Enough is enough. We’ve all had our fun, the jokes have been told, retold and retweeted.

When you reach a stage where the BBC feel it’s best to wrap the word “imminent” in quotes, things have gotten way out of hand. This isn’t The Sun, The Daily Mail or Duncan Castles we’re talking about, this is an organisation who pride themselves on journalistic integrity, who would sooner be last to the story than risk publishing unverified information.

As such, you have to laugh when they feel the need to use the old journalistic cop-out of wrapping key information in quotes.  Clearly they feel this information is worth publishing and their sources are no doubt of the highest quality, but they still don’t feel confident enough to allow people to quote the BBC directly.

What’s happened here is that they’ve recognised the million and one false-starts this takeover has had already and played it safe by attributing information to someone else. It’s basically the BBC saying “we believe this information to be true, but don’t blame us if it isn’t”.

You can’t really blame the BBC, the word imminent has taken more abuse these last six months than Gary Neville and the other Donkey brother managed to accumulate in their entire careers of visiting Elland Road. I imagine there’s a room full of English geeks sat in some dusky Oxford backroom vehemently debating the possibility of redefining the word in the next publication of their world-renowned dictionary.

In the last six months CERN have discovered the “God particle”, London successfully hosted one of the greatest Olympic games in history, NASA stuck an enormous remote controlled car on Mars, Felix Baumgartner skydived from space, President Obama fought and won a gruelling re-election campaign in the United States, roughly 65,000,000 were born and I’ve been on two holidays, moved house and got engaged. All while Leeds United’s takeover remained “imminent”.

So how close are we now? “Days” (not weeks) seems to be general consensus, but it’s difficult to believe TOMA has an ending when you’ve spent six months tortured by it’s very existence. If terrorists were Leeds United fans the CIA could save themselves a fortune in water-boarding toolkits and electric shock machines, a few weeks of TOMA and they’d be revealing every bit of information they had while begging for mercy. “Just make it end already, please, make it end!”

I won’t bother concluding this article by wishing for a swift conclusion to the madness. I’m usually far too rational to believe in superstitions, but we all have our breaking points and I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve been jinxing it…

I’ll see you all in the psychiatric ward. On and on…

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  1. Chelpa

    @TSS just read YEP article this morning wondering who the new loan signing could be? Warnock obviously rates him by his comments, am I getting excited for nothing? what do you reckon?

    • mikelufc

      You still have the possiblility to get excited?? WOW!
      Warnock can do fnaffall without money and I really believe this bunch of arabs and their Leedsfan toadie have none.
      They are bigger shysters than greybeard.
      Just my opinion…………….

    • Mr leeds

      Guys, GFH are a bunch of investors. In simple terms. They invest for profit. Leeds will be nothing short of a cash cow. If it was anything more to them the deal would have happened months ago. I hope I will be proved wrong but we all may wish that bates was still in charge 12 months from now. Lets see what happens the financial incentive of the premier league might be enough to warrant short term investment but it will take more than one round of signing cheques to maintain it.

      • ryan123

        Or they could be using us for publicity? There are many chairmen that have made there money investing..
        Doesn’t mean they will do it at a club.

  2. AltrinchamAndrew

    51/2 months ago I was getting very excited one sunday evening when the rumour sites went mad. It now feels like being told you’ve won the lottery but we’re having to do a recount. Living in Manchester in the shadows of Man City’s millions, my 9 year old keeps asking when we’re going to be spending money like City…it only it would happen!!!! Fridays are traditionally “completion days” so who knows about Friday 9th November …wiil it be or yet another false dawn. Think if its not today, we will be days away and this time next week we’ll have a new begining with a “mystery” investor in GBH funding the rebirth of “superleeds”. Didnt the new QPR owners when they took over reimburse the QPR season ticket holders…right David Haigh that ones for you and sort out me having to pay £660 a year for my 9 year old in the west stand and sort the loos and “refreshments” also in the west stand. Welcome to Leeds……

      • TimPM

        So we shouldn’t stick rigidly to specific forms of English? So the evolution of our language to include gotten is okay?
        You can’t have it both ways!


