GFHWhen Warnock left the Oakwell touchline on Saturday teatime to a chorus of boos from the near 5,000 strong Leeds United faithful, few expected a reaction so dismissive of their anger as that which followed.

His claims that the majority of fans still supported the work he was doing immediately drew comparisons to Ken Bates’ claims that only a “vociferous minority” wanted him out of the club, despite deafening evidence to the contrary.

There are none as deaf as those who won’t hear, so says the old proverb, one which we’ve applied to Ken Bates numerous times over the last few years and one which now seems equally appropriate for Neil Warnock.

Most managers would surely be concerned by a club’s most loyal and dedicated supporters demanding they tender their resignation immediately, but if that didn’t get the alarm bells ringing for Neil Warnock, surely the aftermath of Saturday’s result should have been enough to tip him over the edge?

The Leeds United sites and messageboards were almost unanimous in their verdict that Neil Warnock’s time was up. In one of the best Warnock obituaries/match reviews, Fear & Loathing said “…under Warnock, the qualities for which [our] players are noted have been stifled, strangled even, by a Neanderthal playing style that ensures that current position of 11th is greatly flattering.”

Meanwhile, a poll conducted here on The Scratching Shed showed 87% of fans felt it was time for Warnock to leave (results mirrored by a similar poll on WACCOE), while a fans heartfelt letter which begged GFH to take action became one of the most shared articles in this sites 5 year history with over 1300 likes and 600 RT’s at the time of writing.

It would be easy to dismiss all this as a knee-jerk reaction to a truly disgraceful display of football, but the performance on Saturday was merely the tipping point. Time and time again this season we’ve seen Leeds United outplayed and outclassed by opposition who, on paper at least, are inferior to Neil Warnock’s side in every conceivable way.

The direct hoofball tactics employed by the Leeds United manager are from a bygone era of English football, one which was commentated on by Kenneth Wolstenholme and shown mostly in black and white.

Warnock insists that the couple of signings he has lined up will make all the difference, but is it sensible for GFH to be providing funds to a man with just 5 months remaining on his contract? A manager who has already signed 16 players (spending more money in 12 months than his more successful predecessor did in all his time with the club), declared himself happy with the squad in pre-season and who said before the transfer window opened that he didn’t think the squad needed anything more than an additional striker?

Every man and his dog can see Lee Peltier has never been a left-back, that we’re desperately in need of wingers and that the majority of the team – the likes of Green, Diouf, Norris, Byram and McCormack – can’t do much with a ball floating 50 ft above their heads. I may not have a dozen or so coaching badges that license me to make these observations, but they’re so damn obvious, I really think someone should be.

It’s Warnock’s failure to recognise these most glaring of problems, coupled with his refusal to accept blame of any sort that has led to fan criticism. When a manager neglects to accept responsibility following the kind of horror show we saw Saturday, instead attempting to deflect blame onto the referee, Luciano Becchio and Aidy White (who wasn’t even on the pitch!) you have to start questioning their ability to lead.

I have no confidence in Warnock whatsoever at this moment in time. He’s a great manager whose success speaks for itself, but it doesn’t feel like his heart is really in it any more. The 5 month contract situation suggests he still has one eye on retirement, which was fine when I genuinely believed he could take us up this season, but I don’t believe he can any more. No amount of quick fixes will change the fact that in 12 months, Warnock has failed to develop a style of play which gets the best out of our players.

Most fans are already counting the minutes before his departure, it’s no longer a case of if he leaves, it’s when. However, I’m not sure that’s the foregone conclusion most fans were hoping for. Since Salem Patel’s “VERY VERY disappointed” tweet on Saturday, the new Leeds United owners have been conspicuous only by their total silence.

I appreciate the sensitive nature of the situation, I’ve had to determine people’s future myself and it’s unprofessional to discuss such matters publicly until a decision has been made and all parties informed. The difference is, I don’t work in a public arena, I haven’t promised communication to a highly cynical fanbase and the decision I make won’t effect Leeds United’s attendances for the rest of this season. GFH bought a football club – this is life as football club owners.

