you look more and more like a man out of your depth.

      • Colin

        Problem is, if we’re thinking long term, we’ve got to find a manager who we’re happy with leading us in the PL. No names jump out at me at the moment. So do we go for an interim manager for rest of season or stick with Warnock?

      • Colin

        But if we are thinking interim, then it’s been too long since i uttered the words David O’Leary???

      • djedjedje

        I disagree Colin over O’Leary. He’s been out of competitive football for so long that he wouldn’t be ideal for any interim manager. I’d prefer Gary Mac back before him in our old managers stake, or Redfearn. Besides, you know it’d only take two back to back wins before the majority of Leeds fans start singing ‘sign him up’ and we’d have O’Leary tied up on megamoney on a five year contract. Not for me, he’s rich enough off us already.

        Personally I’d like to see us wait/move for Lambert. I like what he did with Norwich and how he got them sorted in League One so that they were a force in the Championship and, after pinching our midfield, a good basis to build on in the Premiership. Atkins has done exactly the same at Southampton, but I fancy his job secure, and from what I remember, Lambert was a more interesting player. I bet Lambert regrets dropping Norwich for Aston Villa, but again you have to respect that ambition to take on a bigger club, so hopefully Leeds would be appealing on those grounds at least. Not that we could tempt him, but I’d take Houghton too.

        Other names who are available?

        O’Driscoll would come, but I think he’d take too many years to turn Leeds around and Leeds fans aren’t patient.

        De Matteo – fantasy land.

        Curbishley – has-been, and never understood the support he gets – the old Alan Pardew at best.

        And those in employment in the Championship?

        Poyet would be interesting, but I’m sure he’d see us as a step backwards in a number of ways.

        Holloway would be a excellent choice, but I can’t see him leaving Crystal Palace any season soon.

      • Irving08

        We need to go in-house for any interim Manager: – Eddie Gray in tandem with Neil Redfearn perhaps ? Of old boys, Eddie is the only one I would consider. Would he be interested ?

        Otherwise, it would have to be Redfearn alone. This has to be followed, fairly swiftly, by the appointment of a new CEO, which is the the more difficult bit.

        GFH would need to do a lot of work with certain players to forestall their exit, while the window is still open.

        Long term, I favour a methodical, intelligent and knowledgeable manager, ideally with a bit of self-possession, in short, a Lambert or a Houghton – like you, I suspect Poyet might feel it’s not right for him. In any event, the appointment has to be serious.

        But how does Warnock exit ? – supposing we can’t somehow stagger through till the end of the season, nicking a result here and there.
        If we lose and play badly at ‘Brum, this problem is solved: Warnock resigns. But supposing we win, what then …….?
        GFH now have their nightmare scenario. And social media ain’t going to help them.

      • Irving08

        Humphrey suggests a form of words to suit all parties.
        ‘GFH has reluctantly accepted the resignation of the Leeds United Manager, Neil Warnock. Mr Warnock does not feel that he can commit himself to remaining our Manager beyond the stated period of his current contract. He accepts however that GFH, as the new owners, need now to begin planning for the longer term. Mr Warnock has brought some excellent players to the club, to add to those he inherited, and thereby provided his successor with an excellent foundation for a promotion winning team. We thank him for this, and also for the dignified and dedicated way he has managed the club during its change of ownership.’

      • Irving08

        Hmm better make it ‘by mutual consent’. If Warnock ‘unilaterally’ resigns, because he is refused new signings, so be it. But one hopes it won’t come to that. It should be done before the window closes, GFH making it clear also that none of the ‘stars’ are leaving the club.

    • Grumpy

      Perhaps the ‘confidence’ felt and expressed then in that survey Colin was more likely hope and optimism. Since then there has been 3 months of crap ‘football’, constant mass team changes, players played out of position and virtually nothing to support that ‘confidence’ shown in the original survey.

      I also think much of what was felt and expressed at the time was down to statements made by Warnock about the quality, strengths and commitment of players he had signed or was hoping to sign.

