man-utd-v-leeds-jermaine-beckford-goal_2403155Leeds United are a side who have won every major domestic honour, including 3 league titles. Alongside this, we’ve also made our mark in Europe, reaching the European Cup Final in 1975 and twice winning the UEFA Cup.

Such a history is something a once rugby-dominated city should quite rightly be proud of, and if any Leeds United fan wishes to start a worldwide day of celebration for these exploits, you can count me in. In fact, I’ll even help organise it.

What I won’t celebrate however is a 3rd round FA Cup tie from 3 years ago when we beat our hated rivals and (then) Premier League champions, Manchester United. I’ll leave the celebrating of one-off cup game victories to the lesser teams like Hull City and Barnsley who have good reason to celebrate these things like they’ve won the cup itself, they’re small-time teams who’ll never taste real success. It’s as good as it gets for them.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy beating Manchester United on their own turf as a League One team owned by the closest living relative of Ebenezer Scrooge, on the contrary, I was there and that day was pretty special. But it pales in comparison to the exploits of Howard Wilkinson’s team in the early 1990’s and of Don Revie’s side in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Celebrating a pointless FA Cup victory like it’s on a par – perhaps even better – than the things this club has achieved previously is an affront to our history.

Unfortunately (for me at least), I seem to be in the minority on this one. As anyone who has ventured onto Twitter this morning will testify, the majority of the Leeds United community seems to have turned rather tinpot. Rarely does 10 seconds pass when another embarrassing reference to January the 3rd isn’t added to the #LUFC timeline.

There’s not a single fan reading this who hasn’t mocked (allegedly) lesser teams for rattling on about a victory over Leeds United. Every time one of these sides beats us we joke that they’ll be releasing a commemorative DVD to mark the occasion, we love nothing more than laughing at how tinpot they are.

The irony is, we seem to have sank to their level. We seem to have forgot the reason these tinpot sides want to beat us in the first place. It’s not because we beat Manchester United 3 years ago and hold an anniversary every season to celebrate, no, they find that just as embarrassing as I do.

The reason these sides want to beat us is because Leeds United are a big club with real history. It’s the league and European success that makes us a big catch, not a one-off game in a competition we no longer stand any chance of winning. For the sake of the Barnsley’s and Hull City’s of this world, let’s try and put this January the 3rd thing to bed once and for all before they realise we’re just as tinpot as they are.

January the 3rd. For the sake of Don Revie and Howard Wilkinson, forget the date.

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  1. Richard Carer

    No chance… I celebeate every year… Its my birthday! Good sentiments though

  2. igiveuo

    @TSS Bang on pal. What have we done in the 3 years since to crow about…fuck all!! Our 5 year plan to return to the PL is now in its 7th year with absolutely no sign things are going to change

  3. Rethy

    I completely agree with this article but I think you are forgetting that the vast majority of Leeds United fans on twitter and facebook (at least from what I can tell) aren’t old enough to remember the Championship winning team of the early 90’s and obviously the success before then. They have grown up following a team relegated from the Premiership to being relegated again and I think it would be hard to argue that along with the Promotion clinching win over Bristol Rovers that that FA Cup tie is the most memorable moment in our recent history. Having said that I don’t think we need to make an anniversary of it because at the end of the day you don’t have a 36mth or 8yr anniversary for winning the Premier League do you.

  4. Lufc1979ish

    Bravo sir. Great article. We have indeed lost sight of our goal of not only getting back to the premier league but actually giving teams like Manchester United a real run for their money both home and away like we used to. Clearly we can’t rely on us to do it at the minute whilst another transfer window opens and we are looking like trying to do things on the cheap once again whilst we can’t rely on the vast majority of “lesser” clubs to not feel in awe of scum and just roll over and accept defeat. The premier league and the likes of Manchester United need us just as much as we need to be playing them. Beating them was nice but never lose sight of where we should be.