For all I know GFH may have total faith in Neil Warnock and still believe he’s the right man for the job. I disagree, but that’s football. The problem we have at the moment is they’ve failed to react to fans concerns either way, and that’s not what was promised when they signed on as Leeds United owners.

I don’t expect the new owners to bow to our every demand, but I do expect the communication they promised us.

Leeds United needs strong and decisive leadership. We can’t be left in the same situation as last January when a season was effectively ruined by speculation and indecision. Whether that means GFH come out and publicly declare support for the under-fire Warnock, or they decide to go in a different direction, this is a decision that needs to be made quickly and one which the fans should be informed of immediately.

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  1. col

    It appears as though GFH has already taken decision to retain Warnock until the summer, at least.
    Facts are, if GFH are not going to back any Leeds manager with REAL funds then what’s the point?!
    Having a squad of loans & frees is doomed to fail, whoever is manager.

  2. birmingham white

    if we lose to birmingham in the fa cup replay then real pressure will on warnock,i feel the sack is on the cards wed morning i really hpoe so

  3. Scortum

    Think a loss to Birmingham AND a loss to Bristol, now under O’ Driscoll, would be the tipping point for GFH.

    • Matt

      It should be- certainly would be for the remaining fans who still believe in Warnock.

      Given our away/midweek record a result against Brum would be a genuine miracle, and Bristol City will be up for impressing their new manager next weekend. Unless we win and win well against Brizzle I can’t see GFH having any alternative. It’s not as if this has come out of the blue- the performances have been poor all season even when we’ve won. Were it not for that little run we had after the takeover we would be staring down the barrel right now.

    • TSS

      Bristol alone would do it I reckon. No one should be prioritising cup results, they count for nothing.

      • Irving08

        Don’t agree. Players enjoy playing big teams and owners too. GFH will be
        praying for a win against Brum. Momentum, mood and decision deferred. I am too.

      • Irving08

        The grandchildren too: it gives them a taste of what we were and could still become when we play the teams like Spurs at home.

  4. djedjedje

    The depressing thing was reading this morning that Warnock was blaming our midfield for going missing against Barnsley as to why we lost. Cretinous beyond belief (or just blind?).

    It’s only 24 days since GFH took over at Leeds – and one of their key takeover points was that Warnock was still manager. 24 days later and the impetus of the fans is for GFH to replace Warnock immediately. I seriously doubt that GFH were considering contingencies that involved replacing Warnock in the first 24 days of their ownership. And so, just like Warnock’s failure to provide one, I doubt GFH have a plan B either. Which points more towards inertia and more of Warnock than change.

    I doubt the half season season tickets are going to sell very well with the Warnock regime still in charge – but I imagine it is easier for money men like GFH to factor in that disappointment and offset it by not giving a few £100,000s to Warnock in the transfer window, than to throw caution to the wind and sack Warnock (with c£.500,000 compensation going to him) and financially backing a new manager in the transfer window in the hope to upsell the half-year season tickets for a transitionary period that probably will not see us make the playoffs anyway.

    • col

      Only a complete looney would buy an over priced half season ticket. The football and attendances have been dreadful and will only get worse as the season drifts into obscurity.

    • Irving08

      Of course, you are right. Unless Warnock queers their pitch and throws in the towel. Crunch time will be when or if it comes to a signing. Or if we get hammered by Brum, leaving them with the barren prospect of the season being played out before crowds of
      12,000 or so season ticket holders. I would not exclude something coming from the dressing room: Pearce and Norris, in particular, strike me as players with balls, McCormack and White too.

