Everybody loves a good rivalry. There’s nothing quite like the build up to a game between two teams that both want the bragging rights at the end of the weekend. Even as an outsider they’re always fascinating to watch, and there’s a huge game this weekend that everybody will be watching.

But enough about the MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon game, I’m here to talk about Leeds and we’ve got a game against Huddersfield.

Of course to the Huddersfield fans we are actually their rivals, so I decided to write an article all about them, this is their moment with the big boys. Think of it as like looking after the kid with no friends at school.

So, our colossal arch enemies are fired up and raring to go, they’ve not won in their last 3 games mind, but that’s probably because they’ve had one eye on us for a while. My resident Huddersfield fan at work has been telling me for months how they’re going to ‘teach us a lesson in football’ amongst other amusing made up stories. In fact, every Monday morning he’s made sure to remind me of just how far behind in the table we are.

Come to think of it, that stopped a few games ago, I’ll have to remind him.

Speaking of the table, our enormous rivals are currently only 2 points above us. WAIT A MINUTE. 3 points on Saturday would not only be a monumental moment in Leeds United’s history, but it would put us above Huddersfield too! which is way better than winning the league, if you go by the their fans reaction to being above us for a few weeks.

Now, before all the Huddersfield ultras start kicking off about how we always fill our stadium when they come to visit, allow me to explain.

People love a good laugh. In fact these days comedy is a lucrative business, people regularly fill arenas, concert halls etc just to watch a comedian reeling off jokes. With that in mind, think of our game at Elland Road as a big comedy show. We turn up and hope to be able to laugh at you if we win, because of the seemingly gargantuan rivalry between us that you have invented.

Truth be told, we’d love to win, just because –

a) We wont hear you mention Huddersfield’s premier league like performances for a while
b) We’ll be able to do some work without you telling us about your new French 3rd division trialist, who is the ‘new Messi’
c) We’ll be above you, and you’ve spent the last few months telling us how amazing a thing that is.
d) And finally, because we know how much you want to win.

It’ll be nice to see Jermaine Beckford again too, if he plays of course. I remember the last time we saw him, he was playing for Leicester. I say playing, he spent most of the 45 minutes he was on the pitch talking to the fans. I’m reliably informed that he’s on the cover of the programme tomorrow too, how ironic, he used to play for us! what a mistake to make, imagine how tinpot that would be if someone had done it on purpose!

So please, enjoy the game (and the DVD of it produced afterwards, containing all 3 of your broken down attacks, including Simon Grayson’s reaction to a corner that almost went in!) and by all means, carry on with the pretend rivalry thing if you want to, it’s kind of sweet anyway.

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  1. Whites man

    An unusual article for TSS to post! I know it’s written tongue in cheek, but I suspect you may be eating your words later this afternoon. A really unnecessary article.

    • Snowjoke

      Dead right. Why tempt Providence? Much prefer the old thing of keeping your trap shut, taking one game at a time, and letting your football do the talking

  2. Mac

    Sad deluded twat. So who is your rival? Barcelona? You’ve played us three years out of the last four and your skip is less than twenty miles away!!!
    How many pages does the Grayson watch on Waccoe run to now, how many current post on there are about Huddersfield?
    Open your eyes pal, your obsession with Man U is like ours used to be with you lot, out of our league and never crossing paths. Oh how times have changed! Thank you Mr Bates for bring Leeds to their true level. Statue mount already ordered for placement next to Billy the blue.

  3. Clive Sanderson

    Huddersfield Town fans seem to get excited about playing Leeds but most Leeds fans don’t see it as a great rivalry. I don’t dislike any of the other Yorkshire teams. I’d rather see Huddersfield and all Yorkshire teams in the Premiership. It’s a bit like England’s relationship with the rest of the UK. Most England fans support the other UK countries after supporting England, but many of the other countries supporters seem to hate England. I’m Yorkshire through and through. Good luck to Huddersfield except today of course! There’s no place for HATE in the game of football. I don’t even hate Scumchester United, I just intensely dislike them! I do hate some so called football fans who love to bring hate into this great game because they are truly horrible people!

    • JDC

      Agreed Clive… and hate is, and always has been a negative emotion that has never done anybody any good … even the perpetrators. Unlike you, I don’t even hate the so called fans who are full of it … I feel sorry for them, and for the people who are on the receiving end of their venom.

  4. Dan

    Thats exactly what Man U think about you, you get your knickers in a twist when playing them, when they couldnt care less about you. Problem is, nobody cares either way about Leeds anymore,I as a Town fan couldnt care less either, so I honestly think you have a high opinion of yourself, when the only thing your renowned for is the mutants that follow you. Although when you meet your match (Cardiff, Turkey etc) you cry like little babys. Enjoy your day

    • Paddy

      Yeah scum don’t care about us?! Are u having a laugh?! 80000 of them cared on January the 3rd 2010. And if u ever watch European football on the tele (only place you’ve ever seen it or ever will) u will without fail hear them singing of their hatred for us. We don’t even have a son for u sad dog tampering tossers that’s how much we care about u. Yet for 90 minutes today all we’ll hear from your end is how much u hate us. Go get your facts straight little man and keep following your sad little club back to where they belong.

