Despite the glaringly obvious fact that Leeds United were lacking in aerial presence against Hull City yesterday, Luciano Becchio – the club’s top goalscorer this season – remained on the bench as an unused substitute.

For much of the fixture, Leeds seemed incapable of retaining possession, constantly hoofing the ball forward to a front line of Davide Somma and Ross McCormack who failed to win a single header against a lofty Hull City XI.

It seemed like such an obvious substitution to make. Leeds were constantly under-fire in difficult conditions and, as is so often the case away from home, hitting the ball long to relieve pressure was necessary – particularly when the opposition is dominating so completely and your own players seem incapable of measuring a simple pass.

In fairness, this wasn’t a fixture Leeds were ever going to dominate by playing short balls and attempting to retain possession. It’s such a huge match for Hull, the crowd were right behind them throughout, their players were clearly up for it, applying pressure every time we got a touch of the ball and Leeds were left chasing shadows. They also have a lot of players more suited to playing at pace, it was imperative we slowed the game down where possible.

The truth is, the correct tactics for this match were exactly what Warnock played (hoof it clear, slow it down). His team selection wasn’t too bad either, save for the truly baffling omission of Luciano Becchio – this was the exactly the kind of game in which he thrives.

When your backs are to the wall and your only hope is to hit it long, Luciano Becchio is priceless. He’ll win more headers than he loses, and even those that go the other way will often end up being cleared straight into the path of our advancing midfield players, solely because of the pressure Luciano Becchio puts on the opposition defence.

Another talent we missed is his ability to dictate the pace of a game. He’ll either hold the ball up until support arrives or force opposition defenders into conceding corners, free-kicks and throw-ins – all of which serve to slow the game down, allowing Leeds to play at a more comfortable pace. A more dogged and scrappier fixture would have been much less comfortable for Hull.

I’m not telling Leeds United fans anything they don’t know already. Warnock knows the value of Luciano Becchio too, he’s been hyping him up in interviews since day one – he always planned to build his team around Luciano, it was a match made in heaven.

So why then did Warnock never make the obvious change?

The Leeds boss claims he didn’t play Luciano because he’s got a slight knock to the thigh, before adding that he’ll be back on New Year’s Day – if he’s going to be fully fit in 3 days, then he must have been 90-95% fit on Saturday? Why would he even be on the bench if he wasn’t fit enough to play? The excuse doesn’t make sense.

A far more plausible explanation is that Becchio’s omission was punishment for the disappointing Boxing Day performance. It’s one of the things I admire about Warnock; he isn’t afraid to drop players when they’ve had a poor performance, it’s an important motivational tool in football, every player needs to know they’re fighting for a place in the first eleven.

But dropping players sometimes backfires. Some players really are indispensable to a team, especially when – like Leeds – you’ve built your entire side around them. It’s the same thing that happened to Chelsea when they tried replacing Didier Drogba (a similar kind of player to Luci) with Fernando Torres, their entire team had been built around the former and the style of play they’d honed to perfection over several successful Premier League campaigns was rendered totally ineffective by changing just one player.

Whether it was injury or punishment, Leeds United need to be more adaptable. God forbid Becchio should be injured or sold in the not so distant future, but if he is, we can’t be turning up at places like Hull with no idea how to beat them.

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  1. igiveup

    Warnock is completely inept when it comes to tactics & picking his best line up. Time for a change cos we are going nowhere (again!). GFH WAKE UP & get RDM before its too late

    • Tykus

      If he was to be sold, wouldn’tt we have just played him and run the risk of him getting a yellow card? As it wouldnt effect us if he was serving a one match ban?

      • djedjedje

        I seriously doubt he’ll be sold in January (except if he goes down the transfer request). The newspapers connecting him with a £4m move to Wigan are not particularly creditable.

        Besides, could you think of a more spectacular O.G. for GFHC to score than to sell their one prize asset when everyone is expecting them to buy an ‘icing on the cake’ key signing? It’ll hardly boost their revenue raising intents through their half-season ticket scheme they have just launched.

    • djedjedje

      I seriously doubt he’ll be sold in January (except if he goes down the transfer request). The newspapers connecting him with a £4m move to Wigan are not particularly creditable.