      • TSS

        In fairness, I actually paused on that word but had total brain-freeze and couldn’t think of a better one.

      • mrbigwheels

        TSS. Brain-freeze… mmmmh. This could go further than the football stuff.

        Thank you for your update and returning from the new house, a sanctuary you obviously were locked in by your intended or there again you may have missed the holiday flights due to excessive net surfing looking for the holy grail. Good article which I’m sure you’ll be labelling with UPDATE, LATEST NEWS and AMMENDED STATEMENT….fairly soon.

        This shambles of a football saga is bolloxed. (old saxon spelling) and I’m afraid we ain’t seen nothing yet.

        I’m ending my home game boycott because I can’t cope without attending ER until the end of the season. The man was right…. ‘This is my church’.

        Yeah…. it’s ‘fickley’, I know, but.
        Many thanks David.

      • Chareose

        i think they should save their ire for text language and lazy slang thats become so “cool”….

  3. Alf Manilow

    Interesting isn’t it, we can’t even do takeovers with professional ease. Problem for me is GFH will now have to build credibility up from the very bottom when it could have been so very different. I sincerely hope they don’t prove to be more like the Venky’s than the Glaziers.

  4. Tim Campbell

    YEP states thatthe new owners have told warnock to draw up a wish list for January. My own personal outlook is that the new owners will be in before Christmas and the ‘evil’ Santa will be forever consigned to the book of ‘grizzly tales’. Furthermore my take on it is that they will INITIALLY throw substantial amounts of cash at the team in the hope of landing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (the premiership), however if the team falls short on this goal it will be interesting to see how much more will be invested thereafter.

    • TimPM

      I read something different; Bates has told Warnock to draw up a shortlist in case something happens? (Not because it is “imminent” as it has been for going on 3 months) ——————

      • mrbigwheels

        I like your line Tim, (dashes). Swear it’s getting longer, just like other stuff we’re still talking about.

      • TimPM

        It’s the same as it’s always been.. Some sort of signature thing either through Disqus or Gmail. Cba finding how to switch it off! ——————

    • Irving08

      They woud be ill-advised to spend a ‘substantial amount’ at Xmas. More lilkely, is that they would spend just enough to try to prevent the season fizzling out/give Warnock a fighting chance of the play-offs.

  5. DrD

    GFH have really messed up!…They had 100% of the fans behind them and somehow, with the most procastrinated takeover in football history, they have managed to make fans turn against them before the takeover has even happenend. Now you have to act quickly to save the season. The gates will double if they get it right and 100% support will quickly return, but an explanation will be needed and some ‘fan hugging’ time is required.Hopefully if things go well (promotion asap) we can all look back and thank Bates for his time served and the handover to guys who will put money into the team and the clubs infrastructure. I’d prefer the Arsenal model to the Chelsea model. But any there some cash model will do!

    • Irving08

      DrD: I agree with most of what you have said but feel you are beoing over-optimistic on gates. As I see it, the only way gates could conceivably double is if ticket prices were drastically reduced – and I mean drastically. Only those in their late 50s and above are better off than they were even in 2009 (and then only marginally) – by which time the credit fuelled boom was already well over. The 20-30 age bracket – which is usually the one with most leisure income to spare – is in fact around 6.5 % worse off now than then – and getting poorer by the month. My hunch (and it is not more than that) is that, at best, a successful Leeds team will pull in an average of 25,000 to 30,000 fans at prices that a seemingly cash strapped GFH will be able to set.

      I agree on all the rest.

      • DrD

        The new owners should be smart enough to get the pricing right. WE should be getting 25-30,000 in this division, more with a premier league team who pays well and even more a succesful team…

    • Craig Sweaton

      So you’re blaming GFH for this whole debacle? Amazing!
      There’s one constant that has held this club back from becoming stronger and more exciting over the past 7 years, but you suggest it’s a group trying their best to purchase a business from a known sneaky bast*** that’s to blame?
      I’m gobsmacked!