      The results since then have been blamed on everyone else, even referees for not brandishing red cards for tackles which draw the comment ‘ how that wasn’t a red card I don’t know’ from Warnock. He’s recently been fined for saying exactly the same thing yet repeats it after yesterdays game and apparently even produced a lap top at a press conference to prove his point. Bloody pathetic. If he only wants to play against ten opposing players he should say so.

    • djedjedje

      I’m not sure how or if I voted 3 months ago, Colin. I’ve been worried by Warnock since the start of the season, given his short contract status (not that I’ve been asking for it to be extended) – but I admit that I thought he was a reasonable replacement for Grayson when he came in. He talked a lot of sense in the opening 24 hours of employment and it came as a relief to Graysonspeak. Now Warnock has mastered Graysonspeak and is excruciating to listen to, win or draw.

      I belief that had Bates got him in a few weeks earlier and given him a fat wage premium to draw in decent frees and loans then the momentum might have been with Warnock to have carried us to the lottery of the playoffs last season. Instead he blamed the squad he inherited and managed to not only destroy the squad he had to hand, but also lose the majority of the games that he had at the end of last season to try and improve that squad and how they played. After that we should have replaced him with a decent plan in the summer. But it aint the Leeds way, and even less the Bates one.

  38. john Lufc

    Yes warnock must go his style of football is dire to say the least. COME ON GFH CAPITAL do the right thing and make a change while its still not to late in the season to make a massive push for the play offs we are one of the biggest clubs in the country never mind the championship – WARNOCK OUT please gfh capital.

  39. djedjedje

    I voted ‘yes’ for time for Warnock to go, but our predicament is not so simple as to employ a new manager as it should be.

    We have directors of our club who in all likelihood know less about football than you and I. Haigh and Patel are young, and have no real experience of running football clubs. I bet Haigh couldn’t even name all our previous managers since the O’Leary days. Frighteningly so, but Shaun Harvey is our most experienced football recruiter for any new manager should we sack Warnock. [Presuming we don’t want to ask Bates for his input!]

    Therefore I can see the case for sticking with Warnock in the next month or two until we employ a decent and knowledgeable CEO who can task interviewee managers for their mid to long-term plan for the club and squad should they get the job. Without this and GFCH might as well do a Twitter poll for our new manager. Hell, at least they can then blame us for when it goes wrong in 12 months time!

    The question then is how much damage is Warnock doing to Leeds United in the months in-between us finding a decent man to find his replacement? Currently I worry that he has lost key players in the squad. How we play, the poor attendance and the bad atmosphere among fans can hardly endear Becchio or Byram from wanting to stay at Leeds. You couldn’t fault McCormack wanting out either, the way Warnock has a tendency to marginalize him.

    Beyond the squad, there is the matter of the crowd attendance. Hoofball kills the passion, kills the turnout, which in itself hits GFHC in the pocket and our ability to recruit better players and managers. Ultimately, if Warnock insists this kind of football is the only way to go then it really is his time to go. Immediately. And I’d suggest handing over caretaker manager position over to Redfearn under the pre-stipulated agreement that however well he gets us playing, another manager will be found within weeks or months.


      Getting in a new manager shouldnt require a massive interview process at this stage. If Terry Connors fancied a go at it i’d bite his hand off at this stage. We need change now. We’ve hired badly in the past, with the possible exception of grayson so i wouldn’t rely to heavily on harvey or ‘hushed tones’ bates input.

      • djedjedje

        I agree we all want an instant change; entirely disagree that the interview process is not so important. We been reckless and kneejerk in our appointments for year after year with no decent mid to long-term footballing plan being established – one that marries time, patience, intelligence, trial and error, and above all measured investment in the team through the Academy and astute purchases.

        Bates has been the reason why this has never been established, but if we are to momentarily believe the hype of the new dawn of GFHC then for once we might envisage a decent manager making the most of our young talent and having the backing to make moderate purchases and use reasonable wage levels to recruit.