      Besides, could you think of a more spectacular O.G. for GFHC to score than to sell their one prize asset when everyone is expecting them to buy an ‘icing on the cake’ key signing? It’ll hardly boost their revenue raising intents through their half-season ticket scheme they have just launched.

  2. DeeEmm

    “It’s such a huge match for Hull….” ?!! Look at the table positions before the game mate – you were just another team that were realistically expected to be dismissed by the mighty Tigers – it should have been a “huge match” for you lot so as to try and hang on to the coat tails of the play off positions, and you failed spectacularly.

    • TSS

      That’s why we’re always your highest attendance every season. You’ll have a commemorative DVD in the club store by the end of the next week.

      • SameOldShit......

        Marching on Together, that is until you’re totally outplayed, then boo the Leeds players off whilst flicking the V’s to boot. Brilliant !!! lol

      • SameOldShit

        Bad Performance… It gets funnier ! City are a class side, like it or not and the gulf between the two is almost embarrassing. 2-0 Flatters Leeds beyond Belief.

      • TSS

        Enjoy it while it lasts, Hull will always be small-time.

        Now, hurry along to the Hull store and buy the commemorative DVD, this is a once in a lifetime occasion you’ll be able to cherish when you’re back in L2 staring up at Leeds in the PL. You can tell your kids “I was there.” I’m happy for you in a way.

      • SameOld Shit

        Here’s a word for you, “Delusional” ~ having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions. PS With the Ken Bates organised takeover, cant wait for the new Venkys to suck the remaining life out of Leeds. Happy 2013 !

      • TSS

        It’s funny, that’s exactly the word I’d use to describe Hull City fans. You’re a nobody club no one cares about, the best you can possibly aspire to is a relegation season in the Prem because you’ll never be able to retain players of a decent enough quality. You’ll be sinking back down the leagues within 2 years, it’s inevitable.

    • spellz

      The mighty Tigers?????????? who are you again?????

      Founded 1904 and your greatest honour is a semi-final in the F.A cup in 1930

      F off back to your own forums and cross your fingers until you have arthritis in them as you know you wont be be there come may.

      • DeeEmm

        Speltz – all I am really saying is that every year you (and the media) consistently put your team forward as the bona fide acolyte to reach the High Alter before the season has even begun, and therefore every year that it does not occur will be one where you are vulnerable to dying a slow death in a sea of schadenfreude.

        You could very well be right – we may not reach the Holy Grail but yesterday’s performance would suggest that it is a possibility. Realistically though, one game is just that, one game, and the way yesterday’s game was played out i.m.o. was not about the players on either side but a gravely erroneous tactical plan by NW.

      • spellz

        You make some valid points about the hype surrounding our club every year but that is cause we are a proud club with a record to be proud of with the achievement’s we have had in the past comes expectation after all we have always been an established top tier club in England and we will get back to the PL, big fan base, big support, big heart, big investment just a matter of time.
        I am also not disputing that we got outplayed by a much better Hull side cause we did we was awful, a shade of what we have been in recent games but that is all, we will bounce back improve and make no mistake this season Leeds will be there battling for the same promotion spots as Hull are right now, good luck you won the battle we will win the war.

  3. djedjedje

    Wasn’t Becchio one yellow card away from a three match ban? ie. like White was, and will now miss the next three games for picking up his yellow (which could have been red on another day)

  4. hull white

    time for warnock to go,poor team selection poor tactics,totally out ran in midfield,we could not put 3 short passes together , no player made themself available to get a pass ,we resorted to firing long balls up front maybe if beccio was playing we might of won at least 1 header i cannot remember a shot on target.was the reason beccio did not play because he going to be sold?

  5. djedjedje

    Also, I’m inclined to disagree about long ball being the best way to slow the pace of the game down. Gaining possession and keeping the ball is the best way of doing that and we failed miserably. Kicking it long ball only gave possession back to them and they – their fullbacks especially – marched straight through our midfield playing in dainty passing triangles that kept the pace of the game very much in their preferred fashion. Diouf is about the only player we have who can keep the ball effortlessly and is a bugger to get it back off him without fouling him (freekicks and rolling about on the floor being the other best way to slow the pace of a game), but alas not even on the bench.

