In his weekly column for the Independent, Neil Warnock this week admits defeat in the race for Chris Wood, explaining that Leeds United cannot compete with the financial powers of Leicester City.

“It looks like I’ve missed out on Chris Wood – I just can’t compete financially with Leicester City”

Neil Warnock fails to mention any other signings he may have lined up, only adding that he hopes to secure the services of players he currently has on loan.

It seems Neil Warnock is relatively happy with the current squad. While some fans are starting to criticise decisions and insist reinforces are desperately needed, it’s hard to ignore the fact our side has taken 15 points from the last 7 matches.

Personally, I don’t think there’s any real cause for concern. At the halfway point in the season we sit 2 points outside the play-off places, which means, Leeds United only need a slight improvement on the first half of the season to secure a spot we’d have snatched people’s hands off for in August.

When you consider the improvement we saw following the arrival of the loan players Warnock refers to, then consider the return of Davide Somma and Rodolph Austin, it’s hard to argue that our squad hasn’t already been strengthened.

As a club, we’re also in a much happier place than we were at the start of this season. The takeover was taking it’s toll on everyone – players and management included – and I think the end of that particular saga will also help us have a stronger second half to the season.

Quietly optimistic. On and on…

You can read Warnock’s column in full here.