Ken Bates ownership of Leeds United came to an end today as Dubai-based investment bank GFH Capital completed their long awaited takeover of the club.

Speaking at an Elland Road press conference GFH’s David Haigh and Salem Patel outlined their plans for the club, declaring that promotion to the Premier League will be their top priority.

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  1. Steob

    Lets hope they can support warnock like the fucker bates woulden if we could hold onto Thomas Tate and thong add a striker I like the looks of woods on loan at millwall his big strong and has an eye for goal and west brom are open to offers sort out the left back problem we will hav a great chance off making the playoffs motg

  2. Ron

    If I’m honest, they don’t fill me with confidence. It’s still opaque and non-committal. Talking down the squad-building potential of the January transfer window after years of dodging every window was alarming. We do have a good squad, but we all know one or two Premier league quality signings are needed if we are to make up ground and also to reward the fans for putting up with this circus.

    • LUFC

      I have to agree that I am also slightly skeptical but i suppose we have to give them the benefit of the doubt and judge them by their actions. It would be foolish for them to start talking about how many millions of pounds they’re going to spend in January and drive up player prices, by playing it down hopefully we wont get shafted with the players we do buy.

      • Ron

        Well we don’t have a choice and as you rightly point out we’ll soon get our answers. I just thought Mr Haigh looked very nervous fielding questions. I think the fact Bates has come out already to say there will be no big spending in January tells you enough. I’ll be happy with a decent premier league player on loan until the end of the season for starters, even taking on a wage bill will be a step up from the crumbs we have seen. Surely we could go out to Premier league players on the outer and offer them a chance on loan to earn a contract if they assist our passage to the promised land? One target man and a decent creative midfielder please.

      • Matthew

        From what I understand, GFH were basically saying the club won’t be spending stupid money on players just for the hell of it, aka buying up all the available talent. They will however support Warnock on his transfer targets, and he understands this isnt a free for all, he’l get what he needs, and what the club needs. It was only said because there is some expectation to splash huge amounts of money on players, which doesn’t always work, you build on your squad and retain your talent to be promoted.

        With backing Warnock will get us promoted, this season or next, nothing to worry about there.

  3. mylifeinleeds

    It seems sensible to me not to reveal how much money will be put into building the squad to get us back into the Premier League. As some have mentioned it will only increase the value of any players. TIme will tell but I am quietly confident. It would be great to see the sort of attendances we saw on Wednesday back at Elland Road. Having been to most (not all) of the home games the atmosphere (until recently) has been lacking, but I cannot wait until Saturday now!

  4. Tyler75

    I think they were straightforward and sensible in their answers; I didn’t see too much that was non-committal. Why would you announce to the world how much you’ve got to spend and as a result push up prices for any player you’re interested in ? They said they would work to get Warnock’s requests met – which are the loan players to perm and a new stiker – sounds good to me – although I’d also like to see a left-back. Ultimately actions speak louder than words and half-price price season tickets are a very good start. MOT


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