    I couldn’t see the logic in matching their 3-5-2 strategy. It is a notoriously hard formation to get right – especially without speedy fullbacks – and whilst it has taken Bruce half a season to start producing results at Hull, Warnock reckons our boys could master it in one game. Hopeless mismanagement. It left our three central defenders vulnerable on either flank and prone to be stretched out and opening up the chances of a through ball or player to run in on goal. A standard four at the back with a haranguing defensive midfielder would have fitted the Warnock form much better; or alternatively, try the Mourinho two flat lines of five to thwart and frustrate and then hope the pace of White, Somma and Thomas (who at least would have stopped their rightback from getting so far up the pitch) can do something counterattacking.

    • TSS

      Long ball works perfectly well with Becchio up front because he wins and retains it. However, it doesn’t work so well when you’re aiming it at one of the smallest guys on the pitch surrounded by 4 of the tallest.

      4-5-1 always worked well away from home under Grayson, I think that’s the obvious choice of formation. Never been a big fan of 3-5-2. relies on the two wide players covering too much.

      • djedjedje

        4-5-1 would have been fine and I doubt anyone would have ever have complained if we had still lost and called out ‘why not play 3-5-2 against Hull?’ It just makes it even more bizarre that we played 3-5-2. What with the safety-first policy of not playing Becchio to save him from possibly missing the next three matches, and Warnock’s post-match remarks about Cardiff and Hull being a cut above the rest of us and unmatchable, the whole thing smacks of Warnock writing off the Hull match before we’d kicked off. Terribly defeatist.

        I think long ball has an outlet when we at least have Becchio on the pitch, I am not sure it is serving us that well these days as we are so predictable. Hence Becchio had a quiet game against a very average Nottingham Forest, and I don’t think he would have had a ‘good’ game against Hull (but we would most likely have been better than abysmal at least!). It’s asking a lot of one player to retain possession when he can be man-marked by one if not two tall central defenders. I am sure there’s a correlation existing that sees Becchio being either a brilliant outlet or a total anonymity on the pitch that depends on whether the referee on any particular game is either of the mindset that’ll always be sympathetic to Becchio being fouled (include dives), or whether Becchio is the one doing the fouls. That’s quite a limitation from the kickoff! Maybe we should start scouting out referees as much as opponents’ central defenders!

      • Jamie

        Its not just Becchio’s omission. We missed some of the most influential players in our good run. Thomas, Tonge, Becchio, Diouf. Some were enforced… but you can see we played a lot better with them in the side. Even Thomas who has been hot and cold, other teams still make special plans for him doubling him meaning theres mores space for Diouf and others. Cant double up on everyone. No proper width against hull. Easy to play against, their full backs under no pressure.

        Even Peltier… who has had criticism, was part of the side that won those games. Against hull half the team was different…

        I agree it felt as if Warnock had already written off the hull game. Makes no sense. The only explanation I can think of is that they could have bust their balls trying and still lost and then be battered and tired for Bolton… but then if they lose v Bolton then its not worked out. Did he see Bolton as a more winnable game? In the championship you shouldnt, any game is winnable and loseable.

      • Irving08

        How many teams is that he’s talked up ? – to Cardiff and Hull, you can add Palace (‘I hope they get promotion’), Leicester (‘the best squad in the Division’), Bolton (‘I had them as one of the favourites’)….the list goes on.

        After the Watford debacle (‘lovely Manager’) I said that he should be carpeted. He surely has to be now.

      • Irving08

        Correction: just looked at the Leicester programme – he said they would top the League. So, at best, we were only ever competing for 5th or 6th spot !

      • Chareose

        Have you seen our posession statts at the end of each game ??!! We are lucky to reach 40% !!! and the oposition team normally have double the shots on goal !!! Surely its better to build a team capable of keeping posession now rather than replacing everything and changing if we ever get promoted ??! Long ball wont work against teams packed with foreign internationals ! Lets build a young team thats intent on playing good passing football……….I cringe at whats being done to the likes of Byram and Lees “hoof it son dont dither”, fantastic for their future development im sure !

      • Chareose

        One day ill wake up to find out Arsen Wenger has left ungrateful Arsenal and taken on the leeds job with a view of playing the beautiful game at Elland Road…..until that day ill keep dreaming

      • henrymouni

        I think it is just the crazy nature of football Irv.

        It is hard to understand how a group of professionals, who work together all week, with a group of coaches, can play so badly?