        To finely have this in place there is no excuse to pick the wrong manager. There are some more than decent managers currently available, or likely to soon be available, or out there at a price; the trickiest part is to marry the right man for what is one of the most demanding jobs in English football. That takes considerably more footballing nuance than Harvey, Bates, Patel and Haigh put together. To think otherwise is to perpetuate our manager merry-go-round at great cost in compensation (which comes detrimental to the team) and heap further reason for disinterest in our club amongst our fans. Keep us away for too long and we wont be back. Hence the next manager is key to whether we can turn Elland Road back into a c.30,000 stadium of genuine entertainment, or if it’ll take on its course down the current road of perdition that’ll see us little better supported than Bradford and young lads and lasses in Leeds wandering about in Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City tops instead of Leeds ones.


        Couldn’t agree more. in principle anyway. would be amazed if GFH were that visionary and can’t really see O’Driscoll, Curbishly, or any of the names been bandied around. ushering in a new golden dawn. If we want a brand new start we have to look further afield then the regular championship managers doing the rounds. All said and done though they would be a massive improvement on what we’ve got now. With that in mind, bring in anyone, just bring them in now.

  40. pontewhite

    Get out warnock you’ve never loved Leeds and never will. Appalled by our performances recently. No passion or guidance. He’s assembled the worst Leeds squad in recent history after tearing grayson to bits

  41. Edmund1966

    has it occurred that Col might be doing it all on purpose cos he hates us really…..

  42. Irving08

    I think we all knew that, with Warnock, it was a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

    Some of us – flying in the face of evidence we ourselves have adduced time and again on this site – from considerations of stabilty, preferred it to be the end of the season. But as soon as I heard Warnock’s outrageous interview this evening, I realised that retaining him till then is not an option. He has to go now.

    The ball is now firmly in GFH’s court. Failure to act speedily and decisivelly will further disenchant suppporters and, I surmise, players alike.

    It is pointless us here having any further discussions about players or formations. The facts speak for themselves: Warnock’s has failed.

  43. leedsusa

    “His head wasn’t right and that’s why the transfer window /is such a nightmare for managers. I’ll be having a word with him.” Who’ll go first

  44. Andrew Keogh

    Enough is enough. This is painful. Oh and it doesn’t matter two hoots if Di Matteo played for and managed the blue scum., He’s a man with a point to prove. Oh and a man who won a certain trophy …

  45. duzza

    We lack a player that will dictate the game, Hoolahan, Taarabt, Lallana, etc. We lack 2 quality wingers, Snodgrass and Gradel, Kebe and McAnuff, Dyer and Sinclair, etc. We’re an average team, exactly where we deserve to be given the way Bates ran the club the last few years. We’re not going to get consistency or brilliant football or PROMOTION!

    I’m satisfied with our position in the table, Warnock has done a good job and continued the good work Grayson was doing in establishing us in the Championship. The problem, however is that ticket prices create expectation. So either GFH reduce the prices accordingly to reflect the players at the club, or they provide money for us to get the quality necessary to expect auto promotion, or a mixture of both so we can build slowly and the fans will stick with the plan.

    However don’t make Warnock accountable, as to be honest it’s embarrassing.

  46. pigeon

    Sick of being outplayed by teams we should be beating comfortably. Im afraid i agree with the majority warnock should go. Some of his tactics have been baffling to say the least. Gus poyet is not a bad shout. Also i wouldnt mind giving someone like ole gunnar solskaer a go even if he is ex scum. A young up and coming manager? Hes been doing well abroad

  47. giz lufc forever

    Poyet said he would like to manage leeds again but the timing wasnt right i think it is now .. di matteo good shout though

  48. ristac

    OUT before he has a chance to cash in and sell McCormack or Becchio and replace them with Blackstock

  49. Paul Taylor

    And a few weeks ago it was all ‘there’s only one Neil Warnock’. Leeds fans really are thick as fuck.

