After missing out on Chris Wood to Leicester City, the Yorkshire Post claim Neil Warnock has turned his attention to Nottingham Forest striker, Dexter Blackstock.

The 26-year old Oxford born striker has just six months remaining on his contract with Forest.

A crowd favourite at the City Ground, Blackstock has made public his desire to stay with the club but has yet to be offered a new deal.

Blackstock joined Forest in 2009 and has scored 34 goals in 108 league appearances for the club. Leeds fans will need no introduction to Blackstock’s goalscoring exploits, 5 of his goals have come in his last 4 consecutive appearances against The Whites.

Elsewhere, Neil Warnock is expecting to complete a deal with Michael Tonge before the weekend while negotiations to secure a permanent deal for Jerome Thomas are believed to be ongoing.

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    • Col

      YEP, like most newspapers often spout crap just to get a headline. If Blackstock is nearing the end of his contract then I’m sure 1 or 2 Premier League clubs will come in for him.
      Leeds will be signing players like Shaun Derry (35 years old) or a woeful Clint Hill (34 years old).
      Extending Tate’s loan until the end of the season doesn’t exactly fill me full of joy. He has no pace and is an accident waiting to happen.
      Can you imaging a back four containing Peltier, Tate and Hill?
      I shudder at the thought!!
      C’mon GFH. Prove you are not under Bates’ control by showing a bit of ambition. Lets see some real quality signings. I expect most fans are going to be disappointed by the end of the transfer window. It’d be fantastic if GFH prove me wrong.

      • Matthew

        Why would 1 or 2 Premier League clubs come in for him? He’s a decent enough player that has been flying under the radar of most I would imagine, if Forest won’t give him a new contract and haven’t even bothered to hold talks with him, he obviously doesn’t figure into their plans. His head hasn’t been turned by Premier League money as evident by his desire to stay and showing loyalty to his club.

        Wouldn’t cost much to get him imo

      • Col

        Blackstock is a decent championship striker. Premier League clubs will take a chance on him because his contract has almost ended, same as Everton took a chance on Beckford who was playing in League One at the time. Regarding Leeds, I think it’ll be same aging old transfer targets. Call me cynical if you want, but we’ll see if I’m wrong.

      • Matthew

        I really don’t blame you for having that opinion. After years of Bates we’ve all come to expect little, and expect the worse. Becchio and Blackstock would make a lovely Striker pairing. If we also pick up Boyd and Thomas(Or even 1 of these) plus a decent Center mid player, and perhaps a defender, we’d have the makings of a good side.

      • Irving08

        Mathew, I am inclined to support you on Boyd. I think a creative midfield player is our greatest need and Boyd offers much more than Tongue, including left-footedness and the ability to go wide. Neither Thomas nor Tate have impressed me sufficiently to want to spend our limited resources on them – of the two I would go for Thomas though. I don’t think defence is a priority – Pearce, Lees, Peltier, Byram, White and Drury between them offer a good range of strengths: they only lack for height – which Tate does not provide – and this is a weakness. As for more strikers, Managers can never have enough of them, and Blackstock – when he is in the mood – is a decent one. But with someone like Boyd in the side, I suspect the existing set would see us through the rest of the season – which is all we should plan for. But what we are or should be planning for – not signings – for me remains the number one question. Is this all about shifting those half-term season tickets ?

      • Matthew

        Well said Irving.

        In regards to Thomas, he isn’t fully fit and is only half the player he could be at the moment and what he has shown thus far has proven he deserves a starting place in the side, and would be quite deadly when 100 percent(This could affect the price of him and we could bag a bargain), he offers creativity and an attacking presence on the pitch, we look a threat with him on a good day. Boyd and Thomas would be a good combination, almost like Gradel and Snoddy were.

        Tonge should be coming back, and I think we’re in for loans and perhaps a few signings.

        If GFH want more bums on the seats, they need to be securing some decent signings, when the fans have hope and the morale is high, the attendances at ER increase. No kidding that Bates has kept people away, in combination with the dire performances lately, some good exciting football will benefit the club to no end.

  1. Matthew

    Seems like a decent enough player, sounds like he’s just showing loyalty to his club by saying he’s open to talks if they want him, and if they don’t, he’s ready to move on.

  2. NottsWhite

    Pre the window opening NW expressed that he wished to do his business early however on YR yesterday he offered excuses that Shaun Harvey is working hard on targets, signings may go up to the wire (31st Jan) and the reason why loan extensions had not been sorted is that the Football league have no admin cover on 1st Jan. I don’t wish to be impatient however we have suffered enough BS, now is the time for action. The next 7 days are crucuial to sort the majority of our business. If Leicester can sign Chris Wood and having him playing on New Year’s day then we should have at least sorted out Tonge’s return

  3. Kenny

    Why not Billy Sharp from Southampton or frazer Campbell only six months left or jason Roberts still scores and that winger philips from Blackpool get rid of Tate and play young Dawson against Birminghamseems a great prospect over to you GFH

  4. KingKongDaz

    Never mind old players who will be ready to quit football altogether soon, what we need are top quality players around 24,25 years old who are even good enough and love Leeds and not to be money motivated like Beckford and others… It’s not always about the money.. Unless Leeds spend some real hard cash on some decent young quality players, (not free transfers were doomed! Look at the young quality players we have sold to fund bates wage!

    • Dan

      Hang on, so we need players who are top quality, 24-25, good at football, love Leeds and don’t care about money?

      More chance of signing a unicorn, mate.

    • Exiled White

      Exactly. What is the point of players that are almost retirement material? We need young blood that want to play for the pride of wearing the club badge. Is that too much to ask?

  5. NottsWhite

    I am confused about the signing of Tate until the end of January because if we need him now then we should need him for the rest of the season therefore why not extend until the end of the season ?. It appears that NW is lining up Clint Hill and is waiting for QPR to find cover in the window – big mistake. Matthew Bates (currently at Bristol City on a short term contract) would be a better option, although 5ft 10in he is an uncompromising defender with a turn of pace and a good age at 26. Contract expires mid January


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