        How they can step onto the pitch and play like Sunday league players, who just turn up and play?

        How they can play so consistently bad, for so long?

        Are they told to hoof it up the pitch to no one in particular?

        To wander out of position at the first hint of danger?

        To hit the first defender from corners and free kicks?

        If I was Luciano I would march down the pitch, first to our midfielders, and then defenders and tell them to get their fingers out!!!

        If I was a midfield player i would say to Tate, Pearce and Lees, “pass that ball to me when you get it, DON’T lump it up the pitch!!!”

        If I was Tate &co, I would say to our midfield players, “come for the ball, so we don’t have to kick it aimlessly up the pitch!!!”

        They MUST have noticed (both players & coaches) that the ball just comes straight back to us????

        Treasure & protect the ball. Not a new idea, but ALL good teams do it!

        What are they doing all week????

        What EXACTLY are the coaches telling them?

        Beats me Irving!

      • Irving08

        If you are you playing for a Manager that continually talks about the glass being half empty, so often rewards individual good performance with the bench, appears to believe in the alchemic power of exhortation, you might not feel inclined to take too much care either. Perhaps not…
        The question I am asking myself today is, ‘Do I mind if we lose to Bolton, if it brings the day of Warnock’s exit a little closer’ ? Am I secretly hoping we do lose, so I can join in the chorus of ‘Warnock Out’ ? Perhaps not…
        I honestly had an open mind on Warnock, about whom I knew little before he came to Leeds. I am now wondering how he got so far in football management. I have seen umpteen Managers of Leeds since I first saw Georgie Meek setting them up for JC. Warnock, I am thinking, must be one of the worst.
        He’s a difficult man to sum up – erratic is the best I can do.

      • djedjedje

        What I don’t understand is that at QPR, in the Championship last season, Warnock managed to combine decent attacking football that involved passing and a resolute defence. It can’t all have been because of the presence of Taarabt and the players he inherited, surely? Did he gather them in pre-match each time and baulk: “Right lads, when you get the ball whack it up field and see whether one of you lads can do something with it – like draw a foul. Best of luck!!” – and then they entirely ignored him and kept winning?

        A good manager works with what players he has, and crafts them into the most productive force they can be, not moan about needing some new faces in all the time. Individually you look at players like Drury, Green, Tonge when we had him, Byram, Diouf, McCormick and even Becchio, Somma and they are all good on the ball and can all pass the ball. That’s eight outfield players. It can’t be too hard to craft them into a formation that can compete and still play progressive football, can it? I’m just not sure Warnock really has the stomach for it. His banal weekly articles for the Independent are invariably more about what his family are getting up to and things he’s seen on TV recently. Nowt wrong with that, but it’s better served by accepting retirement than continuing to struggle in one of the more demanding (and I’d argue with us fans, challenging too!) positions in English football.

      • Irving08

        QPR is a bit of a mystery; maybe it was due to the players he inherited. Also he had Curle – and from the outset some of us, including yourself, did wonder how he would manage without him. I agree about the players you name – I would add young Taylor and even White (who must be wondering why Warnock was so keen to re-sign him – the same goes to some extent for McCormack.) I have thought for some time that Warnock may not have the stomach for the job; he just doesn’t need it enough and why accept the hassle anyway when he’s got a young family that surely needs him more than we do ? But like an old actor he yearns for one last curtain call.

      • gilesy10

        Useless is the word I would use. Put your life on it that the next players to join us are his ex players . New owners would be crazy to let NW spend our money. Bring in young Dawson and start playing Hall & Thomas down the wings. Get the scouts looking in France and Spain .Warnock just looking at his old recruits . Time to go.

    • NorthStandNobby

      another yellow card and he would have been banned for 1 game. so warnock doesnt play him to avoid him missing a game. fantastic logic !

      • spellz

        exactly what was he saving him for? maybe 2nd place hull (sarcastic tone)
        even though NW has my support that one decision baffles me.