  5. markman

    I dont believe that warnock has become a bad manager overnight.

    his record at this level is good.If he goes tomorrow who is available?.

    the new owners have said they were in it for the long haul.I think they are treating the remainder of this season as treading water and getting their feet under the table.

    automatic promotion is not realistic which leaves the lottery of the play offs ,even if we get there.

    transfers. i can see only loanees coming in between now and the end of the season.

    no club is going to sell players unless they really want them out of their club.

    lets face it leicester have just got wood by paying him £30k a week,this is about 3 times

    the amount the highest leeds payer is on.

    get warnock signed up for another season,so any incoming players know who their boss will be next season.i read somewhere that GFH had a £10 million transfer kitty.surely

    it makes sense to use it in the summer when there is a far larger pool of players available.

    give large discounts on entrance fees for the remaining home games and give a 10%

    discount for this years season ticket holders for next season.

    • TSS

      “I dont believe that warnock has become a bad manager overnight.”

      Nor do I, I just think he’s created an impossible situation for himself. He seems to have isolated players, the long ball doesn’t work and with only 5 months left on his contract, how much stability does that provide the players?

      • djedjedje

        Isolating (key) players, playing a type of football ill-suited to the type of players we have – and one that is ineffective in terms of results, and a lack of commitment to the club he is at. Throw in no ability to adapt a plan B when it goes wrong and an increasing vanity and insult to the observations of majority of fans and I find it hard to think what else could define a ‘bad manager’. Only as good as your last match’ and ‘reputations count for nothing’ and all that.

      • TSS

        The only way I could justify Warnock staying on is if I thought he could get us promoted this season. I don’t, therefore it’s a pointless waste of 5 months.

      • markman

        he has already said he wants to add players in about 4 positions.
        highly unlikely he can get his first choices in jan

      • markman

        i assume you also had that view when we beat palace and huddersfield and leicester.our home results that were awful seem to have improved.
        if warnock was sacked tomorrow,who would you replace him with.?

      • djedjedje

        So inconsistency is the hallmark of a ‘good’ manager?

        Personally I’d let Redfearn & Naylor take over first team responsibilites until we appoint, first a CEO who knows something about football, and then let them assess our next manager on a long term plan by the start of the summer. If Lambert is out a job by then, then that’d be my nominee – but we primarily need a CEO to get the right man with the right record and give them time to build a team worthy of surviving in the Premiership. We are miles away from that and it’s delusional to think we are currently worthy playoff finalists.

      • Al Williams

        The guy is absolutely f clueless, no style of play , players out of position , he keeps saying he is going to bring in two more players , we have seen the calibre of the people he has already brought in ,total crap, we will finish mid table at best and the next thing you know as in past seasons our best players will leave ,Byram , Becchio, they are not going to stick around and play this type of ‘ football ‘ under warnock ,which player would want to come to leeds to play warnocks style of football ?

    • Kevin p

      Yes but pay the 30k a week and go up with his goals that’s where Leicester are going we are not and never will unless we spend some money We sell the best and bring in crap period .

  6. mrbigwheels

    If I could understand why the team are playing this way, (yes there is actually some talent in the squad), why Warnock is behaving like this and the completely unacceptable and unprofessional way the new owners are communicating….. then I for one could stop scratching my head and feel something at Leeds was actually moving forward and giving a much more positive vibe to the longer term.

    It’s not the present league position worrying me or the fact we are not going to get promoted this year… it’s the total lack of structure , the waffle, the happy clappy, the gung ho approach that seems to be prevalent from top men down to the managers…. Now the fans are screaming for heads and what is needed is a massive burst of communication in an easy to understand format that doesn’t involve YEP, bush telegraph or a dawn chorus of sh1 tweets.

    The only way forward is a large input of professional management and pr…. not particularly large wads of cash thrown at the proverbial. Until this happens it won’t matter whether Warnock stays on until May or goes now.

  7. Stephen Roe

    I can stomach this football, this struggle, this dourness if we get to the playoffs, which I haven’t written off yet. I never wanted NW as a manager I liked Grayson (and by God his football was better) but NW has tightened up our defence and the players seem to show a greater team spirit under him so and with a couple of signings (Thomas or somebody like) we might do better.

    But to now start shouting Warnock out when it’s clearly all in the hands of Bates or GFN (good fer nothing) is tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot. For f.. sake GFH said at the beginning of the Transfer Window they wouldn’t be splashing the cash and we should have been on to them then not NW now. It’s been clear to me since day one of the season that we’d be a solid, difficult to beat, probably long ball team but if he gets us near to play offs I can live with it. I can’t live with the new owners not investing in the squad!!!