  50. Jacob Sax

    Warnock has never really seemed to be that bothered. I’m sure he is but post match interviews are always done in a manner that comes across like he feels he’s doing us a favour being there. Where is all the passion we used to see from him at other clubs?

  51. Notfamousanymore

    From what I have seen of david high and Salim Patel of GFH, they are intelligent and media-savvy (and social media connected) people. So they will I hope be aware of this, WACCOE, Yorks Evening Post and other sites.

    My friend who is a Sheffield United supporter said on warnocks appointment that the football will be ugly, but it will be effective. It is ugly, and it is not effective.

    Leeds United must be one of the most resilient brands in the world and that is partly – presumably – why GFH invested. But the 8 years of Bates has created a lot of disillusion. Please don’t take the brand resilience for granted. People are leaving. You only have a short window to get them back. Knee- jerk change is usually not smart, but right now it is needed. Warnock said he would stay as long as he was wanted. He isn’t wanted. Look at the poll results.

    He should walk now, but if he doesn’t, please remove him. Give us lambert, Coyle, di canio – someone schooled in 21st century football not trying to reproduce an antediluvian style which worked for Burton Albion or Sheffield united or whoever.

  52. beranim

    1. Can someone please ask Neil Warnock the following –
    Does he believe the playing side of things has improved from when he took over?

    a) If he does, which aspects and on what evidence would he back up that view
    b) if he doesn’t, why does he believe he should have support from the fans and
    senior management

    2. Can someone please ask Sean Harvey the following – Do you believe your ability
    to complete contract negotiations is sufficient to support the strategy of the
    a) if he does, what evidence is there e.g. how many players has he been
    instructed to complete negotiations, how many have signed, how many have failed
    to and what are the reasons they failed
    b) if he doesn’t’ why does he believe he should have support from the fans and
    senior management

    3. Can someone please ask GFH – what their strategy/business plan is to take
    this club to their already stated target of the EPL.
    a) In order to purchase the club, I would assume they must
    have made some form of business case to get sign of from the GFH Board before
    being allowed to spend £52(?) million. Where is it? Can this be made public?

  53. barry leeds

    It’s a huge pity that yet again turmoil exists in the Leeds camp and as much as I was chuffed
    when Warnock was appointed for whatever reason it just is not gelling. Given
    his uncertainty next season I agree with others in that what is the point of giving
    him funds to spend on “his has-beens” for whom it is almost certain will
    not feature in a new managers long term plans for the club; and let’s be honest there is enough dross kicking around Elland Road at the moment that we cannot shift…sorry Neil mag to grid get rid!

  54. Nigel

    We need investment in players good ones the players he is looking at are not good enough for Leeds time to go and get someone in who knows a good player from a bad one

  55. Paul Taylor

    He took the post with the wrong intentions: for personal gain to achieve an 8th promotion or however many it is. With that selfish motivation it was never going to be a recipe for success. But still I wouldn’t underestimate his ability to turn it around.

  56. Fedupleedsfan

    We need a winning team and it’s not being put together. Warnock has had his chance so GFH need to get a quality manager in to lift things. A top quality coach with high ambitions. If we get that right we have evry chance of building a team but without it same old story! Fed up with this set up. Just not good enough, below average at best!

  57. Shaun

    Get a new manager in the now let him bring his new ideas and hopefully new players and there’s a chance we might still make the play offs!!!!

  58. number1inyorkshire

    when Neil Warnock got the job at Leeds united i thought he was the best man for the job ,a proven manager with a good track record in this division ,
    Today we are a team in mid table and looking downwards rather than upwards,and it has been clear for a few games now there is no plan B .
    Its alright saying about how bad the midfield are but lately they have been bypassed by long ball after long ball ..
    Becchio s head has been turned ,well when his assistant is talking about keeping hold of him will be difficult what does he expect ,his head will be turned..
    Warnock has to now decide as do GFH if he is to stay past the end of the season thats the first job ,if he is then GFH have to decide how much money he will have to spend thats the second job ,third on the list is to stop playing that horrible long ball football ..
    Playing peltier at left back is a basic managerial decision ,he is a centre half ,we have better players in that position than him it is costing us points ..