  6. kmcg1958

    some of you are obviously numpties that don’t understand that Warnock had to leave certain individuals out of the game due to the number of red cards that these individuals had accumulated, get a grip and look at the bigger picture, OUR PROBLEMS ARE THE CONSEQUENCE OF ONE GREEDY BARROW BOY THAT HAS DRAINED THE LIFE AND BLOOD OUT OF OUR CLUB FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS,

  7. Lufc1979ish

    Warnock threw this game and for that he wants sacking. We are going for the playoffs and he’s systematically destroyed the team morale by picking a shite team against forest by playing an unfit Austin and a rubbish brown in the engine room, and then by dropping becchio and still attempting this long ball crap with McCormack and somma up front. His tactics died out with Wimbledon who invented this sort of football, we need a manager who wants to play football on the floor and we need a new manager way before we need to be considering bringing in new players. I hope GFH capital have the guts to do this but I doubt it, it’s Leeds united doing the right thing rarely happens

    • Slip

      Totally agree .consolidate this season bring in a couple of hungry youngsters see if we can make playoffs get anew bright boss and plan for next season dee da no clue

  8. J P Brown

    Dear Sir
    There have been rumours recently about Becchio being sold. His omission yesterday suggests to me that there is some truth in this. Otherwise, playing a rusty Somma in his place does not make sense – and then replacing Somma with Varney? Warnock has implied on a number of occasions that Becchio’s performances are irritatingly inconsistent; perhaps he feels that if he can cash in now – say £4 million from a premiership club – then he can buy two or more players who better suit his demands for work-rate. If so, I think Warnock is making a mistake; sometimes, you have to be patient with strikers – like Defoe at Tottenham – whose all-round game may leave something to be desired, but who, nevertheless, score lots of goals.

    • gilesy10

      4 million for becchio . Snatch anyone’s hand off. Can get 2 poss 3 better players with that . If we had a ball player in midfield becchio would be found out.we need forwards with a touch and pace . Oh doesn’t he try hard that’s just not good enough. Please please 4 mill for a trier that’s a lottery win

  9. spellz

    Everyone seems to want warnock out fair enough he has not always got it right but he needs to change the team around to see what suits these players so he will make mistakes as its a fairly new assembled squad, but our team is and until improved always lacking real promotion quality, when Grayson was sacked all I was hoping for was warnock to come to the club as he is a proven promotion manager especially in the championship (most competitive tight division in europe imo) and I am sure alot of you wished the same, he needs time as well as we do as a club we will not get instant success with the squad we have and as for new talent its gfh that invested not sheikh mansour bin Zayed so we need to improve fast with the players we have and I still believe Warnock is the man to take us forward and he will get it right eventually.
    In all honesty come feburary we will know what direction we will be heading this season and hopefully it will be the right one and we can nick a promotion optimistic but realistic if they start playing for this famous shirt . M.O.T

  10. Guest

    You dont belong in the same division as City..the gulf in class was cavenous, and City arent a tall team just very talented…you dont have one player who played who would make our bench….training ground jolly for the Tigers and a regulation 3 points…if you dig in leeds you may stay up!!

  11. Exiled White

    I have never been a fan of warnock and Saturday’s team selection and result just convinces me that he has to go and soon. The stats do not make good reading either; possession 65% v 35%, shots 20 v 4, on target 11 v 1. Lucky only two went in and not six or seven. One shot on target in ninety minutes is taking the piss. For those that travelled to Hull, must have wished that they stayed at home.

  12. Matthew

    When I went on Twitter earlier this evening after seeing that performance, I saw someone post that the gameplan for this game was clearly to let Hull keep the ball, and when they don’t have it, give it to them. Never has a comment rightly fitted such a game before. Whoever you were, take a bow.
    We played better football under Simon Grayson. I’m just going to come right out and say it, our defense was shit but he had no money to improve it, the general quality was leagues ahead, even when we played shit. I had my doubts about Grayson but we never played that badly under him. It’d be easy for people to bring up games where we have been smashed by the oppo team but never have we played so badly. What the hell guys.

    • Matthew

      Oh and well done to Hull City, an excellent team under Steve Bruce, who controlled the game from the start to the very finish, never once did we look a threat to them, they were a well organized unit from the back, to the front who dismantled us. The game was lost before it even started and I think Hull will be good promotion candidates. Although we were shit, Hull impressed the hell out of me with that performance, just goes to say what a bit of money and a good manager can do.
      Genuinely makes me wonder how far Grayson would of got us with money.

      • Chris Borman

        I think some Leeds fan on the not606 board worked out that Warnock had spent more money than Steve Bruce this season. So the difference is actually that you have a rubbish manager. Sorry to break it to you so bluntly, but you need to stop making excuses.