    • barnzy

      “I as a Town fan couldnt care less either” thats why im on a leeds forum!!!! 4-2 in your cup final mot

  5. On and on

    Huddersfield? Are you really saying that they consider themselves to be our rivals, Jesus how fucking sad.

  6. Lufc1979ish

    It’s true though, maybe Sheffield Wednesday I would consider a local rival, but Huddersfield? Yes we may have played each other a few times recently but historically we haven’t. The same comparison can’t be said about Manchester United and leeds though as we have spent more years than not playing them and its a war of the roses match. Biggest club in Yorkshire versus the biggest club in Lancashire. Huddersfield fans need to find a real rival, someone they can rely on playing season in season out, someone like Bradford maybe?

  7. Old White

    I agree with Whites man, there is no need to make fun of these lesser clubs. To me it is tempting fate, you just look stupid if we lose and petty if we win. Anyway, even though there are finally signs that we might be on the way back, we have fallen so low in recent years that we have let even teams like Huddersfield overtake us! Hopefully the takeover will give us enough impetus to get back to being the top Yorkshire team. I say good luck to Huddersfield and Simon Grayson, except for Today of course.
    But no they are not our rivals, and will need more years of success to get there.

  8. Joe Bloggs

    Bit of an unnecessary, incendiary article. Normally I like everything that comes out of TSS too.

    I agree the whole rivalry thing is a bit contrived, but the tone here is completely wrong. For starters this is a Leeds blog, yet everything written here is seemingly aimed at Huddersfield fans. More importantly any impartial observer could tell you Leeds are a bigger club than huddersfield, so is this worthy of an article in the first place?

    Would rather have some genuine pre match chat about our chances, with maybe a bit of genuinely witty banter sprinkled in. Please don’t make this the norm.

  9. Matthew

    Derby next, they have excellent home form and could prove to be a roadblock, having lost just 1 game at home this season. I think this will be our hardest away game this month. They did however lose against Leicester so confidence will be lower. If we can win our next two games, we should be around the playoff zone(Between 6th-9th) and my 35 point comment which we need from our first 23 games should be accurate. If we beat Chelsea and end up with 35 points before Christmas we WILL have a merry christmas :P

    Anyway good game today, nice to see the goals flowing in again, we had a bit of a dry spell there with goals coming at a premium, getting 4 is fantastic, against a team who say they don’t care about us but talk about us all the time.
    Btw. Adam Clayton. Fucking karma for his celebration. You lost, you lost Adam Clayton, crushed by Super Leeds. You’l be forgotten quickly enough.

    • Irving08

      Last post by me for a while, but just to say I agree about Derby. They looked a good team in the making last season, when they came to Elland Road, with the young midfield creative player (Murray ?) particularly impressing. They look to have come on a bit since then: I’d take a draw now. But if we continue to improve – following Warnock’s mini-crisis – who knows, it could be another three points ?

      • Matthew

        Your last post? How come? Good luck with whatever you’re doing offline and when you get back we should be in an even better position Irving :)

        Yeah, if anything Derbys home form is something to respect, they’re not all that great away but have been pretty solid all season, I think after their 4-1 defeat to Leicester, the key to beating them here would obviously be to get the first goal/or 2, as their confidence no doubt will be shaken by their defeat to local rivals even Leicester. A psycological thing if anything, if we have them on the back foot from the get go, they’l likely roll over and we’l be another place, or 2 higher come Saturday evening.

        Momentum will be on our side, and should be something that will pull us through the next couple of games, I think we also stand a good chance against Chelsea in the cup, they’re in a bit of a muddle at the moment, unhappy fans, reflected on the pitch, they are there for the taking quite literally. Now is a good of a time as any to beat Chelsea and hopefully go on to some Cup glory, predicted, well wished for Wembley earlier on in the season, and I have a good feeling we will get it.

    • Snowjoke

      Clayton must feel like a complete Plonker. Talk about asking for it ! Grayson must (and, if not, should) have been absolutely livid. But a “well done” to NW for his restrained and very generous response to the Plonker’s ridiculous goal celebration, Provocative or what? Should’ve been carded.

  10. NottsWhite

    Adam Clayton, you are a tool. Don’t get me wrong, last year I thought he was one of our better players and was disappointed when he was sold, however the only point he proved on Saturday is that when the going gets tough he goes missing. Well done from scoring from 12 yards and over celebrating, you must be proud!!!!!


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