    Warnock sadly needs to leave if he is not gonna sign a new deal he is a lame duck manager it is now the time for that to happen if the club wants to get a manger in beyond this season and into next season and new players too he simply has to leave right now he is no better than grayson was and we are not playing better football …

    • Irving08

      I don’t think a new contract for Warnock is now an option. We have to believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears.
      GFH must part company with him by the end of January, by mutual consent if possible, or by dismissal, if necessary. What we don’t want is his resigning, citing lack of funds.

      • mrbigwheels

        Irving, you are hitting the nail firmly on its head here in your thoughts. I personally believe a contract extension never was or is to be part of Warnocks plans. The whole takeover timing has bowelloxed any chance of success for him at Leeds. He can be pedantic and moody to a degree that is now inflicting a negative to the whole team, the club and its supporters. I have mentioned before my view of playing devil’s advocate and when things are not flowing for him…. well, Barnsley type performances evolve. To be fair to him the takeover is not a bed of roses and the Bates influence is still prevalent. This beggars belief doesn’t it. Warnock knows more than any of us and as we’ve seen before his mood follows the positioning of his uppers and reflects exactly the reality for him to reach his original objective….. ‘the eighth promotion’… This is basically out of reach now and I seem to see a man doing a….. going through the motions routine until the end of the season. For that reason alone I would ask him to reach a deal with GFHC, admit he can’t achieve promotion and leave with respect of what he has been successful at within his footballing career and retire to brighter, more positive and less turbulent pastures.

        I fear we will see him resigning…. citing lack of funds and perhaps a tale or two to make us wide eyed.

      • Irving08

        Good to see we are in agreement MBW – also that you have picked up on his moodiness. Why would he want a contract extension, for godness sake ? Here he is, stuck on his own in a Leeds suburb, when he coud be enjoying life with his young family down in Cornwall. My guess is that he works late at the office to avoid going home.; it is no fun being alone with one’s moods. Though still impulsive, Warnock is a mature and respectable man – with a national reputation even – who has climbed far enough up the ‘greasy pole’ not to need to make a scene. Whether GFH can ‘read’ him must be open to doubt. Some informal work here for Bates, methinks.

  59. bradford white

    Dreadful yesterday.Been watching Leeds since 1965 and right now I’m feeling lower than a snakes belly.The stench of Bates still permeates through our once proud club and we have a manager stuck in the dark ages who basically hasn’t got a clue.Time to start again GFH with a complete overhaul of everything at ER starting with a new manager.I’ll be off to Brum on tuesday but to be honest it’ll be just a pleasant afternoon out with a few light ales followed by the inevitable shite performance and another defeat.I just wish I could walk away and not have this regular diet of misery but thats what being a Leeds fan is all about isn’t it? At least I saw the glory years but what hope is there for younger Leeds fans?Ah well,not long to the cricket season…..

  60. Drogheda White

    First time posting, but been reading articles on your site two years or so now. my best mate is a QPR fan, and when Warnock joined us last season, my mate had nothing but good things to say of Warnock.However the past two or three months have really changed my view of Neil.Using the same excuses time and time again, doing anything he can not to place blame on himself.At least Grayson held up his hands eventually, and i was saddened to see him leave, was always a fan of his.The Barnsley game is the first time this season i was openly angry about a loss and actually said Warnock has to go, wanted to give him the chance to prove me wrong, however thats just not going to happen is it? GFH should do the smart thing, sit him down and wish him well in his retirement.As for his replacement, id like to see maybe Lambert, Poyet or some one in that mould (maybe di canio??)

  61. Choffy8allthepies

    I was willing to give NW the benefit of the doubt but not after Saturday. Time to go Neil

  62. Rolf

    I don’t have any trust for neither Warnock nor GFH.
    Warnock, didn’t do anything to stop selling our best players and GFH didn’t do anything to win back the fans trust.


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