      • Matthew

        Where have I made excuses? I am actually praising Hull City(assuming you’re a Hull fan dunno). I haven’t made any excuses at all.
        I’ll break it down for you.
        I said we were shit, I said you were by far the better side, said that you have a good manager and a good side, said that with a good manager and some money you’ve done well.
        Please point out my excuses.

      • Chris Borman

        Well to me “just goes to say what a bit of money and a good manager can do” was you suggesting that Hull outspending Leeds was the reason that Hull were better, but on rereading I could be wrong and you’re saying that the money given to a decent manager i.e. not Warnock is what is important.

        As mentioned, Warnock spent more than Hull did so that isn’t the reason. What is unanimous is that Leeds had a shocker and really it doesn’t look like Warnock is working his magic. Time to get rid and start again asap.

  13. henrymouni

    I think the difference between the two teams is ambition.
    Steve Bruce has had real support and has built a strong squad.
    Leeds have lived off scraps for the last 7 years.
    NW has gambled by leaving key players out, in the hopes of beating Bolton. Time will tell!
    Hull are in a strong position now, but the season has a long way to go.
    If Leeds recruit well, who knows what may happen?
    Back to yesterday’s match.
    NW decided to rest Luciano, and I would have thought Andy Gray should have been considered, as he is strong and good in the air.
    It makes you wonder why we bought him?
    Playing Somma, who has been out for a year and can only be 60% fit, boggles the mind!
    Ross McCormack is 80% fit.
    Both he and Austin should be brought on for the last fifteen minutes of games, and given games in the reserves for some time to come.
    4-4-2 suits us best, as we play it, or 4-5-1, every week.
    We are no better than last year, so the only was is up!! I hope!!!

  14. Paul Cranswick

    Why go 5-3-2 against a team used to playing that way – suicidal! We needed to get the ball wide and have their wing backs overloaded. Concentrate where we were good not them – Yesterday was the day to blood Dawson and start with Poleon if he was going to throw the game – they would have struggled with their pace. Drury keeps doing well and getting dropped; baffling! Tate is far too slow, Brown and Norris no legs in midfield and Varney should be nowhere near the team.

    Yesterday I would have gone for it.

    Kenny – Byram, Lees, Pearce, Drury – Hall, Green, Dawson, Thomas – Poleon, Becchio

    Subs Ashdown, Austin, Somma, Diouf, White, Killock, McCormack

    What the hell did we learn yesterday?

    • gilesy10

      At last!! Someone else who recognises the need to bring in Dawson and play both Thomas and Hall down the lines.playing Drury makes sense to me too, an out &out left back. Another option for me is diouf bang in the middle , Austin ( when fit ) and green as 3 central mids .with diouf in mid the long ball would stop .Warnocks not got a clue.Browns not good enough for our bench and Tonge seems to be guaranteed a start, he’s ok on th ball but hasn’t got a tackle in him.dont need to be fortune teller to know a couple more of his old boys are on route to ER. Just got the win against Bolton but still can’t wait to see back of DeeDa Warnock

  15. Colin

    I’m not a fan of the long ball game. Sure, Becchio can hold up the ball but he needs support from Diouf, who is great at holding up the ball. I can’t see a team resorting to long ball getting promoted from this league. Very odd substitutions from Warnock and an inability to be able to change tactics when the current ones were obviously failing. Jury is out on Warnock for me, but no need for rash changes in manager IMHO.

  16. Andrew

    WARNOCK OUT for me no its a bit strange with his promotion track record but to leave Becchio out was a disgrace then to bring varney on bfor him was a joke Leeds are well bhind top 6 sides in championship for ability.Each time we play a top 6 side we get well beat.this was a game we had to get something out of nxt saturday f a cup day was time to rest Becchio

    • Joe Black

      “Each time we play a top 6 side we get well beat”.
      Er Crystal Palace, Leicester, Middlesborough?

  17. whatthefuckisgoingon

    Yesterday was an embarrassment.

    Tactics were appalling and some of our players would not get in a pub team.

    Tate waddles about like a demented duck and Varney should be arrested for impersonating a striker.

    400 mile round trip for me to see that rubbish.

    Barnsley here we come.