      • DrD

        Both parties are to blame and clearly I find the current regime a disgrace, but that’s not to say if Bates’ plan all along was to steady the ship and sale to a cash rich investor to take us to the next level and beyond..I will look back when we are a top 4 side playing in front of 40,000+ and say I was wrong and Bates did his part. That’s a big ask! We are too blinkered at the moment, what we did not need is to start being frustrated with our White Knight before he actually came….and when the White Knight comes we need an explanation as to what is going on behind the scenes (time to get all the fans behind them), who owns Elland Road etc..

  6. Reid_er

    Says on sky sports the new loan signing is Cameron Jerome, could of done with him a few months ago, now Rosco and Somma are close to fitness I think a centre half would of been the better option. It would of stopped us from having most of our defence playing out of position. It looked so promising that we would have a consistant defence this year but alas. Mattew Bates is gone on trial with bristol. Would of been decent but I guess the last thing we need is another Bates at ER!

  7. Bluesman

    A bloody good article TSS, it certainly made me smile. You are right of course. Lets hope that better days lay ahead and this is all done and dusted soon and Smurf surfs!

  8. RoystonLUFC

    when the money comes in I’m wondering who Warnock will buy. Currently we seem to have a colour policy: Green, White, Gray and Brown. Is there a defender out there called Mister Black? Or maybe Betty Blue will step into midfield. Collect the whole set and make a rainbow.

    OK, I’m not taking this too seriously, but nor is GFH

  9. Chareose

    More rumours stating Bates won’t be leaving completely and will be staying in some capacity….. This delay isn’t gfh’s fault it’s bates not wanting to budge until he gets his money and the chance to keep his soap box…..

    • mrbigwheels

      What did Bates do at Chelsea?…. Hang on and hang on. He’s a nightmare. He knows he’s got to go as the cash is running out. He will definitely be here until the Chelsea game and LUST could well be right in their statement… to the end of the season. GFHC are struggling with him and whether they are the best right now for LUFC, they are our only hope of staving off the obvious decline… imo. Warnock blew a fuse on wednesday and now we seem to have some scurrying around. Hope it’s a better match tomorrow.

  10. Matthew

    TSS dude, the feeling when Bates is gone. Can you imagine it dude? Like a long nightmare finally being over. I just hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, preferably one that involves the club getting the players and support it needs to make it back to the Premier League and the good feeling that once lived at Elland Road returning. It’l be nice to see things slowly returning to normal, and people happy again, with proper football being played, and no more cheap crappy players that drag the side down on the match every week.

    Won’t it be great to watch a Leeds team that actually is capable of winning games again? We’re not that far off it, but man it’s exciting.

  11. deano

    just heard that the takeover is more imminent then the imminent of earlier today and definately more imminent then yesterday so hold on people the take over will be imminently

  12. Colin

    I’m starting to get a little bit sick of the attacks on GFH Capital/David Haigh/Salem Patel. Here they are, trying to organise a takeover and get nothing but grief from journalists, the BBC and LUST.

    The takeover will take as long as it takes, and all the bitching and moaning won’t make it happen any faster.

    Phil Hay published a piece in today’s YEP titled “Transparency key to Leeds United takeover”. You want transparency Phil? Then why not provide some transparency of your own and quote facts rather than ‘sources’? Phil Hay is not alone. All the journo boo-boys who claim to know something about the takeover have relied purely on ‘sources’.

    ‘Sources’ make my blood boil, because they mean nothing, they are worthless. You can’t go into court and prosecute someone because your sources tell you he’s a bad person. It’s nonsense.

    There’s always a group of moaners – their attention shifts from one group or individual to the next – whether it’s lazy Beckford, invisible Howson, Row Z Bradley Johnson etc.I guess it’s GFH Capital’s turn right now.

    El Hadji Diouf – get ready – there may have been a group of fans kissing your arse and praising you, but when this takeover happens and you put in a couple of poor performances, those boo-boys will be all over you like a rash. It’s your turn in the moaning firing line next.

  13. revieiswatching

    hey look at the bbc and jimmy savile? i dont think you should rely on them telling more truth then bates


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