    Lets see what happens in this window, I’m not hopefull, but to start getting onto to Warnock is just short term thinking, and misses the target by a long way

    • TSS

      He hasn’t tightened the defence up though, we’ve conceded 44 in 27 games (1.63 per game). In 2010-11 we conceded 70 in 46 (1.52 per game) and that’s before you consider the fact we’re now scoring A LOT less.

      Grayson’s defensive record was not only better but it was less a reflection of his inability to manage one (we were promoted with best defensive record in league) but more a reflection of the all-out-attack style he played which left us vulnerable to counter-attacks. It was a high-risk, high-reward strategy. I liked it personally.

      • TSS

        Overall Championship stats for Warnock and SG at Leeds. 1.55 goals per game conceded and 1.51 respectively. He hasn’t improved the defence.

      • Irving08

        To be fair, take out some horrible losses and the defensive side of things, this season at any rate, it doesn’t look too bad. Nor should it be: there is not much wrong with the players. (Some even suspect that Peltier could be the best centre half on our books.)

        It is how Warnock deals with those losses, as well as other setbacks on the field that causa most concern. He reacts as if the players belonged to someone else’s team, not his. Players will not perform for a Manager who is apt to disown them.

        We and they may then be excused for surmising that, when all is said and done, that Warnock ‘does not have the stomach for it’ any longer, to quote DJE.

        Fine, we all have to retire sometime and NW should do so now. Only Neil please don’t create a scene. You have had a successful career and enjoy a good life. And you will always be in demand – on radio Plymouth. Not the same though, is it ? OK, you can be Vice President.

        in tht towel.

        Earlier in the season I stated that I could live with a no-frills aproach if it was effective. Only narcissists put style over substance. It turns out that, when it isn’t working, no-frills

      • TSS

        “Earlier in the season I stated that I could live with a no-frills aproach if it was effective. Only narcissists put style over substance.”

        I thought exactly the same thing, but I’ve come to realise that I spend £1000’s a year on tickets and travel to be entertained. That’s the only selling point of football, isn’t it?

      • Irving08

        I envy your energy, share your devotion and half agree with you.

      • Stephen Roe

        God I never realised it was worse!! But my point is we’re just playing into Bates hands by crying for Warnock to go it’s cheaper to replace him than to sign a couple of decent players as our rivals (Hull City for example) have done and then blame it all on the fans (the fans wanted a new man). I don’t beleive a new man will be able to get anymore out of the squad , it’s paper thin anyway and has been since the summer. For me consistency is the key with the manager (I think he’s the best person to get us outa this division) but don’t switch the focus away from GFN (going f.. nowhere) to back him, it’s all about Mr Patel now he needs to stick and twist at the same time

      • TSS

        You’re not the first person to tell me he’s tightened the defence up, I hear it regularly. I think it’s the illusion caused by lower scoring games, but we’re not conceding less, we’re scoring MUCH less. Where Grayson won (or lost) 4-2, Warnock loses 2-1 or 2-0. It looks a lot less dramatic.

      • Stephen Roe

        its a very clever veneer then because the defence looks more solid now, less dilly dally. I’m thinking of the times we had Pugh and Collins? (went to Blades) or McCartney and after Paddy K lost all his pace. Why couldn’t Grayson sort out our left back spot that was a mystery to me

      • TSS

        Yeah I know what you mean, but what you have to remember about Grayson’s style of play is we spent more time on the attack than we do now so there was a lot less to defend. They can’t cause us too many problems when we have the ball and 9 players in their half – the only trouble was, we were exceptionally vulnerable to the counter. That’s why it looked so bad, we often ended up with 2 players covering a 5 man counter-attack while everyone else scrambled to get back in position.