  5. Bubionwhite

    3rd January … can’t think of anything to celebrate on that day ever … except Richard’s and Gary’s birthdays. The day / date is usually cold, wet, dark early and thoroughly miserable and arrives so soon after New Year, so what’s to celebrate? Leeds United “Tinpot”? Never.

    • Gary Connolly

      It’s not cold, wet, doesn’t get dark early and isn’t thoroughly miserable where I live – here in sunny Valencia !!

  6. andyg

    I said exactly the same thing at the time. I was embarrassed by the fact that it was seen as a giant killing. Just shows how far we’ve fallen.

  7. Rob Atkinson

    You have to put your celebrations in context. The win at Old Trafford was very special, because by all logic it shouldn’t have happened. A third division team went to the lair of the champions, and not only won, but won well enough to leave us thinking, well – we should have had more. Remember, too, that it hurt the enemy. They still smart about it, and they come out with your dubious “tinpot” line to ease that hurt. You’re in danger of succouring the enemy here, when you should still be rubbing their noses in it. There is a savoury tang to Schadenfreude, don’t let your palate get so dull that you fail to appreciate it.

    • Lufc1979ish

      I think we were hanging on a bit by the end to be fair. But still a well deserved win nevertheless

  8. Matthew

    And if we had a better owner than Ken Bates at the time, that very same team(Minus Beckford) would of got us promoted to the Premier League under Simon Grayson had he received support in the Jan transfer window.

    December 28th 2010, 40 points, 4th in the league, 24 games played, a hell of a lot of momentum on our side. Money spent would of vastly improved our chances of promotion and as none was spent, we slipped away. Pisses me off to be honest.

  9. Ben

    I agree with what you say in this article the only thing I will say that I feel you haven’t really thought about is the fact that a lot of Leeds united fans don’t have any other memories of us doing well the only good times they know are our recent cup runs and finishing 2nd to Norwich in league 1 it’s a shame to say it but because of that us beating the scum is the greatest day in their Leeds united history

  10. Exiled White

    I share your sentiments and couldn’t agree more TSS. When the mighty Leeds can emulate the late great Don Revie or Sergeant Wilko, then we will have dates to remember. I bet Don Revie is spinning in his grave.

  11. Hulldaz

    Leeds are now a tinpot club who’s fans still think that they are the best team in Yorkshire ? The fact is your not anymore so get over it …..
    Hull City have taken that honour from you and the league results show it !
    You are a poor championship side at best ? So take time looking back at your past glory as that is all you have

    • Matthew

      Oh look, a Hull City fan calling another club tinpot. Wonder if he would be here if his team weren’t in second place. It’s a long season buddy, plenty of time for Crystal Palace or Middlesbrough to de throne you and you’l have another season in the Championship.

      • Hulldaz

        The term tinpot was in reply 2 the article ! It’s states Hull City are a tinpot club ? I for one would love it if we stayed in the championship ! As we can then show teams like yours how 2 play football ha ha ha
        You have history granted but that’s all it is ! A distant memory and you and a lot of other Leeds supporters need 2 get real ! Ken bates has sold you short and your new owners will leave you high and dry lol

      • Matthew

        To be fair, you are a tinpot club. You don’t have a history, you have dellusions of being a bigger team than what you are. A common trait of Leeds envy for Yorkshire clubs fanbases, who like to shit on us but are deep down jealous that they will never be us.

        I respect that your team is doing well, but a lot of the Leeds hate some of you spew is quite twatish. You all claim you don’t care but talk about us all the time, Huddersfield, Hull, Sheffield Weds, Barnsley fans all do this, well most.

      • Hulldaz

        Tinpot club ? We are a small club with very little to boast about ? But we are a the best club in Yorkshire at the moment !!! That is FACT !!!

      • Matthew

        Being the highest in the table doesn’t automatically equal ‘the best’ perhaps if your team had years of asset stripping you’d be the same situation as us.

        Someday the sleeping giant will awaken.

