Everybody loves a good rivalry. There’s nothing quite like the build up to a game between two teams that both want the bragging rights at the end of the weekend. Even as an outsider they’re always fascinating to watch, and there’s a huge game this weekend that everybody will be watching.

But enough about the MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon game, I’m here to talk about Leeds and we’ve got a game against Huddersfield.

Of course to the Huddersfield fans we are actually their rivals, so I decided to write an article all about them, this is their moment with the big boys. Think of it as like looking after the kid with no friends at school.

So, our colossal arch enemies are fired up and raring to go, they’ve not won in their last 3 games mind, but that’s probably because they’ve had one eye on us for a while. My resident Huddersfield fan at work has been telling me for months how they’re going to ‘teach us a lesson in football’ amongst other amusing made up stories. In fact, every Monday morning he’s made sure to remind me of just how far behind in the table we are.

Come to think of it, that stopped a few games ago, I’ll have to remind him.

Speaking of the table, our enormous rivals are currently only 2 points above us. WAIT A MINUTE. 3 points on Saturday would not only be a monumental moment in Leeds United’s history, but it would put us above Huddersfield too! which is way better than winning the league, if you go by the their fans reaction to being above us for a few weeks.

Now, before all the Huddersfield ultras start kicking off about how we always fill our stadium when they come to visit, allow me to explain.

People love a good laugh. In fact these days comedy is a lucrative business, people regularly fill arenas, concert halls etc just to watch a comedian reeling off jokes. With that in mind, think of our game at Elland Road as a big comedy show. We turn up and hope to be able to laugh at you if we win, because of the seemingly gargantuan rivalry between us that you have invented.

Truth be told, we’d love to win, just because –

a) We wont hear you mention Huddersfield’s premier league like performances for a while
b) We’ll be able to do some work without you telling us about your new French 3rd division trialist, who is the ‘new Messi’
c) We’ll be above you, and you’ve spent the last few months telling us how amazing a thing that is.
d) And finally, because we know how much you want to win.

It’ll be nice to see Jermaine Beckford again too, if he plays of course. I remember the last time we saw him, he was playing for Leicester. I say playing, he spent most of the 45 minutes he was on the pitch talking to the fans. I’m reliably informed that he’s on the cover of the programme tomorrow too, how ironic, he used to play for us! what a mistake to make, imagine how tinpot that would be if someone had done it on purpose!

So please, enjoy the game (and the DVD of it produced afterwards, containing all 3 of your broken down attacks, including Simon Grayson’s reaction to a corner that almost went in!) and by all means, carry on with the pretend rivalry thing if you want to, it’s kind of sweet anyway.