  8. spellz

    Warnock needs to be here until the summer just to get the players he has signed into some kind of order that he has muddled in his head, if someone steps in immediately they face the daunting prospect of trying to organise a bunch of players that really only NW knows what he is doing with (mission impossible) and by the summer when the squad has finally found some kind of rhythm (fingers crossed), I feel someone should step in and NW to retire from English football once and for all as he is not up for the job anymore.

    • TSS

      So give him more money to create a team of players who play a style that no future manager is likely to want? Not sure that’s the best idea personally.

  9. LondonLeedsFan

    Like everyone else, I’m frustrated at the season. Warnock hasn’t really done much that we can see in the results (I live in London so very rarely see the team play and thus cannot really talk about performances).

    As much as his record is fairly poor at Leeds and not what we want, I do still feel that teams need to invest time in managers and let them develop things to how they need it. Leeds is a huge club and a new manager, whoever they are, can’t just get out of bed one morning and set everything right however, if he is unwilling to commit any more time to the team after this season, I think now may be the time for him to leave it and let someone come in, assess things for next season and start ringing the changes.

    Personally, and I expect criticism from this next thing, I’d be happy to see Warnock sign for another 12 months if he wanted it (I think he would only do this if guaranteed investment and backing was to come from the board). My only concern about him is that there doesn’t actually seem to be much urgency or passion from him in post-match interviews. He doesn’t seem to be the same guy that goes in to the dressing room and gives the players a kick up their backside anymore.

    There must be so much that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, and I don’t write this as much a hardcore fan as some of you on here (I can’t claim to be as I can neither afford or find the time to get to many games) so I apologies for any naivety in this response. All we can hope is that they bring in 2 or 3 quality players that can help turn things around.
    We’re nearly as bad as Huddersfield – and that’s a horrible thing to admit!

    • TSS

      The problem with “giving him time” is he plans to retire in 5 months. Even if he extends for another 12 months it’s not the kind of long-term thinking which success is built on.

      • Jacob

        That’s a good point re 12 months and maybe we need someone with a 2 or 3 year plan. I just can’t help but think he has come in under slightly false intentions from Mr Bates which is a shame as I don’t think there were too many Leeds fans disappointed when we got Warnock. What’s more frustrating is we may have ruined a chance with such an established and proven championship manager.

        On the good side of things, there’s no doubting his pedigree and we could be stuck with El Tel….!


        I’m not so sure its a case of the players psychology in why were not winning matches more the tactics and lack of talent. don’t think you can really say that’s a issue without hearing anything first. Vilanova’s cancer hasn’t seemed to cause Barcelona any problems, likewise Ba probably isn’t to bothered Rafa Benitez won’t be around next year. there’s a litany of other mistakes warnocks made since taking over, we don’t have to invent more reasons to get shot of him.

  10. Irving08

    There appears, at the present time, to be a complete lack of professionalism at every level of the club. We have a Manager, who is plainly unhappy, making invidious comparisons between his players in public, and owners who give every impression of being out of their depth, betraying their random thoughts to all and sundry. Then we have a Chairman with an unexplained role whose silence can only be desribed as deafening. And all of this in one of England’s great provincial cities. Shocking – and shameful too.

    • mrbigwheels

      Thank you Irving for your reply to me on a previous thread.

      Earlier today I stated well below that I wish I could understand why the team were playing as they are, why Warnock was behaving as he is and wished I could see a higher degree of professionalism and forthright communication/pr from the new bosses/owners inclusive of Warnock plus his staff. I am baffled what is causing the present situation because it can all be dealt with and the reasons for it sought out. I have given the whole situation some time today. Together with a few phone calls and reading most comments on this site alone of the past ten days I’m going to give an opinion that I believe is correct from the people contacted. I work in the football industry and a fifty odd years supporter of LUFC. I live close to what goes around within the business.