      • Hulldaz

        Sleeping giant ? Wow your beloved Leeds are in a coma !!!!!

      • Matthew

        You won’t find many people who would disagree with that dude.

        We’d be the first to admit that Bates has killed this club, the quality of Football on display is woeful. Dreadful even, you even displayed the vast difference between our two teams the last time we played.

        Most of us are willing to put our personal opinion of teams aside, and recognise good quality football, and fortunately for you, you get that at Hull.

        We just need to wait for someone to care enough to rebuild from the ruins left by Bates.

      • Hulldaz

        I only posted on here in reply 2 person who wrote this article calling Hull City a tinpot club !
        I’m not on here 2 have a go at Leeds fans at all but some on here are beyond a joke ! We are all Yorkshire and for that we should be proud …
        I would love it if one day we had 3 or more teams from Yorkshire in the premier league …

      • Matthew

        Relax dude, we’re all good here. We all have pride in our teams. You in Hull, the rest of us in Leeds. It’s good that you’ve made the effort to reply to everyone, feel free to come back in the future. Honestly, not many fans from other sites post here much.

      • Hulldaz

        Cheers Matthew !
        I do the same on Leicester city’s forum when they are slagging everyone off lol

      • Darron Fowler

        A big thank you !
        We did it !!!! With a little help from you !
        Who would have thought it lol
        Cheers guys ! Onwards and upwards …

      • Polly13

        “Being the highest in the table doesn’t automatically equal ‘the best'”

        Shit. Whose gonna tell him?

        Matthew, you need to sit down while I explain one or two misunderstandings on your part, son…….

      • Joebloggs

        At the end of the day mate, Hull isn’t the 4th biggest Urban population in the UK, and Hull City don’t have a 40,000 seater stadium and an international fanbase. Hull City certainly will never get to the final of the European Cup. That is what makes a big club I’m afraid.

      • Hulldaz

        I see ! Wow at least your a big club ! With a small team ….

      • Polly13

        Big city, big population, big stadium, fairly successful history. Unfortunately, you have a shit team, so it counts for nothing. You’re not a big club any more. You may well be again, but you’re a million miles away right now.

        Hush till you’re back up there, cos right now, outside of Leeds, nobody gives a fuck about you :)

    • TSS

      Nice try Daz, but you’re merely proving my point.

      Hull, like all tinpot teams, celebrate momentary blips. Being a temporarily better team than Leeds United isn’t an achievement, yet to hear your fans speak, it’s almost life-affirming to them. You’re never going to have any actual success to compare to that of Leeds United’s, this is as good as it gets for you guys, I get that, and I don’t begrudge you your moment in the sun.

      But Leeds United have no need to act as tinpot as you guys. We’re always going to be a much bigger club and the natural order will be restored eventually.

      • Hulldaz

        Natural order ? Now that’s a nice touch … Some might say progression !
        See while Hull City are progressing into a new and brighter future ! Your beloved Leeds united are in decline !!!
        While your dreams are about what happend in your history ? My dreams are about Hull City’s future and I for one would relish taking the mantle of supporting Yorkshires number 1 club … ( Hull City )
        It must be hard for you supporting a club that gave you so much in the past but offers you so little for the future ?
        Good luck

      • Matthew

        I’m almost certain you will be in the Championship next season. We will be too, I enjoy Hull games, but you won’t be tasting Premier League football for a while.

      • TSS

        You’re an unfashionable club nobody cares about, the brightest your future will get is a couple of years propping the Premier League up before you’re relegated again. It’s a pointless existence.

      • Hulldaz

        Tss ! Unfashionable club ?
        We are not a club that worries about how we look ? Or how others look upon us ! Also when we do prop up the premier league as you put it …
        I will make time 2 look down on Leeds united and see how woeful you’re situation is !
        I liked visiting your ground in the past as it reminded me of how a club that had so much now has so little !

