Our thanks as ever goes out to Kick-Off for providing us with this exclusive statistical preview ahead of tomorrows trip to Millwall.

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  1. Matthew

    An absolute must win game in every imaginable sense of the word. For one we need the points, and also we can’t lose to those scumbags at the new den. That would top off an already dreadful season.

    Our next 3 games following are against tops in the top 6. Would be lovely to get a winning streak going but I honestly dont think its possible.

    • henrymouni

      I am not expecting much, so I won’t be too disappointed.
      Even though the squad is understrength, the team has been under performing.
      Maybe they will be galvanised at Millwall – we are on TV.
      I can see a strong midfield of Brown, Norris & Green.
      I hope he starts Hall instead of White.
      White has been off colour (pun intended) for most of the season.
      Luciano should be restored to lead the line.
      It will be interesting at the back.
      I would change goalkeepers, but that won’t happen.
      We have a left back, Drury, who rarely plays. Don’t know why?
      I assume Peltier (if fit) and Lees will be in the middle.
      Right back Sam or Green?
      I am looking forward to the game.
      We are sliding down the league.
      You would think, that if the takeover is really imminent, they would make money available NOW to bring 3 players in on loan?
      By January we could be in the bottom 4.

      • Matthew

        As things are at the moment the league is absolutely in our favour, it has been on quite a lot of occasions but we seem unable to grasp wins when we really need them. A win at Millwall will put us on level with quite a lot of teams currently with 23 points, and would make us 4 points behind 6th. Problem next being we have top 6 teams to play in the league, if we can get something from those our season could be on track.

        One thing at a time hey?

      • henrymouni

        Ah Matthew.
        I used to dream like you, my friend.
        Reality is that there are at least 12 teams better than us.
        Our form is terrible, and our style of play is inferior to at least 16 teams in our league.
        The club is going nowhere, and we do not deserve promotion.
        The odd victory we stumble through, does not fool too many of us.

      • Matthew

        I’m actually aware of this, and posted a lot in previous posts about it, I’m pretty much an optimistic person despite proclaim our season over a lot already.

        TSS pretty much said a while back I’m overly optimistic lol. But despite everything if we don’t believe we can turn things around this season, we may as well just give up and not bother with games, I can’t accept that at the moment.

      • henrymouni

        If you are aware Matthew, where does your optimism come from?
        Or putting it another way – what facts have I missed that leads you to believe we have a chance?
        NW said, yesterday, that we had no chance of promotion this year.
        He said we could well be even lower than we are now, by January.
        Eddie Gray said yesterday that we had no chance.
        Now we have lost probably our best midfielder, ‘Rudie’, for several months, and our best defender for 3 games.
        We have no adequate replacements.
        We cannot even afford to bring players in on loan.
        Please share your insight with me, as my spirits are lower than a snake’s belly.

      • Irving08

        Brown I believe is suspended; Green can play, but is short of match practice; Norris – well he just looks short, likeable fellow, that he is. Leaving White out would be to repeat the Charlton selection fiasco.

        A draw woud be an extermely good result….

      • henrymouni

        I believe you are right about Brown Irv! Aaaaggg!
        Strangely enough, I am hopeful we can perform a miracle.
        I agree about Green & Norris, but we don’t have any else who could do better.
        Ah well!

  2. Matthew

    Positives: We didn’t lose by more than 1 goal, Varney being sent off had no effect on the game.

    Negatives: We lost, we lost we lost and are in huge beeping trouble right now. Oh and we are unable to create goal scoring chances that come to anything.

    Major Negatives: Relegation form.

    • henrymouni


      Don’t lose your optimism, or you will be as depressed as the rest of us!

      The truth hurts, but at least you know where you stand.

      If they turn the league upside down we are in the play-offs.

      That was the worst Millwall team I have seen in many a year.

      We were toothless, brainless, and hopeless!

      NW thought we played well. He is the only dreamer left!

      • Matthew

        Personally I thought Millwall were pretty solid defensively, they stopped us from having any real shots at their goal and shut down every attack we made, but the again it might just be an issue of us being an extremely poor team that even a pub quality side could beat and that’s me being generous, I think in a way if TSS had his own team of 11 players(Random posters here), he’d probably beat this current Leeds side.

        Michael Tonges free kick at the end was so bad, even a random Leeds fan, if they were called onto the pitch would do better. He should of blasted the ball along the ground, the instict for any wall is to jump assume the ball will be slightly in the air, he could of, in respect aimed it at one of the corners and the Millwall keeper wouldnt of been able to stop, simple 1 – 1 scoreline there.

        With all due respect, I’ve been depressed about this side for a while, but believe every season that until proven otherwise, we have a chance at success. But do think today we made a poor Millwall side with Barn Door Billy quality strikers look like Barcelona.

        And that Varney red card was legit. He was backing into the player(Normal in that situation), but if you look his elbow swings up into the guys face. Seemed legit to me, the challenge was bad. And him being sent off made no difference to the side, which kinda proves he’s a shit player.

      • Matthew

        Oh and to confirm my position. Neil Warnock IN! Best guy for the job, just has no quality to work with. Besides a few players.

      • Irving08

        Mathew: Like you, I think Milwall were better than HM gives them credit for; I also agree that Varney’s foul merited a red card. As for NW, (a) he should not be given any money to spend (excepting a loan forward perhaps), (i) because we have enough adequate players to stay in this division without buying any new players, (ii) we risk being overloaded with yet more players we won’t be able to move on after he is gone in the summer; (b) it is up to him if he wants to stand by the players he has brought to the club (Diouf excepted – too expensive probably) and get the best both out of them and the rest of the squad for the remainder of the season. Personally I think this is the best scenario for the club.

      • Irving08

        No strong objections to NW until the end of the season. But then we need to think and plan long term, beginning with the best young Manager we can find and afford (or Lambert if the Vill drop him) – and we need to look abroad for her.

      • Irving08

        I would take Keogh over any of starters. His partnership with McCormack was the best we have had at the club since we cam back up. His departure last season – possibly even more than Howson’s – put the kybosh on our season.

      • Matthew

        Me too, we lack any kind of Strike partnership at the club, and personally think the club should get rid of Becchio if the right offer comes along, assuming we have a better replacement signed up. He’s a poor player now, his form is gone, and virtually all his goals have come from penaltys and not open play.

        Diouf, although a decent player seems to be a negative on the side, when hes not drawing fouls/being fouled by the other team, hes complaining too much, I agreed with Kenny Jackett ironically that the flow of play was interupted quite a lot. For both teams even and Diouf was at the center of that..

      • Irivng08

        I tend to agree on Diouf, but his agent’s wage demands probably renders any discussion academec.

      • Matthew

        Don’t get me wrong, he’s better than most of the players we have here, just well it’s Diouf lol. Got sick of him constantly complaining and getting worked up, Everyone else on the pitch just wants to play football but the guys going down quickly and wasting time complaining lol

        This is my idea Leeds side from the Midfield onwards, we can keep the defense.

        Austin/Bradley Johnson

        Craig M Smith/Beckford

        Top 6 side there.

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