      What we have before all us morons is a club with four factions

      1, The Playing Team
      2, The Coaching Staff
      3, The Owners
      4, The Club Support

      I see the whole position as a very serious situation.
      It is my suggestion that despite all the rhetoric…. Communication between all the above parties is quite non existent as a group or club and individually each are expressing patterns of behavior and demands that are quite alarming and certainly not conducive to a football club that has just been acquired by new owners, moving forward, meeting the challenge of a Bates free club and a promotion chasing football team and its management. I know that tomorrow is only 25 days of that supposed ownership but one would surely expect various issues to be dealt with slightly more quickly and professionally than is actually happening.

      The Support get away quite lightly here because of the mushroom factor and the darkness that goes with that. The quality of football played, or lack of it having paid your wad is the only real accuracy that can be held high and all assumptions of the other three factions are whether accurate or not….. shouted out loudly to mainly deaf ears. So let’s concentrate on 1,2, and 3.

      I certainly can’t give the answers but I can try to bring together the suggested facts that are separating the above groups at this club. Please slate me if you wish but I believe there is always a reason for a situation to exist and so I express my reasoning as questions to you all and hope some thought may be applied and ask……..
      WHY is life at LUFC as it is TODAY, HOW would you deal and react with it if all the true facts were known if you were The Manager. The Players or The Club Owner?.

      My suggested reasoning and may I add, some of it by many of you over the past ten days is….

      The Manager has once again been told… there is very little money to spend.
      The Manager has been told perhaps sell to buy.
      The manager has actually lost the dressing room with one or two.
      Certain players are stifled by the coaching instruction at the moment.
      Certain ‘star’ players are asking for a substantial pay rise, (one…. £35+k a week).
      Premiership clubs sniffing around the ‘stars’, turning their heads.
      Certain players are not quite as fit as required due to previous injuries. lost there form.
      The Manager hasn’t got the financial support of the owners he was blessed with, 25 days ago and a personal crisis has set his tone., but he’s not walking out.
      The Managers family have moved back home and life is not great… on your own.
      The owners tweet pleasantries and wave their scarves but not their cheque book.
      The owners want to re-engage with the support but are very quiet and lacking any real meaty offering with clarity… to its paying customers as yet.
      The owners are not who we think they are as an entity but in fact are purely there by proxy to hold a consortium of investors, existing and potential, together and manage the investment for those lucky people.
      Kenneth William Bates is a very large investor within that consortium and indeed continues to be Chairman of LUFC, future Lifetime President of this club, holds considerable influence over this club and will continue to hold that influence until whatever time he decides otherwise.

      If I said the facts above are 100% accurate you wouldn’t believe me would you.
      Unfortunately they are, imo, and why the perceived turmoil, despondency and agitation within the non communicating groups mentioned are to the fore within this club, that in reality, unfortunately is grounded by defaults of silence, lack of transparency and truthfulness.

      Warnock as I’ve suggested before will be aware of what is really going on and god knows how he sleeps at night. He’s the total scapegoat at the moment and yes is responsible for his employed mandate but I actually do have sympathy for him, he held the club together through the summer, certainly didn’t envisage the pantomime that has taken place when he came here nearly twelve months ago. As quite a few have said,’you don;t become a poor manager over three months’ but not one of us deserves to be fooled constantly and have our passion for the game destroyed.

      • Irving08

        Thank you MBW. I will sleep – or not – on all that. It’s an excellent summation of
        thoughts expressed on this site, together with some disturbing new information.
        And, yes, I too had kindly thoughts about NW this evening.

  11. NottsWhite

    GFH’s goal is to achieve promotion to the premier league so that they can sell the club for a significant profit. However they are not prepared to spend silly money to achieve this goal, therefore they need a manager in charge with promotion experience, significant contacts with agents and who can work on a limited transfer budget. In their mind they already have that man therefore NW is going no where. It is irrelevant to them that the standard of football is piss poor, they have already jizzed their money on paying over the odds for the club they are not going to blow any more money in January. Prepare for freebies and low cost purchases in the summer, probably funded by the sale of Becchio and Byram.