      • henrymouni

        “I liked visiting your ground in the past as IT REMINDED ME of how a club that had so much now has so little !

        Me too, Hulldaz!
        Where did it all go wrong?LOL

      • Hulldaz

        Adam Pearson was a director at Leeds united before he bought Hull city and he went on 2 say the problem at Leeds united was as follows …
        Players on huge wages , staff having top of the range company cars , failure 2 qualify for Europe !
        The only assets Leeds united had that could be sold 2 relieve its debts was its players ….
        So with that view as big as a club that Leeds was ? It could not maintain that type of mismanagement !

      • henrymouni

        Very true Hulldaz.
        We also had to sell the ground and the training ground, and when we thought things could not get any worse, Bates arrived!!

      • Hulldaz

        TSS Mod Hulldaz • 15 minutes ago −
        You’re an unfashionable club nobody cares about, the brightest your future will get is a couple of years propping the Premier League up before you’re relegated again. It’s a pointless existence.
        Things like this make it all worthwhile !!!!,,16428_8367345,00.html

      • Polly13

        It’s all very well saying Hull City are a club that nobody actually cares about, but really, so are Leeds.

        Sure, you might not be “tinpot”, as you’ve won things, played in Europe quite a lot, and have the profile one would expect of a club which stands alone in England’s third biggest city. However, don’t fucking kid yourselves that you’re anywhere near as loved, respected or admired as genuinely big clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, or – dare I say it – Man United.

        In the great scheme of footballing things, you were only ever brief visitors at the top table of the club game. You’re just another club with a modestly successful past.

        Sorry – that should read you WERE.

      • Hulldaz

        Momentary Blip ? 7 years plus is more than a blip !!!!!
        You must so please with the prolific rise of your beloved Leeds so much so that I noticed you now sell VHS tapes of it in your club shop ha ha ha

      • YoureASillyLad

        You’re*, not that you aren’t too busy singing “Mauled by Mr. Mittens” to notice.

      • YoureASillyLad

        No one argued against that; it was simply argued that if your greatest achievement is mauling a team “in a coma”, then you are, by definition, tinpot. You just proved @TSSLUFC:disqus ‘s point.

        If you weren’t second in second division at the moment, you’d have nothing to speak of. We’re a club with a proud history. Though you are keen to point out that history is history, and that we won’t get back to where we were any time soon, at least we have somewhere to get to? I mean, as you said about Hull in the premiership, “We did it and we’ll do it again”. Your best finish ever was 17th. That’s what you’re going to do again? And you’re *excited*, of all things?

        I think you miss the entire point of this article: that we as Leeds supporters need not celebrate something as trivial as win over Manchester United. While you may be proud of a 17th place finish in the top flight, we have European and domestic successes to remember. Comparing Leeds and Hull is comparing a club who has nearly won the Champions League a couple of times in the past 15 years to a team that has always struggled to beat Wigan away. If beating a (as you admit) severely weakened Leeds side that recently suffered financial crisis at home and being second in the division is something you would go to the trouble of coming on here to berate Leeds supporters to brag about, you’ve only reinforced us: maybe, one day, you will be restored to your former glory as hopeful Premier League relegation escapees, but we at Leeds will be satisfied only with something more.

        And since the ridiculing is all in jest, and I hope we can laugh about it, congrats on being literate. With you there, Hull’s literacy rate has just doubled.

      • Hulldaz

        I like yourself only want 2 support my team and I like yourself want my team 2 archive bigger things !
        I took no pride from seeing Hull city beat what I considered 2 be the poorest team 2 visit the KC this season …
        3 points was the aim not humiliation so on that point I wish you all the best for the rest of the season ….

      • Polly13

        We’re just here to make life for you set of arrogant cunts even less enjoyable than it already is….