    • Matthew

      You’d think at the 50th hoof attempt that went directly to the Hull players quite literally Warnock would change the tactics.

  18. Ros Kat

    Well, as a Finn I was very happy to realize that I can see two lufc games from telly in December. Unfortunately Leeds was very very poor againsta Forest and Hull totally outclassed us. In both games lufc somehow managed to finish first 45 mins. During break manager can make changes to tacktics etc. In both cames the opposition took controlor right after the break and finished came with style. What did Warnock? Is he really in this or not?
    Against Forest everybody could see that our central midfield can not cope with the opposition. Austin was “out of touch”. But Warnock didn’t do anything to strengheng out central midfield. It was Austin who finally made the crucial move in that game…
    Against Hull every body could see that our defence in total mess. Lot’s of quality crosses coming from the wings (both) and lot’s of running and passing passed our central defenders. Did Warnock make any changes to our defence during the break?
    It’s time to go, Warnock!

  19. steve0

    hull city , simply going places, leeds simply marching down together or whatever they were singing. ps never heared a whisper in the second half from that so called leeds support

  20. Chareose

    Question…..and an honest one….. Why is everyone going on about Roberto Dimattio as replacement for Warnock ????
    Fine he did ok at Chelsea for a year but erm….with one of the most expensively assembled teams in history….. Look im just curious to know why he is deemed as the messiah by leeds fans ??? Is it because hes Italian ? or because other fans have suggested it and so now everyone in the herd is latching on to it ??

    • djedjedje

      He did well with MK Dons and took West Brom back up to Premiership at the first attempt and via an automatic promotion spot, not just playoffs. I reckon he was unlucky to get sacked by West Brom when he did as they were playing some good stuff in the Premiership and it was their first poor run of form (I think the board panicked). And then, expensive squad or not, winning the Champions League is a rare achievement.

      The ability to show that he can turn low league clubs like MK Dons into smooth footballing teams, take recently relegated teams and turn them around in a season and return them to the Premiership, and the ability to man-manage a bunch of prima donnas like Chelsea to win the highest accolade in club football suggests he is an all-round manager. Consequently his stock is far too high for us, so I’ve no idea why Leeds fans waste their time calling for him to replace Warnock; Chalk. And. Cheese.

  21. leedsinsider

    Beccio has already signed for Bolton Wanderers last week – for some reason it is being kept hush hush – the obvious one being a new ownership selling off the family jewlels

  22. Slip

    TSS obviously you are a family member or lover of becchio. He wins more balls than he loses? He holds the ball up and brings others into game? He’s the problem we are playing the big hoof up the pitch .he loses the ball 90 percent of time, the headers he wins ( not many) usually go to opposing keeper or out of play . Who’ve you been watching this season? He’s always on his arse and can you remember him going past a man? If we are lucky enough to get a couple of mill for him. Get shut. No ones ever made a bid for him

    • henrymouni

      God help us all!
      Our team lump the ball up front whether Becchio is playing or not.
      In a good team he would have over 20 goals by now.
      The service he get stinks!!!!
      He is marked by 2 or 3 players, and when he manages to head the ball on, there is nobody there.
      No1 on my team sheet!!

      • djedjedje

        I know. I guess he shouldn’t expect to get thanked for a thankless task.

  23. leedsinsider

    why do my comments about Beccio already having signed for Bolton Wanderers keep getting wiped off here.

    He signed last Thursday and completed the paperwork in the evening.

    New owners selling the family jewels is it?

    • henrymouni

      1. If that is true he won’t be playing tomorrow.
      2. It would be the worst thing the new owners could do.

      • henrymouni

        Just listened to NW’s interview today on LUTV.
        No first team players will be leaving!
        Players not in the main squad could go.
        The new owners have said he can bring new players in, before he gets rid of fringe players!! Good news!
        If Luciano has signed for Bolton, NW does not know about it.

  24. leedsinsider

    He has already signed for Bolton – last Thursday – but they keep wiping my message off here- this informatoin came from the Bolton boardroom – where Luciano was signing the papers necessary for his move. It begs the question as to why Bolton – Wigan in the Premiership but Bolton??

    • Matthew

      You’re full of shit. Becchio is going nowhere, he’l likely see out the rest of his career at the club when he eventually signs a new deal.

      Pay no attention to this idiot trying to spread rumours.


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