  12. Brighouse White

    I think despite all the various good points & arguments raised on here, Warnock’s credentials/previous record/not all his fault etc, the main point is he’s employed as a FOOTBALL manager & we don’t play any!! It’s plainly obvious that we’re the worst ‘footballing side’ (& I use that term loosely) in this division, that we don’t have any kind of game plan other than to hit & hope, and that, in my opinion, other than 50 minutes v the small dogs, we’ve been outplayed & dominated throughout the season – this is where any credible manager acknowledges this & adapts his team or tactics accordingly – as opposed to making 7 changes but the tactics remain the same (again, I use the word ‘tactics’ loosely). Some of his comments beggar belief, no one can remember that damn challenge he’s bleating on about, and even if a valid comment, we weren’t exactly dominating before that, or any time afterwards! I keep hearing he’s after 1-2 who, if he can attract, will make a difference – well, with the tactics employed he can bring in Iniesta & Xavi and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference, aside from the fact they’d need a neck massage after every game! Gutted, worst feeling I’ve ever known at the club, even when we went down & into admin there was a sod em, we’re Leeds, all in it together attitude – feels like we’re just apathetic to it all now – or should I say most involved in running the club are

  13. slacks lufc

    this is exactly wat happened last year we got rid of grayson when the transfer window was shut! whats the chances we get a few more loan signings in and sack warnock just when the window shuts,so the mew manager only has the squad left behind by warnock

  14. franny decked by

    Leadership Leadership Leadership!! If you dont have this then you are rudderless.
    I dont want to prematurely judge Haigh and Patel, I want them to prove me wrong. However, to date I am not seeing a Leader within them. They held a press conference and it was a bit like the two ronnies with some imposter sat in the middle. Who was the leader there?
    We know the “official” leader wasnt there. If as Chairman he is the “leader” then maybe he should have been there.
    Is there some underlying reason he is still Chairman? If I had bought a club from a bloke who had alienated half the population of West Yorkshire and beyond, would I decide he will remain as a leader? Of course not.
    They used terms like “re-engage” with the fans. This confirms the above, that Bates had dis-engaged them and yet still they said he will remain as the leader.
    If you were on the ball surely you would have employed a Chief to run the club and kept Bates merely as a paid Consultant.
    If GFH cannot decide who publicly and behind the scenes runs the show then how can any reasoned decisions be made, not to mention the PR.
    If these chaps think PR is a few cheeky tweets then my word we are heading towards a Venkys scenario.
    Before anyone decides anything on Warnock, they need to realise that clear Leadership is needed at the top. One of them step forward or pay someone to do it. Just makes sure you stear clear of Ridsdale.
    When we have a leader the fans can trust, you are on the starting grid. Until then, its got Venkys written all over this.
    As we say in Yorkshire, get a grip and gerronwi’it

  15. Lufc1979ish

    Only we could attract owners who make comments like “they bought leeds united because Neil warnock was manager” I mean how bad can out luck get? They have got to put what they imagined being a marriage in heaven to one side and really look long and hard at the football we have played this season and certainly over the last 6 or 7 games where our performances have been so worryingly bad I’m looking at the 50 point mark for safety and thinking it looks a long way off. If becchio goes and warnock stops then that’s me done with the club, time to act now GFH.

    • TSS

      In fairness, I think we all looked at Warnock’s record and expected something better than this, no one can blame us for that. Surely we have to afford them the same courtesy?

      • Lufc1979ish

        I agree and I know they haven’t been here long but surely they have seen the games and how we were playing before they took charge. We haven’t played well for quite a while now, in fact we’ve probably put in about three good performances all season and two of those were in the cup. The players confidence must be so low when the manager doesn’t have faith in them to get the ball down and try and play football. They should have been assessing the situation with warnock before they took the reigns, but as per usual with Leeds United rarely is the correct action taken at the right time.

  16. Graham

    My opinion on some of Warnock’s comments and ‘concerns’ following the Barnsley game:

    NW: “If we’d competed in the middle then it might have been different.”

    Why didn’t we ‘compete’?

    NW: “We couldn’t get started until the second half.”

    Why couldn’t we get started until the second half?

    ‘….he (NW) has more pressing concerns with top scorer Luciano
    Becchio’s performance at Oakwell leading to questions about whether the
    Argentinian’s head has been turned.’