    • spellz

      Are you serious? Hull are above us in the league right now that is all you are a club with no honours or history I recall telling another fan that you were founded in 1904 and your most significant honour has been a F.A cup semi-final in 1930 that is 83 years ago (presuming you are retarded coming on to a Leeds forum hyping up one of the English leagues most unsuccessful club) and then daring to say you are better than us at the moment get real in this article it states we have won every major domestic honour and 3 league titles, lets face it your trophy cabinet has more cobwebs that a haunted house.

      And if your gonna bang on about the last 7 seasons since our decline you will find you aint been so great either when you finished 3rd in the championship you got promoted (lucky) then in the premier league where we consistently held a place and challenged for honours since it begun to 2004 you finished 17th escaping relegation by a whisker then the following season got relegated finishing 19th then once relegated unlike lets say newcastle who instantly got promoted you finished 11th and we just missed a playoff place 7th if you was the holy grail of yorkshire you would have been challenging to go back up, even when we had to basically sell our whole team and change all our personnel and got relegated from PL we made the playoff final following season you ain’t got heart like us, we have the heart of a lion and you are well……… tigers get used to it you will need another hundred years just to finish runner up in the PL and I don’t even think a century is enough.

      So to all you Hull fans coming on this forum with your bullshit talk cause your excited that your 11 points clear of us in a season that is half way through please don’t even waste your time after reading this.

      • Hulldaz

        Your beloved club had 2 sell its team as it was Broke simple as !
        Your right about history and what you have done but like I say ” that’s history ” .the future is black and amber so get over it lol
        I see I have so many of you puffing your chests out ! Thinking how dare he ?
        But the fact is that you sit on your crumbling tower of history and memory’s ,Hull City are rising above you and you hate that fact !
        Every club in England thinks your a joke when you sing about your past glory ….
        You had your day and now it’s time 2 move over as the mighty tigers are now the PRIDE of Yorkshire !!!!!

      • henrymouni

        Good luck to you.
        But you must stay in the top two.
        I don’t think you will make it from the play-offs.
        You have a good manager and a good team.

      • Hulldaz

        Cheers Henry !
        I hope things get better for your team …
        Onwards and upwards ……….

      • Hulldaz

        As you stated about Hull city’s history and premier league years …
        We did it and we will do it again ! But somehow I don’t see your beloved Leeds doing it for sometime ?
        Saying that while Hull city get bigger and better you can look back and say we did it all ! Shame it will be looking back at the good old days ha ha ha

      • spellz

        WE WILL DO IT you can count on that, and definitely before Hull, IMHO Cardiff are the only team due a promotion leaving 1 more automatic place and it wont be Hull Shitty.

      • Hulldaz

        We shall see spellz ?
        I know one thing for sure ! It won’t be Leeds !
        I know you would hate 2 see Hull city 2 go up … If we do you won’t get 2 see some fantastic football when you come 2 the KC lol
        I like the Hull shitty bit lol … Did that take you all day 2 think of that ? Or did your special needs teacher help you ? Go on admit it you thought it all by yourself !!!! Lmao

      • spellz

        if we do you won’t get 2 see some fantastic football when you come 2 the KC????

        LOLOLOL I think you hired my special needs teacher what does this even mean?

        If as you said your fantasy became reality and you go up and we don’t why would I be at the KC? and if you mean LEEDS then presumably your fantasy states we would be in different leagues I mean Im up for banter just please take a second to think b4 you word it.

        Listen good luck to Hull I am not from Yorkshire so I don’t have no bitter rivalry in my system its just Leeds are a bigger club in every sense of the word I just think you should know that as you seem over excited about beating us, but I don’t mince my words therefore I wont be eating them we will be back to where we belong before you make it to the premiership.
        you belong in the championship, league 1 and 2 so you will most likely remain there eternally, but yeah for Hulls standards this has sure been an impressive start to the season.

      • Hulldaz

        What are you reading ?
        You seem 2 see snippets of what I have written then some how jumbled them up in your mind ?
        I’m sure you will get back into the premier league but not for a few years at least ! While I have no doubt that we will get promotion this year !
        I had a punt on Hull city at 33/1 ….