    Well his head will be turned when Warnock’s gormless assistant is effectively touting our 2 or 3 remaining decent players around the marketplace.

    NW: “I think I’m doing a great job here if I’m honest.”

    Well I’m very happy for you Colin. On Saturday, even if we beat bottom
    club Bristol City (no foregone conclusion going by the Barnsley
    performance) we will have 41 points from 28 games – one point less than
    when Grayson was sacked.

    I was that depressed towards the the end of last season that I didn’t register the fact that we got a stupendous 13 points from Warnock’s 14 games in charge…… We’re awful and we’re getting worse.

    Time to go I think.

  17. simi 4231

    Warnock has lost the players respect ,he has criticised HIS team in the media ,plays players out of position,and picks teams without balance ,drive or creativity.I honestly believe Mr warnock wants an early end to his time at Leeds United and believe until he goes we will continue to see more of the same.We need great, long term signings joining our club,and that requires the right management in place as well as the funds to make the football attractive to the supporters and to aspire to any fundamentall success.

    • Mark Refardt

      spot on simi. he knows the board will not renew him so is seeking an early exit by pissing off as many as he can. he has convinced some players that they will not be staying so they too are hoofing in hope

  18. Matthew

    This squad doesn’t do hoofball. It never works. It never brings results.

    Need a new manager to encourage the squad to play the ball along the ground, a little hoof is okay, but we always do better playing the ball on the ground and keeping possession instead of smashing the ball to the other teams center backs.

  19. bd

    I don’t think Warnock has got the players he really wanted to and this season has been a bit of a mess. With GFH behind Warnock and if he stays another year and sorts the squad out properly during the summer which is better for transfers then January we have a chance(gamble but a calculated one). I put my money on Warnock staying he will not want to end his career on a low.

  20. Bestmate

    Listen, NW has made his bucks and will have a very well heeled retirement to look forward to, and good luck to him. What amazes me is why so many still pay good cash to watch the rubbish being served up. Oh I know, Leeds till I die and all that guff, but don’t you realise that you are being taken for mugs and that all they (club and players ) want you for is your money money money.

  21. Matthew

    Oh and on the subject of Becchios ‘head being turned’ dude probably just has a stiff/sore neck from having to deal with skyward balls hoofed at him. Can’t blame the guy when he constantly has to have his neck craned upwards to get even a sniff of service, most of which misses him entirely.

    • mrbigwheels

      Good old Barry Fry….. says it as it is. They want £750k still… I believe.
      OG you are exactly right and this is why Neil Warnock must stay on this season. He will tell the truth and be the total confirmation that nothing has changed as at todays date. Who else is going to stand up to this ownership shambles and possible charade. Still…. we’ve got another sixteen days to stress and lose a bit of weight on the ‘dare to dream’ jigsaw that is LUFC. Takes some believing doesn’t it.


  22. yorkiejules

    Its intersting to see that the authors have decided not to comment at all after the result last night. Sure, we are by no means out of the woods yet but i would have expected at least one article after the volley of constructive abuse aimed at the players, owners and especially the manager after the barnsley game

    • Matthew

      Sorry but what? Have you not seen the dire level of football, sorry hoofball being played for a long time for our league games? Better yet do you understand where everyone is coming from?

      This Cup game is absolutely meaningless if the quality of football being displayed in the league doesn’t change. What, do you want people to rant on about Warnocks shit tier level of ‘anti football’ after this game? People are happy to see the team win, I am too, doesn’t hide the problems that are brutally obvious for anyone to see, nothing has changed as far as I’m concerned.

      We have Bristol City, Cardiff, Wolves and Middlesbrough in our next 4 league games. Plenty of time for Warnock to be shown up again. I’m expecting a heavy defeat in one of these games, likely the Cardiff one.

  23. Revie stander

    Warnock’s going at the end of month. That’s why he keeps playing his mate Brownie, who stands to get a contract extension if he plays a certain amount of minutes over the season.


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