      • spellz

        No wonder your so cheerful then obviously they won’t be that price now, but come May please return to the forum just so I can say I told you so, haha.

      • Hulldaz

        33/1 is looking like the best bet this year ! Also 9/1 for a place ….
        I will come back if only 2 say thanks for the part Leeds played in gifting us 6 points lol

      • Polly13

        If you knew anything about this league you’d be aware of the fact that Cardiff ALWAYS implode in the second half of the season.

      • Polly13

        Nobody with half a brain would doubt that Leeds are a bigger club, with a more illustrious history and a bigger fan base.

        But that’s not our point over here in Hull.

        You take the piss, but I’d really fucking love to know how many of you lot would have supported your team if it had endured as much under-achievement as ours has over the course of 108 years.

        You’d be just as fucking “tinpot” as us.

        Now, stop being jealous cunts, just because we’ve been a better team than you for a few years now, and especially this season. Show some respect for a Yorkshire club who have battled against a century of mediocrity to have some long-deserved, albeit relative, success.

  12. ellamforengland

    Get where you’e coming from but nonetheless twas a great day to be a Leeds fan. I, in the course of my job drove around Melbourne OZ with my scarf flying proudly out of my window. People were papping and giving me the thumbs up all day long, even got the thumbs up from a bloke with a Chelski shirt on, I duly gave him the finger back!! It was a nice bit of sunshine in what still feels like a very long dark winter. MOT

  13. Steveeeeeee

    The trouble is that although we have had a takeover with this GFH they seem to not have the money we thought they did have and we cannot compete in the market with the likes of Leicester that’s so sad, warnock admitted this could not raise 1.2 million for a quality player, so us long suffering Leeds fans will go through continued frustration and heart ache in the years to come and probably never make it back to the premier league where we belong so sad oh well just keep on trying but bit disappointed that GFH said they were wealthy and was prepared to invest but seems that was a big fat lie.

    • Matthew

      Warnock was talking about wages. As in the club can’t afford to give someone 30 grand a week like Leicester can, which is fair enough. Its a lot for one player.

  14. AaronLUFC

    I see where your coming from but most people who support leeds from a younger age have only ever seen the bad times for example relegation, adminstration etc. To beat the scum in red in their own backyard as a league one team is something no other team has done before.

  15. mrbigwheels

    Excellent… Reality at last.

    I’ve got more significant memories to savour with my fifty year habit but… perhaps the younger supporter grasps todays date… as there has been very little else to move his mind into tumultuous celebration.

    What goes around comes around though and this date will fade away… as the mighty whites march onward and completely get over the restrictive Bates era at this club.


    • Irving08

      I can empathise with younger supporters.
      I recall getting into a fight when I was 12 years old with a boy that supported Man United. It was after I had returned home from seeing us getting turned over 5-0 (or was it 5-1 ?) at Old Trafford. (Charles by that time had left for Juventus.)
      It was not so much the defeat or the score that annoyed me, but the fact that this kid thought he was ‘it’, just because he wore a pair of their football socks and owned a pair of ‘Roger Byrne’ boots.
      I like to think that I have now grown out of such childish resentments but while, unlike my 50 year old hairdresser, I did not cry when we beat them in 2011, I did think of that kid and his replica kit – as it would now be called – and, secretly, gloated.

  16. igiveup

    @hulldaz:disqus Your the best team in Humberside, you left Yorkshire years ago same as them ‘smoggy’ c**ts. Your shithole towns don’t deserve to be in OUR glorious county, end of…

    • Hulldaz

      We are East Yorkshire ! Humberside no longer part of Hull and East Riding

      • Hulldaz

        Nice user name ! Did you get that from your teams moto ? Ha ha ha

  17. igiveup

    Any thoughts for players we should try get in during Jan anyone? Yossi Benayoun for example

    • Hulldaz

      Your having a tin bath ?
      Your new owners can’t afford player like him !
      I think we might have some castoff players that will make your team stronger !!!

    • spellz

      You got to love that ball, touch and finish though haven’t seen it in a while, quality.
      and I would bang on about this to any Man U fan as history is all a club has as the present always becomes history which is what inevitably every fan refers to while I am on the subject HullDaz Hull City has none :)

  18. igiveup

    @hulldaz:disqus . Yes you are right about the user name, I’ve been to one game this season, but I still love to come on here & have a bit of banter, especially with ex-Yorkies!!

  19. Giovanni LUBR

    EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! January 3rd must be a normal day again, as everyday we beat the Red Scums is a normal fact

  20. Paul

    Great article TSS, you are so right, and some Leeds fans need to get a grip and stop acting like fans of lesser teams. Yes it was a great victory over the Scum in their own backyard, and whilst I did raise a wry smile this morning in memory of that day, I’m not going to wank over one result for the rest of my life.

  21. TommyWood

    Totally agree, very well said. Unfortunately, the younger generation of LUFC fans, having never experienced the real success you rightly make reference to, will argue the opposite. With each year that passes with us in the lower leagues, the smaller the club is becoming.

  22. Chareose

    Has anything actually changed since we got new owners ??? Im a little concerned….. Lorimer still telling the fans to be patient…..Bates is still at the club……and leeds evidently cant compete for players worth more than a fiver ???

    • henrymouni

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      i was thinking back about all the transfer windows in the last 8 years.

      1. The mystery long list of targets who never materialise.

      We have another one now!

      2. “We are looking for players, but won’t be held to ransom by clubs and agents”.
      A Bates favourite from day 1.

      3. “You don’t need to spend millions to pick up good players”.
      Well, yes you usually do!

      4. “We have a strong squad already, and we won’t be bringing anyone in who does not improve the squad”.
      History tells us that we have!!

      5. “None of our top players will be leaving. Only a fool would sell the crown Jewels”.

      6. “We have been working on our targets for some time, and are close to 2 or 3″.

      7. “By this weekend I am looking to bring in 2 players”.
      Or maybe not.

      8. “Shaun Harvey is working his socks off to bring in the players we need”.
      ‘Sockless Harvey’ is on the job again, as I type.
      History tells us that a long list of hard luck stories is on the way!

      9. “We are a big club and top players are queueing to join us”.
      Until they find out about the wages!!

      10. “It’s been a very frustrating transfer window. We were so close to adding some icing to the cake”.
      Course you were.

      GFT have been playing the same old song!
      I think they have kept Ken Bateson as a hate figure. No better man for the job!

      Let us all wait to be amazed.

  23. Remo Emsley

    We still beat the scum with a division 2 side at their ground. What the fuck more can you ask? when was the last time we beat them at old shitford?

  24. Hulldaz

    I have looked back at the Elland rd game against Hull City and from the comments by some of you ! I took it that a tinpot club like Hull City should never beat the mighty Leeds lol
    Well as one comment says Dull city made your mighty Leeds look like a lower league team !

  25. Hulldaz

    I have posted this forum on our Facebook page and here is a comment you might like ?

    Same old Leeds fans. They live in the past. People want to beat them because of what they’ve won? No, because they’re arrogant knobs is the reason people dislike them. As for calling Hull City ‘small-time’ we was the last team in Yorkshire to be in the big time. So he’s clearly a knob.

  26. Polly13

    Even from over here in Hull I can smell the desperation emanating from this bitter little blog. I reckon, even if our fishing industry were still here, stinking the place out, I’d still be able to catch a whiff of your sweaty, teary-eyed defiance.

    It’s all you’ve got at the moment, isn’t it?

    Truly marvellous.

  27. JGM

    2 years on from when this was originally published, 5 years since the match, and this piece is still as relevant as ever. Embarrassing, really.


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